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The Thinkingest Episode 6 – Patrick Nork on Creativity

2012-12-19 :: Bill Lascher

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Freelance writing is far from the only game in town when it comes to striking out on one's own as a creative professional. For the most recent edition of The Thinkingest I sat down with Portland-based visual artist and creative consultant Patrick Nork to talk about going into business for oneself as a creative professional. Nork is the proprietor of Well-Inked Hand, which provides creative problem solving, design and other services. He is also an accomplished printmaker and a board member at Print Arts Northwest.

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The Thinkingest Episode 5: The Fluidity of Freaks

2012-11-21 :: Bill Lascher

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What's behind the term "overthinking?" What's behind this urge to have a podcast of the things we over-analyze and dissect to exhaustion? In some sense there's an anxiety about being thought a freak, about doing things "wrong" by some sense. So I thought I'd spend some time having a conversation with Stevi Costa, an old friend of mine who devotes most of her overthinking to studying freaks and their portrayal in literature.

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The Thinkingest Thoughts on Food With Rhea Kennedy


The Thinkingest is back with a new episode featuring Rhea Yablon Kennedy. Rhea is a Washington D.C.-based writer and teacher whose work often addresses food and foodways (though she explains it better herself on the Podcast). Food is, of course, one of our most primary needs, so it's no surprise we mull over the ways we eat so much. The decisions we make about what kind of food to buy, about how much of it to eat, about how to grow and distribute and sell food are all topics worth, well, chewing upon. But it still fascinates me how much energy we expend making sure we eat well, how much strain the realities of our modern life places on our ability to do so consistently, and how much imbalance there remains in the way food is distributed, marketed and subsidized. Many thinkers have digested these discussions far better than I, but they're still worth having.

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The Thinkingest Heads Home

2012-09-19 :: Bill Lascher Length: 13s

In what may be boring or may be genius, I serve as my own guest on the latest edition of the Thinkingest podcast. This week, I discuss with myself what home means to me, and all the different ways I can identify home, and just how much I'm thinking about what might be my next home. It's an amorphous topic, but take a listen for a peek at all the little gears turning around in my mind. And don't forget to check out past episodes of the Thinkingest here at Lascher at Large, subscribe to the feed at Feedburner or iTunes. Like it or hate it, why not leave me a review on iTunes? And if you like it, please share it. My apologies if you hate it. I'll try not to think too hard about it.

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Thinkingest Episode 2: Decision Fatigue

2012-08-23 :: Bill Lascher Length: 33s

While I'm away in Southern California poring through reams of Melville Jacoby's letters, photographs and telegrams I've continued to over-think the "Thinkingest" Podcast. This week's edition of the podcast features Monique Balas, a freelance journalist and the woman behind the "Pet Talk" column for OregonLive and the Oregonian. We talk about decision fatigue, toothpaste, and the life of a freelance journalist. For us, it all comes down to over-thinking over-thinking.

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Introducing the Thinkingest Podcast

2012-08-08 :: Bill Lascher

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing: The Thinkingest.* What’s The Thinkingest? It’s my new podcast! Every other Wednesday the Thinkingest will feature me and a special guest star doing what I do best: overthinking some element of ...

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About this podcast:

The Thinkingest Podcast

Lighthearted discussions of overthinking and analysis paralysis. Each week features host Bill Lascher and a special guest analyzing, dissecting, and contemplating a wide range of topics, including careers, style, food, romance, social graces, leisure, holidays, travel, finances, fitness and anything else that might be on their minds. But don't expect strict adherence to these topics: conversations can and will wander every which way. Do expect fun and digression.

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