Last update: 2013-01-16

Episode 3 – Drag Culture

2013-01-16 :: Cody Sanders
Episode 3 dives into the vibrant world of drag!  Cody goes backstage on a Sunday night at The Saint in San Antonio, TX, Interviews Penny Tration, and features a poem by Eric Leigh. *Special Thanks to Stacy Layne Matthews, Donet Mckim, Toni Raven, Kourtney Devereaux, Amunique Andrews, Natalie Robertz, Matthew Flores, Cedric Anthony, Hector Lozano, [...]…

Episode 2 – Body Image

2012-12-05 :: Cody Sanders
Episode 2 explores body image in the gay community.  Living with anorexia, interviews, and being body positive is discussed. Fat Teenager Lovesong – Jasmine Nikki Bruns I imagine your kiss like orange sherbet melting in summer into my young, humid mouth pooling sweetened cream in the bottom of the bowl.   Lifting a spoon, I [...]…

Episode 1 – Firsts

2012-11-21 :: Cody Sanders
Episode 1 takes a look at the first crushes, loves, and sexual experiences of three gay teenagers.  Everything from innocent crushing to feeling another’s body is discussed. It’s an episode on the discovery of oneself and the body of another. *Special thanks to Hector Lozano for sharing his story, Ocean Vuong for sharing his poem, and [...]…


2012-11-12 :: Cody Sanders
Introductory commercial for the Tin Man!…

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