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10 Ways to Predict Your Financial Success

2013-03-13 :: The Copywriting Institute
Most of us have periods in our life where we float. We aren’t actively making focused decisions that bring us closer to our goal. If you don’t recognize this floating behavior in yourself you may recognize friends or family members that live their lives in this way. The people steering their lives take the same [...]…

Is Your Business Stuck in a Rut?

2012-11-26 :: The Copywriting Institute
Are you frustrated and struggling in business? Many are. If you are tired of getting the same less than stellar results in your endeavors I’m going to ask you to take an honest look at what you are doing and “how” you are going about building your business. Are you doing what everyone else is [...]…

Do You Give Your Business Good Enough or Your Best?

2011-11-02 :: The Copywriting Institute
The difference between doing “good enough” and “your best” is an interesting thing to look at particularly when it comes to business. You may have to think for just a second about the difference (I know I did) and then it’s easy to move on to the next thing because you intellectually understand the concept. [...]…

What’s Blocking Your Business Growth?

2011-08-31 :: The Copywriting Institute
Why does one aspiring copywriter quickly succeed and another struggle? Why do some painfully sweat to set their business up and attract clients while others seem to magically get business without putting much effort into it? Which are you – a struggler or an attractor? I bet you know immediately which category you fall into, [...]…

Copywriting Lessons from Harry Potter

2011-08-16 :: The Copywriting Institute
Freelance copywriters can learn a lot from Harry Potter. The lesson is not in wizardry or how to save the world, but in how important having a single focus and manic determination is to achieving success. This week’s Sounds of Copywriting looks at three traits Harry Potter excelled at that ensured his success… Kelly Robbins [...]…

Selling Your Copywriting Services

2011-08-05 :: The Copywriting Institute
This week we are talking about selling copywriting. How many copywriting projects do you bid on a week? How many of those do you win? What is your win ratio? Business owners must embrace sales and master the gifts of selling. Know that sales is something you do FOR someone, not TO them. Your copywriting [...]…

What NOT do to Grow a Copywriting Business

2011-05-18 :: The Copywriting Institute
I have spent the last 2 weeks speaking with dozens of copywriters interested in taking control of their lives and proactively growing their business. While these copywriters may be great writers, what they aren’t doing is making money and attracting new clients. They are falling into the trap of doing what everyone else is doing [...]…

Top Self-Sabotaging Behaviors for Copywriters

2011-04-22 :: The Copywriting Institute
If you’ve been having trouble reaching your goals and creating the business and life you desire, odds are you will find several self-sabotaging behaviors ruining your success. Self-sabotage, by definition, is thoughts, feelings and actions that block your success by working against your own self-interests. Only a crazy person would consciously sabotage their own success, [...]…

Determination and Profitability for Freelance Copywriters

2011-02-03 :: The Copywriting Institute
Starting your own freelance copywriting business isn’t always easy. We are often charting in unknown territory and while our destination is clear (profitability), the road to get there may not be the road we start out on. This week’s podcast Copywriter Kelly Robbins discusses some of the blocks or walls many business owners run into [...]…

What We Would Do If We Were in Your Business


We get the following questions all the time: "How do  I generate more leads?" "How do I close more sales?" "How do I position my product so my customer sees my value?" So many of those questions...that we decided to answer them once and for all by…

Are You Practicing The New Rules Of Selling--Or Just Talking About Them?


Today, Bill and Bryan discuss an email that came in about a listener's sales manager who is rooted in the 'old way of selling' and he wonders how he can use the 'podcast content' in a way his sales manager accepts. The hosts also address the new rules …

The Lies We Tell Ourselves


We are forever talking about how we avoid being lied to by prospects...but what about the lies we tell ourselves? Yes, that's right. We lie to ourselves about many things. In this episode, Bill and Bryan detail four lies we tell ourselves and what impa…

What Does It Mean To Be NEW In Sales?


What does it mean to be new in sales? And what can we learn from this? The answer is, "Telling Your Story." One thing we all struggle with is "standing out" or "differentiating" ourselves when in front of clients (or in front of prospective employers).…

How Are You Thinking About Your Competition?


There are some very distinct sales/achievement philosophies that Bill and Bryan have that inform all past episodes of the podcast. The two they address today are COMPETITION and PRICING, both controversial in the eyes of most sales observers.

Solving Sales Problems


The power of this podcast is in the different perspectives that Bill and Bryan have in solving sales problems. They each work with different clients, and those clients have issues that need attention. In this episode, Bill shares one of his client&rsqu…

Have Your Ever Thought About Why People Buy?


As sales professionals and business owners you spend hours talking about the sales pipeline. But when was the last time you talked about why people are in it and what’s going to cause them to move forward? Today, Bill and Bryan address several is…

How Do You Handle It When The Decision Maker Has Changed?


