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TokyoDV Reports: Sex for Brands

2008-05-25 :: TokyoDV
Photographic nudity! NOT SAFE FOR WORK! An interview with Becky Yee; a photographer who spent time photographing young Japanese women prostituting themselves in order to purchase name brand handbags and apparel. Her exhibit was, um.. interesting. Three women were photographed, in two separate poses; one nude with their handbags, the other wearing regular clothes.. "They're just average girls. That's what struck me. That's why I did, 'average girl'.. Money and bags.. Gets naked and has money".. …

Commute to Work in Japan

2007-03-07 :: TokyoDV
A friend in the States was doing a report on 'how people live in other parts of the world'. I thought a video of my commute to and from work might represent something about 'living in Japan'. Since I don't own a car and use trains exclusively for transportation, I thought it might be interesting for her American classmates. Her school is also in a rural area in the States, so the Tokyo skyline and large buildings I see everyday, and take for granted, might also be unique. At a little over 10 minutes, the video is much longer than my usual clips. I'm not sure if it'll be interesting for some.. But it will be for others. The clip has trains, drunks, excalators, people, buildings, and views from inside Roppongi Hills. The music is cheesy, but it's my natural cheese. ;) …

Large Paper Float in Shibuya

2006-12-08 :: TokyoDV
The Neputa (large paper float) Festival in Aomori is famous throughout Japan. This single float was on display in Shibuya, on a popular street called 'Senta Gai'. It was nice to see the float up close, but I was a bit disappointed there was only one. I'm sure the real Neputa Matsuri is impressive.. …

TokyoDV Reports: Weather in Paradise

2006-12-02 :: TokyoDV
(Not Safe for Work!) TokyoDV and Captain Japan check out Paradise TV's weather channel. Buxom Japanese girl gives forecast while battling the forces of nature; wind, snow, and nipple freezing temperatures.. This is the weather section of the Bathing Newscast at ParadiseT. Filmed on the roof of the studio when the temperature was around 5 C. …

TDV Street Fashion: Fall Collage

2006-11-04 :: TokyoDV
A dog in a shirt, some punks in suits, and a girl in a kilt.. Taped in Omotesando, Japan. …

TokyoDV Feature: World Trade Center Remembered

2006-09-09 :: TokyoDV
George Mauro's video reminder of how peaceful the World Trade Center was only one month before September 11th. He created this video and commentary the same day the towers collapsed.. George Mauro's Site: …

TokyoDV Reports: Ex-Yakuza Minister

2006-08-26 :: TokyoDV
An interview with a minister of a small church in Chiba, Japan. Mr. Suzuki is tattood, pinkyless, and basking in the glow of God's love.. Becasue 'Jesus loves him for who he is'; an ex-member of the feared Japanese mafia - the Yakuza. See the video interview here and read the article by Captain Japan - From Crime to Christ: Former Yakuza Sees the Light …

Digiko Girls: Shibuya Paradise

2006-08-20 :: TokyoDV
On my way to another shoot in Yoyogi Park, I stumbled upon the Digiko Girls 'performing' outside Hachiko exit in Shibuya. The sun glistened off their shiny black boots as they squeeked out their latest tune.. No one seemed to mind they couldn't sing since they provided colorful energy on an otherwise monotonous day. I had actually seen these girls perform a couple years earlier at the Tokyo Motor Show. At the time, they were called the Dunlop Girls. I'll release that clip sometime in the near future.. …

TokyoDV Reports: Paradise TV Bikini Shoot

2006-06-18 :: TokyoDV
Ms. Kozue Ideda, a.k.a. 'Lake Star River South'.. (It should be 'Lake Field Branch', or something, but anyway.. She's in a bikini, holding a cherry blossom branch and sucking on dango balls. Who am I to question?) Kozue hosts a 'news' show at Paradise TV called 'Bathing News'. You get the idea; she reads the news while undressing and getting into the hot bath. That video is coming soon, but in this clip she's posing for the still camera. Spring is in the air so she's holding cherry blossoms and dango balls; 'a chewy snack made of rice flour, normally served on a stick with various types of sauces'.. Or used as phallic symbols.. …

