Last update: 2013-06-30

My Hemp Suit - June 30, 2013

2013-06-30 Length: 1s

The gang is all one!  The return of Shirtless Gerry, this time he's got a shirt, but no beard!  Melyssa, Gerry and Dave all bump into the Ex'es.  An old friend reappears.  Dave is working on another batch of Stu Brew and there's already a casualty.  Wedding invitations have gone out and petitioning for Green Rochester has begun. We may advocate for a certain group to change its name to the League of Stupid Voters. 


Tom Wilson - Gay Name Game

Ralph Alessi and Fred Hersch - Floating Head Syndrome

Vic Sadot - Full Spectrum Dominance

Frank Turner - We Shall Not Overcome

Big Leg Woman - June 16, 2013

2013-06-16 Length: 1s

Melyssa and Dave hold down the fort.  Melyssa gets her boy back, membership at a credit union and new punk friends.  A stellar week!  Dave has a boring week fighting the man.  Donald Trump gets seriously schooled.  Seriously.  And Green Rochester chugs along.  All aboard!


Barry Cuda and The Sharks - Big Leg Gal

Leadbelly - Big Fat Woman

Gitlo Lee - I Love A Big Woman

The Cyrkle - Big, Little Woman

Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears - Big Booty Woman

Crack Cream - June 9, 2013

2013-06-08 Length: 1s

Injuries all around!  Sean has a bad elbow, Melyssa has a bad back and Dave has the funky toe.  Next week, we'll be podcasting from the old podcasters home.  Dave gives a campaign update with an interesting fundraising idea.  We talk about urban farms yet again - but we're digging them.  There are band names.  And of course it wouldn't be The Stuart Bedasso Show if we didn't talk about masturbation.  Again.


Hollywood Sinners - Have You Ever Been In Jail

Alfredo Gutierrez Y Sus Acordeones Dorades - Cumbia Sampuesana

The GTO's - Don't Fool With Fu Manchu

Bill Nettles - High Falutin' Mama

Mighty Sparrow - Kennedy And Kruschev

Little Willie John - Let's Rock While The Rockin Is Good

Douchey Gopher - June 2, 2013

2013-06-02 Length: 1s

Four out of Five podcast listeners agree - a hungover Sean is better than no Sean.  Sean is back!  This week we run the gamut - happy and sad.  Sean goes on a naked bachelor party extravaganza.  Green Rochester is taking off.  Join the fun!  We all agree, The Great Harvest Bread Company blows dead donkeys.  Don't go there.  Dave can't save everyone.  He just can't.  Special shoutout to Mark Williams.  Where are you, Mark?


Duke Robillard Band - Stapled To The Chicken's Back

La Femme - Welcome America

Dr. Nico and Orchestre African Fiesta - Rumeme Mama

Pokey LaFarge - Let's Get Lost

Thomas Mapfumo and The Blacks Unlimited - Ndine Chete

Hairy Drag Queen - May 26, 2013

2013-05-27 Length: 1s

It's just Melyssa and Dave on this show and they hold down the fort.  Dave's dishing out the beat downs and it seems that everyone is ready to take them.  Melyssa gives her advice to hairy drag queens - yeah, she's talking to you!  The Benny Warr situation seems to be a catylst for some serious change in Rochester, if not all over the US.  Dave goes golfing.  No, seriously.  And no one is killed.  The Green Party is a force to be dealt with.


Orgone - Serge Went There

Foxygen - Shuggie

Immortal Technique - Sign Of The Times

Quantic - Don't Joke With A Hungry Man

Aryan Bride - May 19, 2013

2013-05-16 Length: 1s

Sean almost dies.  Seriously.  But he's one Tough Mudder.  Dave almost dies.  He has the diabetes.  But before he dies, he goes to a Jersey Bar Mitzvah.  Get the scoop.  Mothers hide your chickens!  Melyssa is no longer a vegetarian!  But she does have standards.  Sorry, Spam.  Monsanto sucks dead donkey.  Do something about it!


Eric "Monty" Morris - Oil In My Lamp

Rudi Protrudi and The Midnight Plowboys - Hotter Than She's Ever Been

James Cotton - Young Bold Woman

Joshua Redman - Let Me Down Easy

Italian Bar Mitzvah - May 12, 2013

2013-05-12 Length: 1s

Melyssa goes rock climbing with the kids.  We revisit days of yester year.  Were they really the good old days?  Some academics claim they were.  And speaking of revisiting, we check in, once again, with Sean's sweatpants.  We also preview Dave's upcoming trip to New Jersey for an Italian Bar Mitzvah.  The gang's all here! 


The Fred Banana Combo - Jerk Off All Night Long

The Pioneers - Jamaica Jerk Off

The Stairs - Weed Bus

Supergrass - Caught By The Fuzz

The Litter - A Legal Matter

Meh - May 5, 2013

2013-05-05 Length: 1s

It's an announcement extravaganza!  Sean has a new band!  Sean's lovely and talented wife has a new job!  Dave is running for City Council!  (seriously) And we bust open our first homebrew - Stu Brew!  Our judges rate it - meh.  It IS better than Budweiser and Clamato.  Spidermin invades Rochester.  Meh.  There's an arrest update on Dave, aka Public Enemy number two. 


Sloan - It's In You, It's In Me

Game Theory - Throwing The Election

Frank Turner - Wherefore Art Thou, Gene Simmons?

Washboard Sam - She Belongs To The Devil

Udder Cream - April 28, 2013

2013-04-27 Length: 1s

Sean had to bow out at the last minute, so Super-Sub Shannon Kemp joined us on this week's show.  Melyssa had a competition with her son at the local dollar store.  Who won?  You be the judge!  Shannon talks about her family's work with Autism.  Dave recounts his trip to Washington DC for work: his arrest at the White House, storming union headquarters, seeing Mark Whitfield perform and more.  And the website he was referring to is


Chumbawamba - Waiting For Margaret To Go

Otis Taylor - Blue Rain In Africa

Los Amigos Invisibles - La Que Me Gusta

The Whimsical Brian White - April 21, 2013

2013-04-14 Length: 56s

Part 2 of our podcast from Beyond the Boxxx, a sex-positive art show recently put on in Rochester, NY.  Brian White shows us his whimsy.  People who are naked get painted on as we podcast.  Sex usually brings out references to God so naturally we talk about religion.  Art show organizer and FOS, Julia Eddy, talks about Beyond the Boxxx then Melyssa hits on Julia's Mom.  As you read this, Dave is probably in jail.  A damn good show!

Hashtag Melyssa's Boobs - April 14, 2013

2013-04-14 Length: 1s

This week, we are live at Beyond The Boxxx, a sex-postive art show put on by our friend, Julia Eddy and housed at Smugtown Mushrooms in Rochester.  You can't have a sex-positive art show without Brian White!  Amongst the sexy, we talk about Bitcoins, Rochester's so-called co-op grocery store, the Rochester music and arts scene, and of course there's Melyssa's boobs.  They're here, they're fabulous and we've got 'em.  There's no music this week, just sexy talk and good times.  Enjoy it on your favorite beach towel.  Part 2 comes your way next week.

Hop Brownies - April 7, 2013

2013-04-07 Length: 1s

This show features a great interview with Jon Millward.  He did the analysis of data on over 10,000 porn stars and it's the hit of the internet.  We also talk about other articles he's done on OK Cupid and more.  And you get a lead on how to poop quietly.  Can't beat that with a stick.  Dave cannot have lunch with you, he's scheduled to be arrested on that day.  Stu Brew is due on May 4th!  Are you ready?  Oh no!  Melyssa is looking for a place to live!


Pornosonic - Putana Rodriguez

Shel Silverstein - Polly In A Porny

Beat Angels - Porn Star Shine

Fabulous Thunderbirds - That's The Way We Roll

The Litter - Action Woman

Rick Ross Sucks - March 31, 2013

2013-03-31 Length: 1s

We hit a lot of current events this week, with our special guest, Chris Wrona.  Rick Ross and rape culture is a big topic.  He's a douche.  We don't like him.  What would you do if YOU had a Kiss Cam?  Melyssa had to put her cat to sleep.  RIP Silas.  Does it matter in a relationship if the couple are on opposite ends of the political spectrum?  We say...


Public Enemy - Get Up, Stand Up

Caustic Christ - Frat Boy

Dirty Red -Evil Motherfuyer

Two Guitars Clash - Radio Rebelde

High Volume Ejaculator - March 24, 2013

2013-03-23 Length: 1s

Peter sits in for Sean and hilarity ensues.  We go over Michelle Shocked's breakdown with reality.  Dave comes to grip with his obsession with Gap Mangione.  What are the most common porn names?  We attack this problem with scientific precision.  Who is the Galileo of Slacks?  Listen and find out!  Holy crap we have band names coming out of our...well, we have a lot of band names.


Billy Bragg - Ther Will Be A Reckoning

Rilo Kiley - Draggin Around

The Black Angels - Don't Play With Guns

Hopeton Lewis - Don't Take Your Guns To Town

Beyond The Boxxx - March 17, 2013

2013-03-17 Length: 1s

Our most special guest, Julia, joins us to let us know about an upcoming art show called Beyond the Boxxx - a sex-positive, multimedia extravaganza.  And it turns out to be the same day as the local Vagina Monologue production!  If you're in the Rochester area and want to submit your artwork you have until April 9, 2013.  Contact Julia at onegreatscene (at) Seems that St. Patrick was a douche.  No wonder people want to get drunk.  We do a quick tribute to Melyssa's friend, Cora.  And band names?  Oy, do we have band names!


Los Santios - The World Is Ready To Fuck Me

RDGLDRGN - I Love Lamp

The Tossers - Where The Beer And Whiskey Flow

They Might Be Giants - Black Ops

Hippie Parents - March 10, 2013

2013-03-09 Length: 1s

A show that really has nothing but questions.  Do guys have periods?  What does a Cougar feel like?  What is St. Patrick's Day all about?  Has Dave had sex with everyone in the room?  Is Melyssa on the road to huffing?  Why is there violence against women?  Is the Bedasso Shake everything they said it is?  Why haven't you bought your Stuart Bedasso Pint Glass yet?


Special A.K.A. - Racist Friend

Solas - Girls On The Line

Jonathan Coulton - Code Monkey

Milton - Oh Stanley

Gay Boxing Pope - March 3, 2013

2013-03-03 Length: 1s

Our biggest podcast ever! Nine folks on the mic and it was smooth as silk.  TSBS will represent at the Throwdown at the Armory!  Mercedes and TJ let us know about Rochester Boxing history as well as women and gays in boxing.  Brian White's in love!  The Onion calls a 9-year-old black girl the C-word.  We discuss and don't all agree.  Dave connects the new Milton album to his childhood.  Popeless!  We're all Popeless!  Or are we?


Milton - Ain't Been The Same

Dead Prez - Dirty White Girl

Los Chicos - Willie and the Handjob

Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite - She Got Kick

Diabetes Rides - February 24, 2013

2013-02-24 Length: 1s

Sean is going to save Dave from the Diabetes by dragging his ass around town on a bike.  Sounds too good to be true.  Melyssa has to get real with a testosterone-infested house.  Shout out to all of our new friends at the University of Rochester!  We have a bunch of new band names.  Check 'em out!  Beer bottles?  We don't need no stinking beer bottles!  Here's Sean's link to Six For Kicks.  It's cool.  Do it!


Protoje - Black Cinderella

Mando and The Chili Peppers - I Love To Eat Chili in Chile

The Fab 5 Inc - Shaving Cream

Baby Tate - See What You Done Done

Ermahgerd It's A Perdcurst - February 17, 2013

2013-02-17 Length: 1s

Ermahgerd! TSBS digs up old memes, Brah! Melyssa brings us cleaning tips, Sean is going to open up a co-op bar and Dave seems to channel Spicoli, Dude!  We talk about race, climate change and more...and we do it in funny ermahgerd voices! 


Lee Fields - Funky Screw

Freddie McGregor - Equal Rights

Rosemary Clooney - Mambo Italiano

Son Seals - Call My Job

Hot Drunk Yoga - February 10, 2013

2013-02-10 Length: 1s

Well, it happned.  Juliette became a yoga instructor and she got us to do some yoga.  And it was a TSBS reunion!  Special K, Dr. J, Peter, Brian White, the lovely and talented Evora and more!  After the yoga we came back to Dikoff Studio and did a podcast.  Did we just talk about yoga?  Have you heard our show?  Yoga morphed (somehow) into Valentine's Day, quiet sex, bellydancing, menstruation, birth control and nuts...and balls.  We always talk about balls.


Thee Vicars - I Wanna Be Your Vicar

Rock Candy Funk Party - Dope On A Rope

Yoga Boner - February 3, 2013

2013-02-03 Length: 1s

What do old people do for fun?  They podcast!  The result is this week's Stuart Bedasso Show!  The man, the myth, the enigma, Brian White, joins us for this week's show.  Hilarity ensues. Seriously.  Dave need to hit you up for money.  A lot of money. What is Gay Jogging? Tune in and find out.  We may be starting a Kickstarter divorce campaign.  Leave TSBS a voicemail at (585) 496-4788.  That's right!  Holla!


Raymond Scott Quintette - Powerhouse

Psychotic Pinapple - Headcheese

Lisa Loeb - A Hot Minute

Lupe Fiasco - State Run Radio

Genesee Brew House - January 27, 2013

2013-01-27 Length: 1s

This week we get our goat on from the Genesee Brew House in Rochester, NY.  It's time for the brewery to unveil this year's batch of Genny Bock so we get some fresh from the tap.  Our server, Ashley was shy, but wonderful.  And Genesee Brewery guru, Shawn answer all our questions about the bock, the goat, Genny and more!  We started broadcasting and a hockey game broke out!  Dave reminds us that the labor dispute in the NHL was management screwing with labor.  And we talk about yoga.  We're gonna do it.  Wanna join?  Get ready for details.

Fruit Pie Magician - January 20, 2013

2013-01-20 Length: 1s

We've been playing his music since Day 1.  Now we talk to the man himself.  A great interview with Milton.  He's crowdfunding his new album so check it out and let's make this bad boy history!  Stu wants his signed poster.  Dave attends a local Move to Amend event and brings back some cool audio from that.


Milton - In The City

Dropkick Murphys - The Boys Are Back

Jesus Ninja Star - January 13, 2013

2013-01-13 Length: 1s

Peter and Will join Dave and Eve for a gay extravaganza.  We mourn the Death Star and Podcast Awards.  As a public service message don't forget to Wash Yo Damn Nuts!  Dave buys a used book and finds a postcard.  Hey Adam Hopper, let us know if you'd like your Mom's postcard from China. Good stuff.


Natural Child - Laid, Paid And Strange

Paddy And The Rats - Drunken Tuesday

Milton - God And Money

Andre Williams - Blame It On Obama

Arrested Development - Raga In Coolangatta

Podcast Award Nipples - January 7, 2013

2013-01-07 Length: 1s

Our first show of the new year has the gang tuned into the 2012 Podcast Awards.  As the award ceremony goes on, we make smart, pithy comments.  We make fun of manboobs, ESPN, Adam Carolla and more.  A jolly good time was had by all - and Dave wasn't drinking - he's got the sugar!  Don't expect that next week.

Red Light District - December 30, 2012

2013-01-01 Length: 45s

Dave and Melyssa join Sean in Syracuse, NY to check out the reunion show of Sean's old band, Red Light District.  We sat down with the band before their sound check at the Westcott Theater and got to hear some awesome band stories.  We checked out the sound check, then hung around for the show.  A great time was had by all!  [Note: due to a faulty cord, the audio is not as pristine as we like, but it's really a great show!]  Enjoy!

OJ Jesus - December 23, 2012

2012-12-23 Length: 1s

Original Jew - Jesus.  Our annual Christmas Show, almost nothing but songs about Jesus.  Dave and Eve's gift to the gang?  Budweiser and Clamato!  And we drink it!  It's not pretty.  We talk about Dave's balls.  Big shock.  Our special guest, Ben, is in the house.  No Clamato for him.  We talk about the new Instagram brou-ha-ha.  The band's getting back together!


Floyd Sears - Jesus Put A Yodel In My Soul

Mungo Jerry - Cool Jesus

Red Light District - Follow Me

Aunt Bertha Presnets Singtime with Tiny Tod Calvin - A Cowboy for Jesus

Yayhoos - Get Right With Jesus

Ball Crazy - December 9, 2012

2012-12-09 Length: 1s

Special K and Dan are back in the house!  And if Special K is here, you know we're talking balls.  Cuz we're Ball Crazy!  Our Punk folks end up missing the DRI concert tonight.  Special K sees The Sessions.  At least one thumb is up.  And we finally get to our Top 100 Albums.  Chime in!


Josephine Foster and The Victor Herrero Band - Cuatro Pinos

Omar And The Howlers - Take Out Some Insurance

Gold Motel - Leave You In Love

El-Creepo - Stranger Things Have Happened

Kanekoa - Way Down

Old Jew Porn - December 2, 2012

2012-12-02 Length: 1s

Everyone loves high school musicals.  Some seem to like them a little more than others.  Stay away from Creepy Dad!  Peter Pan is racist, by the way, yet we still eat the peanut butter.  Melyssa is a fan of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  Dave's Dad's on the Facebook!  He's promoting his new venture out in Arizona, so if you live out there and know of someone who needs a DJ, call BJ!


Avishai Cohen - B.R. Story

Holly And The Italians - Tell That Girl To Shut Up

Black Joe Lewis And The Honeybears - Big Booty Woman

Professor Longhair - In The Wee Wee Hours

Ozomatli - Germs

Bad Brains - Youth of Today

Concentrated Bad - November 25, 2012

2012-11-25 Length: 1s

The gangs all back together.  Sean brings us some turntable surprises as Dave busts out a few audio surprises of his own.  Melyssa's on the road to recovery and getting through the holiday season at the Parlkeigh.  Twitter is a useful tool for getting news and celebrating your racism.  Dave meets Newt and Calista Gingrich.  Sean is ticketed for driving while headphoned.  There's a lot going on here!


The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower - For Aileen

Jah Cure - Nothing Is Impossible

Redd Kross - Blow You A Kiss In The Wind

Utica Club Natural Carbonation Band - Utica Club

Vis-A-Vis Dance Band - Gyae Su

Echo Movement - In Good Time

Leo Watson - Shoot The Likker To Me, John Boy

Hostess Buffet - November 18, 2012

2012-11-18 Length: 1s

Sean and Dave hold down the fort as Melyssa calls in sick.  We rail on what's going down in Gaza.  There needs to be some serious change as it's basically ethnic cleansing.  We really don't give a crap about your Twinkies.  Seriously.  Dave runs into teachers too afraid to help themselves.  Cheer up, my lovelies!  We see good things on the horizon!  Like the Cortland County DA who did porn in the '70's.  Guilty as charged, your honor!  Go Wal-mart Workers!


Lowkey - Obama Nation, pt. 2

Black Roots - Struggle

Bettye Levette - Time Will Do The Talking

Madness - Circus Freaks

Nut Kicking Shoes - November 11, 2012

2012-11-11 Length: 1s

The gang's all back together!  Should we Kickstart Melyssa's divorce?  Vote for The Stuart Bedasso Show for a 2012 Podcast Award, even though none of us can afford to go to the award ceremony.  The election is over and there is quite the fallout.  We have Drunk Nate Silver, legal pot, gay marriage, condoms in porn and Papa John is a real asshole.  Don't give money to the Salvation Army, they hate the gay.  Boycott Wal-Mart?  Why are you shopping at Wal-Mart?


Public Enemy - Riotstarted

George Formby - I'm A Wanker

Cody ChestnuTT - Where Is All The Money Going

Shakura S'aida - Devil Only Knows My First Name

Shoji Tabuchi - Devil's Dream

Peachy Neechies - November 4, 2012

2012-11-03 Length: 1s

This show, we go on the road and join the Rochester band, Peachy Neechies, before a reheasal for their 20th anniversary show.  Some great stories are swapped including the Neechies' origins, their evolution and what's instore for their anniversary show next week.  We'll be there so there'll sure to be some great stories down the road.  We didn't get to play any music, but feel free to check them out on video:

Fuck The Man


Vegatable Matters

Huffing Pam - October 28, 2012

2012-10-28 Length: 1s

We have heard it from the horse's mouth.  Dave does not beat Eve.  That being said...holy cow, Eve fell down the stairs!  We talk about the upcoming election...go Jill Stein...and what hit means for next year.  (hint, hint)  It looks like we're going to be moving our Facebook page to a FB Group.  So be prepared and start chimng in!  And we talk a little University of Phoenix.  They don't do bellydancing, though.


Ben Grosscup - Love Me I'm A Liberal (2012)

Dead Prez - Learning Growning Changing

Junior Toots - A Little Bit of Love

Electric Six - Infected Girls

Susanna Hoffs - Picture Me

Small Balls - October 21, 2012

2012-10-20 Length: 1s

Our old friend, K , joined us to talk about bellydancing and guys with small balls.  She also takes the test for the upcoming election.  If you haven't, you should too.  Dave goes on another ADAPT trip and tells the tales.  Pennsylvania?  Not so cool.  Our local media is NOT informed.  When should you do "the scan"?  We give you the skinny.


Electric Six - Down At McDonalzzz

Ian Hunter And The Rant Band - When I'm President

Bettye LeVette - Everything Is Broken

Emmanuel Jal - We Want Peace

My Penis Is A Clown Car - October 14, 2012

2012-10-07 Length: 1s

Dave wants to Gillooly people who wait in line for consumer goods.  WHY!??  Who has a wisdom teeth horror story? Seems to be all of us.  Another moving not emotionally moving, another story about poor bastards moving their shit.  Someone was asked to make pussy payments.  No, it wasn't Sean. 


John Cale - Nookie Wood

Frank Turner - Reasons Not To Be An Idiot

DJ Dave - Whole Foods Parking Lot

Titus Andronicus - In A Big City

Goran Bregonic - Be That Man

The Cat Whisperer - October 7, 2012

2012-10-07 Length: 1s

Sean is here to help you with all your cat needs.  He's lived it.  We also talk political candidates.  There are some jokers around Rochester as well as throughout the country.  But if the two corporate candidates for president aren't doing it for you, you do have other choices.  Nominate The Stuart Bedasso Show for a podcast award. 


Dave Stewart - A Different Man Now

UFO - The Fear

Public Enemy - Beyond Trayvon

Reel Big Fish - Everyone Else Is An Asshole

We Love Ed Hochuli - September 30, 2012

2012-09-28 Length: 1s

Our Chinese friends seem to be real.  Let's get it on! The football refs are back, we talk about what that means for everyday workers and the Packers.  Melyssa goes to Rochester's Comic Com - with awesome results.  Dave reaches out to the Jill Stein campaign.  Vote for Jill!  Sean has a different fantasy team, if you know what I'm sayin. Ringo!


Withered Hand - Inbetweens

R. Stevie Moore - Get In Your Pants

Culture - Stop The Fussing And Fighting

Southpaw Jones - The Last Remaining Beatle

I Spleen You - September 23, 2012

2012-09-20 Length: 1s

Introducing the newest member of the Stuart Bedasso Family!  Professor Wigglesworth!  Like it!  Dave is spending his free time killing worms. No, literally.  Sean and Melyssa are gay for Wil Smith.  The trials and tribulations of moving are chronicled.  Everyone seems to be set in their place, now.  We talk about the drama of cell phones. There may be some tension here.


Wookiefoot - Brainwash

The Vandelles - Strange Girls (Don't Cry)

Goo Goo Dolls - James Dean

The Avett Brothers - I Never Knew You

The Ravonettes - You Hit Me (I'm Down)

Dusty Brown - Rusty Dusty '55

Stuart And The Dollyrots

2012-09-14 Length: 1s

Stuart wants Herman's Hermits, but this week we bring you an excusive interview with Kelly and Luis from The Dollyrots.  We talk about their new album and the upcoming tour...and Dave will not be following them to Liechtenstein. Dave's Dad bestwows gifts upon Dikoff Studio.  Melyssa has an ephiphany.  Epiphany and Ivory live together in perfect harmony.  DON'T feed your pet food from Purina.  More new band names for you to steal.  Hurry before The Dollyrots steal one!


The Dollyrots - F U Famous

The Dollyrots - Twist Me To The Left

Tony Joe White - Groupy Girl

The Peacocks International Guitar Band - Feresirima

Happy Fun Jerk Off Show - September 9, 2012

2012-09-06 Length: 1s

A quiet Aunt Marcey joins us on this show. (trust me, she's there) There seems to be thousands of Chinese listeners downloading our show. Well, one show, anyway.  We expect bootleg copies of Vanilla To The Bone all throughout China within weeks. Dave's step-daugher finds a vibrator and hilarity ensues. Dave and Sean piece together the forgotten night after the last podcast. Gasoline in a tool shed?  We revisit the Twitter.  Melyssa's family is rocked by the local school district.  They suck dead donkey.


Dundee Central School Steel Band - Goin' Out of My Head

The City Council Ltd. - When You Git Through Wit It Put It Back

Queen Ida featuring Al Lewis - Mazuka

Gaye Adegbalola - Blues For The Greens

Rick Ross - Let's Talk

Junkscaping - September 1, 2012

2012-09-02 Length: 1s

Another fun time had by all!  Sean talks about his photoshoot - this time he wasn't the model.  But beer was! Melyssa is moving and Dave's getting married.  It's a done deal, ladies.  How the heck do you "junkscape" anyway?  Who wants to nominate TSBS for a Podcast Award?


The Sumner Brothers - Toughest Man in Prison Camp

Burning Spear - Throw Down Your Arms

My Baby Just Wants to Eat Your Pussy - A Something Incarnate

Reverend Payton Big Band - The Money Goes

A Whole New Evil - August 26, 2012


A seriously full house this week!  The lovely and talented Juliette comes back and hijinks about.  Juliette is all about the hot yoga and it looks like we will be, too.  It's also a virtual Cat Show on TSBS.  And it gets pretty...catty.  Dave is planning a protest against Goodwill.  You should shop at a different thrift store until they stop paying people with disabilities subminimum wages.  Dave introduces the group to the Raging Grannies. 


The Raging Grannies - Legitimate Rape

Sergio Mendez and Pele - Meu Mundo E Uma Bola

Rage Against The Machine - Testify

Olympic Ass Kicking Team - Pow'ful 'Merka

Ry Cooder - Guantanamo

Show Me Your Pinterest - August 19, 2012

2012-08-19 Length: 1s

A really fun show!  Dave breaks out the turntable and we go back in a good way.  Pussy Riot.  We compare what's happening in Russia to how things work in the good ole USA.  Powerful Amerikka!  What's up with magical morman underwear?  Paul Ryan's mother sews socks that smell.  Find out why.  Sean risks his life to save Dave from the diabetes.  Damn you, Brimley!


National Lampoon - Mr. Roberts #1

Pussy Riot - Putin Zassal

Public Enemy - I Shall Not Be Moved

The Sumner Brothers - I Would Love You In The Kitchen

Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - Between The Ditches

Orchestre Negro Succes - Maika

Hasil Adkins - No More Hot Dogs

Papa John's Sucks - August 12, 2012

2012-08-11 Length: 1s

The first show from the latest and last Dikoff Studio!  We've finally moved in and while not every bell and whistle has been attached, it going great so far.  Melyssa continues to compete in the Parkleigh Olympics.  There's video! Happy Anniversary Sean and Renee!  Eve has a bit of an accident while moving.  And we have another Dave-sticks-it-to-The-Man story.  Enjoy!  Oh, and if you get pizza from Papa Johns, you're a dick!


Pussy Riot - Mother of God, Putin Put!

