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Why I'm Fat

2015-04-16 Length: 10s

In this episode, I look at the reasons why I'm overweight. My food choices mirror those of today's America in many instances. Is it the ease of drive thru that makes my cholesterol go up? Could it be the savvy marketing used by chain restaurants that make my stomach expand with each glorious bite? Drive thru choices at the 2:36 mark and those wacky restaurant commercials at 7:12 are some examples of how we fail at making the right choice. However, are they really to blame? Listen to see if you agree with my conclusion. 


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The New Sexism

2015-04-12 Length: 9s

Cowboy talks about Paul Elam's article and how man is viewed in today's society. Is there a new standard in what gender is affected most by sexism? Check out the article. The psychology of hate




Wisconsin/Duke recap

2015-04-06 Length: 8s

A brief recap of the 2015 NCAA Basketball Championship. I break down the game and give my opinion on who will make it at the next level.


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