TokyoDV Reports: First Generation Aibo Memories

2006-05-08 :: TokyoDV
This clip is a few years old, but it was one of the first videos of Sony's Aibo. Unfortunately, Sony thought was too 'commercial' to introduce the Aibo and asked to take the clip down.. I did. But I learned a valuable lesson; Never ask in Japan.. Just do and plead stupidity if caught. Since the Aibo is dead, and Sony's marketing website that I was in contact with is now in the Internet graveyard, I thought I'd re-release what should have been a debut. The video features the Sony Aibo, the Cybershot, and a really cool mini-printer.. …

TokyoDV Reports: G-Cans Underground Project

2006-04-30 :: TokyoDV
On one fo the coldest days of the year, I traveled out to Saitama to see G-Cans; a huge underground cavern built to control flooding. The video does a decent job showing the immensity of the place, but it still can't replace the feeling of being there.. Something I found most interesting was the sound inside the huge cavern; a deep, howling echo from the wind. It was a bit freaky.. All audio in the clip is authentic, except for a small section where my friend kneels down to take a picture. Sometimes video can capture something photos can't.. - Read Captain Japan's article to get all the details; Journey to the Center of the Earth: - G-Cans is featured in a Land Rover Commercial: - Discussed extensively on FG: …

KOMADORI Bros. T-Shirting

2006-04-28 :: TokyoDV
The KOMADORI Bros. came out with a custom designed t-shirt a few years ago. I asked if I could sell it on TokyoDV. They obliged, so I had an excuse to ask Toku-chan to be my t-shirt model; she fills out shirts perfectly, making them irresistible.. I'm not sure if the concept of this short video is apparent, but it came out basically how I wanted.. Woman looks seductively into camera, yearning for something pleasurable. Woman suddenly get's scared, grabs what is most precious to her; her t-shirt.. - You can still order the t-shirts here: - See KOMADORI Bros. videos here: …

Tokyo Motor Show Redux: Mercedes Benz F400 Carving

2006-04-19 :: TokyoDV
My first real clip of effectively mixing sound loops with video. The Mercedes Benz F400 Carving surprised me when I first saw it; a real-life 'Batmobile'! About three weeks after I posted this clip, I received an email from Germany. It was one of the engineers who designed the front-end steering mechanism. He was impressed with the video and wanted to know more about what I saw that day regarding the F400; the crowds, the impressions, the atmosphere, etc.. We exchanged quite a few emails, and I got the first taste of what video could bring to the Internet experience; this was in 2001 and broadband handn't yet matured or been utilized properly.. Everyone was streaming content, but I felt it was a waste; downloading packages of quality video was so much better.. And I always knew what quality video my viewers were seeing. You can find more on the F400 at "Incorporating drive-by-wire technology, this Benz controls steering and braking through computer-monitored impulses rather than conventional racks and cables. This allows for quicker responses from the car; after all, these computers are smarter than you. They override human inputs that it deems as incorrect (Hal? Hal?).." …

TDV Street Fashion: Punks in Suits

2006-04-11 :: TokyoDV
A couple punks in suits hanging out in Harajuku. They were outside Gap, on the corner. It didn't look like they were doing much besides window shopping and people watching.. From the snazzy duds they were wearing, it appeared they were out to be watched as well. For one, it was his first time in a suit.. He looked dapper and the material impressive.. Unfortunately, we didn't catch the brand.. In the video, we learn where they like to shop and what they plan on buying for the coming summer.. …

Hanami Season Begins!

2006-04-05 :: TokyoDV
I went to Kinuta Park for Hanami last weekend. Hanami means 'cherry blossom viewing'.. It was better than I expected; I despise crowded places, but Kinuta has enough space to allow everyone enough room. The trees were huge and the weather perfect. Kinuta Park has an interesting past; I believe it was a Japanese military base first, then a US base, then a golf course, and finally now a park. Although I can't seem to find a reference to back it up, I know I read that somewhere.. Anyway, the park is unique because it's a Japanese park that actually has nice grass. I suppose dirt parks are easier to maintain.. The video is nothing special, but it gives you a feel for Hanami Season; blue tarps, family activities, alcohol, and pink blossoms.. Oh, and random announcements of lost children.. …

Japanese Fertility Festival (rr)