Other than the second introduction to Whiteboard Wednesday, our bi-weekly web TV show for sales people all over the world, Bryan and Bill also address two common questions from The Sales Playbook: 1) What happens when a decision-maker has changed and n…

Your Attitude Is Good. But Is It Right?


Attitude is one of those terms thrown about that really has no meaning, in and of itself. In today’s podcast, Bill and Bryan address the correct Attitudes of Engagement to have prior to engaging with a prospect. It holds to their philosophy that …

You Will Learn From Our Mistakes


Is it possible that we can learn from our mistakes? Well, of course we can…but can we learn from someone else’s mistakes? Bill and Bryan test that theory out today by “coming clean” with some of their errors in past sales situa…

When Your Customer Fails To Buy, It Might Be Your Fault


No one wants to hear that, do they? In this podcast, Bill and Bryan address the idea of "helping your customer buy" rather than "selling to him." Their belief is that when one does not make a sale, one has failed to do something very important in the p…

Bryan Interviews His Favorite Salesperson


In this episode, Bryan interviews his favorite salesperson and favorite guest of all time and learns her secrets and insights into high-performance selling.

Are You Disconnected From Reality?


I’m sure there’s a name for this condition…but we’re wondering sometimes how disconnected salespeople are from the reality of the sales process—and the prospect. To us, there is a massive disconnect that begins almost imm…

Stuff That Works In The Pursuit Of A Sale


It seems that we all know “stuff.” Some of that stuff is useless and some is profoundly valuable. Recently, Bryan met an ex-NFL Offensive Coordinator who wants to publish a book called “S*** I Know That Works.” Bryan and Bill ad…

Your Clients Are Your Best Prospects

One area of new business that we salespeople often forget is our current client base. We seem to enjoy “the hunt” so much that we forget to farm our current base for new opportunities to solve problems. - In this episode,…

What Are Your Behavioral Tendencies?

We ask the question because it ’s one of many we’re getting more often from sales managers/VPs. What should my sales team be good at? What should their behavior be? What is a good ‘sales personality’? - In this podcast,…

Are You Appreciated by Your Clients?

Bill Caskey goes solo on this episode and discusses what it means to be a ‘trusted advisor.’ There’s a lot of talk in the market among salespeople and sales managers about being said advisor. But Bill finds that most of it is just talk.…

Are Your Referral Sources Working?

Virtually every company we know of generates a large percentage of their business from referrals, yet VERY FEW sales professionals have a system to generate those referrals. To get help on this topic, we went to the world ’s leading guru on referrals,…

Mistakes in Hiring–And Getting Hired

Bill and Bryan are forever getting calls from both managers who are in hiring mode …and salespeople who are in I-need-a-job-mode. They both make mistakes in the process. In this episode Bill and Bryan share some ideas on how both parties can become more.…

Influencing The Decision Process

Whenever we say 'process' to a sales person, we get yawns and indifference. But the fact is that every sales problem you have...probably...has something to do with a chink in your process. In this episode, Bill and Bryan look into the ever-important issue…

If You Say These Things, You May Be A…

It seems like Bill and Bryan are always telling you WHAT to do. Well today, they'll shift that a little and share WHAT NOT to do (or not to say). As sales trainers and coaches, they hear a lot of odd things that salespeople say to clients and prospects.…

The One Little Word That Makes a Big Difference

The little word that makes a difference not only in your success level, but in your success with your prospects. Bryan and Bill talk about how you can look at the prospects in your sales funnel in a slightly different manner to determine next steps —by .…

When Your Sales Prospect is Waivering

As sales coaches, we love it when we have a chance to take a real live sales situation and analyze it. One of our great podcast listeners recently sent in a situation he was faced with —and Bryan and Bill spoke to him on this podcast offering suggestion.…

Different Levels of Sales Funnel

Not all prospects in your sales funnel should be treated equally. But before you ‘mistreat’ them, listen to this episode as Bryan and Bill discuss the skill of “prospect discernment.”…

Has Your Value Changed Lately?

Most people think they can work on their “value proposition” one time and recite to prospects forever. In this episode, Bill and Bryan shed some new light on how to modify your ‘value’ approach to take into account market conditions,…

Is One Prospect Worth It?

We all want to be positioned as valuable —yet how many of us really take time to “execute” that position? And we all “say” we want to speak directly to people’s pains and frustrations, yet who among us has done what Bill and Bryan are recommend…

The Habits of the High Performers

What can we learn from sales people who are new to the profession …or from one who wants to reset his career? Simple. We can reach back into our experience as trainers of sales teams and review what the “habits” are of those high achievers.…

The #1 Resistance Point of Prospects

Every business on the planet has something in common with others. And in this podcast, you ’ll hear what it is…and how to think about it in a way that allows you—the sales professional—to solve it. It has to do with how your prospects think about y…

Account Management–Boring? Maybe. Profitable. YES!