Ry Cooder - The Wall Street Part of Town

Old Crow Medicine Show - Ways of Man

Christian Scott - Dred Scott

The Moving Show - August 5, 2012

2012-08-05 Length: 1s

OK...there's good news and there's bad news.  The good news is, even though we're moving Dikoff Studio this week we still have a show for you!  (hooray!)  The bad news is, because we're moving, we can't find the notes from the show that we recorded a week ago.  No idea what's on it!  I'm sure we had a good time, drank some beer, played some music, blah, blah, blah.  Think of this show as sort of a podcast grab bag.  Next week, we'll be coming to you from the brand new Dikoff Studio.  But in the meantime, enjoy this fine podcasting performance.


Your guess is as good as mine.

Ho Jo is a No Go - July 29, 2012

2012-07-29 Length: 1s

The final recording from this Dikoff Studio.  Sean recaps his trip to see Wilco, we get ready for the trip to the new studio...there's going to be new technology, so you know that can't go wrong.  We figure that Canada's no smoking is not really the same as America's no smoking.  If you're not into the second hand smoke, don't go to the Ho Jo's!


Jasiri X - 10 Frisk Commandments

Woody Guthrie - I've Got To Know

Leftover Salmon - Stop All Your Worrying

Jonathan Coulton - I Feel Fantastic

Jimmy Cliff - Rebel Rebel

I Side With - July 22, 2012

2012-07-22 Length: 1s

We talk a little bit about the police brutality that happened in downtown Rochester the other day, but most of the show is an interview with Taylor Peck, one of the creators of the latest internet / political sensation  We talk to Taylor about the creation of the site, how it works and what are the implications.  It is an awesome interview one of the best things we've done on TSBS that doesn't involve porn...though Dave did work it into the conversation.  A must listen!


Sunnyland Slim - Be Careful How You Vote

Public Enemy - Truth Decay

Coopoly - July 15, 2012

2012-07-15 Length: 1s

I think we may have coined a new phrase with this show - Girl Junk.  Our tribute to the late, great actor and masturbator, Ernest Borgnine kicks off the show.  What's the effing deal with Kodak?  The judge should just put them out of our misery.  Jeremy sucks, but Brian, from Co-oply rocks!  We interviewed Brian Van Slyke from the co-operative who brings you Co-opoly. We talk about the game, co-operatives in general and the history of Monopoly.  A great story!  Buy a Co-opoly from the Stuart Bedasso website and get awesome swag!  We kid you not!

Special shout out section!  Make sure you check out the book signing by TSBS friend, James Bailey.  It's on July 21, 2012 at Liftbridge Book Shop in Brockport, NY from 2-4pm.  James is there signing is debut novel, The Greatest Show on Dirt.  Tell him Stu sent ya!


Eleni Mandell - Magic Summertime

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad - Pockets

Tough Mudder - July 8, 2012

2012-07-08 Length: 1s

The gang is ALL here!  Peter, Dan, Sean, Eve, Melyssa & Dave.  The kids did a good job of not talking over each other.  Eve has gonorrhea.  Dave, Peter and Eve have a new hobby, Rochester Free Radio. Check it out! Sean's getting ready to "compete" in a Tough Mudder and it looks like there's going to be a TSBS team next year.  Bad porn?  We got it.  More great band names as well!


Slavic Soul Party - Walter Harley

Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars - Mother In Law

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - Trippin' Inside A Bubble

Jimmy 'Duck' Holmes - Wake Up, Woman

Funky Mayor - July 1, 2012

2012-07-01 Length: 1s

Sean, Eve, Melyssa and Dave dish the dirt about Rochester's Funky Mayor.  Hey everybody!  We're all gonna get Funky!  And speaking of funky (in a good way) we discuss the Betty Dodson DVD Bodysex Workshop.  Get your copy today!  A little Beer Fest talk is good for everyone and look out, there goes Dave's and Eve's new neighborhood.  And at the end we talk about, for the last time, hopefully, the Karen Klein incident in Greece, NY.


Neneh Cherry and The Thing - Golden Heart

Merry Clayton - Love Me Or Let Me Be Lonely

The Sadies and Andre Williams - I Gotta Get Shorty Out Of Jail

Queen Omega - Media's Corruption

Taye Diggs As Urkel - June 24, 2012

2012-06-24 Length: 1s

Dave and Melyssa start out at Dikoff Studio and are soon joined by the lovely and talented Evora.  Recap of last week's birthday fandango starts us off as well as tales of ex-es and wannabe ex-es.  We had to touch on the ubiquitous story of Karen Klein, the bus monitor from Greece, NY.  But we also talk about the kids involved.  How should we deal with them?  The kids should be taught about an Empathetic Civilisation.  We also preview the upcoming, permenant Dikoff Studio.  Can't wait!


The Dead Kenny G's - Punk Rock Girlfriend

Luka Bloom - No Big Deal

Richard and Linda Thompson - I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight

Senator Cockblock - June 17, 2012

2012-06-17 Length: 57s

It's Melyssa's and Dan's birthday!  They're having a party and we join in.  There's some silly, some serious and some whatchutalkinboutwillis.  Dave is a job creator.  That's what he does.  And the job he has just created is open and looking for applicants.  Anyone want to be a State Sodomizer?  You'll have to take the civil service exam.  We explore autism and charities connected to it with one of our special guests.  And then there's booze.  You want it, we got it.  Next week we're back at Dikoff Studio, but for now, grab your party favor and get into the groove!

It's All About Money - June 10, 2012

2012-06-10 Length: 1s

Years ago, I was (I thought) in love with a woman who was a bit of a deadhead.  She bathed and had a job, but other than that, she was pretty onboard with the whole culture.  So in order to woo her - because that's what you do to deadhead chicks - woo them - I began dipping my toe into the pond of tape trading.  That tells you how long ago this was.  So, to use the tape trading lingo, this show is a B+ Audience boot of our friend, Deborah Magone's video premier of It's All About Money.  There's some talking, there's some raffling, and there's some music.  Our number one Canadian listener, Rhonda C was in the house and joined us as well!  The show is a bit longer than our usual.  You get a bonus 30 minutes so pack a sandwich and enjoy the show!  And if you're checking this out on our website,, you'll be able to see the video!


Deborah Magone Band - One World, One Love, It's All About the Money, Queen Bee

Meet The New Boobs - June 3, 2012

2012-06-03 Length: 1s

Melyssa's Breasts.  That's all that needs to be said.  Sean is back and so is Dan and we really kick up a storm.  Dave's bumps into his college advisor and the world is good again.  We're making podcasting plans including your opportunity to be on The Stuart Bedasso Show.  New ideas for Victoria Secret are bandied about.  Would you fight for your mate?  Dave, not so much.  Finally, Dave laments on the organizations who are lining up to endorse Barak Obama even though they should know better.


Joe Walsh - Analog Man

Anuhea - Fight For Me Tonight

Men Without Hats - Everybody Knows

Marachi El Bronx - Revolution Girls

Leftover Salmon - Stop All Your Worrying

Home With The Bushes - May 27, 2012

2012-05-27 Length: 1s

Super Duper guest Sean Scanlon joins us this week!  Sean discusses his animal activism, bands he's been in and more.  Melyssa's vibrator review sounds a lot like Dave: 2 inches, 20 speeds and it makes you cum.  Boom!  It's pretty close to official, there will be a new Dikoff Studio.  Melyssa is related to every infamous person in the world...or so it seems.


Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad - In These Time

Immortal Technique - Sign Of The Times

Vince Esquire - Check Out Her Mama

Scissor Sisters - F Yeah

The Timmer Archives - May 20, 2012

2012-05-20 Length: 1s

Melyssa's on the DL (not THAT DL), so Eve and Marcey step in to fill her shoes this week.  The Man is really hassling Dave as he has to go back to DC for court.  WE talk about the Happy Shiny People at Eve's church.  What do you do when you get caught checking out someone's Daughter?  Eve finds old love letters from high school.  Oh Timmy, we hardly knew ye!  Don't forget to check out the awesome new music from GPGDS!


Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad - World War

Sierra Leone's Refugee All-Stars - Remake the World Again

Golden Earring - Wanted By Women

Nancy Griffith - Bethlehem Steel

Gays Can't Spell - May 13, 2012

2012-05-12 Length: 1s

It's been a crazy-ass gay week and we cover it all!  Melyssa and Dave talk about the asshats in North Carolina, President Obama's "evolving", an unbelievable homophobe that has to be seen to be believed and a local black leader's reaction to all of this.  Facebook is squeezing Dave.  Melyssa cusses before, during and after sex.  Charlie Sheen Tampons?


Buena Vista Social Club - Realidad Y Fantasia

Santana - Nomad

Garbage - Man On A Wire

Garcia, Grisman, Rice - Man of Constant Sorrow

Bob Ross Rules - May 6, 2012

2012-05-06 Length: 1s

Clarke Conde and Heather Knappen join us to talk about Clarke's new book and project Work In Rochester.  Dave's in it.  Heather's in it.  Melyssa's job is in it.  You should be checking this bad boy out.  We also try to figure out how to score an original Bob Ross.  Melyssa's taking a collection for a house warming gift for Dave and Eve.  Heather recounts her political travels.  Not everyone loves a parade.


Two Guitars Clash - The China Price

Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise

Blues Traveller - Devil In The Details

Blue Riddim Band - Nancy Reagan

Grand Duchy - Illiterate Lovers

Noah Wyle Is On This Show - April 29, 2012

2012-04-29 Length: 1s

Melyssa and Dave, together again.  Melyssa fills us in on her trip to Cape Cod - ODing on lobster and more.  Dave goes back down to Washington DC for ADAPT and gets arrested, again.  Listen to his blow-by-blow description of the week, including his night in jail with actor, Noah Wyle.  He was able to get a short interview with Noah, too.  Check it out.  And we wrap up the show with a brief discussion about Egyptian corpse fuckers.  It's called "farewell intercourse".  How romantic.


Two Guitars Clash - Workhorses

Balkan Beat Box - Political Fuck

Walter Trout - Turn Off Your TV

Clean Sanchez - April 22, 2012

2012-04-21 Length: 58s

Part 2 of our conversation with Renee, Cheryl and Grace from BRAWL - Broads Regional Arm Wrestling League. We come up with some awesome new band names for you to steal.  Emo actor, Joseph Gordon Levitt, wedding stuff, busty women and more is bandied about.  Hope to see you on Saturday, April 28th at Skylark Lounge, 8pm for some lady arm wrestling.  We're sure to put a Stuart stamp on the event. 


Bap Kennedy - Jimmy Sanchez

Dani Wilde - Juice Me Up

Quantic and Allice Russell with The Combo Barbero - Boogaloo 33

Storm Large - 8 Miles Wide

Over The Top! - April 15, 2012

2012-04-15 Length: 1s

While Melyssa's away, the mice shall play.  Dave hangs out with Juliette and the orgnaizers of BRAWL - Broads Regional Arm Wrestling League.  Renee, Cheryl and Grace joined the show to talk about their upcoming event to raise money and awareness for the Rochester Rape Crisis Center.  And as always we had a blast as we sipped on Brown Julius.  Does anyone know Sylvester Stallone's Mom?  Because butt reading and arm wrestling go...uh...hand-in-hand.  Local weatherdude, Rich Caniglia didn't get a big thumbs up from BRAWL.  Much, much more. 

BRAWL goes down April 28th, 8pm at the Skylark Lounge, 40 S. Union St.  Suggested donation is only $2 so don't be cheap.


Sharon Jones And The Dap Kings - What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes

Harmominca Slim - My Girl Won't Quit Me

Bonnie Raitt - Down To You

A Sexy Easter - April 8, 2012

2012-04-07 Length: 1s

Dave, Melyssa and Eve in the house.  Melyssa is getting ready to leave on her first real vacation.  Eve's never had one.  Dave's have been business or family.  She's promised to bring us back crabs.  A shout out to the person driving around town blasting The Stuart Bedasso Show out your window.  You Rock!  No one on the show but Dave realized that Beaver Watch was (still is?) a feature of Hustler Magazine.  The joys of house hunting.  The joys of hotel sex. 


Dr. John - Kingdom of Izzness

M. Ward - I Get Ideas

Bonnie Raitt - Used To Rule The World

Sounds of Soweto - Mama Ndiyalila

Sohail Rhana - Soul Sitar

Tingle Tester - April 1, 2012


Our old friend GLB joins us for a mellow edition of The Stuart Bedasso Show.  Good music, good friends, good conversation.  Dave is back from Arizona and brought a little piece of the remains of Dead Uncle Glenn with him.  Then there's the Tingling Vagina story.  It's hard to explain, you just have to hear it.  Both Melyssa AND Dave have begun house hunting.  No, not together.  But it does mean that there will be a new Dikoff Studio.  Enjoy!


Luscious Jackson - Sexy Hypnotist (remix)

Joan Osborne - I Don't Need No Doctor

Amadou and Mariam - 4 Metemya

Sena Ehrnhardt - Leave The Light On

First Lunch Box - March 25, 2012

2012-03-18 Length: 1s

Part two of our evening with Heba and Sam from Roc Your Pickle.  We talk...well...pickles.  We find out how business is going.  Sam also treats us to some home-brewed beer.  We also discuss Green Party Presidential candidate, Jill Stein, peace in the Middle East, the old TV show UFO and more.  What was your first lunch box?  But most importantly, is is "pop" or "soda"?  We hash it out on this week's show.


Public Enemy - By The Time I Get To Arizona

Olympic Ass Kicking Team - Lost Your Number

Washington Jamb Band - Midnight Stroker

Passover Tiara Queen - March 18, 2012

2012-03-18 Length: 1s

Recording on St. Patrick's Day is always fun.  There's Guinness and special guests and pickles and more!  Angie Hofmann joins us from Hawaii via the Skype.  We talk about her new cookbook using whole foods, spam and more.  Check out Angie's website at  Our old friends Heba and Sam from Roc Your Pickle join us midway as well.  Dave describes his and Eve's wedding's gonna be a blast.  We're recording two weeks worth of shows tonight so next week will be part 2 of this podcasting extravaganza!


The Affections - Green Eggs And Ham

The Cranberries - Losing My Mind

Dan Bull - The Portrait of an Autist

Ike and Tina Turner - Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter

Erotic Nights - March 11, 2012

2012-03-11 Length: 1s

This week we're podcasting from Erotic Nights 2012 at Equal Grounds Coffee House in Rochester.  Our host was Diane Conway from Culture Starts With Art and we got to hear a huge group of talented performers.  We couldn't do all 3 hours so obviously this is edited.  Let us know if you'd like to hear some of the pieces that didn't make the show.  We can squeeze them in on future podcasts.  Stay sexy!

Performers included:

Diane Conway, Chan McKenzie, Grace Flores, Chad Newton, Stephanie Sacco, BakariPoet, BASICs, Lu Highsmith, Jes Gonzalez and Pamela A.

Pickle Pinata - March 4, 2012

2012-03-04 Length: 58s

Holy Crud!  Eve popped the question and Dave said yes!  There's going to be a pinata full of pickles at the reception.  Where's the ring? We also find out why Dave has a Rick Santorum lawn sign.  Their trip to Michigan was quite an eyeful and we compare Detroit to our own hometown.  Quick mentions of Jill Stein and the Mayor's take on Occupy.


Julia Nunes - Nothing's That Great

The Fred Banana Combo - Jerk Off All Night Long

The Cranberries - Losing My Mind

Date Night - February 26, 2012

2012-02-26 Length: 57s

Part 2 of our show that started last week.  Peter Kline, Amy Cochrane & PRD join Melyssa and Dave for the second half of the show.  The gang try to help Dave plan a date night for him and Eve.  It starts out messy but everything ends well. We also...uh...unveil Melyssa's new sex toy to review, the Honi Vibe.  It comes in German.  (pun intended)  That and a whole lot more on this week's episode of TSBS!


Robert Johnson - Me And The Devil Blues

KRS-One - The Hustle

Leonard Nimoy - Highly Illogical

Clairy Browne and the Bangin' Rackettes - Bang, Bang

Christian McBride (w/Gina Gershon) - Chitlins and Gelitefish

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest - February 19, 2012

2012-02-19 Length: 1s

Whew, once again the gang's all here.  Dave and Melyssa are joined by Peter Kline, Amy Cochrane, Eve Sutliff and PRD.  Dave's trip to Albany was the bomb-diggedy-bomb.  Melyssa goes to bat for Valentine's Day.  We talk about a school play version of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.  Note the ads in the program for tobacco and booze.  And how to give yourself a self-lubricating anus. 


Ani Difranco - Splinter

Ethan Lipton and His Orchestra - If The Police

Galactic - Ha Di Ka

The Pristeens - Beat You Up

Rodrigo y Gabriela - Logos

Harp Slut - February 12, 2012

2012-02-12 Length: 1s

Live music on The Stuart Bedasso Show!  This week we have Mike Kedley from String Theory along with Dan Walpole as Have Jug Will Travel.  Great bluegrass with all the fixins!  We also talk about condoms in school and we all know what that leads to.  As we do the show, breaking news about Whitney Houston dying.  And Mike's uncomfortableness around the harp leads to Dave's Harp Slut story. 


String Theory - Jug Band Music (live)

String Theory - The Racetrack Blues (live)

String Theory - Lunch With Jesus (live)

String Theory - The Hometown Blues (live)

String Theory - The White House Blues (live)

Sting Theory - Manifesto Part One (live)

Drama at the Parkleigh - February 5, 2012

2012-02-05 Length: 1s

There's drama at the Parkleigh.  We get to hear all about it.  And speaking of drama, our good friend Peter Klein joins us to help close the book on Vinnie Paulino.  He's a scary man, that Vinnie Paulino.  Melyssa will be going back to Russia after becoming a full-fledged registered Green.  Dave invents fashion tires.  And Stuart has his own signature scent.  Splash on some Morning Nookie!


Clear Conscience - Island Feeling

Rodirgo y Gabriela w/CUBA - Juan Loco

The Tombstone Hands - Lipstick Killers Theme

Vinnie Paulino Is Not Funny - January 29, 2012

2012-01-29 Length: 1s

Stuart read the following tweet from a local guy who claims to be funny:

#FYI if you are a cashier that has a withered hand please do not use it to give me my change #handicapable The asshat responsible for this is Vinnie Paulino.  He thinks he is funny, but really he's just afraid of people with disabilities.  Go read some of his other tweets @vinniepaulino.  So Stuart decided to have Dave use the Fifth Anniversary of TSBS to teach Vinnie Paulino just exactly what funny is.  This show is a retrospective of some of the best comedy bits of the show over the last five years.  Vinnie Paulino, you're not funny.  The Stuart Bedasso Show is funny. Music: Benny Bell - Shaving Cream Storm Large - 8 Miles Wide …

Uncle Twitch - January 22, 2012

2012-01-22 Length: 1s

A first for The Stuart Bedasso Show!  Adam Travis, from Keglines, joins us on the show from Hammonsport, NY via Skype!  Dave has a death in the family, Melyssa has joined the other team.  No, not THAT other team.  She got an iPad.  Dave does an interview with a reporter, naked.  Adam works in a petrii dish and nothing can save those shoes.  What would something like SOPA do to TSBS?  Not good things. 


Etta James - Sufferin Til Sufferage

Everlast - I Get By

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad - New Speedway Boogie

Roc Your Pickle - January 15, 2012

2012-01-15 Length: 1s

Roc Your Pickle has just been named the official pickle of The Stuart Bedasso Show.  Heba and Sam from RYP join us to talk about pickles, and they brought...pickles.  (duh)  We also get the low down dirt on the Rochester Public Market.  Two words: Bo Nana! We finally figure out why Stuart is so darn creepy.  Dave calls out our old friend Solomon Blaylock.  Eff Solomon.  Eff your mama.  Heck, eff your whole family!  Our next project?  Used panty quilts.


KRS-One - The Solution

The Little Willies - If You've Got The Time I've Got The Money

Les Sexareenos - Take It Off

Krypton 88 - So Gone About You

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad - Far Away

Toner Phoner Deborah Magone - January 8, 2012

2012-01-08 Length: 1s

One of our best shows ever!  Special musical guest, Deborah Magone, with a live studio audience!  Deb brought along her #1 fan, Ted, and the house was rockin!  Deborah told us how she started in music, talked about her other persuits and what the future holds for her and her band.  Oh yeah, and she played 3 kick ass songs!  We also discussed Susan B. Anthony's poo, got the dirt on Pauly Shore and revealed how Eve stalked and seduced a poor, unsuspecting Dave.


Deborah Magone - Queen Bee (live)

Deborah Magone - It's All About Money (live)

High Voltage - Here Comes The Streaker

Lefties Soul Connection - One Punch Pete

Deborah Magone - Clean Up Woman (live)

Italian Christmas Fish - January 1, 2012

2012-01-01 Length: 1s

It's the first show of the new year!  Hope everyone made it through in good shape.  This show has Melyssa and Dave talking about the past and the future.  Some upcoming goals for The Stuart Bedasso Show.  Melyssa partakes in the Italian Christmas Fish.  Yum!  We hope for the return of The Bugle.  Stupid corporations.  Kelly Clarkson endorses Ron Paul, but doesn't like his extreme stuff.'re stupid. 


Ani Difranco - Which Side Are You On

The Madd - Roughy

Krypton 88 - Wrong Side Of His Heart

Kounterclockwise - Neli Latson Story

Pump Cheese - December 25, 2011

2011-12-25 Length: 1s

Melyssa, Dave and Eve exchange presents on this Christmas Day.  Dave just can't keep his hands off of his.  We get some love from the Krip Hop Nation - dig it.   Eve needs a new job so it's time for some career counselling...Bedasso Style.  Eve, chickens and ovens just don't mix.  Melyssa scolds Dave for stating Lou Reed's overratedness.  It's our last show of 2011.  Thanks for listening everyone!


Leroy Moore - Krip Hop

Christian McBride - Consider Me Gone

Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson - Backdoor Man

Human Sexual Response - Butt Fuck

Margaret Cho - Captain Cameltoe

Jesus Rocks Your Pickle - December 18, 2011

2011-12-18 Length: 1s

In commemoration of the holiday season, it's our annual Jesus show!  Songs and other tidbits about Jeeeeezzus!  We revisit Dave's time with Carl in DC.  Would you hide your porn from Jesus?  Melyssa and Dave rock the funky hats as we get our pickles roc'ed by Roc Your Pickle.  Melyssa ends up on the DL with a bad back.  That's "disabled list" not on the downlow.  Dave parties with the AARP.  And we ask the burning question: what would have happened at historical events if there was a monkey there?


The Reverend Payton's Big Damn Band - Jesus Is A Dying Bed Maker

Minutemen - Jesus And Tequila

Bill Lee - If Jesus Came To Your House

Billy Bragg and Wilco - Christ For President

Warren Zevon - Jesus Was A Crossmaker

Violent Femmes - Jesus Walking On The Water

Billy Idol - Blue Christmas

Letters to Porn Stars - December 11, 2011

2011-12-11 Length: 1s

Melyssa is back and so is the lovely and talented Eve Sutliff.  For once, being a consumer makes Dave feel better.  Listen to the silence and you'll find out why.  We don't know much about astrology, but we know about Uranus.  Just sayin.  Have to pick a school for your kid, but don't have the scratch to send them to a private school? (as if you'd want to, anyway)  We don't have an app for that, but we'll hook ya up.  Dave finds British letters to porn stars and we reap the benefits. 


King Salami and the Cumberland 3 - Do The Wurst

The Hot Toddies - Green and Gold

The Cornel West Theory - The Contradiction

New Mastersounds - Coffee Providers

George Eastman's Skidmark - December 4, 2011

2011-12-04 Length: 1s

Peter Kline is back and this time he's brought friends!  We had a gay old time talking about licking Peter's Mom, the recent Thanksgiving festivites and more.  Dave had a bright idea about gay pride parades, but someone already thought of it.  Be careful around Ryan or you'll end up with a groin concussion.  Dave don't bring Eve flowers...anymore.


K.D. Lang and the Siss Boom Bang - Sugar Buzz

Frank Turner - I Still Believe

Buddy Whittington - Ain't Got The Scratch

Ike and Tina Turner - You Should've Treated Me Right

Sex-O-Rama - Debbie Does Dallas: The Shower Scene

Sexy Time at The Parkleigh - November 27, 2011

2011-11-27 Length: 1s

A special guest this week, Sherri Mitchell from Delaware Pet Stuff in Ohio joins us on the show. Oh sure, we talk pets, but a lot more.  Sherri and Melyssa dish the dirt on the retail business.  Melyssa tells about some folks sharing the holiday spirit in the parking lot, if you know what I'm sayin. O Come All Ye Faithful takes on a whole new meaning.  The mainstream media has led us astray.  The Occupy movement does have goals and is working on solutions, they just won't report it because it's not in their best interest.  We discuss.


Enoch Smith Jr. - Bring It On Home

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - I'm Not Gonna Cry

Meshell Ndegeocello - A Bitter Mule

John Hiatt - Detroit Made

Ass Heavy - November 20, 2011

2011-11-19 Length: 1s

Our old friend, Peter Klein is back!  And ladies...I mean, guys, he's single!  We hear tales about tails, a drunken trip to New Orleans and more.  Dave learns what a Narwhal is, but he still can't go to Olive Garden.  Wilfred Brimley for Tampex?  Nothing says Thanksgiving like Human Centipede. 


Weebels - The Narwhal Song

5 In Love - Bubba Don't Forget Your Rubber (Cab Canaveral Remix)

Outthere Brothers - I Wanna Fuck You In The Ass

The Wet Spots - Do You Take It?

Slow Gherkin - They Wanted Earth

Makana - We Are The Many

Did Jesus Manscape? - November 13, 2011

2011-11-13 Length: 1s

Bryan Clutz, Adam Travis and Courtney Carlin are back for part deux of our latest thrill ride with Keglines.  We do talk about beer; the non-gluten and...uh...glutenous kinds.  Check out the upcoming Roc Beer Week for all you locals.  We dish the dirt on manscaping for a bit.  Thumbs up or scissors down?  And what would be a drunken podcast without talking about religion?  Tell us how you really feel, Adam.


The Yahoos - Gettin Drunk

The Orangu-Tones - Gotta Get Drunk

Breaking Up A Bromance - November 6, 2011

2011-11-06 Length: 59s

After almost a year away, Bryan Clutz and Adam Travis from Keglines are back!  So you would think we would start off talking about beer.  Nope.  Dave's junk.  It's a sickness really.  But Bryan and Adam brought along the lovely and talented Courtney.  A wonderful addition to the show, but it looks like Yoko may have broken up the bromance.  As usual, when these guys are on the show we always go long so this is only Part One of this session.  Cheers!


Rick Moranis - Four More Beers

Rosie Ledet - Mo Beer

JB Summers and Tiny Grimes - Drinking Beer

The Dubliners - Beer, Beer, Beer

Dave And Melyssa On The Street - October 30, 2011

2011-10-30 Length: 1s

Dave and Melyssa both have interesting encounters on the same street in Rochester on the same day.  Coincidence? We compare Halloween parties and exchange some gossip.  Dave gets ready to run for office again - in 2015.  Politics will never be the same.  We also discuss some local politics; but isn't all politics local?  Melyssa and Dave also profess their love of The Lobster Quadrille.  Not that it was a big secret.  Love them!


Julian Lennon - Everything Changes

Lowkey - Cradle of Civilisation

Muddy Waters - Funky Butt

They Might Be Giants - Authenticity Trip

Tom Waits - She Stole The Blush

Vibrating Panties - October 23, 2011

2011-10-23 Length: 1s

This week we play, Spot the Orgasm!  Can you tell when our guest has an actual, real-life orgasm on the show?  We bet you can't.  We've done sex toy reviews on the show before, but we've never actually used one ON the show.  On this show we review Babeland's Vibrating Pleasure Panties.  So far it's a thumbs up!  We surely do sacrifice for our listeners.  Competing Halloween Parties, more on Occupy Rochester and Dave's a Daddy?