2006-04-03 :: TokyoDV
Originally created a few years ago and posted last year.. But since the Kawasaki Fertility Festival was last weekend, I thought a rerun was in order. As the original post explains: "Rob Pongi shows us the sights and sounds of one of Japan's Shinto Fertility Festivals in Kawasaki. Reminding us of the 11th Commandment; Thou Shalt Worship Penis.." Related: Karaoke Fertility - Taiko Drum Fertility - …

The Robodex Robots

2006-03-20 :: TokyoDV
Some sights and sounds at the Robodex Expo in Yokohama, Japan. The video has the usual Honda Asimo and Sony SDR-4X robots, but also has another litle fella that is relatively unkown; NEON - ".. A robot created by Tomotaka Takahashi where design is as important as robotic ability. Able to walk in long strides using foot-mounted electromagnets (instead of a bent-knee walk characteristic of many humanoid robots), NEON was featured at Robodex during the celebration of the "birth" year of Astro-Boy, the 1950s ur-robot of Japanese comics and animation." - from One final note - the Sony SDR-4X, along with the Aibo, have been discontinued by Sony.. I guess impractical cuteness could only last so long.. …

TokyoDV Models: Anjela Kim

2006-03-12 :: TokyoDV
Anjela came over one Autumn day to make a little video collage. The blue sky, vivid sun, and Fall colors added to her striking beauty.. Her dark eyes seem to go right in and through you.. I tried capturing this on tape. "My name is Anjela and I'm from Sakhalin, Russia. I am of Korean blood, but I was born and raised in Russia. I like reading books (especially Russian love stories) travelling, dancing, kids, watching movies, and making friends from around the world. My dream is to become a model. I love having my picture taken and feel very comfortable in front of the camera.." I was very comfortable with her in front of the camera. …

TDV Street Fashion: Somber Collage

2006-03-05 :: TokyoDV
A short clip of various people and animals we interviewed on the streets of Harajuku. With striped stockings, a silver necklace, a green headband, etc.. I added chello music, which makes it seem kind of somber. The clip was made a couple years ago, but the sad undertones have a special meaning now; the area where this video was shot has been 'renovated'. The tall trees, old apartments, and small boutiques have been replaced by Omotesando Hills - Modern, concrete, brand-name, shopping hell.. It is sad, I guess.. …

Sangenjaya Samba Festival!

2006-02-27 :: TokyoDV
There are two main samba parades in Tokyo each year; A large one in Akasaka, the other in Sangenjaya. This video is from the Sangenjaya festival. It's a day for Japanese families to come out and watch scantily dressed women shake, gyrate, and dance to live music. I tried to capture the energy, music, sensuality, and curiousity of the afternoon with this clip; Sancha-Samba. Ms. Sangenjaya makes a surprise appearance as she waves to the crowd lining the street.. Other than that, lots of feathers, beads, and buns.. …

Happy Valentine's Day!

2006-02-11 :: TokyoDV
Valentine's Day is unique in Japan; only women are obliged to give gifts and chocolates. The men give white chocolate one month later; 'White Day' is March 14th.. It's a bit strange, but I guess it helps men avoid social mistakes of what to give to whom.. Although I have a feeling the chocolate companies wanted to create another lucrative holiday. This video doesn't have much to do with Japanese Valentine's Day, but it was originally released around that time. I ventured into an adult shop and filmed some of the items on sale. You'll see magic mushrooms, which have since been made illegal, and other various types of stimulants. There are also shots of love hotels, both inside and out.. I pieced the clip together to represent, what I hope to be, a typical Valentine's Day in Japan.. After the chocolate has been given; sex, drugs, and love hotels.. …

Royal Kimono Dressing

2006-01-29 :: TokyoDV
A good friend of mine was attending Kimono lessons at the Hakubi Kimono Scholl in Tokyo. I went to a Kimono demonstration at the school. Here we see two teachers dressing a woman in the same way Japanese royalty would be clothed; a Kimono with twelve layers.. Twelve layers o' fun!.. …

Sony Qrio SDR-4X Robot Show

2006-01-22 :: TokyoDV
Five Sony Qrio robots dance on stage, do the hula, and shuffle their feet. The the best shots are of the assistants placing them on stage and turning them on; shows their size in reference to humans.. …

Three Honda Asimo Robots

2006-01-15 :: TokyoDV
This video was taken at the Robodex Robot Expo. Three Hondo Asimos were let loose in the arena's show area to display their walking, turning, arm swinging ability. The lighting was strange and added to the futuristic atmosphere. I got some nice clos-ups of the robot's knees, tinted face plate, and ankle joints. …