Why do so many people turn their noses up at “account management’? Is it just not sexy enough? Does it just not require the testosterone that we sales types are addicted to? Whatever it is, we miss a ton of business by not focusing on our current clie…

If You’re In Sales, You’re In Marketing

This cast takes a question from a listener and expands it to “a marketing tool kit for sales people.” You cannot rely on your marketing department to be the sole lead generator so you must know how to do that, too. Unfortunately,…

Are You Doing These Things To Stop Your Customer From Buying?

No one would ever admit that they did anything to stop a buyer from buying from them. Yet, salespeople do it all the time. We like to say there are things you do to “propel” the sale. And things you do to “repel” the sale. In this podcast,…

What To Do When Your Client Doesn’t Implement Your Solution Correctly

What To Do When Your Client Doesn ’t Implement Your Solution Correctly? This question comes from a listener in UK and has to do with his frustration at a client who bought from him but has failed to implement the solution correctly.…

The Three Things To Do RIGHT NOW To Get Started In Social Media

You ’ve heard all the lists of things to do to get social media working for you…but today we have a REAL expert. Kyle Lacy, author of the book Twitter Marketing For Dummies, joins us to give us his two cents on social media...the do’s and don’ts.…

Social Media Mini Series for the Sales Professional (Part 1 of 3)

Tweeting. Linking. Updating. Like it or not social media is here to stay and it can play a huge role in your sales success. In this episode, Bryan interviews Gini Dietrich, CEO of Arment Dietrich PR firm (Social Media Diva —Bryan’s words,…

A Checklist for Income

Ever wanted a “checklist for income"? Well, of course you have. And today we’re going to give it to you. On today’s cast, Bill and Bryan get down to the very basics of earning income in professional sales today.…

Do You Optimize the Training You Get?

We had no idea what to call this but here ’s the situation. As trainers, we’re out working/coaching people 24/7. Some of those people are prone to accept new information—and do something with it. Others talk a good game in the training room—but hav…

Following Up (Without Being Desperate)

Mike, a listener from Indianapolis, called in to ask a question about how he follows up with prospects who appear to have dropped off the radar screen. Bill and Bryan give Mike and listeners some ideas on how to do that – and how to prevent that awkwar.…

Finding Prospect Pain

Bill returns from Green Bay having worked with a group of sales people who were seeking knowledge and skills about how to find “prospect pain.” In this episode, Bill explains some of the intricacies of how to understand what motivates prospects to change …

Copywriters and a niche: Why choosing a niche is the key to financial freedom

2008-10-14 :: The Copywriting Institute
Making the decision to write copy for a specific niche, rather than being a generalist, is the best financial decision you can make. Copywriters that work in a specific niche make more money, have an easier time writing copy for clients, and spend less on marketing than other copywriters. Learn more about why choosing a [...]…

Have confidence in yourself, your ability to help others with your copywriting

2008-09-09 :: The Copywriting Institute
Freelance copywriters commonly experience a lack of confidence — both in their writing ability and in their ability to market their business. This podcast discusses the importance of forward thinking and being positive (and aware) of your thoughts as well as doing a check-in on your approachability, how you carry yourself, and your beliefs about [...]…

Connect with prospects on a deep level with teleclasses

2008-06-11 Length: 6m 15s
In this edition we look at how you can use teleclasses to grow your copywriting business. We discuss why using teleclass may be beneficial for your prospects AND your business. We look at some topics that you can discuss, how to set up teleclasses, [...]…

Add coaching to your copywriting business

2008-04-16 Length: 7m 27s
In this edition, we discuss how adding coaching to your copywriting business can add thousands of dollars a year to your bottom line. Happy Copywriting! Kelly Robbins and The Copywriting Institute Team…

Asking questions to identify an ideal client

2008-03-17 Length: 5m 57s
In this edition, we focus on asking questions you should ask yourself or your client in order to figure out who an ideal client is. When writing copy for either yourself or your client, you should be writing to that one ideal client. It is vital to fi...…

3 Tips for Making Positive Change in Your Life

2008-03-17 Length: 7m 30s
Sick of the status quo? You are going to stay in the same place if you keep doing the same things. In this edition of ...…

Creating Passive Income

2008-03-17 Length: 1m 1s
This week Kelly discusses the importance of creating passive income streams in your copywriting business.…

Managing Writers

2008-03-17 Length: 16m 5s
In this edition of The Sounds of Copywriting, Kelly Robbins interviews Elizabeth Frick on the topic: ldquo;Managing Writersrdquo; Elizabeth (Bette) Frick, the Text Doctorreg;, teaches technical ...…

Use Simple Language to Describe your Copywriting Business

0000-00-00 :: The Copywriting Institute
Copywriters have the unique challenge of explaining what they do and how they help businesses solve a problem, when not everyone understands what a copywriters is or does. In this edition of The Sounds of Copywriting, learn why being unique and understand…

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