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Unique Italy Travel Advice

2008-09-22 :: (Travel Advice Show)
The unique and exciting world of Italy is explored by Suzanne Campion-Tittoto, president of Campioni-Italiani, Chris and Jerry. From north to south, the various regions of Italy are discussed including, food, wines, levels and interesting types of accommodations, ways to travel, Italy’s geographical variations, exciting, untouristy areas, length of stay and many other suggestions to enhance your Italian travel experience.…

Johnny Jet Travel Advice

2008-07-27 :: (Travel Advice Show)
This show teaches you how to save money while making your vacation and adventure plans. Johnny Jet, founder of, joins Chris and Jerry to discuss traveling in style while saving big bucks. Featured on many radio and television networks and in travel newspapers and articles, Johnny created a website where everyone should begin their plans as it links to thousands of travel websites including airline contracts, hotels, cars, travel articles and many other tools to make you a better traveler.…

River Cruising Travel Advice

2008-07-13 :: (Travel Advice Show)
About 1900 an exciting option to tour Europe was expanded, that of river cruising. Ronald Santangelo, President of Peter Deilmann Cruises, Europe's premiere river cruise company, joins Chris and Jerry to discuss this ever popular and expanding concept of enjoying the scenes and culture of Europe. River and itinerary options, shore excursions, life on board, type of traveler who would best appreciate this type of travel and many other topics are included to help you decide which river and itinerary would be best for you.…

Exotic Adventure Cruise Travel Advice

2008-07-06 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Mary Camp, adventure coordinator of Adventure Life Voyages, discusses with Chris and Jerry the exciting alternative to exploring the world, adventure cruising. Covering every continent, this viable travel option works for both first and second time visitors to become an active part at their destination. Life on board, land experiences, age options, price range, lectures and many other topics are discussed. Listen to this program for a life-changing travel experience.…

Angel Falls Travel Advice

2008-06-29 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Nathaniel Waring, president of Cox and Kings USA, explains the options of visiting remote and world's highest falls, Angel Falls, with Chris and Jerry. Costs, best times to visit, travel options to go and come from the falls, suggested length of stay and other suggestions should you have additional time in Venezuela are all discussed. This program will encourage you to include this experience in your immediate travel plans.… Travel Advice

2008-06-15 :: (Travel Advice Show), the most comprehensive, valuable and informative cruise web site in the world, is our topic of today's show. Melissa Baldwin, managing editor, joins Chris and Jerry to explain how to best utilize this money-saving site. Numerous topics including ship review, port information, member chats and discounts are discussed. Begin your cruise experience by first visiting…

Ethiopia Travel Advice

2008-06-08 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Listen to this program for a taste of truly one of the world’s most fascinating and unique countries, Ethiopia. This amazing, historical, naturally beautiful country, once known as Abyssinia, is discussed by Janet Moore, founder of Distant Horizons, Chris and Jerry. Few countries offer such diversity in tribal culture, scenery and experience. The fascinating towns of Axum, Bahir Dar, Gondar, Lalibela and Addis Ababa are explored along with rafting the Omo River and the Semien Mountains. Safety, best time to visit, suggest itinerary, food, accommodations and many other items which are needed to make your visit truly fantastic.…

Polar Bear Travel Advice

2008-06-01 :: (Travel Advice Show)
The Canadian Arctic is explored with John Gunter, General Manager of Frontiers North, Chris and Jerry. Various options to experience the polar bears including Tundra Buggy and hotel stays, best times to visit and photographic tours are discussed. Also, taking an expedition cruise through the Hudson Strait visiting Baffin and the Hudson Bay region, watching grizzly bears, beluga whales and musk oxen and being awed by the Aurora Borealis are just some of the topics discussed on this unique Canadian Arctic show.…

WIndstar Cruise Travel Advice

2008-05-25 :: (Travel Advice Show)
For a truly unique water-travel experience, put yourself on a Windstar Cruise. Vanessa Bloy, Director of Public Relations for Windstar Cruises, Chris and Jerry explain why travel on the multi-masted Windstar ships is an adventure of a lifetime. Activities, ship layouts, varied menus inspired locally, itineraries, types of passengers and many other topics are explored.…