Jasiri X - Occupy (We The 99)

Sebastian Sturm - Burn The Money

Tom Waits - Satisfied

William Shatner - She Blinded Me With Silence

Peep Show Diaries - October 16, 2011

2011-10-15 Length: 1s

Dave and Melyssa talk about their Peep Show experiences.  A new band name for Melyssa emerges.  More talk about beer and an sneak preview of an upcoming show.  Dave goes for a regular check up and ends up with an inordinate amount of lube where it should least if you're at work.  Dad gives the keys to the Parkleigh car to Melyssa.  Melyssa's the man!  Drink canned beer!


Stanley Jordan - I Kissed A Girl

Little Roger And The Goosebumps - Stairway To Gilligan's Island

Carey, Claypool, Copeland And Peart - Count Drumzilla

The Korn Kobblers - I'm My Own Grandpa

US3 - Wild West

Occupy Stuart - October 9, 2011

2011-10-09 Length: 1s

This could be the most important podcast we've ever done.  Dave and Melyssa talk about the Occupy Wall Street movement and what it means for all of us.  There are also five easy things you can do to get our country back on the right track.  You can make a difference!  We also talk about what you can do if you're local, here in Rochester, NY.  If you're a local, get involved in Occupy Rochester!  We also bring the silly as well.  Dave talks about his incident in the shower and Melyssa talks about Roller Derby.  Fun AND sticking it to The Man! 


Africa Fiesta - Bilombe Ya Africa

Two Guitars Clash - Rock And Roll Radar

Wilco - Standing O

Jayhawks - Hey Mr. Man

Gluten Be Gone - October 2, 2011

2011-10-02 Length: 1s

Podcasting from the new Dikoff Studio!  Aunt Marcey joins the show to talk about being gluten-free.  And you know all the gluten-free ladies go ga-ga for Bob.  Weddings and divorces, G personal lubricant, wafting vaginas and Agway Night School.  Just another week for The Stuart Bedasso Show.  Pennysaver Personal Ads.  Need we say more? Dave's new neighbors are holding wrestling matches while their 3-year-old runs sprints in the apartment above.  Just go and buy the freaking iPhone app for TSBS so we can be left in peace!


Vernon Wray - Reaching Out To Touch

Tracy Nelson - Send Me To The 'Lectric Chair

Superheavy - World Keeps Turning

Ry Cooder - No Banker Left Behind

Bar Mitzvah Whore - September 25, 2011

2011-09-25 Length: 1s

Dave, Melyssa and the spouses in the house!  Dave and Eve come back from Washington DC with tales of sticking it to The Man.  And don't forget: My Medicaid Matters!  We have a new demi-god.  Carl...bullhorn wielder...jesus lover.  Melyssa and Dan may make it to the next ADAPT trip.  Dan really sounds like he wants to get arrested.  The new Dickoff Studio is days away!  Who will be our first guests?  Dave and Dan still need their Bar Mitzvahs...and their Bar Mitzvah whores!


Fishbone - DUI Friday

Michael Hall - Baby, You Scare Me

Postal At Parkleigh - September 18, 2011

2011-09-18 Length: 1s

An intimate podcast with Dave and Melyssa.  Both have been having a tough time with their jobs so we get to hear how things are going down.  And of course it's The Stuart Bedasso Show, so we can't talk about jobs without discussing blow jobs.  Does Dave really hate getting a blow job?  Listen and find out.  Melyssa talks about beer yet again.  It's like Opposite Land on this week's show!  And the music is kick ass this week as well.


Betty Davis - Nasty Gal

Chuck Brown and Eva Cassidy - Fever

Chris Rea - Think Like A Woman

Joss Stone - Karma

Gay Raping Rabbits - September 11, 2011

2011-09-11 Length: 1s

A tribute to 9/11 in the way only Stuart can...Aristocrats style!  It's football season so get ready to get your domestic violence on!  Hut! Hut!  Melyssa has her own beer festival.  Hear the reviews.  This guy is a tool.  Be sure to leave him your opinion of his take on the gay.  But the one good thing about his blog - now we know about these gay rabbits raping cats.  WTF?


Charlie Winston - Like A Hobo

Chuy and The Bobcats - Love Spilled Across The Floor

Suzi Quatro - Hot Kiss

Glen Campbell - Nothing But The Whole Wide World

Babysitter Barbie - September 4, 2011

2011-09-04 Length: 1s

And we're back!  After a couple of weeks off, Dave and Melyssa are joined by Dan to bring you over an hour of fine audio entertainment.  Melyssa goes to Florida and comes back a little lighter in the family department.  Dave is homeless, but not without a home.  Dave crashes a reunion and listens to a lot of 80's music and sees a lot of pictures of jheri curls. 


Thomas Dolby - Evil Twin Brother

Suzi Quatro - A Girl Like Me

Candye Kane - Hard Knock Girl

Babylon Bombs - White Trash Beauty

Masturbatorium - August 14, 2011

2011-08-14 Length: 1s

An all-star cast on this week's show.  Solomon Blaylock and Amber McCalister from The Lobster Quadrille, Tom Clifford from...uh...Mrs. Clifford and our old friends Peter and Omar are all on board this week...and low-jinks ensue.  Solomon, Amber and Tom are on to promote their upcoming live variety show called The Pleasant Show.  It's coming up soon, so if you're in Rochester you best be going to it.  We explore Omar's Kinsey Rating and help Peter write an apology letter to a bank.  We also explore Bert and Ernie's relationship as only TSBS can.  Did you know that Oscar The Grouch's song I Love Trash has a "rusty trombone" reference in it?  I did not!  Pack a lunch, kids.  This show goes into overtime.


Public Enemy - Notice-Know This

Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas - La Sansonette

A Kinder, Gentler Facism - August 7, 2011

2011-08-07 Length: 1s

This week we have 2004 Presidential Candidate, David Cobb, on the show.  He was the Green Party candidate, dumbass.  Anyway, he's in town on his barnstorming tour to end corporate personhood, working with the Move To Amend coalition.  Go there, sign the petition and if there isn't already a local chapter start one.  Go.  Do it now.  We'll wait.  We talk about hydrofracking, how much Crap-mart sucks, the Park Avenue Festival and independent businesses - and we make it fun!  Get ready for links to David's presentation.


Big Bill Broonzy - Get Back

Black Uhuru - Plastic Smile

Baskery - Shame And Dance

Donavan Frankenreiter - Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Mike Zito - Until The Day I Die

G-Spots and Parallel Parking - July 31, 2011

2011-07-31 Length: 1s

Brian is back in the house!  After a 3+ year absence, Dave's Dad rejoins the show, along with Nina and Melyssa.  Oh yeah, and Dave.  We talk about Brian's home base of Arizona, Dave's hair, a safety dance flash mob and Corporate Personhood.  If you're in the Rochester area, dont' forget to stop by the awesomest event on August 8th about outlawing corporate personhood.  So what are the two things Dave's dad taught him about?  Uh, look at the title of the show, Dude.


Dave Stewart - Worth The Wating For

Joss Stone - Landlord

Sam Fedele And Friend - Stop the Money

Big Country - The Selling of America

Mucoid Plaque - July 24, 2011

2011-07-24 Length: 1s

Our old friend Suzanne Monroe is back and sounding better than ever!  Once again, it's all about the ass as we talk about 10 Day Cleansing and 12 hour cleansing.  Choose your poison.  Suzanne goes to Yoga Camp, we come up with some new band names and slip in a little S&M just for your listening pleasure. 


Madeleine Peyroux - The Kind You Cant Afford

Joe Ely - Not That Much Has Changed

Suzanne Monroe - Friend (live)

Suzanne Monroe - Break (live)

Abby Wambach is Hot - July 17, 2011

2011-07-17 Length: 1s

World Cup Fever!  Dave digs Abby Wambach, no matter what team she's on.  The Gay Pride Parade brings a lot of happy vibes, except for Rural Metro, who decided to let someone die rather than give up some cold packs.  (no one died, but they dont' know that)  Dave introduces a great new band.  Go dig Flame!  To Google+ or not to Google+, that is the question.  Nina Alvarez has it going on.  Dig her, dig her, hard.


Flame - All For A Reason

Anchorage Nebraska - A-OK

Chuy and the Bobcats - Love Spilled Across the Floor

Band of Heathens - Motherland

Hello Cleveland! - July 10, 2011

2011-07-10 Length: 1s

Another big show.  Melyssa and Dan talk about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Sadly, there's no Groupie section, but we did come up with a new band name.  Dave's birthday brings funny cards and the return of the hemp shower curtain!  A meeting with congressional staffers reveals what's really behind the curtain.  Erick is back in the house.  Get ready for the return of Brian!


Aretha Franklin - This You Should Know

Michael Terry - Trampe Stampe

Anna Alkinson - Old Man Song

HonkeyFinger - Margarine Man

Eve's Colonoscopy - July 3, 2011

2011-07-03 Length: 1s

Bonus podcast this week.  The gang from work join us as we talk about the world's biggest deuce.  Bad landlords are on tap this week as well.  We have a Gay Argument (and it continued after the show).  Eve has a colonoscopy and we get to hear all about it.  What are we gonna do to Eve's daughter?  She'll never know.  Send your musical requests to bedasso23 @


Steve Earle - The Revolution Starts Now

Public Enemy - Can You Hear Me Now

Mavis Staples - The Chokin Kind

Eilen Jewell - Warning Signs

The Rare Breed - Come Take A Ride In My Boat

Sweet - Blockbuster

Gay Marriage, Bitches! - June 26, 2011

2011-06-26 Length: 1s

Erick Rodriguez, back in the house!  Erick is back, he brought beer and we're going old school.  Gay marriage in New York State.  The people who don't get it...we don't get.  We talk about Emily Good, her problem with the police and the role of police in general.  Fun, politics and gay sex.  It's a retro episode of The Stuart Bedasso Show!


DJ Dave - Whole Foods Parking Lot
William Elliot Whitmore - Who Stole The Show
Laura Vane and the Vipertones - Sugar Fix
Ocote Soul Sounds - STTP

Sexting Granny - June 19, 2011

2011-06-19 Length: 1s

Another big show.  Nina Alvarez is back along with Mark Williams and the lovely and talented Eve Sutliff.  Guess whose fault it is that Mark is in Rochester. That's right, Bill Johnson and his Fast Ferry.  Eve's looking for a meat dress.  When Dave gets elected to office, he's not going to get in trouble for sexting co-eds.  Nope, he's going after your grandma! 


Blondie - Wipe Off My Sweat

Those Darlins - Screws Get Loose

Clarence Carter - Strokin

Leadbelly - Shorty George

Seun Kuti and The Egypt 80 - African Soldiers

Hot Muslim Punks - June 12, 2011

2011-06-12 Length: 1s

Our old friend Nina Alvarez is back, telling us about her month in Vermont - and our new friend Ryan talking about nursing, music and more.  Melyssa just saw a movie about Muslim punks.  Dave has a weird night at roller derby.  Should they talk about pleasure in sex ed class?  Discuss.  A really nice dig it hard. 


Eddie Vedder - Tonight You Belong To Me

Eilen Jewell - Only One

Blondie - Girlie Girlie

Those Darlins - Be Your Bro

Weinergate - June 5, 2011

2011-06-06 Length: 1s

So we did this ridiculous podcast with 5 guests.  We laughed, we cried, we talked dirty.  SOMEONE wasn't paying attention and played music over all the talking and didn't realize it until Monday.  So SOMEONE had to come backand do a new show for you all on his lonesome.  But Dave means well.  That's why we keep him.  That and he's the only one willing to clone his own willy for the show.  So Dave talks about some Weinergate, but he mostly plays music and comedy bits for the hour.  Sit back and listen to some great stuff!


Ray Manzarek and Roy Rogers - Kick

Alma Afrobeat Ensemble - Own World

Booker T. Jones - Down In Memphis

Shawn Pittman - Scent Of Your Benjamins

Mary Jane Hooper - I've Got What You Need

The Routes - I'm Spent

Sloan - She's Slowing Down Again

Chad VanGaalen - Peace On The Rise

Eliza Gilkyson - Looking For A Place

Blind Boys Of Alabama - The Last Mile Along The Way

Ebo Taylor - Ohye Atar Gyan

Steve Miller Band - No More Doggin'

This Show Is So Gay - May 29, 2011

2011-05-29 Length: 1s

We start the show with our tribute to Gil Scott-Heron who passed away this week.  Then we tear it up with our old friend Kimmie and her pie (still warm we assume) and Mark (who doesn't have pie, but admits that he likes pie).  A Stuart Bedasso exclusive:  Kimmie officially joins the other team.  Mothers, hide your daughters!  You legal daughters, anyway.  Melyssa and Kimmie dig the Pizza Guy.  Dave has to get him on the show.  Dave has jury doody.  Don't you just love Mark's Australian accent?  Another great show!


Gil Scott-Heron - Work For Peace

Hollywood Sinners - That's All She Wrote

Lattimore Brown - Shake And Vibrate

Eli "Paperboy" Reed and The True Loves - I'll Roll With You

Po' Girl - Bleak St.

Juliette's Tasty Melons - May 22, 2011

2011-05-22 Length: 1s

Juliette joins us for another great show and she's bringing some music and her melons.  Seriously.  Dave gets some Amish Whoopie and McGruff has nothing on Melyssa.  She's like Barnaby Jones.  Dickoff Studio will soon have its own forest.  Dave's going to jury duty - details coming next week.  Every day is Judgement Day for The Stuart Bedasso Show!


Lovage - Stroker Ace

Muddy Waters - Mad Love

The Routes - A Love Like Mine

Hopie Spitshard - Missin The Bus

Club Penis - May 15, 2011

2011-05-15 Length: 1s

Heidi's back and we've got her!  Make sure you come to the opening of her new bar called Club Penis.  More talk about the Derby.  We have an in depth discussion about sex injuries and Melyssa gets a methol cooch.  Another great show!


Terry Jacks - Put The Bone In

John Mayall - Emergency Boogie

The Woodshed Orchestra - Geddy Lee

Wanda Jackson - Busted

Sex With Animals - May 8, 2011

2011-05-09 Length: 1s

Our special guest, Dr. Jan Brady (not her real name), tells us about a study done that checks cancer rates among Brazillians who have sex with animals.  Don't believe it?  Here's the link.  We do a quick roundabout about Osama Bin Laden.  Dave goes to Washington again...and gets arrested.  The down and dirty story is all here.  Then we talk about family recipes.  A great show!


Various Artists - Together Hawaii

Chris Ruest - You Suck

Wanda Jackson - Teach Me Tonight

Sloan - Laying So Low

A Pony And A Blow Job - May 1, 2011

2011-05-01 Length: 1s

A warm and hardy welcome to our new friend, Heidi.  Heidi sets a new Stuart Bedasso record as we talk about anal within the first 23 seconds of the show.  Oh, and if you enjoy eating at Chili's, you may want to skip that part.  It will never be the same again.  Hockey fans: TSBS gives your favorite players new things to do with the Stanley Cup.  We all love single moms!  Some more than others, if you know what I'm sayin.  Dave says Hello to a new listener and gives some friendly stalker advice.  Everyone go friend Heidi!


Jade Maze - Poverty

Little Mack Simmons - Inflation Blues

Josh White - I Know How To Do It

Fabiene Delsol - That's The Way You Do It

Passion Of The Mimes - April 24, 2011

2011-04-25 Length: 1s

Another crazy show, with our old friends Nina and Juliette.  We even have a crowd at Dickoff Studio!  Dave didn't get his pillow fight and was made to stand up for Hootie and the Blowfish, but he survived the show unscathed...generally.  We apologize to everyone out there with ricketts.  Who knew?  Nina's going away for a while [post show note: but Dave's gonnna hook her up].  More Dickoff Studio tales and once again we dissect Zombie Jesus Day.  Enjoy!


Billy Joe Shaver - When The Word Was Thunderbird

Geoff Berner - Laughing Jackie The Pimp

Orchester Frank Pleyer - Knock Out

Les Breastfeeders - Chaison Pour Desinee

Girl Hand Job - April 17, 2011

2011-04-17 Length: 1s

The Stuart Bedasso Show is going through some changes.  Looks like we're gonna have to have that "talk".  What do you call a hand job for a girl?  We delve into that vexing social problem on this episode of TSBS.  Dave can't recycle because his landlord is a douchebag.  Someone gets walked in on during sex.  There's yet another political campaign on the horizon.  Go figure.


Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon - Atomic Power

Leny Andrade - Tema Feliz

Eero Koivistoinen Music Society - 7 Up

Ronnie McNeir - Girls You're Gonna Lose Your Groove

Restaurant Staff After Hours - April 10, 2011

2011-04-10 Length: 1s

Ed's got a new job, so we get to hear all about those steamy, behind-the-scene moments at your favorite restaurant.  Dave tries to find a solution to his latest sexual problem - with no help from the crew.  Mothers hide your sons...and daughters...and cousins...and mail carriers.  Melyssa's on the loose!  Eddie Izzard is our hero, but he bombs on the Tom Tom.  Stay away!


Robbie Robertson - How To Become Clairvoyant

Damn Sam The Miracle Man and the Soul Congregation - Damn Sam The Miracle Man

Don't Overtrim Your Pubes - April 3, 2011

2011-04-03 Length: 1s

This week's show is like one big public service message.  First we talk about your Mom.  Then we teach you how to trim your pubes.  Then we teach you how to deal with a loved one who doesn't trim.  An update on Dickoff week is the first show.  Our community baseball team gives political contributions to candidates who have nothing to do with the team.  Go figure.  We also wrap up Dave's latest campaign adventure and we find out what's next. 


The Baseball Project - Ichiro Goes To The Moon

Stess The Emcee - Keep It Thoro

No Gold - WeirdWeek

Gina Sicilia - Members Only

Dogs In Trees - March 27, 2011

2011-03-27 Length: 1s

Dave's back out on the campaign trail and this time he sees dogs in trees.  Literally.  He's also labelled a racist.  You be the judge.  Melyssa gets a present.  A razor.  What will she use it on?  The jury is out on Edward's Mom.  You be the judge.  We haven't had so many 'yer mom' jokes since the Keziah days. 


Curt Yagi and The People Standing Behind Me - Sweep Me

The Krinkles - Dirty Girl (Henry Demo)

Benny Bell - Shaving Cream

Zombie Strippers - March 20, 2011

2011-03-20 Length: 1s

Melyssa and Edward sit down to a nice, wholesome motion picture...called Zombie Strippers.  Enjoy it with the whole family.  The latest update on Dickoff Studio.  It's coming people, it's coming.  (No pun intended)  There's soon to be a new Babeland review.  Stay tuned.  And we talk some local politics as it's almost time for a local election.  Do you think Dave's involved?  Duh.


Nu Braz - Zuera

Deep Throat Soundrtack - Deeper And Deeper

Amish Actress - March 13, 2011


Ladies and Gentlemen, Julius Erving, gynocologist.  Who knew that Dr. J was Melyssa's gynocologist?  Not us.  Melyssa also does a PSA for everyone with girl parts, or who knows someone that has them.  Dave has a problem with incest - he can't get enough of it.  Edward discusses his favorite holiday, St. Patrick's Day.  We out actress, Susan Gibney as Amish.  We hope it doesn't typecast her.


The Upsetters - Not Guilty

Faith No More - Let's Lynch The Landlord

God's Tornado - March 6, 2011

2011-03-08 Length: 1s

We diss dumbasses who equate natural distasters with "god's will".  Melyssa's on Twitter.  You know you want to follow her.  Merchmyworld, bitches.  We bring back Dave's Used Panty Emporium.  And how about sex with kids.  No, not having sex with kids.  Having sex with kids in the house.  No, not in the room.  Oh, just listen to the damn podcast!  And a hearty welcome to our new sponsor: Randy's Smut Shack!


Henry Moore - Sock It To Me

JP, Chrissy and The Fairground Boys - Never Drink Again

Vince Hawkins and Company Slave - The Gods Made Love

Melyssa's Lost Panties - February 27, 2011

2011-02-27 Length: 1s

Dave gets a new apartment, but it comes with some baggage.  Literally.  Melyssa "lost" many a panty.  Are you one of the lucky ones?  Ed loves the movie Black Swan.  I think he may marry it.  We try to talk about revolution in the Middle East, but Dave keeps hogging the show.  We also validate Dave's feelings.  What a diva.

Don't forget to support


Latin Alliance - Lowrider

Big Jack Johnson - I'm Gonna Give Up Disco

The Bishops - I Want Candy

Martha's Trouble - Love Revolution

Making Sausage - February 20, 2011

2011-02-20 Length: 1s

A weird show this week...but in a good way.  Dave just made Bernardo's list.  Not good.  We also have an audio guide to Making Love To Melyssa.  Not for the faint of heart.  Want to see Dave in a porn?  You must like to watch sausage being made.  Ed brings an unscripted, unrehearsed review of The Old Toad.  I don't think he's a paid spokesperson.  Hey Rochester, get your vote on!


The Eliminators - Taking Love and Making Love

The Pipettes - Sex

The Dollyrots - Because I'm Awesome

Airto Fogo - Jungle Bird

Get Your Female Orgasms Here - February 13, 2011

2011-02-13 Length: 1s

The show starts out with a mystery.  A story of intrigue and plot twists.  Actually, Ed got pulled over by the cops and Dave was in a bar drinking and saw the whole thing.  Which brings us to the police.  No, not the band with Sting.  Then it's another porn review!  Not just any porn review but Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to Female Orgasms.  Interesting takes all around.  Make sure you come back to for our written review.  And Ed and Melyssa help Dave find an apartment.


New Mythologies - Days Along The Trees

Pink Panther Punk - Punk Pink Panther Theme

Donnie Jacobs - Finance Man

Super Bowl Junk - February 6, 2011

2011-02-06 Length: 59s

Part 2 of our Fourth Anniversary Celebration!  Nina & Juliette are still with us but we have a special treat for you...a new Keziah's Korner!  Yes, from the caves of Colorado, Keziah joins us to once again shout Death to America and updates us on how she's doing.  We talk about the Super Bowl that as of the recording of this, has not been played yet.  What nasty name do YOU want to be called in bed?  And what's nastier than a hobo's taint?  That's rhetorical.  Don't tell us.

Don't forget to visit for all your literary needs.  Do it!  Now!


Paul Black - Who's In My House

The Simkin Project - Check Yourself

Those Filthy Lutherans - January 30, 2011

2011-01-30 Length: 1s

It's our Fourth Anniversary!  Nina Alvarez and Julliette Pellegrino join us and one podcast couldn't contain us.  So this week is Part 1 of our show.  The thrilling conclusion will be aired next week.  There were rumors that an orgy was going to break out during the show, but the pizza guy never showed up. What would YOU like to be called in bed?  Julliette disses drummers while Nina becomes a rock and roll star.

[Shameless plug]  For all your editing, ghost writing and bliss obtaining needs, contact Nina Alvarez at  Tell Nina that Stuart sent you and you'll get 10% extra bliss.


Storm Large - 8 Miles Wide

Plunt - Boner

Op Critical - Freakin Frackin

Leola Manning - Satan Is Busy In Knoxville

Rainer and Das Combo - That's How Things Get Done

Nutkick Sunday - January 23, 2011

2011-01-22 Length: 1s

There's a lot of good news and bad news on this week's show.  Breakups, firings, porn, anniversaries and special guests.  You decide which is the good and which is the bad.  Edward tells stories about nutkicking a marine, his allergy to anything from the ocean and his unusual take on the porn.  Great new music from our friend Deborah Magone, too.  Check it out.


Deborah Magone - It's All About The Money

Sad Daddy - Mama Don't Cook It

Barnes and Barnes - Touch Yourself

The Young Lovers - The Black Queen's Beads

Radio Talk With Edward - January 16, 2011

2011-01-16 Length: 1s

Edward Konecny cements his role on the show.  We talk radio with Edward & Dave.   Beer is a four-letter word has 4 letters and we love it.  Dave goes internet postal on a bad citizen.  Edward's movie project is called Happy Birthday, Karl.  Ask for it by name.  Melyssa tries to inflict Edward on friends of Stuart's.  I know you didn't!


Leonids - Human Cyclops Beetle

The Draytons Two - Roe Boat

Roy Smeck - Shuffle Off To Buffalo

The Psychedelic Aliens - We're Laughing

Deer Taint Soup - January 9, 2011

2011-01-09 Length: 1s

Edward, our special guest rocks the house!  DIY Clone-A-Willies, Boomerang Cocks and Melissa may join the broadcasting field.  Military History Humor brings down the house.  We talk about the shooting in Arizona, but we focus on the media coverage.  Stuart's joke is a hoot!  There's the funny, the serious and the music!  A great show!


Barry Cuda And The Sharks - Take It Like A Man

CW Colt - I'm A Lonely Coconut

Molestache - January 2, 2011

2011-01-02 Length: 1s

Happy New Year!  We bring in the new year with a special guest.  We talk about Larry Flynt's Tweets, Duke Galaxy and the Pipeliners and some people who don't get New Year's resolutions.  Dr. Gayship is bringing back the Ego.  We also get serious with the lingustics.  Who can use the word "gay"?  Stuart has a "molestache!"


Plum- Let Them Say

Furry Lewis - Worried Blues

Tex Williams - Smoke, Smoke, Smoke

Brown Chicken Brown Cow - Crazy Feet

Dave Gets A Jack Sock - December 26, 2010

2010-12-26 Length: 1s

Melyssa and Dave give a post-holiday wrap up.  We wish we could shove your figgy pudding and start our own holiday in August.  And we may just do that.  Melyssa gives Dave a jack sock for Christmas.  Don't know why, but it sure is funny.  Melyssa buys her own gift and it's for her glorious ass.  Dave goes political for a mini-rant about The Man, who doesn't realize he/she is The Man.


Aloe Blacc - Politician

Jason Heath and the Greedy Souls - Anarchist Girl

Carrie Cleveland - Make Love To Me

Zora Young - Daughter Of A Son-Of-A-Gun


I Wanna Have Sex Again - December 19, 2010

2010-12-19 Length: 1s

This week, Gerry sits in with the gang.  We talk about Amazon's douchey move and why we dropped them like the scumbags that they are.  We also discussed the pros and cons of the Twitter.  Hurry up and book your satanic goat slayings at The 'Y'!  There's nothing like a game of Strip Risk to kill 17 hours of your life.  Mandatory: Sex before meetings.


Robert Randolph and the Family Band - I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier Mama

Mike Zito - Superman

Jasper and the Prodigal Suns - People Get Ready

The Moaners - Barbarian In China

Kimmie's Warm Pie - December 5, 2010

2010-12-05 Length: 1s

This week we have a visit from old and new friends.  Jenna joins us, along with Kimmie, Goddess of the Pie.  We taste her warm pie and discuss different ways of preparing and eating pie.  Then we move along to pepperoni and how to chew on the stick.  It's the shopping season, so you can watch The Story of Stuff or go to Crap-Mart and buy a bunch of cheap crap.  And welcome to the Left of Center Theater Variety Show.


Imelda May - Johnny Got A Boom Boom

Tony Joe White - Lustful Earl and The Married Woman

Jasper and the Prodigal Suns - Tough Guy

The Upsetters - Not Guilty

Curse of the Drunkards Part 2 - November 28, 2010

2010-11-28 Length: 1s

Oh no, we weren't done with Bryan and Adam from Keglines.  We talk about more beer, of course, but also talk about Bryan's new career as a homeowner as well as his foray into the wide world of Roller Derby.  We find out that Adam makes a bad gay, but you probably already knew that.  There's no porn like 70's porn.


