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The News – Early 2015 Edition – Part II

2015-03-24 :: Matt Gamba & Rob "Pokey" Kuhrt
The guys wrap up their coverage of the news for the early part of 2015. Matt goes off on one of his most epic rants yet!  Filed under: Uncategorized…

The News – Early 2015 Edition – Part I

2015-03-17 :: Matt Gamba & Rob "Pokey" Kuhrt Pokey throws a wrench into the normal podcast plans and the guys begin discussing music news for the first part of 2015.Filed under: Uncategorized…

What Inspires Us Part II

2015-02-22 :: Matt Gamba & Rob "Pokey" Kuhrt
In part 2 the guys continue onward with their top 5 influences!Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Allice in Chains, Axl Rose, Dave Grohl, Eddie van halen, Eddie Vedder, Guns & Roses, Korn, Krist Novoselic, Kurt Cobain, Metallica, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Rammstein, The Beach Boys…

Top Eleven Influences

2015-02-06 :: Matt Gamba & Rob "Pokey" Kuhrt
They’ve been talking to you about rock n’ roll for some time now but who actually inspire Matt & Pokey? Part one begins to answer just that question!Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: 90s, 90s Alternative, 90s Punk, 90s Ska, Bob Marley, Deftones, Howard Stern, Lars Ulrich, Martin Scorsese, Ozzy, Pink Floyd, QUEEN, slash…

Top Eleven Albums That Turned 20 in 2015 Part II

2015-01-21 :: Matt Gamba & Rob "Pokey" Kuhrt
New Year and a new format! They left you hanging with the last podcast, now here it part II of the Top Eleven Albums That Turned 20 in 2015!Filed under: Uncategorized…

Top Eleven Albums That Turned 20 in 2015

2015-01-12 :: Matt Gamba & Rob "Pokey" Kuhrt
Welcome to 2015! The first podcast of the New Year find the guys asking what are their favorite albums turning 20 this year!Filed under: Uncategorized…

Music News

2014-12-17 :: Matt Gamba & Rob "Pokey" Kuhrt
  With so much going on in the music world, the guys jump into everything going on in the music world at the end of the year.Filed under: Uncategorized…

D’oh! Top Eleven Simpsons Musical Guests

2014-11-23 :: Matt Gamba & Rob "Pokey" Kuhrt
The guys being huge fans of The Simpsons, wanted to do something a little different this time around. With all the guests that The Simpsons have had, a bunch of them have been from the musical community, so it was perfect opportunity to do a Top Eleven list!Filed under: Uncategorized…

Top Eleven 90s Covers & Concert Round-Up

2014-11-01 :: Matt Gamba & Rob "Pokey" Kuhrt
The guys have unlocked the 90s vault again and this time pulled out their Top Eleven 90’s Covers. Also this week, the guys introduce a new segment, the Concert Round-Up. Matt went to Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, Death Ray Vision & City of Homes this past week. Check out the playlist from YouTube with […]…

They Go To Eleven Commentary: The State of Rock

2014-10-19 :: Matt Gamba & Rob "Pokey" Kuhrt
This week, the guys talk about one of the hottest topics in rock and roll, the Gene Simmons interview saying that, “Rock is Dead.” To read the interview, click here.  Filed under: Uncategorized…

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