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Episode 26

2009-01-16 :: (Peter M. Kreppein)
Episode 26 Takes a look at CES, MacWorld, and some top technology news stories.…

Episode 25

2009-01-04 :: (Peter M. Kreppein)
A near crisis between Time Warner and Viacom was avoided in the last few hours of 2008. According to the Financial Times, Viacom, an American Media giant which owns such Television networks as CBS, Nickelodeon, MTV, and Comedy Central had been demanding higher fees from TW, an American cable provider for their programming. Viacom initiated the scuffle in demanding that Time Warner pay more for the channels that Viacom provided, citing declining advertising revenues as the main reason for these cost increases. Viacom threatened to cut off the transmission of their channels to time warner, leaving Time Warner subscribers in the dark, and without the ability to watch shows like South Park, Survivor, and The Late Show.
Time warner initially dismissed the rate increases, countering with a threat to educate consumers how to watch shows over the internet and therefore cheating Viacom out of even more ad revenue.
But thankfully an agreement was reached in the final hours of 2008, and we can all have a sigh of relief knowing that Time Warner Subscribers will be able to watch the semi- entertaining shows provided by Viacom.

E Commerce declined this year with the rest of the economy as expected this holiday season. According to arstechnia, an economic report released by comScore stated that total online spending in 2008 was roughly 25.54 billion dollars, down three percent from last year. Although the declines among online retailers were not as drastic as the declines in brick and morter stores, the results were suprising considering that many analysts thought that ecommerce was relatively immune to economic declines.

Microsoft zunes worldwide stopped working just after midnight December 31, 2008. According to The Wall Street Journal, all first gen 30 GB zunes Suffered a catastrophic failure coming in to the new year, by which all Microsoft zunes locked up and would not function. Microsoft was quick to respond with a statement, advising consumers to let their Zunes battery drain and to wait for a day before trying to restart their MP3 Player.
Later, Microsoft released a statement saying that the glitch was most likely caused by a time bug having to do with the fact that 2008 was indeed a leap year.

Despite the poor economy, music sales continued to grow in 2008. According to arstechnia, music sales in 2008 grew a reasonable 10.5 percent, but down from a sales growth amount of around 14 percent last year.
The NPD Survey that analyzes yearly sales numbers for the music industry also pointed out the fact that physical CD purchases in 2008 continued to decline, as the popularity of online music stores such as Apples Itunes increased. One interesting and rather suprising tidbit of information revealed in the NPD Survey was that the sale of Vinyl records increased by a staggering 89 percent. Seems as though baby boomers still like the sound of those old records, and want even more.

The first commercial Space Port has the go ahead to be built in New Mexico. According to arstechnia, The group behind the Spaceport America Project got the go ahead from the New Mexico state government to build the historic spaceport after the group signed a 20 year lease with Virgin Galactic, a private company that gives people with several thousand extra dollars to spend a brief tour of orbital space. The new spaceport will serve as the origin and destination for future flights of Virgins new spaceship2.
Toyota Motors may be on the way to developing a fully- solar powered automobile. According to Daily Tech, the Japanese auto maker is looking to add to Its line of efficient vehicles by adding a fully solar powered car to its lineup. The declining economy as well as falling gas prices have wreaked havoc on sales for the Japanese auto maker, affecting mostly the hybrid portion of the car makers lineup. Despite these setbacks, It seems as though Toyota is going to push ahead with the development of a fully solar car, which would be a real win in the ecological areana.

Want a cheap Iphone? Well look no further than your local Wal Mart. The retail giant announced that It would be selling Iphones for less, and they followed through. According to Wal Marts website, the eight gb verson goes for 197 and the 16 gb verson goes for 297. Although only a savings of two dollars, wal mart plans to ship the device to several thousand stores nation wide, making it more convinent for many people to purchase the device.
What you should do to make sure that you get the most out of your tech in 09.
• Make sure you have virus protection, make sure it is up to date, do a full system scan.
• Defragment your hard drive.
• Get rid of unused programs.
• Backup your data.
• Clean your computer.…

Episode 23

2009-01-03 :: (Peter M. Kreppein)
In this Episode, We cover the Following.