CW McCall - Convoy

Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women - California Burning

Wonderlick - The King of Bad Decisions

Curse of the Drunkards Part 1 - November 21, 2010

2010-11-21 Length: 56s

Adam and Bryan from Keglines are back and we get so into the frolicking that we ended up doing two hours worth of show.  Part one is this week and the thrilling conclusion will be up next.  It's the first time we've talked to them after Rock The Rickets so we have a lot of catching up to do.  We sample some great beer from Wolaver, Sierra Nevada, Rohrbach's, and Goose Island.  Adam screws up little kids, while Bryan doesn't interact with humans.  Dave's not an internet predator, honest.  Bryan's and Adam's love affair takes an ugly turn.  We welcome the appearance of Corner Boy!  We discuss blumpkins and Bryan's porn habit.


Kanekoa - Morning Sun

Victoria Vox - Shake It Up

Kill Henry Sugar - Johnny Appleseed

Tim Robbins and The Rogues Gallery - Toledo Girl

Ace Frehley Death Watch - November 14, 2010

2010-11-14 Length: 1s

Dave has come across a lot of things on the internet, including the Bible.  Melyssa gives fashion tips in a time machine; thank god for yearbooks.  A shout out for the Breast Cancer Coalition pf Rochester!  OK, Ace Frehley probably didn't die, but wouldn't it be creepy if he had?  What are YOUR Thanksgiving plans?


Al Tuck - Brother From Another Mother

B.A. Johnston - Hot Nerd

Steve Lukather - Flash In The Pan

Dave Alvin and the Gulity Women - Weight of the World

Gay Protest Vote - November 7, 2010

2010-11-07 Length: 1s

Melyssa and Dave dissect the recent election and the fallout.  Keith Olbermann, we hardly knew ye.  The new voting machines were OK, hopefully every vote was counted.  Someone decides to protest a lack of gay rights by not voting.  Kind of like protesting rape by cutting off your dick.  We also reference the crazy-awesome Tim Wise essay on the elections...check it out.


Fistful of Mercy - Things Go Round

Tim Robbins and the Rogues Gallery Band - You're My Dare

Kenny Neal - Blind, Crippled or Crazy


Biker Bar Fandango - October 24, 2010

2010-10-24 Length: 1s

We roll out the old gear this week and the show is sounding awesome!  Some new music and new stories by the whole gang.  Melyssa's dealing with the family Archie Bunker.  Jenna's playing biker bars now.  Dave gets all political on you.  The Rent's 2 Damn High?  Howie Hawkins for Governor, MFers!  And Stuart tells a joke.


The Moaners - Bartender's Lament

Kill Henry Sugar - Spinning World

Jesus In My Pants - October 17, 2010

2010-10-17 Length: 1s

Special guest, Nick "Rags" Redanty, is with us on this week's show.  Check out his art at Art By Rags on the Facebook.  We talk about art, moustache rides and paranormal chicks.  Solomon Burke once made Jenna moist.  Someone puts Jesus in Dave's pants.  Our new sponsors battle it out.  


Solomon Burke and De Dijk - Don't Despair

Ethan Lipton and his Orchestra - People and Cats

Elvis Costello - The Spell You Cast


Pot Damaged Eggs - October 10, 2010

2010-10-10 Length: 1s

Another great show!  We have a special guest; Lee Bender is with us to discuss the Make Schools Safe campaign to help LGBT students.  Go write you a letter!  Dave starts the show with what Melyssa thinks is one of the all-time rants.  If you listen to any of the show, listen to this.  Dave also has to sit through a video on mary jane...yes...marijuana, that's from the 70's.  And don't forget to check out Transgustatory.


Robert Plant - You Can't Buy My Love

Ronnie Wood - Catch You


Butternuts The Stripper - October 3, 2010

2010-10-03 Length: 1s

Make sure you get to see the YouTube Video from Rock The Rickets!  You'll have a spanking good time.  We discuss the Tyler Clementi suicide and gay high school groups.  Dave is getting a second job as a stripper.  You will now refer to him as Butternuts.  Livonia is so gay.  No, really.  Everyone in Livonia is gay.  Just ask Melyssa.  Dave hobnobs with Washington's best. 


Head Roc - Black Babies (radio edit)

Adam Mowery - Calm Down Miss Cherry Hand

Harmonica Slim and Hosea Leavy - Cold Tacos and Warm Beer

Paul Wynn - Shaving Cream

The Kevin McCracken Show - September 26, 2010

2010-09-26 Length: 1s

It's the day after Rock The Rickets!  A vigantic success.  We recap all the action including the spankings, the music, the raffle and more.  Huge, wet smooches to everyone who participated.  We're thinking about making this an yearly thing...if we can find a charity that will take our dildo money.  Dave's new dietary addition has everyone  We also have a guest on this week's show - Captain Underpants aka Kevin McCracken.  Another highlight of Dave's recent trip to Washington.


The Saffron Sect - Phosphorous Flash

Elvin Bishop - Neighbor Neighbor

Old People Orgasms - September 19, 2010

2010-09-12 Length: 1s

It's the last show before Rock The Rickets!  I know we'll see you there!  Jenna and Dave go to a Black Wedding.  No, Billy Idol wasn't there.  There's a birth control dilemma in the house.  Jenna's going to take on The Man.  Melyssa's orgasms get better with age.  We don't know what she's talking about. 


Louis Armstrong - Now You Has Jazz

Ed Cox - Arabian Raves

Lord Of All Fevers And Plagues - Aspergers Girl

J-Dub In The House - September 12, 2010

2010-09-12 Length: 1s

That's right.  J-Dub is in the M-Fing house!  We give an update on Rock The Rickets that will excite and titilate.  Halloween plans are in the works, my friend.  Then there's crazy ass Phil Davison.  Racism...communism...what's the difference.    Jenna and Dave take part in the local Labor Day Parade and chaos ensues. And Dave and Jenna snowball on the show.  You gotta listen to get it. 


Little Al Thomas - I'm Gonna Buy Me A Politician

Sister Speak at The Fauxgerty Estate - September 5, 2010

2010-09-05 Length: 57s

This week's show take's place at a private party somewhere in the Southwedge in Rochester, NY.  The second half of the show features special guest, Sister Speak doing a great acoustic set.  By all means check out their website ( and give them some love!  Special thanks to Laura and Lee for inviting us and to the great audience who contributed to the show.

Oh, and we talk about orgasms.  Of course.

iPhone bonus content: a bonus song from Sister Speak!

Jenna's Crotchless Panties - August 29, 2010

2010-08-30 Length: 1s

It's a rock-n-roll life that Jenna leads, complete with crotchless panties and Facebook friend requests left unanswered.  Dave spends his weekend covered in bees.  Melyssa returns to the eighties and to her man, Jake Ryan.  Jenna's Grandma story will have you in tears.  You know what a bass is, don't you?  Can you say that?  Don't?  Sure you can.  We keep talking about Rock the Rickets!  There's more details to check out!

iPhone users: don't forget about the bonus content you get with your Stuart Bedasso iPhone app.


Dearly Beloved - When Slow Is The New Fast

Sonia And Disappear Fear - Don't Waste My Crime

The Green Hour Band - You May Descend

Albert Castiglia - Cadillac Assembly Line


Who Wants A Drumkin? - August 22, 2010

2010-08-22 Length: 1s

Drumkin (n): The act of receiving oral sex while performing air drums.  Who wants one?  Dave also finds out a little more about his girlfriend than he was expecting.  Someone's been a naughty girl.  Melyssa finally comes out as the huffer we all knew her to be.  She also hob nobs with the fashionistas in the big city.  What kind of lunch box did you have?  Jenna drinks and it's cute.  We have a name for our benefit:  Rock The Rickets!

Bonus Content:  Melyssa's offspring riffs a bit about Gay Eskimos and Jenna puts her microphone in a special place.  Want to hear the BC?  You need the iPhone app.


The Bastard Fairies - Tool For Your Love

Harper - What Are You Gonna Do

The Gaylords - Pansy

Elsa Lanchester - Rat Catcher's Daughter

Clamato And Waffles - August 15, 2010

2010-08-15 Length: 1s

Jenna's running the show this week as Dave just plays DJ and Melyssa's in NYC with all the fashionistas.  Jenna sings and cries at a wedding, while taking everyone else with her.  She also meets a boatload of interesting people along the way.  Dave helps out some striking workers at the Mott's plant in Williamson, NY and you should too.  Go to to help.  Waffles from a truck give Jenna the hots, so dig her new man at  You can have an Stuart Bedasso iPhone app!  Get bonus material from the show, starting with this one.  Go to


Dr. John And The Lower 911 - Them

Blind Boy Fuller - What's That Smells Like Fish

Rod McKuen - Bearded Ladies

Pinetop Perkins and Willie 'Big Eyes' Smith - Cut That Out

Tad Robinson - You Name It I've Had It

How To Pee Outside - August 8, 2010

2010-08-09 Length: 1s

The gang's all here!  Jenna tells us about her camping trip.  Ladies, if you want to know how to pee outside, here's your primer.  Another summer, another Park Avenue Festival.  Dave has a little something for all the suburbanites who slum at the Fest as well as for the Festival facists...I mean organizers.  Melyssa rants a little as well, but someone things she's a call girl.  No, not a cowgirl, a call girl.  Jenna lets us in on her singing secrets.  And the big news: A Stuart Bedasso Benefit Party, Saturday, September 25th at Joey's in Rochester.  Listen for details!!!  It's gonna be the party you always wish you threw!


Los Lobos - On Main Street

Lee Ritenour - Give Me One Reason

Jasiri X -  Just A Minstrel

Ash Grumwald - Hot Mama

Dr. John and the Lower 911 - Only In Amerika

Follow Nina's Bliss - August 1, 2010

2010-08-01 Length: 1s

Part Two of our show with special guests Nina Alvarez and Juliette Whiting.  Nina advises us to follow our bliss.  Hello Stuart!  What a shock, we also start talking about vibrators.  What's it like to work for yourself?  We talk about that.  Ghostwriter?  I hardly know her.  Dave talks about new job and Juliette works for The Man. The things we do for healthcare.  Thanks for stopping by Juliette and Nina!


Andre Williams - Jail Bait

Walter Trout - Hudson Had Help

Mulatu Astatke - Green Africa

The Delmonas - Keep Your Big Mouth Shut

Plants and Animals - Jeans, Jeans, Jeans

Juliette's Got The Sauce - July 25, 2010

2010-07-25 Length: 1s

It's crazy town this week.  So much show we did two hours.  This is part one.  Special guests Nina Alvarez and Juliette Whiting tear it up.  Juliette knows her sauce.  She also dated our new meteorologist, Jive Nacho - and she outs him!  Nina was a student of Dave's back in the day so their sexual banter isn't too creepy.  Rochester is supposed to be one of the friendliest cities, wanna know which city is the least friendly?  Dave shows us how easy it is to get involved in politics by getting petition signatures on the show. 


The Yo-Yo's - The Mole In The Hole

Elk City - Jerks On Ice

Lizzy Parks - Take Care

Mojo Nixon - You Gotta Be Insane To Fly In Small Private Planes

Amazonics - I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend

Clone-A-Willy Reivew - July 18, 2010

2010-07-19 Length: 1s

Yep, we finally did it.  We cloned Dave's junk courtesy of Babeland.  Dave and Jenna talk all about ithe Clone-A-Willy; how they did it, who did what to whom and how they feel about the experience.  Get ready, as the written review will be posted soon.  Check the website.  Dave has a new job, Jenna's going to be in a Rock Opera and Melyssa entices us with LARPing Orgies.  Don't forget your weather forcast from our new meteorologist, Jive Nacho.  Another great show from the gang.


The Girls - I Live Next Door To You

The Moaners - Humid Air

Cyndi Lauper - Early In The Morning

Derek Trucks Band - Get What You Deserve

Bethesda - Puzzles

Girls! Girls! Derby Girls! - July 11, 2010

2010-07-11 Length: 1s

The crew went to watch Roc City Roller Derby and ended up doing this week's show right from the afterparty at Sully's Pub.  No music, but a lot of crazy Roller Derby Queens in various states of sobriety and intoxication.  (Go to the website for pictures:  We get the lowdown on how the team got started, who has orgies in her garage, who can fix your transmission and more!  Melyssa has the best orgasm of her life.  No, not on the show, perv. Ever have pins and needles in your vag?

Roc City Skaters:

Flyin Hawaiian

So LaLa Fah-Qu

Resident Eva

Ziggy (Eat My) Stardust

Queen Kickoria

Synthetic Delsuion

Asa Clubs



Colleen's Sexy Yoga - July 4, 2010

2010-07-05 Length: 1s

This week we do the show from the home of St. Fortune Productions in Rochester, NY.  We podcasted during their First Friday Rummage Sale, which included some noisy improv in the background.  But some great special guests join us including our host Dan.  Our old friend Gina isn't too high on Dave's junk (which Jenna brought up, by the way).  The lovely and talented Colleen brings us description of some sexy yoga - and she's single, boys!  Then Juniper sits in an lets us know about the Female Rape Condom.  Yeowsa!  Great friends, great conversation on this week's show!


Catfight - Syphillis

Seasick Steve - Happy To Have A Job

Mojo Nixon - Burn Down The Malls

Dog Police - Are You Middle Class Enough?

Beer Goggles For Chicks - June 27, 2010

2010-06-27 Length: 1s

Adam from Keglines is back on the show.  This week we take a look at...or a taste of, Horseheads Brewery in Horseheads, NY.  Good beer.  Check it out.  (and they don't even know we're talking about them)  Dave is stalking Bryan and he doesn't even know it.  Melyssa goes camping.  Well, sort of camping.  Do women get beer goggles?  Adam teaches sex ed in a time warp.  And for all you listeners who fast forward past the music, here's your wet dream: no music this week.  Join us on the porch for a tasty show.

Don't Let The Media Fool Ya - June 20, 2010

2010-06-20 Length: 58s

This week it's just you and Dave and you know what that means.  That's right, a musical extravaganza.  Sit back and relax as you're taken away on an aural odyssey.  Just listen to the freakin music, OK?  We get into a little bit of politics - we're taking back the words 'change' and 'hope' from those charlatans.  And don't let the corporate media tell you whom to get mad at.  That BP wanker doesn't matter.


The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - Another Bottle

Super Chikan - Bad Ass Bass

FM - Power

Algia Mae Hinton - When You Kill The Chicken Save Me The Head

The Easybeats - I'll Make You Happy

Kool And The Gang - Chocolate Buttermilk

United Rythms of Brazil - The KKK Took My Baby Away

The Lolitas - Not Fade Away

The Dead Hensons - I Want A Monster To Be My Friend

Josh Mease - Days Like This

Picksiebner - Drvena Bacva

Scatman Crothers - What's A Nice Kid Like You Doing In A Place Like This?

Cumbias En Moog - Cumbia Del Sal

Cockblocked By Cancer - June 13, 2010

2010-06-12 Length: 1s

Melyssa, Jenna and Dave tear it up once again.  Gerry, his pink shirt and way too many margaritas make a guest appearence.  We review Female Condoms from Babeland.  Don't worry, Jenna's a trained professional.  Melyssa gets cockblocked by cancer - not hers.  Dave's invented granny panties for men.  The Granny Manties!  Melyssa's one year older so we celebrate with beer.  You should too.


Sharon Jones And The Dap Kings - Better Things To Do

Katie Melua - God On Drums Devil On Bass

The Dictators - I Am Right

Arthur Nasson - Don't Be A Douche Bag

Entertain, Titillate and Motivate - June 6, 2010

2010-06-07 Length: 1s

The Stuart Bedasso Show...we're here to Entertain, Titillate and Motivate!  We bring out the soapbox for a bit and touch on BP, vandalism, Israel and local politics.  Dave's back in the political saddle so get ready.  We have an idea to save the Post Office - bring back the chain letter!  But Jenna gives it a kinky twist.  Don't miss it.  We go to the Greek fest and chaos ensues.  Pedophile vinyl and teabagging teabaggers.


Rory Erickson - Goodbye Sweet Dreams

Peter Frampton - Solution

Joan Armatrading - Goddess Of Change

Trombone Shorty - Right To Complain


Marijuana Seed Bomb - May 30, 2010

2010-05-30 Length: 1s

You supply the band, we'll supply the band name.  Marijuana Seed Bomb, opening for Vomit Attack!  It was a lovely family party, until someone threw the lighter in the fire.  A busking review.  Geek Night strikes again.  The next party of three make it to heaven.  Gary Coleman, Dennis Hopper and...Art Linkletter?  Dave may have revealed a little too much information here, Dude.


Johnny Lang - Bump In The Road

DJ Spooky and Chuck D - By The Time I Get To Arizona

Jim Kerr AKA Lostboy - She Fell In Love With Silence

Willie Nelson - Pistol Packin Mama

Peter Wolf - I Don't Wanna Know

Plastic Surgery - May 23, 2010

2010-05-23 Length: 1s

Melyssa and Dave talk about plastic surgery.  Who's had it, for better or worse.  We also talk about a friend in the "biz" who is thinking about getting some.  We get our monthly Anna Update. She's doing fine, folks. We finally help Haiti out by playing Sonia Bettencourt's new tune.  Get it and help Haiti.  Will Dave get sucked back into the political scene?  Tune in and find out. 


Sonia Bettencourt - Make A Stand

Galactic - Boe Money

The Bastard Fairies - Dirty Sexy Kill Kill

The Moog - Make Me Happy

Neil Nathan - When The Rain Falls

Son Of Bazerk - I Swear On A Stack Of Old Hits


Real Sex, Real Scott Baio - May 16, 2010

2010-05-16 Length: 1s

We think Jenna's stalking Melyssa.  As of right now, it's just a theory.  We play nothing but music from celebrities who aren't known for making music - some for good reason.  We discuss the sad writing on the SNL with Betty White.  Ooh, an old lady making penis and vagina jokes for 90 minutes.  Nice job.  And speaking of douchebags, here is right-wing tool, Scott Baio.  Hey Chachi, no one cares about your reactionary take on things.  Lose the twitter and go home.  We discuss the difference between Porn Sex and Real Sex.  Which do you prefer?


Mr. T (sort of) - Mr. T, Mr. T (He was made for love)

Scott Baio - Half The World Is Making Love Tonight

Laurance Hilton Jacobs - Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter - Blues In The Night


Let's Go To The Cat Show - May 9, 2010

2010-05-09 Length: 1s

Dave goes to the cat show.  Was it under duress?  You make the call.  We also review the book Why Don't Students Like School? by Daniel Willingham.  If you're an educator it's a good read.  Dig it.  The thrilling conclusion to Melyssa's weight challenge at work.  Once again, the cops are out harassing the working man.  Boooooo!


David Byrne and Fatboy Slim - Men Will Do Anything

Jeff Beck - Lilac Wine

Ethan Lipton and his Orchestra - I'm Sorry

Lunch Lady Show - May 2, 2010

2010-05-02 Length: 1s

Jenna Weintraub, from Krypton 88, joins us again.  This time we're on the front porch sipping "lemonade" and talking junk.  Jenna has some amazing gigs coming up so make sure you go check her out.  Melyssa reviews the book Free For All: Fixing School Food in America.  Thumbs up, folks and the written review will be at soon.  We also celebrate Beltane again and take the occassional penis break.  The music on this show is awesome so don't skip it!


Chuck D - Tear Down That Wall

Brown Chicken Brown Cow - Shine A Light

Ethan Lipton - You Were Right + It's OK

Robyn Hitchcock - Halo Mary

Roc City Roller Derby - April 25, 2010

2010-04-25 Length: 1s

It's all about the Roller Derby this week!  Roc City Roller Derby!  Charlene Blankenship and SoLaLa Fah-Qu join us on the show to talk about the game, how it's run in Rochester and dishes a little dirt on the Roc City family.  Dave and Melyssa get Roller Derby names...and no, Dave's is not Rusty Skates.  It's Dave and three chicks, so of course we get to hear about Dave's history with tampons.  Roc City Roller Derby on The Stuart Bedasso Show!

[Check out Roc City Roller Derby at]


Jim Croce - Roller Derby Queen

Stark - End Of The Line

Ike and Tina Turner - Bold Soul Sister

Laura Marling - Devil's Spoke

Becky From Empire Labs - April 18, 2010

2010-04-18 Length: 1s

The majority of this week's show consists of our phone interview with Becky from Empire Labs.  She sent us a treasure chest of goodies and we talk about all of them: Clone-A-Willy, Love Shot, The Tongue Vibe and more.  Becky rocks!  Dave did a Love Shot - check out his reaction.  Melyssa introduces her dorky friends to Susan Gibney.  Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like her?

We talked to Becky so long - there's no darn music this week!  But we already have cool new stuff lined up for next week.

On The Road With Mike - April 11, 2010

2010-04-11 Length: 58s

This show takes us on the road - literally.  Dave and Mike are on the road to New Jersey so we spend a little time in the car with them.  We talk a little Tiger Woods, more governments paying their bills with speeding tickets and it's Question and Answer time with Mike.  He would make such a beauty pagent contestant.  Listen and you'll find out why.


Willie Dixon - Spider In My Stew

Squid Vicious - Close To You

Chuck D - Thank Mama For The Soul Sisters

The Dollyrots - Kick Me To The Curb

Tina Schlieske - Ain't That Lovin You

Bama The Village Poet - Welfare Slave

Udokotela Shange Namajaha - Sobamba



Jenna Weintraub, Part 2 - April 4, 2010

2010-04-04 Length: 1s

Jenna Weintraub is back for the second part of her appearance on the show.  This time she's bringing the Saw and Banjo to play us some music.  It's her first solo work in public on the banjo, too.  We also bring back Mike Rodriguez for a rare return to the podcast!  He's having some problems with the census.  Someone needs to help the brother out.  Melyssa's son does a good deed.  Dave is convinced that there's a speeding ticket conspiracy in New York State.  Matzo for everyone on the Stuart Bedasso Show!


Ecomog - Cougar

Jenna Weintraub - Riffing On The Saw (Live)

Psychedelic Shag - Go Back To The Bang

Jenna Weintraub - A F**cking Love Song (Live)

Jenna Weintraub - Old Fashioned Morphine (Live)

Brad And The Badunkadunk - March 28, 2010

2010-03-29 Length: 1s

This week, we feature special guest Jenna Weintraub, chanteuse and sex educator.  We talk about both.  We don't have music from her band yet, but you can check them out at . What should we be teaching our kids about sex?  It's Passover, children!  Oy!  It appears that Dave works with members of the Klan.


The Informants - Crime Scene Queen

Mike Painter and The Family Shakers - El Diablos Smelly Shoes

The Baseball Project - All Future And No Past

Seth Swirsky - Baseball

There's new gear at our store!

Brandon Is Gay - March 21, 2010

2010-03-21 Length: 1s

Melyssa puts Brandon in the closet and Dave outs him.  Empire Labs is our new hero.  If you're not going to buy our stuff, buy theirs.  The Backyard Mongooses should be taken out and shot.  Seriously.  Melyssa's bringing the sexy on date night.  Get out your beach towels, boys.  The great weight loss competition at work heats up.  Dave reviews the book, Contesting Patriotism.  Hear the review on the show or go to the website to see the written, more complete, non-drunk version.


Milton Wright - Get No Lovin' Tonight

Chumbawamba - Dance, Idiot, Dance

Joe Bonamassa - Steal Your Heart Away

The Chieftians ft. Ry Cooder - La Iguana

Rhymes With Nantucket - March 14, 2010

2010-03-14 Length: 1s

We are family!  The clan gets together for a podcast you won't forget.  Nina Alvarez does a phone interview about 4X1 Haiti campaign.  Ten dollars for some amazing poetry and to help kids in Haiti.  Basically, you're a douchebag if you don't get a book.  We also learn what "handling" in postage and handling means.  The Vagina Monologues is finally over.  Dave may never be the same again.  Sex Toy Reviews!  Melyssa and Cousin Jill (a different Jill) review the Lipstick Vibe and Vibrating Panties.  You will NOT be disappointed.  Aunt Marcy puts her two cents in as a good way.


Brenda and the Tabulations - Who's Loving You

Them Crooked Vultures - Caligulove

Venice Gas House Trolley - Brain Cells Are Invisible

The Wet Spots - I'd Like To Come


Go to to buy Nina's book and help Haitian kids!

Bacon Porter And Other Bad Ideas - March 7, 2010

2010-03-07 Length: 1s

Adam and Brian from Keglines are back for another round.  This week, it's all about the Irish or at least that's the intention.  Get three guys and a bunch of beer in the room and there tends to be a lot of distractions.  Dave's new housewarming gift is a big hit.  Make sure you go to to see them.  We play music from the only band that practices in a dildo factory.  Can you figure out which one?  Hint: It rhymes with Bellatest.


Vellarest - Burnside Bender

Gil-Scot Heron - I'm New Here

Too Much Joy - King of Beers

Gang Starr - Beyond Comprehension

The Vagina Show - February 28, 2010

2010-03-01 Length: 1s

This week, Stephanie and Patty from this year's Vagina Monologues joins us to talk about the show, their roles in it and other stuff about the Vag.  Rochester Peeps: don't forget about this year's Vagina Monologues, Saturday, March 13th.  Proceeds go to help the Rochester Rape Crisis Center and to stop rape in the Congo.  Great show for a great cause.  You can get tickets online at  We also get a live update on the Hawaiian Tsunami watch by our own Jill, live via cel phone! Sounds like Jill's had some


Stag Party in London - Rim Ram Roo

Matisse - She Bop

Primus - Wynona's Big Brown Beaver

XTC - Pink Thing

The Wet Spots - Labia Limbo

Ed McMahon - Thank Heaven For Little Girls

The Lovely Anna - February 21, 2010

2010-02-21 Length: 1s

The lovely and talented Anna Cerullo joins us this week and Melyssa just can't stop hitting on her.  It's a crying shame really.  It made Dave very uncomfortable.  (Dave paid me to say that)  Dave's having trouble with his drawers, we comment on losers such as the IRS plane guy, everyone who reports on and cares about Tiger Woods and potential Chuck Schumer opponents...including Dave.  A very good show that will tickle more than just your funnybone.


Ajay Lowery - Cut The Thevin Hands Off The IRS

Curt Yagi - When I Think Of You

Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings - I Learned The Hard Way

Vellarest - Ovaltine

Scarlet Stoic - Until They Know

Ratchet - More

NOTE: Curt Yagi's Nonprofit is at

The Book of Solomon - February 14, 2010

2010-02-14 Length: 1s

Just another typical Stuart Bedasso Valentine's show.  Blasphemy, chocolate vaginas, and live music.  You can't think about romance without thinking Stuart Bedasso.  Solomon Blaylock from The Lobster Quadrille joins us for a rollicking good time.  We talk religion, music and more over a few beers.  And get this - there's an amzaing offer to get a free Lobster Quadrille t-shirt at the end of the show.  Who's your daddy, now?  But wait, there's more!  If you act now, we'll thrown in a bonus 13 minutes of show - FREE!


Gil Scott Heron - Me And The Devil

Devotions - Devil's Gotten Into My Baby

Vanity Blvd - Sweet Saturday Night

Solomon Blaylock - The Unexamined Life (LIVE!)

