Last update: 2011-09-02

Micky Dolenz Strikes Back! HOT FEMALE WRESTLERS and Heavy Metal Music Galore

2011-09-02 Length: 59m 31s

Can you believe that fat Sarah Combs who pretends to be Davy Jones on Facebook had the audacity to attack and defame Dave Rosenberg of THE STRANGE DAVE SHOW on her bullshit website? Well she did! Find out all about the behind the scenes look at the MICKY DOLENZ ("The Monkees") interview on The Strange Dave Show and how it affected Monkees fans like Sarah Combs. This is a must for all STRANGE DAVE SHOW and MONKEES FANS. But wait...that's not all of it....Danger Dave's obsession with Female Wrestlers is completely revealed...OH MY GOD! Not for the faint of heart... …

Impostors plague Carl Gardner's Coasters - Firehouse is not touring with Whitesnake - Discrimination against African Americans at the Cinderella 25th Anniversary Concert

2011-08-19 Length: 59m 27s

August 19, 2011 full radio episode with music! Impostors plague Carl Gardner's Coasters: Strange Dave and Danger Dave discover that Carl Gardner Jr. has been kicked out of The Coasters ("Yakety Yak", "Poison Ivy", "Charlie Brown") after his last appearance on THE STRANGE DAVE SHOW (t.v.) Strange Dave takes to facebook and respectfully requests his old friend, DJ MICKEY B, to remove The Coasters from the Patchogue lineup. Later in the show, the Daves discuss THE GRASS ROOTS and their failure to notify fans that there are no original members touring with THE GRASS ROOTS before purchasing tickets. Also discussed, Strange Dave gets pissed after finding out from CJ Snare that Firehouse is not touring with Whitesnake as SD already bought the tickets to see them at Jones Beach and it was their only area appearance. And what's this? Discrimination against African Americans at the Cinderella 25th Anniversary Concert? …

August 10, 2011 - Faster Pussycat, Motley Crue, Cinderella, Poison concert reviews and music

2011-08-10 Length: 1h 0m 59s

Danger Dave & Strange Dave of "The Strange Dave Show" discuss Faster Pussycat's recent concert at THE CRAZY DONKEY and review their opening band, Them: The King Diamond Tribute Band's performance. "House of Pain" is spun and the boys discuss the Cinderella concert at THE CRAZY DONKEY. Also reviewed are the bands Craving Strange and Stiletto - Cinderella's opening acts. Finally, the duo discusses the recent Motley Crue/Poison/The New York Dolls concert at Nassau Coliseum - a must for all metal fans. …

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"The Strange Dave Show" is written and produced by Dave Rosenberg (guy in the hat) and Dave Hohn (guy without the hat). The show originated in 2004 as a radio program hosted by "Strange" Dave Rosenberg. By 2009, the radio program was syndicated in 14 states and boasted celebrity interviews with people such as Dirk Benedict (The A-Team), Alan Thicke (Growing Pains), Chubby Checker ("The Twist"), Davy Jones, and Peter Tork (The Monkees). In the spring of 2010 and after being approached by Leslie Gold "The Radio Chick", the program began airing after "The Star and Buc Wild Show" on the Shovio Network as a live interactive internet radio program boasting live in-studio interviews with celebrities such as Ian Lloyd of Stories ("Louie, Louie"), John Ford of The Strawbs ("Part of The Union"), Louis Prima Jr., and Tommy James ("Crimson and Clover"). After becoming the most downloaded program on Shovio, "The Strange Dave Show" took the final leap onto the small screen and the rest they say is history. Now on Cablevision Channel 20 and Verizon/FiOS Channel 37 (Long Island, New York) - it's THE STRANGE DAVE SHOW!

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