-Spy Satellite Explosion.
-R.I.P Polaroid
-Firefox reaches 500 Million Downloads.
-Unlimited Mobile Voice and Data Plans
Coming soon.
-Vista SP1 is instant Crap.
-Picture Frame Problems

Broadcasting Live with Ustream.TV…

Episode 24

2008-06-27 :: (Peter M. Kreppein)

The Iphone 3G is finally here!

Microsoft to by Yahoo!, not anymore.

Firefox 3.

Want a cheaper mac? Head over to

WIFI coming to a Chrysler near you.

Episode 252528785699988544884848

2008-04-01 :: (Peter M. Kreppein)
Apple Buys Microsoft! You Have to See This!!!!!!…

Episode 22

2008-02-03 :: (Peter M. Kreppein)
Episode 22

Episode 18

2008-02-03 :: (Peter M. Kreppein)
Stuff about us, NASA, TIVO, more.




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Episode 21

2008-01-27 :: (Peter M. Kreppein)

How To Maintain Your PC

2008-01-27 :: (Peter M. Kreppein)

How To maintain your PC.

Episode 20

2007-12-31 :: (Peter M. Kreppein)
Episode 20
Happy New Year 2008!…

Episode 19

2007-12-10 :: (Peter M. Kreppein)
Go To to view Episode.

Review of Blackberry Curve and Hotspot @Home

Click To Play …

Episode 17.

2007-10-24 :: (Peter M. Kreppein)
Episode 17 Wednesday, 24 October 2007.

Mac OS X Leopard – October 26, New Features.
Review Mac OS 10.4 Major Features
Walmart Gets Pissy over Black Friday ads.
Study Emphasizes uses for bio diesel
-Reduces Co2 Emmissions
-Can be made of alge.
Iphone News
1.4 Million Sold so far
250,000 Unlocked
SDK Slated for release in Feb.

Volvo ReCharge
134 MPG

Space Shuttle

Facebook investment

Episode 4.

2007-10-21 :: (Peter M. Kreppein)
The best holiday gifts. A tribute to James Kim.…

Episode 16

2007-10-11 :: (Peter M. Kreppein)
New Ipods, Iphone price drop, much more!…

Episode 15

2007-08-09 :: (Peter M. Kreppein)
Wow, finally an episode made! :) Episode 15 is chock full of news!…

Episode 13 and 14.

2007-06-17 :: (Peter M. Kreppein)
Space Shuttle News, Free Music, How To Buy A PC.,,

(Pardon the birds in the beginning!) :)…

Episode 12.

2007-05-21 :: (Peter M. Kreppein)
Ubuntu mobile, Apple Scandal, Much more.…

Episode 11.

2007-04-21 :: (Peter M. Kreppein)
Auto show, Podcamp, You name it we have it!…

Episode 10.

2007-03-28 :: (Peter M. Kreppein)
Episode 10 covers controversy in the blogosphere, other tech news. Also: New York International Auto Show, Podcamp NYC coverage preview.…

Episode 9

2007-03-12 :: (Peter M. Kreppein)
Daylight Savings Time, Tech News.…

Episode 8

2007-02-26 :: (Peter M. Kreppein)
A review of Microsoft Office 2007. Download Here…

Epidode 7

2007-02-26 :: (Peter M. Kreppein)
Tech News for the week ending February 3.…

Episode 6

2007-01-20 :: (Peter M. Kreppein)
News For The week of 1/15.…

Episode 5.

2007-01-10 :: (Peter M. Kreppein)
CES, Windows Vista, Mac World, iPhone.…

Episode 3.

2006-11-29 :: (Peter M. Kreppein)
More Wii, PS3. Cingular 3G, Second Life Bug, Zune, WIFI complaints.…

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