Nichelle "Uhuru" Nichols - You'd Better Love Me

Bob Harrington - Drinking Drunks

Mojo Nixon - Christians, I Hate Em

Genny Bock and Dumb Dems - February 7, 2010

2010-02-07 Length: 1s

We're back with more beer, featuring Bryan Clutz from Keglines.  This week we bust out the Genny Bock, a local favorite that's only available for a limited time.  Bryan scores us one bottle of Red Stripe Light - not available in the US yet.  Don't tell Homeland Security.  Hey Dems, you may be creaming your jeans over Obama's showing up Repubs, but remember, it's all talk so far.  He still hasn't done anything progressive yet.  An update on Dave's Junk.  He's not going to need a fluffer, he's going to need a pit crew. 


The Village Soul Choir - Rubber Duckie

Redneck Girlfriend - Live Nude Girls

Mare Edstrom - Rollin and Tumblin - Got Mud In My Soul

The Paperbacks - Slow Learners

Dave Needs A Fluffer - January 31, 2010

2010-01-30 Length: 1s

The Stuart Bedasso Show has made the big time!  We're on someone's CD!  And it's the new release by our old friends, Sheedyfrost.  Check it out.  We unveil the newest batch of sex toys to review.  Melyssa's going to recruit someone to review the vibrating panties.  Dave's going to make use the Clone-A-Willy to make a replica of his junk, then we're going to auction it off with the proceeds going to help Haiti.  We're thinking he's going to need a fluffer.  Any takers?  Melyssa has many strengths.  Sexing cats is not one of them.


Sheedyfrost - Hard Day

The Girls - Chico's Girls

Mants - Mants In Your Pants

Chris Clark - Do Right Baby Do Right

Them Crooked Vultures - Dead End Friends

Ballyhoo - The Friend Zone

Scott Brown's A Douchebag - January 24, 2010

2010-01-24 Length: 59s
Scott Brown is a serious douchebag.  With that we talk about patriotism, animal law and more.  All you bastards who would take less liberties for more "security" should be locked up at Guantanamo.  What's the deal with hobos?  Who ARE these people?  You may already know this, but Dave's all about the Vag.  Just sayin'.  If you're in San Diego and need a lawyer, give Jill Ballard a call: 619-793-8626.


Nellie McKay - Mean To Me
Eddie Bo - Gotta Have More
Betty Steeles - Bring Me The Love
Love Helicopters - Love Helicopter
Cody Weathers - Mad About You

Dave's Jew Junk - January 17, 2010

2010-01-16 Length: 1s
Finally!  We do a show with the lovely and talented Suzanne Monroe and it's not messed up.  Live freakin music!  Enjoy!  Melyssa comes to the show pre-loaded, Dave has an awkward gay locker room story and we debate the pros and cons of hairless balls.  There's also a brief review of the Babeland book Moregasm.  Stay tuned to the website for our written remarks. 


Loretta Lynn - The Shoe Goes On The Other Foot Tonight
Suzanne Monroe - Images of Beauty (live)
Tim Furman - Foresaken
Earl Grant - Oh Happy Day
Suzanne Monroe - Wondering Out (live)

Hooray For Beer! - January 10, 2010

2010-01-10 Length: 1s
Special guests, Bryan Clutz and Adam Travis join us to talk about - and drink - beer.  Bryan and Adam write the beer column for our local corporate rag.  While it must have been the beer, they've agreed to be regular guests on the show.  Hooray for beer!  This week, we tasted a couple of beers from the Oskar Blues brewery in Colorado and we tore through the sampler pack from Butternuts Beer and Ale.  Oh, and someone needs to tell Dave that it's a tasting, not guzzling.  We had such a good time with the show, we went 14 minutes over time.  And of course we had...


Ikena Dupont - Let's Drink Beer
Dave Bartholomew - Who Drank My Beer While I Was In The Rear
The Pogues - Beer, Beer, Beer
Mojo Nixon - Beer Ain't Drinkin'
Bowling for Soup - Hooray For Beer
Ballyhoo! - Cerveza
Los Originales De San Juan - Me Gusta Tomar Cerveza

Buffalo Ugly - January 3, 2009

2010-01-03 Length: 59s
Erick busts into the Rochester social scene with the 1st annual Naked Big Wheel Race!  Sign up today.  Babeland sends us their latest sex manual, a review will be coming up soon.  This gets us talking about pregnant sex.  We're all down with it.  Dave offers himself up as a slumpbuster.  Ladies?  You just ain't ugly, you're Buffalo Ugly.  We beat up on Rochester's ugly sister.  And we tip toe around the N-word, but Norma Miller sure doesn't.  Sound familiar?  Tell all your botard friends to listen to the Stuart Bedasso Show!


Miranda Rensch - Lady On The Floor
Eddy Delbridge - Wishful Thinking
UFO Catcher - Get You Dirty
Pink Lady Medley - Donny Osmond, Pink Lady and Pink Lady
The Dukes Of The Stratosphere - What In The World

Introducing Bella - December 27, 2009

2009-12-24 Length: 1s
Melyssa and Erick had to take the show off, so we brought in a sub for them: Dave's rescued cat, Bella.  More beer for Dave, I guess.  A ton of music, but we also talked about health care "reform".  Also, Dave tells a story of how The Man actually did him a solid.  Seriously.


Ike and Tina Turner - I Wanna Jump
Boxer - Hip Kiss
Baby Huey and The Babysitters - Monkey Man
Les Terribles - Pourqui Je Pleure?
Blakroc - On The Vista
Billy Harner - Sally Sayin Something
Intercontinental Playboys - The Erotic Circus of Torment
The Debonaires - Stop, Let's Be United
Sex O'Clock USA - Baby Come On
Crazy Teens - Crazy Date
Disposable Heroes of Hipocracy - Everyday Life Has Become A Health Risk
Durwood Douche - Front Naughty Nocturne

It's A Stuart Bedasso Holiday! - Decebmer 20, 2009

2009-12-20 Length: 59s
We taped the greatest show ever.  Funny, great music, a live musical guest.  Yep.  Sure would have been a great show for you to hear.  Too bad the recording didn't turn out.  So Dave put together a holiday show for you that will make your toes tingle (but it could be the gout).  Don't worry, we'll have our guest back on lickity-split. 


Charo - Donde Esta Santa Claus
Count Floyd - Reggae Christmas Eve in Translyvania
Disco Beat - Sant Claus Is Disco'n To Town
Ed "Kookie" Byrnes - Yulesville
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - Ain't No Chimneys
Captain Sensible - One Christmas Catalog
Lord Nelson - A Party For Santa Claus
Eddie Lawrence - The Merry Old Philosopher
Man or Astroman? - Frosty The Snowman
Victoria Vox - Happy Holidays
The Ravonettes - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Eddie Lawrence - Jaguar 4 Xmas
Louis Armstrong And The Commanders - Zat You, Santa Claus?
El Gran Combo - Asalto Navideno
Celia Cruz - Jingle Bells
Rick Vera and Steve Allen - How Can Santa Come To Puerto Rico

The Ravages of Syphillis - December 13, 2009

2009-12-13 Length: 56s
Due to extraordinary circumstances, Stuart ends up doing the show all by his lonesome.  There's a quick visit from our old pal, Lou Stules as well as a couple of commercials from Dave's old stint at WPUD.  And then it's crazy music all the way.  Enjoy.  Next week:  a special, in studio guest.  You won't believe your ears.


Mutant Press - Pants On Fire
Calliope Musicals- Baby, We're On Our Way
Los Invasores - Destino: Honolulu
Les Terribles - Sauvages Et Candides
Waipot Pesuwan - Miss Chaa
Spacelords - Lit
The Spinners - Itchin For My Baby But I Don't Know Where To Scratch
Tom Waits - Shiny Things
The Soapbox Project - Something That You Do
Rodger Collins - Foxy Girls In Oakland
Jim Henson - Tick Tock Sick
Jolie Holland - Your Big Hands
Fifth Nation - Fate Is Nothing
William Shatner - The Transformed Man
Larry And The Loafers - Let's Go To The Beach

The Smarty Art Podcaster - December 6, 2009

2009-12-05 Length: 1s
Melyssa shows off her arty side.  Dave can't paint a wall.  We could throw up any number of bumper sticker sayings, but the bottom line is, those Senators in New York State who voted against gay marriage are wankers. Elliot Spitzer's comeback?  And all you failed showbiz folks who think podcasts are nice diversions can bite us.  Bite us hard and bite us long.

Get your 2010 Stuart Bedasso Calendar at


Kill Henry Sugar - Yankee Talk
The Barbarians - Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl
Lou Courtney - Hot Butter N All pt. 1
The Ravonettes - Last Dance
The Beat Dolls - Forgive Me

Universal Sign For Balls - November 29, 2009

2009-11-29 Length: 59s
Black Friday came and went, and it was a big gooey mess for Melyssa.  Dave - and maybe Erick - have themselves a pimp to get them dates.  Back again to the story of really bad wedding gifts.  You're welcome.  You may like Wegmans' Olive Bar, but someone needs to send them a fashion memo. 


Mutant Press - Touching Tongues
Scorpio Rising - Get It Up
Chris Beard - Ten Toes Up
Peg Dolan - Home

Obama's Anteater - November 22, 2009

2009-11-22 Length: 1s
The star of today's show is:  Erick!  And what a week he's had.  Loses the girl, yet gains the pussy; went on a cougar hunt, ended up stalking onanistic-pony-tail-guy; AND he's a great uncle.  Dave wished for a race riot and instead just got bad comedy.  Hey kids, stay in school.  That's the only way you can become a Lactation Coordinator.  Trust us.  Erick insists that George Lopez's ass smells of sandalwood.  Who are we to argue. 


Spacelords - A Little Deeper
Joan Osborne - Little Wild One
Fifth Nation - Thanks For The Gametes
The Beat Dolls - You Were Right

Cookies, Pussy and Beer - November 15, 2009

2009-11-15 Length: 1s
Live, in studio, with special guest Steve Gallwey from Chamber 51.  Steve joins the crew to talk about Roller Derby, the bamboo myth and more.  If you need info on Can Jam 2009, you can go to:  Erick's got himself some live-in pussy, we have cookies and beer.  It really doesn't get any better than this.  Melyssa's a part of the Best of Rochester poll.  Find out for what!


Alessandro Mannarino - Me So Mbicato
Grazyna Lobaszewska i Ergo Band - Past The Piles Of Piles
David Bowie - I Dig Everything
Lady Shelly - Welcome

Sex Toy Reviews #3 - November 8, 2009

2009-11-07 Length: 1s
Down with the sexy time.  Two...uh...thumbs up this time.  Dave's got a video on pegging and Melyssa has the two-headed monster.  Melyssa got married last weekend.  Sorry boys, she's off the market.  We look at the Pagans and the scary Creationists.  Erick stopped getting mail.  We do a hard-hitting expose' on sombreros.  Are they Mexican sex toys?  And as a public service, we give you expert advice on beating H1N1.

Read the written reviews at


Dr. Clarke - H1N1 Rap
Julia Nunes - Roles Reversed
Melanie Zipin - My Life Now
The Lobster Quadrille - Honey Babe
Camera Obscura - You Told A Lie

Sexy Time With David Duchovny - November 1, 2009

2009-11-01 Length: 1s
Melyssa's got something going on in her inhaler.  One hit and she's randy for David Duchovny.  It almost spread to the rest of us.  Melyssa and Dave to go a benefit and see a bunch of hair cover bands.  There's not good stuff in what we call our food.  Beaver Anal Glands?  Who decided that was a good idea?  Dave messes up a job interview and one of his students pulls off a Michael Jackson impersonation - complete with crotch grab.


The Yo-Yo's - The Mole In The Hole*
Camera Obscura - My Maudlin Career
Madness - Forever Young
Simone - Love Me Or Leave Me
Melanie Zipin - What Does It Mean

*Warning: this song will never, ever leave your head.  Be prepared.  Go to for video of the song.

Bringing Colored Back - October 25, 2009

2009-10-25 Length: 1s
Live from the Sports Page, it's the Halloween Show!  Pseudo-scary music to thrill you!  In a totally WTF moment...Melyssa brings "colored" back.  Still not sure why.  Dave unleashes the next set of sex toys to be reviewed.  Melyssa's is pretty and Dave's is scary.  New job and banking adventures for Dave.  The gang tries to figure out why things are improved when it just ain't necessary.


The Upperclassmen - Cha Cha With The Zombies
Mr. Fab - Cannibal Zombie Mob
The Johnson Brothers - Zombie Lou
Nightmares - The Headless Ghost
The A-Bones - Devil Dance
The Goldstars - Halloween Hell

Asthma Sex - October 18

2009-10-18 Length: 59s
Erick and Melyssa give us a primer on how asthmatics can have sex.  H-O-T!  Dave meets the girl of his dreams...his racist, gun-toting, lutefisk-eating dreams.  He may need a safe house.  Mike Tyson cries on the Oprah.  Like any of us, he just needs a hug.  Erick and Melyssa are ass...uh people.  What does Dave like?  Boobs, Rochester, boooooooob-sa!


The Relations - Puddin -n- Tang
Digital Underground - The Odd Couple
Julia Nunes - Maybe I Will
The Lobster Quadrille - A Man's Bound To Suffer
Ecomog - In The Air

War Protest Goes Bad - October 11, 2009

2009-10-11 Length: 1s
Dave participate in a war protest and the Rochester Police start cracking heads.  Hear Dave's description.  Really?  Obama won what?  Erick calls for Kanye West to be invited to the ceremony.  Melyssa's a bit hungover, but she's still bringing the sexy.  Rosa Clemente was in town.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  Dave has a physical and doesn't get kissed after.  Figures.

Here are links to the video we talked about:
War Protest:
Post Protest Intimidation:


Dead Prez - Walk Like A Warrior
Clydie King - Ain't My Stuff Good Enough
Primal Scream - Urban Guerillas
Disasternauts - My Dad's The Heat

A Dead Bird For You - October 4, 2009

2009-10-04 Length: 1s
Dave leaves a dead bird for Marc Maron and gets yelled at.  Bad dog!  Bad dog!  Rosa Clemente comes to Rochester and talks to college students, and influences the show.  Melyssa's getting a little sax.  And who really gives a dump about the Olympics?  Doesn't Obama have more important things to work on?  Ahhh, remember the good old days when artists would sample porn into their music?  Fishbone, Whitee, Devo, et al.  No longer. 


Charlie Watts Orchestra - Stompin At The Savoy
Juanita And The Rabbit - We Live In A Motherfucking Van
Willie Mitchell - Bum Daddy
The Congos - Keep On Knocking
Skip James - All Night Long

No Five Second Rule Here - September 27, 2009

2009-09-27 Length: 1s
Pegging: (v)  a sexual practice in which a woman penetrates a man's anus with a strap-on dildo. (via wikipedia)  Then the show goes downhill from there.  We discuss the G20 protests and The Man's reaction to protests in general.  How 'bout a little sled hockey!  Dave almost gets fired...again.  If you ever go to Erick's house, whatever you do, DON'T eat the salami.  Yet another Michael Moore rant.  And we actually plug other podcasts.  Yes, they do exist.


Betty Harris - Trouble With My Lover
Juanita and the Rabbit - Kick You Outta My Head
Makana - A Touch of Deviance
Texas Sheiks - Blues In The Bottle
Nick Lowe- Nutted By Reality
The Invictas - Finger Lickin' Good

Baby Makin' Time - September 20, 2009

2009-09-20 Length: 1s
Yes, it's baby makin' time.  We've got everything we need.  Baby makin' music, a mandle, our shots are updated.  We're good to go!  We also discuss the health care debate and male cheerleaders...though not together.  Grillz are re-visited as well as the Green Party.  Special shout out to Melyssa's husband who unchained Melyssa from the radiator to let her do this week's podcast. 


Bob Bovee - Which Side Are You On
Makana - As The World Tunes
Texas Sheiks - Don't Sell It, Don't Give It Away
Mississippi Sheiks - The World Has Gone Wrong
Cymande - Getting It Back

Sex Toy Reviews #2 - September 9, 2009

2009-09-09 Length: 1s
You've been patient and now the time is here.  Our second batch of sex toy reviews.  Sadly, Melyssa and Dave are the curmudgeons of sex toys.  Dave's encounter turns slapstick.  Stuart goes off on those who think our President is indoctrinating children.  Dave gets politically cockblocked.  What's up with those child molesters ruining things for the rest of us?

Go to to read the text versions of Melyssa's and Dave's reviews and see the video of Leslie Hall's song.  Watch it at your own risk.


Leslie Hall - Blame The Booty
Cab Calloway - A Smooooth One
Anuhea - I Just Want You Around
The Mighty Diamonds - Go Seek Your Rights

Orgasm Nazi - September 3, 2009

2009-09-03 Length: 1s
This week, we taped at The Sports Page in Rochester, NY!  Dave is the dictator of all orgasms, but he still can't talk Canadian.  For some reason we discuss Erick's cooch, cool teachers, and flirty/creepy facebook comments.  It's agreed...Democrats are douchebags and Chuck Schumer is their douchebaggy king.  Ted Kennedy died and the world kept on going...for now. 


Argon 40 - When The Words Don't Come
Bukka White - Shake Em On Down
Logan Lynn - Burning Your Glory
Almost September - Do You Hear What I Hear

Hot Jello Love - August 26, 2009

2009-08-26 Length: 1s
This week's special guest:  Alice Cooper!  Alice Cooper like you've never heard him before.  Like a Sexual Santa, Dave brings goodies for all the girls and boys.  Melyssa and Gerry get porn, Keziah gets her buzzy thing and Dave?  Well, Dave will be making love a rubbery piece of jello.  That's right, it's not sex, it's making jello love.  We're trying to name this thing so if you have a suggestion, let us know.  Melyssa insists that somewhere out there, someone has a Dave fetish.  Yeow.  And we talk about how the corporate parties try to squash democracy.  Why do Democrats hate democracy so much?


Daniella Cotton - Dark Desire
The Felice Brothers - Where'd You Get the Liquor
Mel Torme - Six Lessons From Madame La Zonga

Jewish Settlers - August 19, 2009

2009-08-19 Length: 1s
Podcast Supersub, Gerry, sits in for Erick who's on the DL with Herpes*.  Melyssa does a public service for controlled substance users everywhere...oh, and clowns...she really digs clowns.  We reveal that David Copperfield causes global warming.  Who knew?  Rochester Peeps: Start grooving on Alex White for Mayor.  You'll be glad you did.  Dave is some kind of Black Spanish Jew.  WTF?

*Erick, to the best of our knowledge, is not infected with the herpes, or any other, virus...not that there's anything wrong with that.  It was a joke intended to "encourage" him to not miss any more shows.  Do not point, shun or spread rumors.  Thank you.


Ecomog - Broke
Logan Lynn - Feed Me to the Wolves
Suzanne Monroe - Wondering Out
The Enoch Smith Jr. Group - Remembering Rochester

Retard Is As Retard Does - August 12, 2009

2009-08-12 Length: 1s
We bring the funny...we bring the serious.  Dave misses the opportunity for front row seats to see The Donnas.  The hot...sweaty...aromatic...Donnas.  We get dissed by record weasels, now we'll never go to a land down under.  It must be true...all roads lead to Olivia Newton John.  What made for cable shows do YOU like?  Homeopathic medicine is rad!  We also discuss the latest local topic...the word "retard".  Who deserves to run for office?


Will Currie and the Country French with Sloan - Push Pins
Julie London - Camptown Races
Movits - A-Kasseblues
King Sunny Ade - Oro Towo Baseti

Erick's Wide Vagina - August 5, 2009

2009-08-05 Length: 1s
Help the Stuart Bedasso Show grow.  We have a wish list!  Like the Renaissance, sponsor the arts, spread syphilis and eat pasta.  Melyssa's gets gay over her son's birthday.  Another tribute to Vermont...those bastards.  Party in the Parking Lot...good times.  Did you know you can stream the show on your cell phone.  Get your Stuart Bedasso Ringtone!  Great music on the show this week...dig it.


Daniella Cotton - Make U Move
Storm Large - Eight Miles Wide
Movits! - Tom Jones
Robert Cray - What About Me

Mens For Sale! - July 29, 2009

2009-07-29 Length: 58s
We covered a lot this week!  Melyssa's got her some mens for sale.  Come one, come all!  We talk with the Jesus Street Team, but we find that actions speak louder than words.  Don't masterhate, masturbate!   Amy Fisher does porn.  Well, it's about time.  Dave's visited by the ghost of dishwashing past.  We have a way for all you neocons to legally get rid of Obama...move to Hawaii and secede!  We'll help you pack.


Chamber 51 - The Man
Julie London - How Come You Do Me Like You Do?
Li'l Ze' - Built to Ride

Gay Pride Parade - July 22, 2009

2009-07-22 Length: 1s
This is the gayest podcast ever!  OK, now that I got that out of my system... we set up a table at the Rochester Gay Pride Parade and hilarity ensued.  Check out the chick with the funky shoes, the grammar police and a whole lot more.  One of the best parts of the day was when the suburban folks showed up not realizing it was the pride parade.  Both Melyssa's and Dave's family stops by and shows that even little kids are down with the gay.  No music for this week, just feather boas and balls in pantyhose. 

Sex Toy Reviews #1 - July 15, 2009

2009-07-15 Length: 59s
They're finally here!  Our first round of sex toy reviews.  The good, the bad and the kinda hot. You can read the text at the website (, but the show has added features, like Dave doing Alec, doing Clint, reading Keziah's review.  Dave and Melyssa discuss old porn and new porn.  Keziah reviews the movie Bruno.  And next on the Celebrity Tragedy Watch:  Paul Reubens.  Watch out, Pee-Wee.

Don't forget to come down to the Rochester Gay Pride Parade and say hi to the gang.  We're taping the next show at the corner of Park and Goodman (Parkleigh) from 4-5pm on Saturday, July 18th.  Heck, we'll put you on the show.


David Gerard - Postman
Hotel Reverie - Out Of Luck
Moxie Fruvous - Kick In The Ass

Erick's Bidet - July 8, 2009

2009-07-08 Length: 1s
Erick couldn't make it tonight, but sent us a message via satellite.  It was an inspiration to us all.  Stuart is down-right creepy.  Last week, he told Joyce DeWitt to be careful and...BAM!  DWI and a really sad mug shot.  More celebrity deaths, Adam West soft-core porn, Serena Williams dresses like a drag queen (stop it, Serena) and Melyssa is asked to defend Finland.  Stuart wants Victoria Vox & Violet Blue to be at his memorial...good luck, Dude.  We talk about getting the theme from the show as a ringtone, but the web people are still "reviewing" it for copyright issues.  Stay tuned.


The Hattie Cook Band- Atlantic
Joell Ortiz featuring Styles P - We Can Do It
Hotel Reverie - Narcoleptic Fits
The Enfields - She Already Has Somebody
Hey Bulldog - If I Was Your Man

No Lube for Melyssa - July 1, 2009

2009-07-01 Length: 1s
We're obligated to talk about all the celebrities who died in the last week.  Melyssa thinks Tony Little's bumping them all off.  We're probably the only ones who paid tribute to Fred Travelena.  That's a good thing, right?  Farrah blasphemy at a yard sale leaves Dave in a huff.  Erick gets a!  Dave has to look for blueball clip art for our new sex toy rating system.  Dave and Melyssa have become party planners on the cheap.  And it seems that one of is a bit more moist than the others.  Tune in to find out who it is.  Here's that Cynthia McKinney link.  We hope she and all the others on the humanitarian mission are OK.


Sammy Davis Jr Band - Slap
Mambo Kings - Una Manana
Ecomog - Fat Man
Albert and Gage - Say Yes To Love
Dennis Brown - Revolution

The Craigslist Experiment - June 24, 2009

2009-06-24 Length: 1s
Welcome to The Stuart Bedasso Show's Craigslist Experiment.  In order for Dave to fully participate in reviewing sex toys with the rest of the crew, we posted an ad for a...uh...helper.  We wrote the ad on the show and it's been posted here.  Melyssa has a Godhusband.  Boys, get in line to be next.  Happy Birthday, Marcus!  Melyssa's annoyed by Obama's smoking bill and she doesn't smoke, we briefly discuss Dave's package and Erick tells the story of his friend with the swinging Dad.  Happy Father's Day!  RIP Ed McMahon.  And it's the thrilling conclusion of Seduction!


Charles Hamilton and MC Lyte - New York City Girl
Albert and Gage - Does She Have a Future With Me
Monty Python - Finland
Primal Scream - Get Your Rocks Off…

Dave's Battle With Tourettes - June 17, 2009

2009-06-17 Length: 26s
Dave battles tourettes and appears to be losing.  He loses his sex toy buddy and declares that his friend with benefits has too big of a co-pay.  Erick professes his love of the "rub and tug."  We're not sure, but we think Melyssa dated a pimp back in the day.  The weirdest installment yet of Seduction is also on tap.  We're all disappointed in David Letterman.  No need to was a good joke.  Oh yeah, and Dave's out of a job, again.  Anyone need a pool boy?


Two Guitars Clash - Way The World Works
Marc Maron - Fine
The Pleasure Seekers - What A Way To Die
Holly Cole Trio - Smile
Taj Mahal - Woulda Coulda Shoulda

Cheryl Ladd's Panties - June 10, 2009

2009-06-10 Length: 1s
You say it's your birthday?  It's Melyssa's birthday, too.  Yeah.  She also recounts her family outing to New York City and brings back presents for Erick and Dave.  Erick won't wear panties, but Dave would like to get into Cheryl Ladd's.  The latest update on Sex Toy reviews...the cock ring's in the mail.


Anuhea - Right Love, Wrong Time
Alton Ellis and The Heptones - Only Sixteen
The Job - Ten Times
Titus Turner - People Sure Act Funny

Nasty Employment Counselor - June 3, 2009

2009-06-03 Length: 1s
This show features special guest, Steve Benz who has a beer for each wheel on his vehicle.  Dave used to do that, but had to stop when he got that 18-wheeler.  But he does make a very nasty employment counselor; pray you don't get him or you'll wind up turning tricks at the bus station.  We talk about edumication once again and we're waiting for The SIMS: Parents' Basement Edition.  Keziah's one angry...uh...she's angry.  And there's a HUGE announcement about the future of the show.  Don't miss it!


Sammy Davis Jr Band - Some Things Never Change
The Hattie Cooke Band - Never Go Away
Amy Hendrickson and the Prime Directive - The Pancake Theory
Marc Maron - Not A Sports Guy

Moist...Like Pie - May 27, 2009

2009-05-27 Length: 1s
Music is back on tap!  We hang with the funny, but talk about gay marriage and the upcoming Supreme Court justice battle.  There's new pictures up on the Facebook, MySpace and website.  Go check 'em out.  And this weeks marks the actual debut of Stuart Bedasso himself!  Well, sort of.


The Job - Fighting, Fucking and Cars
Irene Kral - Rock Me To Sleep
The ID - Don't Think Twice
Sonia Bettencourt - John Doe
Marc Maron - Hate Cakes
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad - Walk Right Through

Ron Jeremy and Luncheon Meat - May 20, 2009

2009-05-20 Length: 1s
Well, HERE'S something different.  Dave forgot to bring a simple little cord.  What does that mean?  No music for you!  An all talk format for this week's show...and we're back to the Wednesday uploads.  What will Dave do with his weekends now?

What do Ron Jeremy and luncheon meat have in common?  More sex toy stories.  Erick's bringing the sexy!  And a whole lot more! 

[Dave's already packed his cord for next week, so more music and the continuation of the Seduction! serial.]

Hey!  They raised our our rates to keep our podcast online.  Go buy a t-shirt or something.

Keziah's Return Pt. 2 - May 17, 2009

2009-05-17 Length: 59s
And now....the rest of the story.  We kept the mics on for another hour to make sure we got all that creamy Keziah goodness.  OK, that was a bit graphic, but you get the point.  Keziah would go straight for Anderson Cooper, somebody woke Grandpa Rodriguez, and Dave's past may finally catch up with him...even though he doesn't have a past.  Don't fret, we'll get back into the Seduction! serial next week.

