Last update: 2015-07-11

Movie talk with Ty

2015-07-11 :: RD Kulik

Series Premiere

RD and Ty sit around the kitchen table and discuss the movies of 2015 (the first half of the year). Ty gives you the best of the movies, and what did not work out. We also talk about the future of a young upstart actor named Tom Hardy. We all know that these movies are just an appetizer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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Fonso and the Fourth

2015-07-04 :: RD Kulik

RD has a conversation with his deceased grandfather through the use of handwritten notes.  The notes describe how his family came from Italy, settled in the American, and how they established their own identities and watched the family grow.  This is a story of true American idealism.

X-Millennial Man .2 - Tennis Talk with Tina

2015-06-27 :: RD Kulik

RD and Tina talk about the current state of professional tennis. What did Paris tell us? What you should look for at Wimbledon. Is it all about Serena.

Somewhat scientists talk about science in movies

2015-06-20 :: RD Kulik

RD conducts his first podcasting test with good friend Tina. They talk about if recent films Interstellar and Gravity treat the science with respect. The discussion evolves into discussions about why some entertainment gets science right, and does that make it more enjoyable.

Welcome to the X Millennial Man

2015-06-17 :: RD Kulik

Creator and Head Editor RD Kulik is testing his podcasting acumen.  He is going to start by saying hello.

About this podcast:

The X Millennial Man Podcast - Seed Sing

The X Millennial Man is the podcast for We discuss society, politics and pop culture from the view of generation X and the millennials.

The X Millennial Man Podcast - Seed Sing