Last update: 2012-11-19

82: Victoria Falls, Lake Kariba and Chobe (Flame of Africa)

2012-11-19 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Brett McDonald from Flame of Africa talks about seeing Zimbabwe and Botswana in luxury…

71: All About Cunard Podcast Launch

2012-07-30 :: (Gary Bembridge)
I launch and explain my new Free All About Cunard Podcast: what it is all about, what it will cover and how you can subscribe…

63: Royal Yacht Britannia (Edinburgh Scotland)

2012-04-11 :: (Gary Bembridge)
A must do visit in this Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee year.…

Tips for Travellers iPhone App (with free eBook!)

2010-08-11 :: (Gary Bembridge)
The launch of the iphone app from Tips For Travellers. Find out more…

53: Tokyo Japan (TFT #53)

2010-07-04 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Did Tokyo live up to expectations? It seemed to be more shopping and less history!…

52: Cunard Queen Victoria (TFT #52)

2010-06-13 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Does this ship live up to the great Cunard promise!…

50: Monte Carlo, Monaco (TFT #51)

2010-05-16 :: (Gary Bembridge)
One of the most up-market and surreal places in Europe!…

48: London: Sealife aquarium (TFT #48)

2010-04-07 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Handy location. Interesting. A great day out…

47: London: British Museum

2010-03-27 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Stunning. Interesting. A great day out…

46: London: Vinopolis Wine Tour

2010-03-20 :: (Gary Bembridge)
a fun way to find out about wine in London…

45: Cunard Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic

2010-03-02 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Find out what it is like to go on a transatlantic crossing on Cunard QM2…

44: Great Train Journeys: Rovos Rail South Africa + Napa Wine Train

2010-02-20 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Great train journeys, on Rovos Rail South Africa and Napa Wine Train California…

43: Isle of Wight, Southampton, England

2010-02-07 :: (Gary Bembridge)
A great day out on the island Queen Victoria loved and died on…

42: San Francisco

2010-01-30 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Observations and tips on enjoying this beautiful city…

41: Brussels Belgium

2010-01-27 :: (Gary Bembridge)
A surprisingly good time…

40: Victoria Falls Zambia Zimbabwe

2009-07-05 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Possibly the most beautiful and amazing thing you will ever see!…

39: Koh Samui, Thailand

2008-04-18 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Is this island, the 3rd largest in Thailand, something special?…

38: Moscow, Russia (Tips for Travellers Podcast)

2008-02-02 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Is Moscow one of the modern cities of the world?…

37: Los Angeles, California, USA (Tips for Travellers Podcast)

2007-12-27 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Is the city of movies and movie stars as glam as you think it will be?…

36: Barbados Part 2: Restaurants (Tips for Travellers Podcast)

2007-09-28 :: (Gary Bembridge)
In the 2nd podcast on Barbados, we explore where the rich and famous eat out when visiting, and how to eat like a king without the cost…

35: Singapore (Tips for Travellers Podcast)

2007-09-11 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Is there much to offer the tourist in Singapore, or is it only best for business?…

34: Seoul, South Korea (Tips for Travellers Podcast)

2007-07-13 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Does Seoul have SOUL?…

33: Caribbean Cruising (Tips for Travellers Podcast)

2007-06-17 :: (Gary Bembridge)
60 per cent of all cruises are in the Caribbean, why?…

32: Sao Paulo, Brazil (Tips for Travellers Podcast)

2007-04-23 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Is Sao Paulo just a dull sister city to the exciting Rio - or not?…

31: Athens, Greece

2007-01-20 :: (Gary Bembridge)
We visit the cradle of civilization which is Athens in Greece…

30: Taipei, Taiwan

2007-01-11 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Is taipei as good for tourists as it is for business…

29: Las Vegas, Nevada

2006-10-11 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Come gambling and site seeing in the glitzy neon city of Las Vegas…

28: Universal Studios, Hollywood

2006-09-17 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Come and step right inside the home of movies…