The Stuart Bedasso Store!


AJ Croce - Bury Me Standing
Rose Davis - Sittin and Drinkin
Ruby James - The Words Goodbye
The Frank Chickens - We Are Frank Chickens

Keziah's Return Pt. 1 - May 10, 2009

2009-05-10 Length: 59s
This is a can't miss show, folks.  Keziah's live in studio!  Mike's in the house!  The gang's all here.  If we could just fly Jill up, we'd be all set, but Dave would lose it due to technical difficulties.  We actually went two hours, so here's part one.  We discuss the Lesbian Wingman, cougars vs. yaks and get a little scatological.  Rumor has it there's a party in Mike's pants.  And don't forget the new Obama Tramp Stamp.  Ask for it by name.


Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad - Pockets
Ella Fitzgerald - Fascinating Rhythm
Jill Sobule - Nothing To Prove
The Boots - I Don't Like It

Blitzer's Beard - May 3, 2009

2009-05-03 Length: 1s
Happy Cinco De Mayo!  Erick's in full force.  Wolf Blitzer's beard is a weapon of mass destruction.  The lovely and talented Zuza throw a party and Dave and Erick give the recount.  Dave goes above and beyond to keep someone from falling off the wagon...ironically.  I always feel like...somebody's watching meeeeee...  Give it up for Texual Chocolate!


Gonzalo Brown - No Vamos A Cambiar De Bando
MC Lyte / Queenpen - Brooklyn II
El Ka Bong - Travellers Calling
Ruby James - Everything Good Goes Away

More Cushin for the Pushin - April 26, 2009

2009-04-26 Length: 1s
We start our series on Seduction...  It took a 14-year-old to confirm it, but we already knew that Keziah has a sweet ass....I mean eyes.  Stuart gets dissed by a teenager...the little teabagging whore.  Bea Arthur is dead and so is Marilyn Chambers, but that douchebag, Rod Drheher, lives about no justice.  Where can a brother get a patch job?


AJ Croce - You've Said Too Much
Jill Sobule - San Fransico
Rex Garvin and the Mighty Cravers - Raw Funky

San Fransico Video

Dave's Reporter Fetish - April 19, 2009

2009-04-19 Length: 1s
Dave and Melyssa go on a field hear the lovely and talented Zuza Szewczyk, and Melyssa knows way more than Dave about the music thing.  We confirm it...Dave has a weird reporter fetish.  The new object of his affection?  Ana Marie Cox.  But he's still waiting for that call from Connie Chung.  Keziah kicks a little kid's ass...well, sorta. 

The Stuart Bedasso Show: Bold, yet Ostentatious!


The Olympic Ass Kicking Team - Pow'ful 'Merka
Golem - Come To Me
El Ka Bong - Hangover Sunday
The Mouse Outfit - Dig This…

Monsanto Rules The World - April 12, 2009

2009-04-12 Length: 1s
Melyssa's on the DL...and she's sick, too.  We cover it all this week...pirates, gay marriage, female circumcision and more.  Facebook gets weird with Zombee Jesus.  We start talking about sports, but soon figure out that it's all big plot by Monsanto to rule the world.  Hey!  Come correct with your hat!


Joan Stiles - Past Imperfect
Tim Henson - Do Me Wrong (but do me)
Daylight Savings Account - I Am Looking For An Affect
Tony Fox - (I've Got To) Do It To It
The Zest of Yore - I'll Do The Thinking
Rose Davis - Yes, I've Been Crying
The Olympic Ass Kicking Team - Is We Or Aint We

Keziah Flare-Up - April 5, 2009

2009-04-05 Length: 1s
It's not a cold sore, it's another Keziah Flare-Up.  (That's said with love)  What do you do with your Republican friends?  Stuart's obsessed with Michelle Obama's clothes, too!  Michael Vick doesn't seem to understand what bankruptcy is.  Got guns?  Sadly, yes.  And presidential sexual idiosyncrasies.


The Olympic Ass Kicking Team - Willie Mays
Zest of Yore - She Comes From Good Stock
Suzanne Monroe - Desiring [we said's Monroe...sorry]
Two Guitars Clash - Slash N' Burn
Joan Stiles - Hurly Burly (J2 Mary Lou)

Dave's On The Pole - March 29, 2009

2009-03-29 Length: 59s
Keziah's back with a special Keziah's Korner!  Then the gang goes off on the state of education.  Stuart's looking for a gig at Foxy's, but it's Dave who may end up on the pole.  Someone's panties are in a bunch about an SNL skit about Hawaii and gym ettiquite tips for all you manly men out there.


The Alan Bown Set - Gonna Fix You Good
Santa Cruz Steel - Hard Times
The Frank Chickens - We Are Ninja (Not Geisha)
The Apples in Stereo - Can You Feel It?

Sex Ed Text Messages - March 21, 2009

2009-03-21 Length: 1s
It's Melyssa's and Heinrich's Anniversary!!!  Hooray!  We hope he doesn't know that he married a lesbian.  Erick gets sex ed text messages and Dave gets a car accident.  That seems about right.  Should you drink with your friend's ex?  We'll find out.  We also found out that it's hard to say "statistic" when you've been drinking.  We also welcome our newest sponsor, Australian Pimp Lube.  Enjoy Australian Pimp Lube responsibly.


Family Funktion and the Sitar Jams - Bombay Boogie
The Sumner Brothers - Both Back
Anchorage, Nebraska - Don't Change A Thing
The Soul Lifters - Hot, Funky & Sweaty
Chakradar - Boosty
Cassettes Won't Listen - Freeze and Explode (accoustic)
Nick Lowe - The Club
The Steve Greene Trio - Sonnymoon for Two

And don't forget our new website:

Ass Pick 3000 - March 15, 2009

2009-03-15 Length: 1s
St. Patrick's Day brought the Stuart Bedasso Crew together and hilarity ensued.  Dave made a bunch of new friends and women threw themselves at Erick.  On the job front, Dave is not into ass wiping and we invent the Ass Pick 3000 as a result.  Ask for it by name.  We briefly talk about the Stewart / Cramer showdown.


The Wild Geese - Back to the Boozer
Jerry Teel and the Big City Stompers - Baby Out of Jail
The Sadies - Anna Leigh
Naked Lunch - Livin Is Funky
Janie Jones - Sex Machine
Otis Spann - Little Boy Blue

Ambrosia Lube - March 8, 2009

2009-03-08 Length: 1s
We have what you've been looking for in a personal lubricant - antioxidants!  Try our new Ambrosia Lube.  Upcoming plans are discussed for guests, the new website and a remote - down the road, we'll be podcasting from a sex toy party!  Melyssa hates our phallic-shaped microphones, but it Dave ever finds vagina-shaped mics, we may never get another show done.  How 'bout those funky sex dreams, eh?  Dave and Melyssa go off on Hillside Children's Center.  Today's podcast is brought to you by the letters M and F.


Family Funktion and The Sitar Jams - Van Pad Man
Eleni Mandell - Needle And Thread
Gregory Paul - Dusty Man
Golem - Tell Her You Love Her
Dr. John - Average Kind of Guy

The John Holmes of Plushies - March 1, 2009

2009-02-28 Length: 1s
As we welcome Melyssa aboard the show as a regular part of the crew, we find out that she freezes dead cats.  Here, Kitty, Kitty... Dave and Melyssa both have high school reunions coming up.  One of them is taking Erick as a date.  Are you ready for your Mystery Date?  Dave gets cock blocked by a fart.  The Phillie Phanatic - the John Holmes of Plushies.  If you wear a baseball hat around Melyssa, you better be wearing your cup as well.


The Latin Breed - I Turn You On
Average Otis - Crazy
Average Otis - Your Own
The Sadies - What's Left Behind
Jerry Teel and the Big City Stompers - MC Call Mississippi Mosquito Scratch

Porn Tax Protesters - February 21, 2009

2009-02-21 Length: 1s
Special Guest, Melyssa joins the show and hilarity ensues.  It's the return of Johnny Vagina - Mothers, hide your daughters!  Socks the Cat is one realized he was still alive.  We all agree that Bush and Company must be held accountable.  We found out that the back of Dave's palate was removed due to some horrible accident.  Get ready for Melyssa's and Erick's joint venture: Pop-up Porn.  Who wants to be seen at the rally to protest a porn tax in New York?  Not us.


Sadie Ava - Mind Being Gone
Daniel Ball Jr. - Number 2 Pencils
Eleni Mandell - Right Side
The Criterion Band - City Feigning Sleep

Rae Dawn Chong Fan Club - February 15, 2009

2009-02-15 Length: 1s
And then there were three!  Mike is back in the house and in rare form.  We try to figure why Cheech and Chong are on stage, but don't really care as long as they bring Rae Dawn with them.  Dave's gym has an influx of...uh...special folks...but not as special as one of our newest representatives in Congress.  Ladies and the wizard of hydrogen himself - Eric Massa.  Dave can't blog anymore so make sure you catch is new column in the Webster Shopper.  Good Times.


Venice Gas House Trolley - Ezekiel
The Pretenders - Boots of China Plastic
Gene Anderson - The Lonliest One
Fall Back Plan - Mistakes
Bedsit Poets - The Highs Can't Beat the Lows
Golem - Tucheses and Nenes

More Nickels For Dave - February 8, 2009

2009-02-08 Length: 1s
Erick's in Puerto Rico and Dave's in hell.  The Job Nazi got to Dave.  "No job for you!"  Trying to keep his mouth shut, Dave gives a few warnings to all you progressives out there.  With friends like these...

Another way for Dave to earn some nickels - every time a single woman tells him she needs to find him a woman.  Chich-ching!


Maya Angelou - Donkey City
Joan Osborne - Make You Feel My Love
The Meters - Africa
Mandigo Griot Society - Africa
Josh Weinstein - Song A Drunk Man Sings
Cassettes Won't Listen - Paper Float
Jill Scott - The Fact Is (I Need You)
Robyn Hitchcock and The Egyptians - Bad Case of History
Sharon James and the Dap-Kings - 100 Days, 100 Nights
Como Mamas - Trouble In My Way
Jenny Lewis w/The Watson Twins - The Big Guns
Loudon Wainright III - Motel Blues…

Stuart Got Back - February 1, 2009

2009-02-01 Length: 1s
This week's show's a bit of a sausage fest.  It's only Dave & Erick but it was nothing but "manly" topics.  The Stuart Bedasso Show gets the attention of the Fleshlight.  Think of the possibilities.  Dave has a new job, Chickipedia is about chicks, for chicks, by chicks.  Don't let Rachel Ray call you "buddy."  And the Booty Circus is in town and Erick and Dave discuss their adventure.


Sadie Ava - I'll Be Coming Home
Gregory Paul - Oh Death
The Sumner Brothers - Girl In The Window
Juliana Down - Empires
C.R. Avery - Down At The Cafe
Classic Ruins - Labatts

It's our 2 year anniversary!  Thanks for listening to The Stuart Bedasso Show!

Dating A Stripper - January 25, 2009

2009-01-25 Length: 1s

Dave and Erick just aren't orgy kinda dating strippers for them.  Erick gets in a car accident.  You should see the other guy.  Dave can't sleep in the suburbs and gets involved in a Facebook flame-up.  Those nutty liberals.  Don't get The Stuart Bedasso Show in your eye.  That would be weird.


Bedsit Poets - I'm In Love With A Girl
Blind Boy Fuller - Meat Shakin' Woman
The Baseball Project - Ted Fucking Williams
Josh Weinstein - Fuck Is Fuck
Plunt - Boner
Ofo The Black Company - Beautiful Daddy

Gas Station Whores - January 18, 2009

2009-01-18 Length: 1s
Gas Station Whores...they're much younger than they used to be.  Speaking of retro, Katarina Witt's bush seemed to be a major topic of conversation.  We have inauguration burnout. Sit by your mailbox for your invitation to the Bad T-Shirt Party.  That airline pilot hero should be pulling a lot of gas station whores.


Spider - Midnight On The Nile
The Franco Proietti Morph-Tet - Bushido
June Rising - Brother Beware
La Revolucion De Emiliano Zapata - Shit City
Pearls Of Joy - Gloria

Obama Victory Plates - January 11, 2009

2009-01-11 Length: 1s
Dave gives all his Maui friends the lowdown on his ex-landlord.  Go ahead and rent for him, if you have money to burn.  We never heard of this part of the bible.  The Book of Phil?  Get your Obama Swag!  Plates, coins, douchebag.  A quick talk about the problems down in Oakland.


Max and the Marginalized - Date With Dynasty
Porter - Pre-loved
MC Lyte - Brooklyn
Gil-Scott Heron - Message To The Messengers
Go Ghetto Tiger - Deluxe Deluxe
Thee Headcoats - I'm A Headcoat, Baby

Margaret Thatcher Porn - January 4, 2009

2009-01-04 Length: 1s
First week with the new crew and two already go down on the disabled list.  But Dave and Erick took care of business. We talk about Viagra in Afganistan, breastfeeding on Facebook, and some guy named Ted who thinks Margaret Thatcher is hot. We still need someone to post something on Wikipedia for The Stuart Bedasso Show. Kenny G and flapjacking just don't mix.

Oh, alright.  Here's the link to the flapjacking show.


Ruby Hill - Heart of Hearts
Bella - No One Will Know
Sielun Veljet - Woe! The Maiden Of My Heart
The Standard - Red Drop
Charles Bevel - Porkupine Meat…

Dave In Rochester - December 28, 2008

2008-12-28 Length: 1s

The Stuart Bedasso Show is back in Rochester!  Stuart's back in Moose Jaw so Dave's by himself for the last show of 2008.  Next year brings a new crew to the show.  But in the meantime - Dave has a lousy plane ride.  He's enjoying the quaint comforts of the city of hots, asparagus and rice and beans.  He's also looking for a new ride and a good time on New Years...who isn't?


Epitafh - Ask Somebody
Little Archie- I'm a Carpet
BrownChicken BrownCow String Band - Lily
MC Lyte - 16, 17, 18
Porter - Poke Him With Tacks
Meryn Cadell - The Sweater
Spider - The Clearing
SheedyFrost - Fly Against the Sun (live)
Randy Brecker - Oriente
Kellye Gray - If You Never Come to Me

It's Jesus' Birthday, Right? - December 21, 2008

2008-12-21 Length: 1s
Jesus Christ!  It's an all Jesus show!  It's the Stuart Bedasso version of Life of Brian.  All our songs "celebrate" the birth of....a fairy tale, I guess.  Dave leaves Maui in a couple of days so it's Jill's last official show...she doesn't need us, she has gardening! It's Global Orgasm Day!  Jill hasn't celebrated, but Dave?  Dave's last day of school was a tear-jerker.  Hey fatties, check out Bow Chicka Workout at your local YMCA!  We're looking for volunteers to start Stuart Bedasso and Whitee Wikipedia entries.  Any takers? 


Trevor R. Todd - Creepy Jesus Figurine
Jewmongous - Jews for Jesus
Whitee - Jesus Just Wants to Dance
Mojo Nixon - Are You Drinking With Me Jesus
Order of the White Rose - Who Would Jesus Bomb?

Jill's Rolling With Her Glock - December 14, 2008

2008-12-14 Length: 1s
It's not Thelma and Louise, but Jill's out roaming the streets of Maui....packing.  It's Christmas Music that even Dr. Demento probably wouldn't touch.  Dave's new bromance is unrequited...go figure.  Oh no!  Cosby Porn!  Not the safest podcast in the world for work...or the kids...or Grandma...or the neighbors...or the dog.


The Marquees - Santa Done Got Hip
The Wailers w/Bob Marley - Sound the Trumpet
Victoria Vox - Christmas With You
Dread Zepplin - Let It Snow
Fishbone - Slick Nick You Devil You
Pansy Division - Homo Christmas
Mojo Nixon - Trim Yo Tree

Dave's Blogging Off - December 7, 2008

2008-12-06 Length: 1s
Sometimes Dave'll blog off twice in one night...if he's in the mood.  Meet our new friend - Froggy Pipkin.  Jill introduces us to a new band.  Dave's public service message for the week teaches us all how NOT to handle your finances.  He really needs to marry an accountant.  How about a nice glass of Fermented Passion...a tasty beverage indeed. 

Here's the petition for Darling Hammond for Secretary of Education:
Sign it and spread the word!


BrownChicken BrownCow String Band - Rocky Road to Haul
The Pipkins - The People Dat You Wanna Phone You
Los Pasos - Para Verte
Bella - Unless You're Golden
Henry Lumpkin - Soul Is Taking Over
Epitafh - Kick Rocks
La Revolucion de Emilano Zapata - If You Want It
Woody Carr - Peace Dance

Scratch-N-Sniff - November 30, 2008

2008-11-29 Length: 1s
'Tis the stampede under-paid Wal-mart workers!  Ho! Ho! Ho!  Dave blows off X-mas parties while Jill gets that festive spirit.  There's a new website a-comin.  Check out the details.  Facebook is really, really creepy.  Jill don't want you hatin on Charlie Brown!  Peppermint Patty?  Well, that's another matter.  Dave gets lead poisoning from scratch-n-sniff books. 


The Electric Chairs - Fuck Off
Ofo the Black Company - Allah Wakbar
Bella - Stay Here
Vancougar - Phone Calls
Chumbawamba - Dutiful Servants and Political Masters
Semion - Year of the Monkee
Billy Davis - Stanky (Get Funky)

No Cake for Dave - November 23, 2008

2008-11-23 Length: 1s
Dave wasn't invited to the birthday party therefore he (and Otis) don't get any chocolate cake.  While listening to the music, Dave almost mortally wounds himself and finds an old friend online.  Hear how Dave equates child molesters to politics and updates about the big move.


Albert and Gage - But I Love You
Tom Wilson - Lesbian Seagull
Dave Dill - Don't Believe It
Novillero - Stand Up For Our Side
The Buttless Chaps - Are We Forgiven Now?
Vancougar - (I hope your) Money (keeps you warm)
Martinibomb - The Love God
Elbarto - Planet Mambo 160
The Pipkins - Are You Cookin Goose?

Mint Records Whores - November 16, 2008

2008-11-16 Length: 1s

That's right, we're Mint Records' least until we run out of their music to play.  Jill's on assignment so Dave left to confuse the Germans with the's not pretty.  But his plan to bail out the US car industry is a big hit...with Trotsky.  Enjoy our brief music tribute to Rachel Kramer Bussel.  Too bad Dave can't pronounce her name. 

Here is the petition for you to sign to get Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond appointed Secretary of Education.  Sign it and then spread the word.  Word.


Mishka Shubaly - Don't Cut Yr Hair
The Cartridge Family - Ally
The Ramblin Ambassadors - Cupcakes de Milo
The Long Knives - Another Fork in the Road
Semion - Good Times
The Choir Practice - Loose Lips
The Awkward Stage - Hey, Modern Day School Girl
K'naan - Blues For The Horn

Tiny Tim and Godzilla - November 9, 2008

2008-11-08 Length: 1s
 Jill and Dave make fun of Godzilla movies, crippled kids and alternative medicine...and all in the same podcast!  Jill's trying out the whole Crazy Cat Lady scene.  So far, not too successful, but as we all now, Drag Queens are a girl's best friend.  Dave didn't study for his blood test.  And The Stuart Bedasso Show is down with the Twitter.


Terry Anderson and the Olympic Ass-Kicking Team - Fat Lady in the Stands
Classic Ruins - Let's Get Dull
Michael Franti - Sey Hey (I Love You)
Milton - Sarah Jane
Stark - Co-Dependent Master

Sexual Harassment - November 2, 2008

2008-11-02 Length: 1s
Tune in for a major announcement about the future of The Stuart Bedasso Show!  Dave has a sexually charged week at work, including porn tits, getting propositioned by a young boy and a sexual harassment video.  Strangely enough, none are related to each other.  There sure are some crazies on the internets.  Maybe censorship isn't such a bad idea afterall.  Dave tries to get someone's visa revoked.

The Stuart Bedasso Show is now on Twitter!


Max Eider - Secret Life
Sol Serenade - Mother Mary
Jenny Lewis - Rise Up With Fists!
Milton - Everybody Loves You
The Felice Brothers - Frankie's Gun
Hyperbubble - Synthenasia
Sursum Corda - Mi Hanno Perso
Head-Roc - Change in America

A Matchmaker for Dave - October 26, 2008

2008-10-26 Length: 1s
An 11-year-old decides to get Dave a wife.  Hope she's older than 11.  Dave's job is kind of like working for the John McCain campaign.  A clusterf*@k.  Dude, if you don't like guys then don't marry one.  Now that we've basically committed an act of war against Syria, why don't we just go bomb Saudi Arabia or Canada?

Support Cindy Sheehan for Congress!


Terry Anderson and the Olympic Ass-Kicking Team - Gityoassupda Road
Mishka Shubaly - The Body
Mars Black - Hot Chick
Booze Monkey - Voice Mail (from the blues)
TapWater - Smiling Balloon
K'naan - The Dusty Foot Philosopher
Dave Dill - Happily Ever After
Max Eider - Love's Blind
The Bleeding Hearts - Rehab Girl

Kidney Failure - October 19, 2008

2008-10-19 Length: 59s

It's a musical extravaganza!!!  Will someone please put a fork in Sarah Palin?!!??!  Please!  There's nothing like a country full of angry white men to make things...uh...stupid, actually.  Dave suffers from a bout of kidney failure and goes back to his old skating days.  Well, actually someone else's skating days. 

Click here to download your Stuart Bedasso ringtone!


The Bleeding Hearts - Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover
Bleeding Hearts - So Glad 2B Alive
Ruby Hill - Just A Taste
Hyperbubble - Rollerboogie Babydoll
Terry Anderson and the Olympic Ass-Kicking Team - Feel A Drunk Comin On
Sursum Corda - Perche?
Booze Monkey - Dick Frankenstein's Night Out
Classic Ruins - I Can't Spell Romance
The Goldstars - Purple Girlfriend
The Cartridge Family - Alone, I'm A Loser
The T's - Make Me Pretty
Stark - Again Master

Learn Spanish From The Scots - October 12, 2008

2008-10-12 Length: 1s

Dave and Jill discuss their night of unbridled passion.  Dave wonders where Jill learned all of those tantric tricks and Jill thought Dave was very well endowed for a Jew.  [We looked at the statistics and it seems that a great deal of you download shows that have sexually explicit write-ups in the blog.  I guess sex does sell, you repressed bastards.]

Tonight is the Trevor R. Todd Telethon.  Dude even broke his uvula.  Go buy his CD!  Dave learns Spanish from the Scots and you can learn a language too!  Dave thinks there's nothing like a good Depression to make people remember what is really important...Jill kind of concurs. Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto, Motherfuckers!


Jackson Browne - Going Down to Cuba
Cory Branan - Skateland South (live)
Trevor R. Todd - Scathing Indictment
Trevor R. Todd - One Trick Pony
Stark - Reliably Disappointing Relationship
Max and the Marginalized - The Price of Vindication
Tiki Tiki Bamboos - Everybody Says

The Shocker - October 5, 2008

2008-10-05 Length: 1s

A shocking show this week...literally, shocking.  Dave's dentist's a butcher.  For the first time, movie reviews.  Habla espanol?  Ay!  Everyone loves The Fair!  And Dave almost brings down a radio station, singlehandedly. Music: El Gran Combo - No Hay Manera El Vez - Power to the People Mitch Hedberg - The Vacuumist Venice Gas House Trolley - Radio Monitor Funkadesi - Muy Cansado

Instant Runoff Voting - September 28, 2008

2008-09-28 Length: 1s

Jill mounts an amazing second-half comeback in this week's show!  And speaking of mounting, once again, Jill and Dave deal with those ugly rumors that just won't die down.  I said elections.  We talk about elections, both local and national.  Keziah notices creepy things about McCain and Dave revises his endorsement for Prez.  We also talk about Instant Runoff Voting.  You need you some!


Los Diablos Rojos - El Guapo
Matt Begley and Bitter Whiskey - Long Way to Dallas
Kitty, Daisy and Lewis - Swining Hawaii
Erin Smith - Safe and Sound
Sloan -  Burn For It

Practicing The Rusty Trumbone - September 21, 2008

2008-09-20 Length: 1s

Wanted:  Sperm Donor.  Must be hot, play banjo and have tattoos.  See Jill.  Dave, Jill and Stuart provide up-to-the-minute election coverage.  Dave's students are very musical.  They've been practicing their Rusty Trombone.


Christopher Knight & Maureen McCormick - Hang On Baby
Bisco Mondal - Magnum P.I.
Foxy Shazam - A Black Man's Breakfast
Southpaw Jones - Fatty Arbuckle

Filipino Colon - September 13, 2008

2008-09-13 Length: 1s

Jill's gone again, but Keziah's back!  Dave feels like a motherless child.  Keziah stains a a good way.  Dave flapjacks and sees Filipino colon up close.  Some say our music's a bit obscure.  We say, you've been feeding at the corporate trough too long.  For the last f-ing time...Sadaam had nothing to do with 9/11.  If you still believe this, you are officially a dumbass. 


Willie Pooch - Why I Sing the Blues
Frightened Seller - Malignant Enlightenment
The Popkings - Buginajar
Michael Franti and Spearhead - High Low
The Modes - Miss Lizzie
Ruslan Moiseev - No Trifle
A Rock and a Hard Place - You Know

Bitchin Camaro - September 7, 2008

2008-09-07 Length: 1s

Jill's back and better than ever.  She's down on Sarah Palin, loves her Bitchin Camaro and squeezes round fuzzy things.  Dave witnesses a baptism - in the YMCA pool.  It looks like Jill has another cyberstalker.  Be her Stuart Bedasso friend...cuz that's all you're getting.


Sam Ku West - Wang Wang Blues
Blues Anatomy - Broken Levee Blues
Joe Beard - Sally Mae
Foxy Shazam - Introducing Foxy Shazam
Harmonious Wail - Unfaithful Servant

Teacher Of The Year - August 31, 2008

2008-08-31 Length: 59s

Jill's sick and Keziah's chillin.  That leaves Dave to hold down the fort.  Obama disses Jimmy Carter and the Republican's MILF is scary.  Still not voting Green?  Not everyone will be voting for Dave for Teacher of the Year.  But the emphasis was on...


The Breakup Society - Nobody Likes a Winner
Some Of All Parts - Run (Historical Moment)
Southpaw Jones - Everyman
Cory Branan - Crush
Steve Gardner - Love Will Find You Again
Rupa and the April Fishes - Plus Que Moi
Eleni Mandell - My Twin
Sloan - Believe in Me
The Cain and Beech Band - Summer Song

Maui's On Fire - August 25, 2008

2008-08-25 Length: 59s

Dave get’s heckled, by a student.  Maui is such a paradise…there’s machetes in the road, the island’s on fire and it takes an hour to get out of Kihei.  We hope they’re serving jumbo shrimp at the Free Speech Zone in Denver.  Uh, sorry to nitpick, but Obama’s not the first African-American to run for president for a national party.  I’ll give you a hint…it rhymes with DickFinney.  Hey!  There’s some great independent music on this podcast – buy some of it!


Salif Keita – Nyanafin
Del Close and John Brent – Vocabulary Building
Marie Queenie Lyons – You Used Me
Clarence Williams – Take Your Black Bottom Dance Outside
Southpaw Jones – The Cruelty of Teenage Girls
Dave Baddylan – The Protest Song
Tiki Tiki Bamboooos – Shark Next Door
Randy Newman – Harps and Angels

Drunk Lesbians Gone Wild - August 17, 2008

2008-08-17 Length: 1s

More disenfranchised voters.  We hate The Man.  Dave rants about sunblock.  That's right.  Sunblock.  You got a problem with that?  Dave's guide to dating while broke...well, it's not exactly a guide.  It's more like whining.  This week - a bonus Keziah's Korner with a special guest. 

