Last update: 2008-08-29

UGF Podcast- August 29 2008

2008-08-29 Length: 57s
J__Hook and Burgess join me in this week's episode of the UGF podcast, where nothing goes wrong. We talk about hated parts of games we love, and how badly Shawn Johnson could beat you up. Enjoy.…

UGF Podcast- August 22 2008

2008-08-22 Length: 1s
So zetta slow! J__Hook, Burgess, and Lil_Oni join me in this week's episode. We challenge our musical memory in our special Music Trivia segment, then rant about Too Human and G4TV, and go over the week's news. Enjoy.…

UGF Podcast- August 15 2008

2008-08-15 Length: 1s
Sine! Cosine! Tangent! It's all about tangents in this week's episode of the UGF podcast. Join our misguided trio (including J__Hook and Lil_Oni) as they try to fight off and almost kill independent George. Enjoy. …

UGF Podcast- August 08 2008

2008-08-08 Length: 1s
It's Olympic time for the world, and for the UGF podcast too! J__Hook, Fields_of_Mars, and STRatoSTRafe join me in this week's show. We take some questions, and discuss SquareEnix's DKΣ3713 event, some PC gaming news, and the future of digital distribution. Enjoy. …

UGF Podcast- August 01 2008

2008-08-01 Length: 1s
Happy August everyone! J_Hook, Burgess, and Bulzebe join me in more ranting and raving. Foam-mouthed and enraged, we talk about the internet, GameFAQs, music, and Denis Dyack. Enjoy. …

UGF Podcast- July 18 2008

2008-07-18 Length: 1s
Field of Mars, Burgess, and J_Hook join me in our super exciting E3 discussion extravaganza! We go over the expo's top events and talk about a massive overload of awesome (so awesome) games. Enjoy. …

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