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WynnCast #50: Maybe You Can Go Home

2010-06-19 :: Tyson Wynn
Don’t faint, friends and neighbors, but Tyson & Jeane ambled into the new and improved WynnCast studio (in the sleepier little hamlet of Welch, Oklahoma) to record the fiftieth edition of the WynnCast. We discuss: The new theme 3:02: we’re home 6:23: all about Welch, OK 9:30: we were on Chris Fabry Live! 14:44: more [...]…

WynnCast #49: Phlegm, Misinformation, Mediocrity

2009-06-16 :: Tyson Wynn
You’re in luck! Our two intrepid podcasters interrupted their extremely busy and fulfilling lives to WynnCast for the masses. You’re welcome. We talk about everything from: Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor to who’ll run for Tulsa mayor to get your Swirls! to why we love Claremore to kudos to the Claremore Chili’s to peanut butter and [...]…

WynnCast #48: It’s been a week…

2009-05-17 :: Tyson Wynn
In this edition of the WynnCast, Tyson & Jeane discuss house guests, wishing Governor Henry would support life, being blessed with work, and that singing guy at Macaroni Grill.…

WynnCast #47: Tea Parties, Twitter, Tornados & Trailer Parks

2009-04-14 :: Tyson Wynn Length: 1s
In this exciting edition of the WynnCast, Tyson & Jeane have not one, but two Wynnterviews. First, we talk with Denise Clinton (no relation), a Claremore resident who is coordinating Claremore’s tax-day TEA party. She gives us the skinny on the planned events. Then we talk to Okie blogger Kristin Hoover, AKA The Redneck Diva. [...]…

Tyson Wynn News & Comment #1

2009-03-04 :: Tyson Wynn
This is an homage to the late Paul Harvey. There’s probably not a radio guy anywhere who has not secretly tried to emulate, “Hello Americans, I’m Paul Harvey. Stand by for news.” It’s because we loved and admired Paul Harvey greatly. Paul Harvey escapes emulation; it’s just not possible to copy such an American (Tulsa, [...]…

WynnCast #46: Guess who’s back, back again…

2009-03-02 :: Tyson Wynn
Lo and behold, I finally got our technical difficulties ironed out, and we’re back, baby. We tackle everything from President Obama to Paul Harvey’s passing to the John Chick Show. I also tell tell about my dream of radio for our home town of Welch, Oklahoma.…

The One for the Okie Blog Awards

Mike at Okiedoke has announced that nominations for the next round of the Okie Blog Awards will be accepted from January1-20, 2009. The WynnBlog and the WynnCast have both been nominated in the past, but we have failed to bring home the gold. Seeing as how one of the qualifications for an award is that [...]…

WynnCast #45: Post-VP Debate Wynnterview

2008-10-02 :: Tyson Wynn
I was privileged to be joined on the WynnCast tonight by Jason Carini of (he also works for Oklahomans for Responsible Government) and Michael Bates of and Urban Tulsa Weekly. We discuss what happened (and what didn’t happen) during the Biden/Palin debate tonight. Bonus: we discuss Coburn and the sandwich.…

WynnCast #44: RNC Day 2 with Michael Bates

2008-09-02 :: Tyson Wynn
We were privileged to have Michael Bates of and join us again this evening as we discussed day 2 of the RNC. In this edition, we discuss: the grassroots effect of blogging running into the boys from KRMG where’s the excitement Fred! got fired up Michael is a Fred Barnes fan-boy speeches by [...]…

WynnCast Special Presentation: Michael Bates from RNC

2008-09-01 :: Tyson Wynn
Jeane and I are were thrilled to be joined on the phone by Michael Bates from the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, on this edition of the WynnCast. Michael is godfather of the Tulsa bloggers ( and a columnist for the Urban Tulsa Weekly (  Pardon the coughing and sniffles; I’ve been hit [...]…

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