Here's that video clip Dave was talking about:

That's leadership!


Sheedyfrost - Hard Day
Big Daddy O - My Wife and Her Gay Lover
Makana - Erection
Del Close and John Brent - How to Speak Hip Intro
The Breakup Society - Lower Expectations
Randy Newman - A Few Words in Defense of Our Country
Big Bill Broonzy and Washboard Sam - Romance Without Finance
Toots and the Maytals - One Eyed Enos
Marie Queenie Lyons - You Aint No Good With Out My Thing

Coconut Utilities - August 10, 2008

2008-08-10 Length: 1s

Keziah's Korner kicks off this week's show, Jill ceases to exist and Where the Hell is Matt?  There's nothing like a three-day rolling blackout to get one to appreciate public utilities that are not made of coconuts.  And a really bad geography lesson, courtesy of Dave's students and Sheedyfrost.

Here are those political links we keep talking about.  Support these candidates!


Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise - Trouble Brother
KRS-One - What's Your Plan?
The Kinky Coo Coo's - Feel That Trick
The Cain and Beech Band - Slow Down
Gonzalo Brown - Fermentando la Mente

Urologist Phone Sex - August 3, 2008

2008-08-03 Length: 1s

Kiawe fought Dave and…Dave won. Yet somehow, that didn’t help him with the MILF’s. Obama shows his true political colors and Jon Stewart lets us down, twice. Keziah’s got a word for all you “Christians” out there. Never, never, never have phone sex with a Urologist. It won’t be pretty.

Get your tickets for the Makana Fundraiser at


Makana – Only You Abi Tapia – How It All Started Kalu James – War Outside Zuza Szewczyk – Beethoven’s Waldstein Sonata I Lika – Livin’ Like the Government Soweto – Honey Rider The Lampshades – Best That I Can

Jill's Grill Thrill - July 27, 2008

2008-07-27 Length: 1s

E-mail us here if you're entering the sneeze contest. We're waiting to see if Michael can take care of Jill's Grill, boyeeeee! Dave leaves the island, and sees New Jersey.  People with iPhones are losers.  It's time for school and Dave has a bleeder...literally.  Make sure you give your money where it should be given. Music: Eleni Mandell - Make Out King The Flyboys - I Couldn't Tell The Lamphsades - Girl From Another State Nas - Sly Fox Links:

Dave Hates The Swiss - July 20, 2008

2008-07-20 Length: 1s

Yes, it's the Award Winning Stuart Bedasso Show!  Glass half-empty or half-full?  You be the judge.  Dave hates the Swiss.  It's really that simple.

Here are the websites we were talking about:

And get your "Jesus is my Ese" t-shirt here:


The Lampshades - What's that Mean?
Lynus - Van Pelt
Makana - Different Game
Victoria Vox - Five, Four
Kalu James - Hurts
B-52's - Hot Corner

Jill's First Rodeo - July 13, 2008

2008-07-13 Length: 1s

We finally recap Jill's birthday party.  Dave has an unfortunate incident at a urinal and all of us find out just a little more information than necessary.  Jill remembers her first rodeo.  Here are the links to help out candidates:


Order of the White Rose - No Flags, No Masters
The Ginn Sisters - Ramblin Ones
KRS One - What's Your Plan?
Sloan - If I Could Change Your Mind
Maybe - Take Me As I Am
Emmanuel Jal - Vagina
Sex-O-Rama 2 - Bottoms Up
Samuel James - Love and Mumbly-Peg


Organic Pussy - July 6, 2008

2008-07-05 Length: 1s

We're back!  Stuart's got a broken heart, Jill's out of reach and Dave is...uh...Dave.  Dave's a humanist at heart, but also hearts Garbage Plates.  He's not a Muslim and he's not your savior...Barak Obama is just an ordinary politician - it's just the bar's so damn low now.  Keziah's got oil on the brain.  Organic pussy?


Max and the Marginalized - McCarthy's Medicine
Abi Tapia - The Easy Way
Billy Bragg - The Johnny Carcinogenic Show
Victoria Vox - Peeping Tomette
Was (not was) - Needletooth
Deborah Magone - Habit With You
Instiga - Senhorita
Hey Bulldog - The Meaning of Loyalty

Meet Roy Channing - June 22, 2008

2008-06-21 Length: 1s

Is Dave really a Craigslist stalker?  Get the latest on Jill's upcoming birthday bash.  What's that smell?  Is it a spark between Dave & Jill?  No, it's just Keziah's Fish of the Month Club.  And ladies and gentlemen, meet Roy Channing!


Walt Atkison - Blue Tattoo
Abi Tapia - Get It And Go
Lizzy the Lezzy - Episode 3: Single
Order of the White Rose - Resist Despair
Randall J. Rospond - Sweet Moments Sweeter
Sloan - All I Am is All You're Not
Malika Makouf Rassmussen - Lunda Street

Sexual Campaigning - June 15, 2008

2008-06-15 Length: 1s

Dave can't stop staring at Jill's chest.  Find out why.  How about a little sexual campaigning?  Marvin Gaye's turning in his grave.  Jill's birthday is coming up - shop now and avoid the rush.  How about a nice sock full of hot nickels upside your head?  Just tell Dave what a great guy he is and see what happens.  Keziah's a teacher!  And don't miss Episode 2 of Lizzy the Lezzy.


Butch Young - Dime Store Jesus
Jonathan Richman - The Lovers Are Here and They're Full of Sweat
Was (Not Was) - Crazy Water

Hillary Hangover - June 8, 2008

2008-06-08 Length: 1s

Dave has ants, and they're not in his pants.  He also has the solution for all of you suffering a Hillary Hangover (Jill & Stuart???).  Dave may be at the point where he needs a metal detector and dark socks.  Keziah thinks she's Emo, but she's just paying attention.  And Episode 1 of Lizzie the Lezzie.


Younglove - Underground
Emmanuel Jal - Forced to Sin
Sheedyfrost - In Aubeterre
Albert and Gage - Black Denim Trousers
Gonzalo Brown - Hermoso Hasta el Final
Duane Stephenson - Love is Calling

Anthony Pignataro's Smoking Jacket - June 1, 2008

2008-06-01 Length: 1s

We kill again with special guest Anthony Pignataro.  And speaking of death, Jill almost bites it on a kayak excursion.  We knew it - Anthony sleeps in satin, tartan PJ's.  Dave uses sweatshop immigrants to create his renewable energy.  It's not easy being green - ask Lupe who blew out a hammy creating electricity for the fridge.  If you're on Maui you don't want ice cream!  And Keziah' Korner is back in the hizz-ow.


Toots and the Maytals - Pressure Drop
Sex-O-Rama 2 - Stiffed
KRS-One - Money

Parking Lot of Love - May 25, 2008

2008-05-25 Length: 1s

If you're going to park in Jill's Parking Lot of Love, you better bring your banjo.  Dave busts out with the Venn Diagram of Hot Guys.  It's the Battle of the Lame-Ass High School Mascots and Dave non-violently wins.  Wanted:  Smoking Jacket and Slippers.  And it's time for local politics - clipboards make wonderful dogshields. Music: Venus Verse - Loving Arms Cowboy Johnson - Wish I Was Of Montreal - Feminine Effects Schuman the Human - Coming to Pieces Exile Parade - Superstar

Aerobic Class Tips - May 18, 2008

2008-05-17 Length: 1s

Keziah goes on a rampage!  Well, that's a little harsh, but we sure do wish she wouldn't worry her pretty little head about such things.  Just kidding.  Here's the link she's talking about. Jill's getting a piratey tattoo!  Aerobic class tips for all you newbies and Dave's trip to Kula.


Christine Albert - Chante-Moi
Lynus - PJ Soles
Instiga - Bastidores

Dave's Flagging Off - May 11, 2008

2008-05-10 Length: 1s

Dave admits that he flags off.  Even Reggie Jackson flags off.  Jill wants to beat up old women and children.  No word on her flagging habits.  Dave is down with the gays and the blacks.  Keziah jumps on the Nader Deathwatch bandwagon. 


B-52's - Pump
Billy Bragg - Mr. Love and Justice
Emmanuel Jal - Warchild
Kellye Gray - Take Five

GILF's! - May 4, 2008

2008-05-03 Length: 1s

Listen to this show if you don't want your ass in a sling...literally.  And Craigslist idiots: just because I used the word "ass" don't flag this.  Jeez!  The Stuart Bedasso Show gets noticed in a law student's paper.  Dave gets some fringe benefits at the new gig.  GILF's!  Companies are giving their phone rep jobs not to people in other countries, but to people in the ghetto.  Seems like a good thing, until you have to call them.  And GLB makes an unexpected contribution to the show.


Maureen McCormick - Just A Little Singin' Alone
King Benny Nawahi - May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii
Travis Raab - My Only Friend
Mombasa - Lately
Cripple Clarence Lofton - Strut That Thing
Willie K - North Shore Reggae Blues

Vanilla To The Bone - April 27, 2008

2008-04-26 Length: 1s

Keziah attracts bums like...uh...well, she really attracts bums.  Can you retroactively drink as an excuse for your behavior?  We examine such a high-brow topic.  Dave has it out with his students' parents.  It's as if the whole school's gone Bill O'Reilly on him.  And we take a fond look back at Yugoslavian Pop Music.  Seriously.  Music: Barbeque Bob - Chocolate to the Bone Max and the Marginalized - When Markets Do Their Thing Beatrix - Final Destination Melody Gardot - Love Me Like a River Does

Drunk Telegrams - April 20, 2008

2008-04-20 Length: 1s

Another long week for the Stuart Bedasso crew.   Dave wonders if you can still send telegrams - get ready for your drunk telegram, ladies.  Part 2 of our public service program on how to get chicks.  Let's all take a trip to the dump and write haiku's.  When is every day going to be Earth Day?


Public Enemy - By the Time I Get to Arizona
Othella Dallas - Help the Poor

How To Get Chicks - April 13, 2008

2008-04-13 Length: 1s

Whew...what a night.  Jill and Dave record a pretty decent show, then after she leaves, Dave discovers that the recording is unusable and has to re-do the show all over - by himself.  Don't fear, he tries to recreate all the hilarity that ensued.  We start our new weekly feature: How to Get Chicks (talk about the blind leading the blind), Dave's man-love for Vin Scelsa and an update of the presidential election.  Don't forget to brush your teeth, kids.


Melody Gardot - All That I Need Is Love
Max and the Marginalized - Teflon John
Beatrix - Sonora
Othella Dallas - Fever
Kevin Davis - Sleepless in Seattle
The Gardis - Just Like Me
Salt and Samovar - (Soon to Be the) Dust

Dave's A Bad Lesbian - April 6, 2008

2008-04-06 Length: 59s

Dave's not wishing Ralph Nader to die...he just wants to get on with his life and can't until Ralph is no more.  Jill and Stuart are out with food poisoning.  At first, Dave thought he was a College Girl, but it turns out he's just a bad lesbian - just like Keziah.  And we'll never get rid of Flem Flaman.

Now you can listen to TSBS right on our MySpace and Facebook pages!  Dig that!


Barefoot Natives - Ke Aloha A`u E Hali`a Nei
John Cruz - Island Style
Marty Dread - Closer To Her Heart
Holly Corcoran - Ave Maria
Kaleo Futuristo - Susie Q
Salt and Samovar - Swallowed A Pill
William Shatner - Common People
Liam Sullivan - No Booty Calls

Keziah Still in Hawaii - March 30, 2008

2008-03-30 Length: 1s

Jill's the talk of cybersapce!  She has offers from two swarthy studs who know what a good woman looks like.  Whom will she choose?  Kava turned out to be a dud, Keziah's dealing with peeing bums and Jill's enamored with the mullet.  Who isn't?  And check out the new shirts here.


Howie Newman - I'm Big in Belgium
Liam Sullivan - Text Message Breakup
Colquitt - Juliet's Last Breath

Keziah In Hawaii - March 16, 2008

2008-03-16 Length: 1s

Live, in studio...the lovely and talented Keziah!  Also in studio, the lovely and talented Jill.  And Dave.

Let's talk about urinals.  Seriously.  Pick up lines for chicks.  Tiger Beat rules.  Get well wishes to Anuhea.  And we mustn't forget - e-mail "Representative" Sally Kern and tell her what a douchebag she a respectful way, of course. 

For some reason, Dave has laminated pictures of Olivia Newton John in his shower.  Pass the body wash, please.


Sheedyfrost - Rum Daze
Liam Sullivan - Let Me Borrow That Top
Sally Kern & Whitee - I'm a Freakin Homophobe
Jim Donovan - Kuku

Margaret Cho & Dr. Shitpants - March 9, 2008

2008-03-09 Length: 1s

Jill and Dave just get back from seeing the goddess known as Margaret Cho. Dave also checked out some Joshua Redman as well, where he met his new nemesis Doctor Shitpants. Dave volunteers to help at Barryfest and gets unmercifully mocked by so-called do-gooders. Jill's becoming a pirate before our very eyes. Due to throat difficulties, Keziah's Korner will not be heard today, but next week...Keziah live, in studio!!!


Joshua Redman Trio - The Surrey With the Fringe On Top Skeleton Staff - Rude Marty Dread - Another Day in Paradise The Coasters - Along Came Jones

Midget Penises - March 1, 2008

2008-03-01 Length: 59s

This week, we didn't talk about anything.  We sure didn't talk about that guy and there's no way we talked about that chick.  So everyone can just chill the freak out. Dave figures out that musicians are flaky which is too bad, because we may start planning Jillfest soon.  Due to Dave's incompetence we had to tack on Keziah's Korner to the end of the show.  We didn't get to listen to it yet ourselves, but Dave overheard something about midget penises (seriously).  Here's the link to one of Dave's 900 internet crushes Violet Blue.  She rocks.

MC Frontalot - Goth Girls
Dick Gregory & Whitee - State of the Black Union
Steve Poltz - Hater's Union
Exile Parade - Fire Walk With Me
Barefoot Natives - All My Life

Reinventing The Happy Meal - February 24, 2008

2008-02-23 Length: 1s

Whoa!  If this show were a baby, it'd have been born breech.  We were supposed to have a musical guest - our first.  She had to cancel.  Then Jill got sick, leaving poor Dave to muddle through some kind of technical difficulty that makes the show sound like there's someone sitting next to the mic popping bubble wrap.  And yet, the show is fantabulous!  Dave seems to have one thing on his mind - and this time it ain't beer.  Keziah reinvents the Happy Meal.  We haven't drunk the Kool-Aid, but if Ralph's gotta run, we hope he does it right.  Hide the kids, Dave demonstrates how he flirts and it ain't pretty.


Evan Roman - I Married A Rapist
Ike & Whitee - The Military Industrial Complex
Robyn Hitchcock - Ole! Tarantula (live)
Ana Egge - In The Backseat
The Sleepers - Fix Your Stereo
Alberta Hunter - You Cant Tell The Difference After Dark
Jack Shit - Boney Was A Warrior

Songs About Underage Boys - February 19, 2008

2008-02-18 Length: 1s

It's raining stalkers!  Get your automated booty call right here - courtesy of the Stuart Bedasso Show and Johnny Kalama.  Jill and Will may not be sitting in a tree, but there's always room for Weird Al.  Mitt Romney's kids need to get their asses over to Iraq.  And Greg Palast is Stuart's new friend.  Why don't they write songs about underage boys?


Evan Roman - Goys
Sunnyland Slim - Be Careful How You Vote
The Coasters - What About Us
The Sleepers - Jailbait
Melanie Zipin - More a Part of You

Is It A Booty Call? - February 10, 2008

2008-02-10 Length: 1s

What's new Pussycat?  Ahhhhhhh, my chest hair's on fire!!!  You too can run your portable music device on knee power - if you weren't such a lazy bitch.  Ralph Nader is killing Dave.  Jill gets a possible booty call.  Keziah joins thousands of African-Americans by being disenfranchised at the voting booth.  Once again, The Stuart Bedasso Show fosters democracy - live!


Brand X - Drum Ddu
Evan Roman - Out
Melanie Zipin - Ocean Back to Me
Sheedyfrost - Shoes
Kanekoa - Following a Fool

Drag Queens And Brunch - February 3, 2008

2008-02-03 Length: 1s

We get political on your ass.  Obama & Hillary don't do anything for any of us...get down with Cynthia McKinney and Cindy Sheehan.  It's Super Bowl Sunday and we're hoping that this year, Snickers will turn you into a pedophile, or at least someone into nipple clamps.  Enjoy the debut of Johnny Kalama!  Jill makes her debut as a bouncer and busts up a vicious tobacco ring.  And as we all know...Dave is just one of the girls.  Drag queens and brunch...nothing like waffles and male Cher impersonators.


Melanie Zipin - No Second Guessin'
The Welfare Poets - The Killed Filberto
John McCutcheon - Hail to the Chief
Sheedyfrost - Hard Day
Blacc Dove - Mother Earth

Big Grill, Big Penis - January 27, 2008

2008-01-27 Length: 59s

Stalkers, stalkers, everywhere.  Dave has a stalker at his radio gig.  Jill has a new friend, who is not yet a stalker.  Dave meets a fellow fan of the band FM.  It's a small world after all.  The show has moved into a new studio (Dave's apartment).  The beer's closer and that all that counts.  And who needs a big penis if you have a big grill.

It's coming up on The Stuart Bedasso Show's one year anniversary and we have over 9500 downloads!  Thank you for helping us make this so enjoyable!

John McCutcheon - Let's Pretend
The Sawyer Davis Project - Brother, Brother
The Welfare Poets - For These Times
Sinsiter Grin - On and On
Kathy Collins - Tutu's Lucky Machine
Pink Martini - Dosvedanya Mio Bambino

My Dead Gay Uncle - January 21, 2008

2008-01-20 Length: 59s

Dave's flying solo this week, so the focus was on the music.  Dave talks about his dead gay Uncle and dead not gay Sam the Butcher.  And here's the link to help with Jill Sobule's next record.  The whole gang will be back next week.

Malika Makouf Rasmussen - Mon Regard
Colquit - A Plague on Both Your Houses
The Sawyer Davis Project - Wanna Song
Pink Martini - Hey Eugene!
Jake Holmes - A Credible Threat
Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3 - (A Man's Gotta Know His Limitations) Briggs
Dream Aria - 11th Hour
Beata Golec - Toccata for Piano Solo
Mojo Chunk - Mojo Roaster
Kellye Gray - If You Never Come to Me
Fina Dupa - Club del Soul

Goodbye Crazy Johnny - January 13, 2008

2008-01-13 Length: 1s

Well, turns out we don't make friends that easily.  Listen to two chicks chatting over coffee - as usual.  It's the thrilling conclusion to as story we all have heard before: boy meets girl, boy scares girl, boy pisses off boy, boy loses boy. 

Jill and Dave review The US Constitution Erotic Coloring Book.  And they may have a sequel in mind.

Keziah goes down on the farm and ends up with a bunch of soggy, crying models.  Sounds like Dave's dream date.  And there's good Keziah news, too!


Ana Egge - Lazy Day
Ludwig Van - The Empty Walk
Bisco Mondal - Early to Bed
Kanekoa - Fish in a Barrel

Johnny The Crazy Stalker - January 6, 2008

2008-01-06 Length: 1s

[UPDATE: Initially we had the address to Jill's stalker's MySpace Page.  Well, he threw a fit and I need to get paid to deal with children's tantrums so we took it off]

We review another review.  Keziah's not European, she's not Jewish, sheeeeee's....Biblical!

We go from watching Oprah, to praying to Oprah, to Mike Huckabee and other fundamentalists. 

Jill has homework...and it's sexy!!!


Cindy Lee Berryhill - Bars, Booze and Boysclubs
Mojo Chunk - 2 Floors Down
Kathy Collins - Lessons for Tourists

Magic Chocolates - December 26, 2007

2007-12-25 Length: 1s

The gang's all here!  This week we record from Rochester.  Keziah, Mike & Erick and even Jill.  We start off with the Hoff and go to Englebert's brother Darryl.  Then, we touch Jill's Spot, though she may not feel it for a while.  It's Chocolatey Goodness on The Stuart Bedasso Show.  And we revisit Keziah's internet debut with some guy's ass.

Kalu James - Miles
Deborah Harry - You're Too Hot

Dave's Drunk E-mails - December 16, 2007

2007-12-16 Length: 59s

Jill lives on both sides of the law - Jury Duty and a bar fight.  It's Keziah's birthday, Dave wasn't going to go shopping for her present, but it looks like he's going to have to, now.  It's his funeral.  Wanted: an assistant for Dave to stop him from sending drunk e-mails. 


Jake Holmes - Prep School Boys
Legendary Shack Shakers - Swampblood
Colquit - Crying Wolf

Name Jill's Spot - December 9, 2007

2007-12-09 Length: 1s

It's audience participation time! We need you to name Jill's Spot. Take that any way you want. Details are on the podcast. We touch on the writer's strike, figure out how to say Jill Sobule's name (kinda), participate in the battle of the 'Marts, and Jill has Jury Duty. Unfortunately, they haven't gone into deliberation yet so no juicy details, but it's a nice teaser.

If you have a name for Jill's Spot, you can e-mail it to bedasso23 at yahoo dot com...or through MySpace if you must.


Jill Sobule - We Are The Writers
Ludwig Van - Ted Bundy
Yeasayer - 2080
Cindy Lee Berryhill - When Did Jesus Become a Republican
Cornel West and KRS One - Mr. President

Pussy Power - December 2,, 2007

2007-12-01 Length: 1s

Jill's new buddy is Alanis Morrisette.  Both Dave and Keziah need cockblockers (though not necessarily for the same reasons).  Man-Oh-Man, could I go for some shrimp from Long John Silver's!  Watch out for that Pussy Power, it'll getcha every time!  Warning: this week's show is not safe for the kiddies.

A little bit of music this week:

Peppie & Gippy Cooke - Molukai Nui A Hina
Derek from Soapbox - Holy Man

Reviewing The Review - November 25, 2007

2007-11-24 Length: 1s

Jill's puking and Keziah's tweaking and this leaves Dave podcasting.  He reviews the review, sees a salsa "band" and is immersed in the Maui art scene...well, sort of.  You are being watched, whether you like it or not, so you may as well get off your ass and do something about it.


Jake Holmes - Mission Accomplished
Public Enemy - Frankenstar
Yeasayer - Sunrise
Clyde "Kindy" Sproat - Adios Ke Aloha
Nellie McKay - Identity Theft
Cornel West and BMWMB - America (400 years)
Hooch - Shake the Blues Away

Jill Gets Pursejacked - November 18, 2007

2007-11-18 Length: 1s

Jill gets pursejacked - a year's supply of drinking receipts and bad condoms for all to see.  Or at least a creepy admirer.  It seems that we have our own Tucker on Maui.  Keziah gets hit on by yet another dumb straight guy...isn't that how she and Dave met?


Micah Wolf - Burden
Vic Sadot - Mad Cowboy Disease
Uncle Dirty - Locals Only

Dave's Radio Stalker - November 11, 2007

2007-11-11 Length: 1s

As Jill basks in the glow of...uh...glowing, Keziah almost catches on fire...literally.  But her stuff is OK and that's all that matters.  Dave goes to a "luau" at the VFW and isn't brandished a traitor.  You deserve your Chinese toys as much as Dave deserves his new radio stalker.  The Krinkles rule and they're finally on The Stuart Bedasso Show!  Rejoice!


The Freakin Krinkles - Dirty Girl
Group X - I Just Want Bang, Bang, Bang
Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3 - Ole! Tarantula
Nellie McKay - Mother of Pearl
Public Enemy - Escapism

Corky's Revolution - November 4, 2007

2007-11-03 Length: 1s

For a second straight week we tried to play The Krinkles and the wrong song came on.  It could be the communists.  Jill's new-found activism sends someone to the brink of suicide.  Read the article as Corkys revolt!  Dave talks about his hypnosis and doesn't cluck like a chicken.  It rains in Kihei!  Save the Geckos!


Not The Krinkles
Eric Schwartz - The Beelzebub Rag
Deborah Harry - Two Times Blue
Erin Smith - For Pete's Sake
John Teleska - Jelly Bean Jive
Ethan Lipton and His Orchestra - Pirates of the Heart

Sleeping With The Quesadillas - October 28, 2007

2007-10-27 Length: 1s

Even though Dave called Kanekoa "butt ugly" they still love us.  They put the audio of our review of their show on their MySpace Page.  Pretty cool.  In the year 3000, Dave will have a big penis and Jill will have straight hair.  Can't wait!  Keziah ends up in bed with Quesadillas.  Quesadillas win.  But she fulfills one of Dave's fantasies by becoming a "Bad, Bad Nanny".  Nude beaches and firewalkers are fine and dandy, but if you touch Jill's boobs you'll get a world of hurtin.


Casino - Floorshaker
Unknown song that we can't figure out
The Atomic Swindlers - Intergalactic Lesbian Love Song
Erin Smith - One of the Boys

Hal Goes Bagpipe - October 21, 2007

2007-10-20 Length: 1s

Here is the link to Keziah's photography.  Enjoy!

It seems that our buddy Hal went Bagpipe on us.  Wanna know what that means?  You'll have to listen to the show.  And you can't swear on stage in Maui, but you sure can on the Stuart Bedasso Show, God Damn It!  We have Camel Toe and Scared Bunnies for all you freaks out there.


The Atomic Swindlers - Empty Girl
Autumn Lost - Home
The Krinkles - I Want You
Kanekoa - Ever Since

Get Your Dirty Underwear! - October 14, 2007

2007-10-14 Length: 1s

This week Stuart's off hunting pig and Jill's been hunting mice. vewy qwiet...

Keziah's doing her best for the Malaysia.  If she has so much dirty underwear laying around, she's actually an internet millionaire (see previous references to internet wampum).

Ho! Ho! Ho!  There's Christmas shit in the stores so we give a quick guide to holiday gift giving.  Don't forget Dafna's for all your Jew needs.


Hal The Piper - Amazing Grace
Ann Magnuson - Hey There Little Miss Pussy Pants
David Martinez - Can't Find You
Kanekoa - Bustin' Rock

Ass Found Her - October 7, 2007

2007-10-06 Length: 1s

Here is the link for the raffle to win a trip for 2 to Maui.  And if you win the trip from going to it from this site you also get to be on the show.  Jill says we force you to be on the show, but we hope that doesn't stop you from entering.

We send some more love to some music friends, though maybe not the love they were looking for, but you folks in England can stop e-mailing Dave now.

Keziah wasn't out looking for ass (at least not that kind), but ass found her. 


Mavis Staples - Down in Mississippi
Black Square - Answering Machine
The Red Button - Can't Stop Thinking About Her
Ann Mangnuson - Full of Fuck

Gay Nanny's Club - September 30, 2007

2007-09-30 Length: 1s

Stuart's still running from OJ so we had to go on without him, but Jill and Keziah are back.  Keziah with another episode of Keziah's Korner and Jill with her rebelling liver.  Keziah's started the Gay Nanny's Club and Dave follows a Gay African on the air.  Did Dave lose a friend because of The Stuart Bedasso Show?  We look at Bill O'Reiley's take on black folks and The War Criminal's hypocrisy about Burma.  They got us...we play another song from Sheedyfrost.


