Last update: 2013-06-11

Episode 10 - Rundown of 2013

2013-06-11 :: (John Mclauchlin, Simon Dowling) Length: 36s
After a long break, the guys return with a 40 minute rundown of the films released so far this year…

Review of 2012

2013-01-15 :: (John Mclauchlin, Simon Dowling) Length: 46s
The guys review the releases of 2012, the good, the bad, and the disappointing. A more in depth look at Skyfall and The Impossible, and Simon gets annoyed at The Dark Knight Rises…

The Tiki Motel Christmas Special: The Twelve Films of Christmas

2012-12-23 :: (John Mclauchlin, Simon Dowling) Length: 36s
The guys run through their top 12 Christmas films to watch this advent. They also slag off some Christmas travesties, as well as honorable mentions to the select few that just missed the cut…

Episode 9

2012-11-30 :: (John Mclauchlin, Simon Dowling) Length: 31s
This week the guys review Argo and Breaking Dawn: Part 2, they discuss the turmoil facing Red Dawn and get excited over Les Miserables…

Episode 8

2012-11-11 :: (John Mclauchlin, Simon Dowling) Length: 31s
Simon lands back safely from NYC to discuss Cloud Atlas and Seven Psychopaths. The guys discuss the barmy Shining documentary Room 237, and the usual look at the releases we can expect in the coming weeks…

Halloween special

2012-11-03 :: (John Mclauchlin, Simon Dowling) Length: 39s
The Halloween edition of Tiki Motel is hosted by John and guest host Thom Hurst, we talk about the Tyneside Cinemas Grind Lounge, Deep Red, Class of Nuke'Em High, the British horror film Inbred and Thom's views of video games based on films…

Episode 7

2012-10-23 :: (John Mclauchlin, Simon Dowling) Length: 23s
The guys catch up after John's trip to Hong Kong. They discuss Hong Kong's cinema culture and review Ruby Sparks and Frankenweenie. Retro reviews of Seeking A Friend and To Rome With Love. We also discuss this weeks releases, including SkyFall…

Grimmfest Special

2012-10-09 :: (John Mclauchlin, Simon Dowling) Length: 55s
A bumper hour long podcast reviewing the plethora of films screened at Grimmfest's weekender including Before Dawn, Attack Of The Werewolves, Below Zero, Stitches, and many more feature films and shorts.…

Episode 6

2012-10-04 :: (John Mclauchlin, Simon Dowling) Length: 30s
This week the guys review Resi Evi: Retribution, Looper, Killing Them Softly and Untouchable. We also preview Grimm Up North horror film festival, and the releases for the week. There is also a pleasant surprise for them too!…

The Room Special

2012-09-27 :: (John Mclauchlin, Simon Dowling) Length: 24s
The Tiki Motel guys, and some special guests, watched 'The Citizen Kane of Bad Movies' Tommy Wiseau's 'The Room'. We recorded whilst watching the film, so prepare for lots of audio of people shouting at a screen!…

DNR Zero Special

2012-09-17 :: (John Mclauchlin, Simon Dowling) Length: 46s
In this special podcast, the guys interview the cast and crew of DNR Zero, an indie British zombie film. They discuss the history of the project, making films on a budget, and their plans for the future. Also, the premiere the Tiki Motel theme tune!…

Episode 5

2012-09-11 :: (John Mclauchlin, Simon Dowling) Length: 18s
This week, we review Dredd 3D, horror anthology V/H/S, and new home release The Aggression Scale. We also preview Paranorman and discuss the downfall of Jeremy Renner…

Episode 4

2012-09-03 :: (John Mclauchlin, Simon Dowling) Length: 33s
This week, John gives us his rundown of Film4 Frightfest 2012, featuring Berberian Sound Studio, Maniac and much more. Simon reviews Damsels In Distress, kinda, and we look, as always, at the week ahead in cinema…

Episode 3

2012-08-22 :: (John Mclauchlin, Simon Dowling) Length: 31s
This week, your hosts cover the start of Whitley Bay Film Festival, the work of Tony Scott, superb documentary The Imposter, terrible action movies, as well as the usual new releases and a look at what is to come…

Episode 2

2012-08-13 :: (John Mclauchlin and Simon Dowling) Length: 32s
This week the guys discuss The Reverend, Jackpot, and the difficulty with adaptations and other things…

Episode 1

2012-08-06 :: (John Mclauchlin, Simon Dowling) Length: 40s
On the menu: the Dark Knight Rises, the difference of opinion on Cameron, and a jump around this weeks new releases…

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