Japan's Coming of Age Day

2006-01-06 :: TokyoDV
Sometime in early January, this year the 9th, Japan celebrates the young becoming adults. Coming of Age Day is time for the twenty-year-olds to dress up in kimonos, congregate at local city halls, and listen to stiff bureaucrats tell them how important it is to become an adult. The young usually get drunk before, after, and sometimes during the ceremony since they're now legal drinking age. They're also able to vote at the age of twenty, so in this video we see the right-wing black busses showing up to shout their opinions to the newly christened voters. The wing-nuts don't like Communists, kissing in public, or parked cars in their way.. This Coming of Age Day is probably like any other; kimonos, rabbit suits, and big black busses.. …

Japanese Christmas Personals

2005-12-10 :: TokyoDV
An oldie but a goodie; Rob Pongi reads Japanese personal ads one Christmas night on the streets of Roppongi.. With his Christmas ornaments dangling, the girls swaying, and the music beeping he helps a young Japanese girl find an opportunity to 'talk with English'. …

Japanese Catfighting

2005-12-04 :: TokyoDV
Two girls fake fight on stage at an 'erotic' show in Shibuya, Japan. It sounds seedy, but this clip is good natured fun for the whole family; strange costumes and good music mixed with a touch of mocked violence. Safer than watching the evening news. Since one of the girls looks like she's a bumble bee, I've dubbed the clip 'Worker Bee Kicks *ss'. …

Epson Mini Robot Stage Show

2005-11-30 :: TokyoDV
Another clip from the robot expo in Yokohama, Japan; Robodex. At the time, Epson claimed these to be the smartest and smallest robots. Able to spin, twirl, and dance on stage. They're also sensitive to light and supposedly able to navigate themselves.. …

Sony SDR-4X Robot: Robo Chi

2005-11-27 :: TokyoDV
This clip is from a couple years ago, but is still one of our most popular. I'm not sure why; it's simple, short, and has little sound.. Maybe that's why. The small robot bows, walks, and sways in slow motion, giving the impression it's doing various Tai Chi moves. …

TDV Street Fashion: Shinobu's Hat

2005-11-23 :: TokyoDV
Shinobu was shy at first but then grew warmer after we asked her age and what she wanted for Christmas. Interviewed on the streets of Omotesando one Autumn afternoon. …

TokyoDV Reports: Toshio Maeda Interview

2005-11-21 :: TokyoDV
A short video interview with Toshio Maeda. He's considered one of the hentai manga pioneers with works such as Urotsuki Doji and La Blue Girl.. But TokyoDV learns he's just a regular guy. From Wikipdedia - A Hentai mangaka from the 80s and 90s. Maeda's works include the well known La Blue Girl, Demon Beast Invasion, and Urotsukidoji (Legend of the Overfiend). Maeda's work frequently feature young women being molested by multitentacled horrors, and he is credited with the proliferation of the Tentacle Rape genre. …

TDV Street Fashion: Autumn Collage

2005-11-14 :: TokyoDV
A video collage of visions we saw on the streets of Harajuku, one brisk autumn day. …

Tokyo Motor Show 2005: Toyota Fine X

2005-11-07 :: TokyoDV
A short video of the Toyota Fine X car, which can spin like a festival tea-cup ride. Contains some spandex, skirts, boots, and telephoto lenses.. Not necessarily in that order. …

Tokyo Motor Show 2005: Toyo Tire Girls

2005-10-31 :: TokyoDV
Oh, the Tokyo Motor Show; the event girls, the booth girls, the tire girls, oh! And some cars.. This video is only the girls.. …

TokyoDV Fashion Fight!

2005-10-24 :: TokyoDV
Some fun with a couple friends. I wanted to exhibit some of TokyoDV's clothing line while being as gratuitous as possible. Both models were 18 or over and knew what they were getting into; frisbee, fighting, and squirt guns. …

TDV Street Fashion: Yukako's Jumpsuit

2005-10-18 :: TokyoDV
Interviewing Yukako in her jumpsuit on the streets of Harajuku. She has long lashes, checkered shoes, and warm gaze. In Japanese with English subtitles. …

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