Eric Schwartz - Clinton Got a Blowjob
Sheedyfrost - War of Words
The Raw McGillys - Long, Long Day
Nervous But Excited - Wishlist
The Red Button - Cruel Girl

Don't Vote For Vagina - September 23, 2007

2007-09-23 Length: 1s

This week it's just Dave and all his friends.  Stuart is still on the run - OJ's out on bail, Jill's in the fetal position and Keziah's brain hurts.  You gotta check out Hot Chicks with Douchebags.  It's slim pickens for Greens on Maui.  Just because someone has a vagina, doesn't mean you have to vote for her.  Suck is suck.  Now we're in the Facebook nation.  It's MySpace without the bling.  Great freakin new music this week...


Black Square - Songs Don't Seem the Same
Luan Parle - Free
Sisters Grimm - Stoney Lonesome 2
The Moons - Wondering
Laura Cheadle - Lay Me Down
The Cain and Beesh Band - Waikiki
Cherri Capri and the Martini Kings - Creamy Cocktail

Fresh Off The Boat - September 16, 2007

2007-09-15 Length: 1s

That's right, Boys! The line forms here! Both Dave and Keziah are sick, but Jill claims her invulnerability to disease. And Stuart was held up by OJ!!! Ain't no cure for that. Get your Black Panther Hot Sauce. Jill and Dave go the mall to talk about Jill's new crush - OMG! Dave's fresh off the boat, and Jill makes sure he knows it.


Anuhea - Endlessly Mexican Cession - The Drinking Song Whitee - Building a Movement Trevor R. Todd - Hey Kids Kermit Ruffins - Honey Chile Public Enemy - Revolution

How To Recognize a Drag Queen - September 9, 2007

2007-09-09 Length: 1s

What a show!  First, as we were just about to finish up, the laptop freezes and we lost everything.  So, Jill and Dave had to re-do the whole show while retaining its creamy goodness.  Mission accomplished! After listening to this week's Keziah's Korner, Dave rejoices as he's finally gone to a better party than K.  Dave, Jill (and Keziah) work through Dave's inability to recognize a drag queen.  Jill and her pal, Eileen Downe create havoc at an airport.  You may understand airlines a bit better after this.  Dave blogs his way into trouble.  Jill Digs Jesus and method acting.  Confused?  You won't be after this episode of...TSBS. Music: Lovechild - Out of Body Jim Stephens and Team Flash - Jesus on the Mainline Trevor R. Todd - Creepy Jesus Figurine

The Gay Sex Show - September 2, 2007

2007-09-02 Length: 59s

GAY SEX!  Are you paying attention now?  We talk about Larry Craig and his having to hide is gayness.  Larry, you're gay...and it's OK.  And on that, just as Jill decides not to be a slut, Dave declares that we're not having enough sex.  Go figure.  A challenge to Sheedyfrost fans.  Dave accidentally gives the finger to the FCC.  And "little bastards"...can't live with 'em, pass the beer nuts.


Jim Stephens and Team Flash - Keep On
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Fetish
Mexican Cession - Amnesia Girl
Kill Henry Sugar - Kill That Guy

America's Best Bar Fights - August 26, 2007

2007-08-25 Length: 1s

What's the big deal here?  This week on Keziah's Korner, Keziah makes out with two women in one evening and blames alcohol.  Aaaaannnndddd?????

Dave's Aunt is feeling old and she's taking the rest of us with her.  Shopping at outlet stores is hot, so hot.  Maui has no Green Party....this is a job for Greenman!

Jill let's us know about the creepy, crawly things in Maui and she's about to become rich with her new video series, America's Best Bar Fights.

Oh, and if you want to listen to Dave's shift on Manao Radio, Friday, August 31st, 8pm - Midnight, Hawaiian Time.  You can listen here.


Robyn Hitchcock - Adventure Rocket Ship
The Bastard Fairies - Apple Pie
Jill Sobule - Letting Go of God
Doug and the Slugs - Just Another Case

Dave Was In The Pool - August 19, 2007

2007-08-18 Length: 1s

Another great show with more guests...Jill's back once again and this time
Robert Blackburn, from Blackdog Recording Studio joins the show.  Robert and Dave tell us about the Road to Hana and Dave's accidental flashing...but it's OK because he "was in the pool!"  We also ran through a list of all the famous people - dead and alive who have land on Maui.  Keziah's Korner was another hard-hitting Stuart Bedasso exclusive and Dave backed it up with more info.  Call those Representatives! 


The Apples in stereo - Energy
Fishbone - Ghetto Soundwave
Anuhea - I Just Want You Around
The Dollyrots - A Desperate SOS

The Deadly Owl - August 12, 2007

2007-08-11 Length: 1s

This week's show featured Jill, once again.  We revisited hippies (and Dave was deemed a mean one).  We also talked Jill's near-death experience with an owl...or a car window.  And she has funky dreams.  You should hear about the ones she didn't talk about on the air.  We also touched on the craze that is sweeping Russia - the 100m high-heeled dash.  There's seat covers then there's "The Hover".  Which do you do?  And this week on Keziah's Korner - Keziah & Caleb go see Daft Punk.

We also try to help our new friend James get one million MySpace friends.  James is a kid in the UK with Leukaemia.  You can get to James' space through our page or his. 


The ReBirth Brass Band - Rollin
Jenn Wertz - Little Girl Solidarity Song
Southpaw Jones - Hot So Hot
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - ACDC
Domenicer - Pornstar Like Traci Lords (the remix)

Jill's Debut - August 5, 2007

2007-08-05 Length: 1s

Keziah's back!!!  Well, sort of.  We're still working out a bunch of technical stuff (damn you, Time Warner), but in the meantime, Keziah's become our own Andy Rooney.  But we're calling the pre-recorded segment Keziah's Korner.  Get it? 

We also had a special guest this week - Jill from Dafna's in Paia, Hawaii.  We talked about her store, local scams in Maui and the big topic - Hippies.  Yep...John Lennon sang "Woman is the Nigger of the World".  Well, "Hippies are the Niggers of Maui".  Not quite as poetic...and Women and Black folks don't choose those demographics whereas hippies...anyway, check it out.

Milton - God and Money
Jill Sobule - Blue Train (live)
David Gerald - Stay
The Affections - Get it for You
Gaucho Gil - The War is Going Well

Live From Maui - July 29, 2007

2007-07-29 Length: 1s

Our first show from Maui.  Dave's in a tropical "paradise" on his own.  He talks about the meaning of paradise and some strange quirks about Maui.  Why would anyone spend thousands of dollars to come to Hawaii to dance in a crappy disco to the same crappy music you could dance to at home?  Hawaiians love speed bumps and the gecko.  The Hillary vs. Obama lame-off continues.  And it's time for another edition of Presidential Polyps.  Make sure you get the home version.  Hillary has boobies.  Uh...hooray?  But Dave has a better story about Congressional Boobies...which leads him to thoughts of a Clinton / Slaughter oil wrestling match.  Not pretty. Music: Thrill Racer - Class Conscious Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad - On the Moon The Dollyrots - Hysteria Kill Henry Sugar - Wildest Dreams Public Enemy - Psycho of Greed Dream Kitchen - Fossil Fuel Wonderlick - This Song is a Commercial Blind Boys of Alabama - Dimming of the Day

Laser Tag Porn - July 18, 2007

2007-07-18 Length: 1s

This week's show was recorded in Portland, Oregon.  Our special guest was multimedia adventurer, Tanner Parsons (also Dave's Brother-in-Law).  The guys went to play laser tag tonight and an 80's porn almost broke out.  They may have been a cheesy mustache away.  Dave talked about his encounter with a so-called left-wing talk show...they actually called him a murderer...hypocrites. Dave and Tanner talked about education - the actual day-to-day stuff.  Then we talked about Tanner's book, Mr. Parson's Presents All The Three Letter Words and Tanner's upcoming movie, Film, The Movie.


Kalu James - Austin Bound
Sheedyfrost - I Will Be With You
BusBoys - Must Be Saturday Night
Swamp Candy - Rosie
The Naturals - Think That I

Long Live Cockfighting - July 11, 2007

2007-07-12 Length: 1s

Today's word is fear.  AM radio does nothing but try to scare you to death with their commercials and PSA's, so we thought we would help them out a bit with our own.  Long live cockfighting - and one of us seems to be a bit more literal than the rest.  Some guy with no life protested his favorite team losing all the time.  Dave is OK with Michael Moore - for now.  We went back in time to read an essay written by Michael in 11th grade.

Music (the all-Rochester show):

The Lobster Quadrille - Tailypo demo
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad - Burkima Faso
The Capitals - Popstar
The Deborah Magone Band - One Love
Walt Atkison - Ra Cha Cha
Wild Geese - Back to the Boozer

Live From The Sports Page - July 4, 2007

2007-07-05 Length: 1s

{Note to self:  If you're going to record the show at a bar, edit & upload the show before you start drinking}

A first for The Stuart Bedasso Show. We recorded at The Sports Page, a bar in Rochester, NY.  We thought about getting some of the patrons on the show, but a hungover Erick was way more entertaining.  Dave wants to set his stuff on fire every time something goes wrong - like Scott Proctor.  And a quick note - nuclear energy is not renewable or safe.  It's not an appropriate replacement for fossil fuels.  Eating contests befuddle us.  And Dave's not as old as he's been feeling.

OK's time to get off our collective butts.  This whole Bush administration thing has gotten out of hand.  You must call your Representative and tell him or her to start working on Articles of Impeachment for both Bush & Cheney.  It cannot wait until they get out of office in 2009.  No more waiting make the call and they get it going.  Top left corner is a place to put your zip code in to find your representative.  They're on vacation so call their local office.  Do it NOW.


Precious Bryant - Don't Mess Up A Good Thing
Kill Henry Sugar - Puerto Rican Day Parade
PlasmaGora - The Pauper
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Riddles
The Dollyrats - Because I'm Awesome
The Vacancies - Below Merlot

Nigerian Masturbation - June 27, 2007

2007-06-27 Length: 1s

As Stuart sits in a Pennsylvania jail, we tackle the real issues:  Nigerian Masturbation. (Wow, they pulled the article from the web already)  To do this we introduce our newest buddy:  Jack Puentes of the Organization of Nigerians Against Nocturnal Individual Sexual Manipulation  We also spanked the alleged immigration problem and talked about...The Secret.  Well, it's not a secret anymore.

Our special guest was Jason Nabewaniec of the Green Party.  We got a little bit of inside information on the show (more off-air) on what's happening with the next Green Presidential candidate.  Check it out.

Kill Henry Sugar - Tammany Hall
Shannon McNally - The Worst Part of a Broken Heart
Loudon Wainwright III - Good Ship Venus
The Morning Stars - Steal My Love
Too Much Joy - King of Beers

Traci Lords Rocks In Hawaii - June 20, 2007

2007-06-20 Length: 1s

Keziah's gone walk-about leaving the guys to do the show.  If she's going to do the show from Maryland she's going to have to change the way she smells.  Dave's getting ready for Hawaii by having a garage sale and horror abounds.  One guy flapjacked for his stock.  Spam rocks in Hawaii and we're pretty sure so did Traci Lords at one point.  Michael shows the world just how much he loves his brother - by signing him up for more internet spam than one person can handle.


Thought - Nobody
Extra Action Marching Band - Fat Sexy Guy Dance
Golem - Stick It!
Domenicer - Pornstar Like Traci Lords
Robert Cray - I'd Rather Be A Wino

Third Wave Feminism - June 13, 2007

2007-06-13 Length: 1s

Every day is Cheese Day in Monroe.  Don't believe us?   Listen to the show.  You'll also catch our take on Third Wave Feminism,  recap of creepy guys hitting on Keziah at the Peechy Neachys show and we know the Department of Justice is watching us.  Mike mooned them, but it didn't show up on the audio.  Keziah has a special Happy Birthday message for Dave's Mom.  Don't miss it.

Rudy Burkhalter - Cheese Day in Monroe
The Morning Stars - All Coming Down
Wonderlick - When She Took Off Her Shirt
Ethan Lipton and His Orchestra - Hit It
Colin Hay - Are You Looking at Me

Bye-bye, Boo.

Lucifer Curling - June 6, 2007

2007-06-06 Length: 1s

It's the return of Papi!  No, not David Ortiz.  Michael Rodriquez!  As he flirted with Keziah (I think he knows she's gay), we wished a Happy Birthday to Gay Lover Brad.  And as his birthday is 6/6/66, he is the Spawn of Satan and will open the earth and swallow us all.  Good times.  And the sport of curling is the official sport of Lucifer.  Go figure.  We talked a little porn, a little copyright law and Dave's stalking Vin Scelsa.  And there's 2 bonus seconds of show!

And we only have one more show to tell you - meet the crew of The Stuart Bedasso Show this Saturday, June 9th at The Bug Jar in Rochester at the corners of Monroe and South Union.  Ehhhhh, we should be there by 10pm.  We'll be there for the comeback show of our pals, The Pietchze Nietchees.  See you there.

Sheedyfrost - Here's To You
Ethan Lipton and His Orchestra - Girl From The Renaissance Faire
Peachy Neachys - So Cool
Whitee - Stumpy The Ho

Long Live Cindy Sheehan - May 30, 2007

2007-05-30 Length: 1s

Our dedication to Cindy Sheehan.  F-The Man!  We finally get to honoring our mothers - Fool.  Though Keziah's honoring isn't something you'd find on a Hallmark card.  You can get a FREE Whitee CD - listen up and find out how.  There's some big changes coming with the show - we're not sure what they are, but we'll find out soon enough. You can still vote for us to get a shot at a show on public radio.  Go to and get us in! Music: Peechie Neechies - Fuck the Man Fishbone - Jack Ass Brigade The Capitals - Closer Mr. T - Treat Your Mother Right Whitee - Sexmom

Shampoo Gives You Manboobs - May 23, 2007

2007-05-23 Length: 1s

Shampoo gives you manboobs!  It could be Johnny Vagina's Kryptonite.  Keziah calls the Medical Psychic Hotline...her poor pancreas.  Hillary, Hillary, Hillary.  You're lame and so are the rest of the Democrats.  Go third party or stay home, folks.

Don't forget to vote for The Stuart Bedasso Show to get us a crack at a show on National Public Radio.  Go to

Extra Action Marching Band - Mangina
Lovechild - Headlights
Fishbone - Party With Saddam
Jill Sobule - Hot in Here
Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm Ready to be Heartbroken
Too Much Joy - Take a Lot of Drugs

Bondage In A Box - May 16, 2007

2007-05-16 Length: 1s

Last week...chaos.  This OK...well, at least no chaos. We celebrated our 1000th download, and talked about our upcoming public appearances.  Ding, Dong, Jerry Falwell's Dead.  Crazy, gay-hating Italians and how Salman Rushdie fights for their right to party.  Not ready for AA yet?  Then how about some flask sandals!  Buy Bondage-in-a-Box...from the makers of Mouthwhore-in-a-Drawer.

Musical Selections:
Dred Zepplin - I Can't Quit You Baby
Jodelle - All Save One
Sloan - Everybody Wants You
Eric Schwartz - Clinton Got A Blowjob
Pietzsche Neatchy - Georgia Guidestones

Go and vote for The Stuart Bedasso Show to get a pilot on National Public Radio! Vote for them at Rush, darling, rush!

Used Panties - May 11, 2007

2007-05-11 Length: 1s

Not much political about this show! Keziah's brother, Caleb joins the show and chaos ensues...which is pretty much normal. Erick was talking to Zelda Cocktostensen and now she's gone. What happened? Find out on The Stuart Bedasso Show (hint: we don't think she's laying in a ditch with a blind bird). We may be going to hell, but the guy who found our show looking for used panties is going first. Save us a seat, Dude! Joining Panty-Arab-Boy on the bus to hell are all the skanks who signed the petition to keep the Queen Skank out of the hole. And the Maestro played:

The Its - Girls Kick Ass
Whitee - She Called Me Buddy
The Bastard Fairies - We're All Going to Hell (get it?)
Jenn Wertz - Shotgun
Dred Zepplin - Heartbreaker

HOLY CRUD!!! Go and vote for The Stuart Bedasso Show to get a pilot on National Public Radio! Vote for them at Go! Now! What are you waiting for??!!?!

Foxy GILF's - May 2, 2007

2007-05-02 Length: 1s

Dave and Erick bring you music, courtesy of MySpace!  Yep, MySpace.  A few bands that have contacted the show that wanted their music on our show and we delivered.  We also talked about the Democrats' debate from last week, sexy 60-year-olds and why Dave has trouble listening to Rush.  Samuel L. Jackson could come looking for Erick and Dave tells a story about the worst movie ever made. UPDATE:  The worst movie ever made was Death in Venice.  If it were up to Dave it would have been Murder in Venice. Music on this week's show: CinWaves - Philo Beddoe's Dream Simple Mission - See It Now Rizorkestra - High On The Mountain The Moaners - Foxy Brown AJ Croce - I'm With You

What Is Flapjacking? - April 25, 2007

2007-04-25 Length: 1s

The evilness known as I-tunes, Keziah goes to a pro-choice rally...and gets the finger, what the heck is Flapjacking and why was that guy doing it on a baseball field, Dave's Ghetto Pass gets revoked and used panties = internet wampum.

[updated] The crew of The Stuart Bedasso Show will be at The Bug Jar, in Rochester on Saturday, June 9th to help celebrate the return of our friends Pietzsche Neatchy  and their new CD.  If you want to see what shirts Keziah, Erick & Dave will be wearing, go here. Heck, you can even get your own!

Music for this week:

Sloan - Who Taught You to Live Like That
The Moaners - I Think I Love You
Pietzsche Neatchy - Blank
Moby & Public Enemy - Make Love Fuck War

We've Got Your Tax Returns Right Here - April 18, 2007

2007-04-18 Length: 1s

Part II of Brian's Visit...Dave's Dad makes a triumphant return to the show before he heads off to balmy Arizona.  TSBS may be the only show that doesn't talk about the Virginia Tech incident.  We thought you could use a break.  We do talk about how much stuff we all have and how happy it makes us.  The article Dave refers to can be found here.  Keziah looks like the chick from Work Out while Dave looks like some guy who works at a gas station.  Want a new way to get an extension for your tax returns?  Listen up, but you better drink a lot of beer first.   Then there's music! Gaucho Gil - The Ballad of Gaucho Gil Eleni Mandell - Say Goodbye Jerry Gibbens - Burn it Down The Moaners - Shrew (accoustic) Colin Hay - What Would Bob Do?

We Got Dem Nappy Hoes - April 11, 2007

2007-04-11 Length: 1s

Nappy Hoes, Nappy Hoes, everyone's talking about those Nappy Hoes.  We do, too.  And we have a special guest - Brian, aka Dave's Dad!  We talked about the dry humpfest called the Shakira/Beyonce video.  There's nothing like porn at the gym.  And what is the deal with VH1?  Now they're comparing guy-celebrity packages?!!?  And there's exclusive music that you're not going to hear anywhere else from Colin Hay! Colin Hay - This Time I Got You Josh Weinstein - Scared White Men Gaucho Gil - Holiday Inn Golem - The Rent Bryan Ferry - The Cruel Ship's Captain Call your Representatives! Get funding for the Iraqi invasion stopped! Your Senators Your Congressperson

How To Get Chicks - April 5, 2007

2007-04-05 Length: 1s

A day late, but not a dollar short.  Dave sucked it up and despite illness, the gang turned in a stellar performance.  The Fonz does sex ed, New Paltz Mayor, Jason West, shows us how it's done.  We also touch upon the hypocrisy of our elected officials.  We warned you and now they're here - new "bits" exclusive to TSBS!  As a public service, Keziah explains what a guy really needs to do to get and keep a woman...and it's not pretty. Music: Marc Maron - Political Action Jodelle - Rabbit Cage Colin Hay - Just Don't Believe You Any More Michelle Hotaling - You Shoulda Abi Tapia - The Way to My Heart We'll keep telling your "representatives" and tell them to do whatever it takes to bring our troops home. Your Senators Your Congressperson

We Love You Philipina - March 28, 2007

2007-03-28 Length: 1s

A lot of "issues" came up this week.  Keziah had jury duty and drunk e-mailed someone's difficult for her to say she likes someone so Erick and Dave helped her out.  Tony Snow's cancer is back.  That's bad.  But what's worse for Dave is that his replacement is a hottie.  Another hottie who lies to him.  Did you know you can legally hit anyone with a postal truck?  Dave's creepy so it makes sense that he guilted Keziah into going out with the guys this weekend rather than picking up straight girls in bars.  Oh Philipina, we all love you!  I mean, like you.  We also played amazing stand-up from Marc Maron.  Those dicks at Air America should never be forgiven for canceling Morning Sedition.

Music by:

Gaucho Gil - The War is Going Well
Southpaw Jones - Protest Song
Jill Sobule - Under the Disco Ball
Wonderlick - We Run the World (mix 2)
Marc Maron - Lower Your Expectations and Getting High Without Drugs

Holy Crap!  The bill rumbling through our government for a timetable to bring the troops home isn't binding!  Call your representative today!!!

Your Senators
Your Representative

Huey Lewis Is For Retards - March 21, 2007

2007-03-21 Length: 1s

Well enough of this vagina talk.  Tonight we tackle the penis.  Make sure you have your cup.  Welcome to everyone listening to the show on All WNY Radio.  The Stuart Bedasso Show is now syndicated!  We talk about former Green Presidential candidate, David Cobb and his view on guns.  We also discuss Dancing with the Retards, Heather Mills and prosthetics.  And speaking of retards...Huey Lewis is the retarded Bruce Springsteen.  Music: Roy Rogers - Cleaning My Rifle, But Dreaming of You Southpaw Jones - The Last Remaining Beatle Eleni Mandell - Can't You See I'm Soulful Too Much Joy - That's A Lie Camera Obscura - If Looks Could Kill Reitmo Seis - Pa Lante y Sin Miedo Keep up those calls to your representatives - stop funding the war in Iraq and bring our troops home: Your Senators Your Representative

Bratz Are Whores - March 14, 2007

2007-03-14 Length: 1s

Erick, Michael, Keziah and Dave all in the house tonight.  Keziah had a run-in with a bill collector - Dave accidentally turned it into a racial/species matter.  Watch out for Indian Ducks!  The Bush family can't dance, but neither can most of our crew.  If you've never seen Pants Off Dance Off, get ready for an interesting explanation.  Fat Chicks on the Food Channel raise Dave's cholesterol and Keziah called Michael's cute grandaughter a whore and Bratz are to blame! Music: Will Hoge - The Man Who Killed Love Public Enemy - Revolution The Deborah Magone Band - One World Gregory Paul - It Takes One to Know One Stop the funding of war and bring our troops home!  Call your representatives: Your Senators Your Congressperson Don't forget...Stuart Bedasso & Johnny Vagina gear and Keziah wants you to be our Myspace Buddy.

Dry Drag Show - March 7, 2007

2007-03-07 Length: 1s

All this vagina talk is turning into a theme.  This week featured a discussion about Dave's new "I (heart) female orgasms" shirt and how it went over at the Vagina Monologues as well as the dry Drag Show, which Dave and Keziah attended.  There's nothing sadder than a Drag Show without alcohol, except being "the old guy in the club" without alcohol and at a drag show.  Erick's sad attempt at a geography lesson shows us all that reading is fundamental.  We also continued the discussion about going into a voting booth without an open mind.  And there was music...

Kalu James - The Way I Feel
AJ Croce - Time Will Tell
Robert Cray - Fantasized
The Affections - Green Eggs and Ham
Lil Markie - Diary of an Unborn Child
Bakra Bata - I Shall Be Released

We're still at your representatives to tell them to stop funding the war in Iraq.  It is the ONLY way to stop the insanity!
Your Senators
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Don't forget...Stuart Bedasso & Johnny Vagina gear and Keziah wants you to be our Myspace Buddy.

I Love Female Orgasms - February 28, 2007

2007-02-28 Length: 1s

Part two of the Vagina Show.  More interviews with local folks involved with the Vagina Monologues.  A little talk about Ethnicity.  Erick Rodriguez came out of the closet as a German and Dave professed his love for hot chicks with accordions.  After you listen to Golem, you will, too.  We decided that V-Day should become a national holiday...get your greeting cards!  More V-Day interviews!  I love female orgasms, you love female orgasms, we all love female orgasms!  Find out how you can show it on this week's show.

We played:
Josh Weinstein - Stuck in the Tall Grass
Golem - Mazel
Fishbone - One Planet People
Golem - Golem Hora
The Aquanettas - Love With the Proper Stranger

Have you called your Representatives yet?  Tell them to stop funding the war in Iraq!
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It's Johnny Vagina - February 21, 2007

2007-02-21 Length: 1s

A show of firsts!  The first "live" appearance of Michael Rodriguez, the first taped interview played on the show and the first time the Bedasso crew gets sophmoric...we knew it had to come sometime.  Turns out Keziah is Anna Nicole Smith's baby daddy.  Also, Dave's real name is Johnny Vagina.  We talked about upcoming productions of the Vagina Monologues  - Dave is volunteering and Keziah has a "beef" with Eve Ensler.  Because we're all so simple-minded...Eve Ensler turned into a discussion about the possibility of Eva Mendes being gay, then our own "who would you do" session.  And beware of the dreaded Snickers Roofie!  Oh right, there was actually music played as well:

Walt Atkison - Cadillac Hotel   
Deborah Magone - Cookin 
Whitee - Tin of Love 

Don't forget to contact your representatives to tell them to stop the funding for the war in Iraq!
Your Senators 
Your Congressperson 

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Valentine's Day Massacre - February 14, 2007

2007-02-14 Length: 59s

And then there were two.  Due to the horrible weather up here in the Northeast, Stuart and Keziah ended up stuck in a car on the Irondequoit Bay Bridge.  A team of sled dogs and Girl Scouts dug them out and their both fine, but they missed the show.  So Erick and Dave muddled through another show.  They kept on showing how lame the presidential candidates are, discussed the Dixie Chicks and had a special Valentine's Day message for all you lovers out there.  Listen to the show with someone you love - even if it's just yourself.  (yes, that was a masturbation joke)  This show was also part one of a Local Music theme. Six songs from Rochester, NY based bands. Enjoy!

The Capitals - Falling Apart (a Stuart Bedasso Show exclusive!) The Lobster Quadrille - Cora Livinia's Consumption Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad - Incoginito The Wild Geese - Broad Black Brimmer The Hayseeds - Fuck the Man (live) [it's the Pietzsche Nietzches - same difference] Rhythm Six - Siempre Seras Mia

Call your Representatives! Get funding for the Iraqi invasion stopped! Your Senators Your Congressperson

Candy, The Gay Conspiracy - February 7, 2007

2007-02-07 Length: 1s

Just when you thought we couldn't play fewer songs...we only got to three of them.  Quality over quantity!  We showed what a redneck Joe Biden is and what a warmonger Hillary Clinton is.  Keziah revealed the gay conspiracy that is the candy bar.  She also talked about her cult-upringing and how she got to paint naked ladies last week.  Dave showed how you can stop this madness in Iraq - this is serious, we give you a live example of how to do it.  Here are the links that will get you to your representatives:

US Senate
House of Representatives

Call your representatives and get funding for the Iraqi invasion stopped!

Here are the links to our musical guests:
Jill Sobule - Underdog Victorious
Public Enemy - Air Conditioning
Abi Tapia - Cried Wolf

Oh yeah, and here's that Snickers Commercial.

Keziah The Pirate Nanny - January 31, 2007

2007-01-31 Length: 59s

Our first show.  It went pretty smoothly.  We're having a little trouble with Erick's microphone, but we had a good time and you will too.  We talked a little about the hype over Hillary and Obama, pirates, Erick's first love, being a nanny and dwarves.

Links to music we played:
Baby Gramps - Cape Cod Girls
Milton - Waiting for You
Wally Pleasant - The Day Ted Nugent Killed All the Animals
Bus Boys - Minimum Wage

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