27: Palm Springs, California

2006-09-10 :: (Gary Bembridge)
The place the stars love to live!…

26: New Airport Security

2006-08-22 :: (Gary Bembridge)
How to cope best with the new airport security rules in the UK…

25: Cunard Queen Mary 2 QM2

2006-07-25 :: (Gary Bembridge)
All aboard the most glamorous destination at sea today…

24: Staying Safe in Hotels (especially women alone)

2006-06-27 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Do you know how to stay safe in a hotel, especially if you are a woman travelling alone?…

23: Disneyland, California

2006-06-15 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Does this 50 year old still have the magic - the Disney magic?…

22: Shanghai, China

2006-05-28 :: (Gary Bembridge)
We visit the chameleon of a city that is Shanghai…

21: Barbados, Caribbean

2006-05-03 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Come to the sunny Caribbean sea and the island of Barbados…

20: Sabi Sands, Kruger Game Resereve, South Africa

2006-04-04 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Feel like hunting down the BIG 5 game and shooting them - with your camera of course?…

19: Bangkok, Thailand

2006-03-19 :: (Gary Bembridge)
A city where you get a warm welcome, great value, great sightseeing... and a show involving ping pong balls if you really want it....…

18: Princeton, New Jersey, USA

2006-03-05 :: (Gary Bembridge)
We visit the historic city of Princeton, ex-home of Einsten and see if it is exciting there, or just a theory of relativity!…

17: Santa Monica, California

2006-02-15 :: (Gary Bembridge)
We visit the home of the Baywatch Babes...and find out if there is more to do that body watching!…

16: Long Haul Airline of the Year: Virgin

2006-02-05 :: (Gary Bembridge)
We name Virgin Atlantic as long haul airline of the year for being fun to fly!…

15: Montreux Switzerland

2006-01-29 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Home of the world famous annual jazz festival…

Travel Legends and Icons audio book podcast(Promo)

2006-01-20 :: (Gary David Bembridge)
Subscribe to the new Travel Legends and Idol podcast for a FREE PREVIEW of the book

14: Mauritius (The magical Indian Ocean Island)

2006-01-15 :: (Gary Bembridge)
What makes this island, orginal home of the Dodo, quite so special?…

13: French Riviera in winter?

2006-01-02 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Is it worth visiting the playgrounds of the famous, rich and beautiful like Nice, Cannes, Monte Carlo and Antibes in winter?…

12: Cape Town (South Africa) Destination of the Year 2005

2005-12-23 :: (Gary Bembridge)
We reveal the 2005 destination of the year - Cape Town (South Africa). Hear why in the podcast!…

10: Best Online Travel Destinations

2005-11-27 :: (Gary Bembridge)
What is the BEST online destination for travel destination advice, tips and booking?…

09: 24 Hours In New York

2005-11-15 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Only got 24 hours to taste the Big Apple?…

08: Dusseldorf, Germany

2005-11-05 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Why you may find yourself there? Is anything to do once you are there?…

07: Queen Mary Ship Hotel in Long Beach

2005-10-30 :: (Gary Bembridge)
The most haunted place in the USA? What to do there in addition to being spooked!!…

06: Paris (France)

2005-10-14 :: (Gary Bembridge)
The history of the channel tunnel and what to do in Paris…

05: Cunard Queen Elizabeth 2 QE2 Trans-Atlantic

2005-10-07 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Crossing the rough Atlantic in the wilds of winter…

Tips for Travellers Podcast: Promo 1

2005-10-06 :: (Gary Bembridge)
30 seconds on what the podcast is about…

04: Dubai UAE

2005-09-29 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Where is it? When to go? What to do? is it ok to go..?…

03: Sydney Australia

2005-09-22 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Top 10 things to do in Sydney, and where to stay!…

02: Hong Kong

2005-09-15 :: (Gary Bembridge)
Things to do in Hong Kong, where to stay and Cathy Pacific…

01: First Time Cruiser Tips

2005-09-07 :: (Gary Bembridge)
First time cruising? Tips to make it go great!…

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