Columbia Travel Advice

2008-05-18 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Historic and culturally-unique Colombia is explored by Nathaniel Waring, President of Cox and Kings, The Americas, Chris and Jerry. Colombia is re-emerging from its recent reputation as one of the world's hottest destination spots. Safety, location, when and when not go, suggested itineraries, length of stay, favorable currency exchange rate, it's varied beaches, rain forests, islands and other topics are discussed. Come now to Colombia before the world rediscovers it.…

River Cruise Travel Advice

2008-05-11 :: (Travel Advice Show)
The River Cruise Adventures is explored with Vanessa Bloy, of Majestic America, Chris and Jerry. Various options to experience the river cruise adventures. Majestic America Line provides guests with a graceful, refined experience exploring extraordinary American destinations.…

Croatia/Slovenia Travel Advice

2008-05-04 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Historic, beautiful and exciting Croatia and Slovenia are discussed by Cameron Hewitt, Senior Editor, Researcher and Co-Author of the Rick Steves' guide books, Chris and Jerry. Who should go, times to go, suggested itineraries, ways to travel, site descriptions, food and drink, culture and many other topics are discussed. For a truly exciting and varied vacation, listen to this show before planning your next adventure.…

Ecuador Travel Advice

2008-04-27 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Peter Grubb, president and founder of Row Adventures, Chris and Jerry explore unique Ecuador. Centering around the three major regions, beach, highlands and Amazon basin, each area is discussed giving many travel options. Ways to travel, best time to go, how long to stay, suggested itineraries, volcanoes, jungle lodges, cultural markets, city descriptions and many other topics are just some of the interesting things you'll hear as you prepare for a fantastic and exiciting visit to the country straddling the Equator.…

Africa Adventure Travel Advice

2008-04-20 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Diving to see the Great White shark and elephant, horse and camel bush safaris are just two of the many topics discussed with guest, Chris Bradshaw, President of Wild Africa Safaris, Chris and Jerry. Cruising the East African coast in dhows, walking and interacting with lions and cheetahs, gorilla and other primate viewing, canoeing, kayaking and rafting various rated rivers and other adventure ideas are explored to greatly enhance your Africa visit.…

Galapagos Travel Advice

2008-04-13 :: (Travel Advice Show)
The diverse, uninhabited only by indigenous birds and animal Galapagos Islands are explored with Brian Morgan, President and Founder of Adventure Life, Chris and Jerry. Swim and snorkel with seals, observe the marine iguanas, observe numerous bird-life and hike the nature trails. Best times to visit, the type and size of ships and yachts, the various islands and lengths of stays are just some of the topics discussed. Most visitors return several times because of the fascination and experiences the Galapagos offer. Listen to this program to make your visits more memorable and exciting.…

Greece Travel Advice

2008-04-06 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Aliki Weston of Carlson Wagonlit Travel in Philadelphia, explores historic, beautiful and exciting Greece with Chris and Jerry. Enhanced by her being Greek and well-traveled through her country, Greece comes alive with detailed suggestions of best and better times to visit, comparison of ferries, cruises, yachts and air travel within the country, land travel options, the language, hotel and accommodation options, suggested itineraries and many other topics. Listen to this program to make your Greek vacation even better and obtain the best possible experience.…

Algeria Travel Advice

2008-03-30 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Peter Grubb, founder and president of Row Inc, joins Chris and Jerry to explore fascinating Algeria. Always popular with the French, this exciting country is just beginning to be discovered by the rest of the world as a cultural, historical, scenic and phenomenal experience. Times to go, ways to visit, accommodations, topography, mandatory sites to see and many other topics are discussed to make your Algerian visit complete.…

Travel Agency Travel Advice

2008-03-23 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Charles Weston of joins Chris and Jerry to discuss the roll of the travel agent. History, current status, how to efficiently work with and select a travel agency, specialties, fees and many other topics are discussed to help you have a more successfull vacation. Specific examples of how best to utilize a travel agent are also given. See your travel agent for fabulous travel options.…

Poland Travel Advice

2008-03-16 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Chris and Jerry are joined with Joanna Millick of MIR Corporation to discuss historical Poland. Joanna, Polish born, gives a unique insight to this ancient, versatile and exciting country. Things to do, when to go, ways to travel, suggested itineraries are just some of the many things discussed. No visit to Poland should be planned until you've listened to this program.…

South Pacific Islands Travel Advice

2008-03-09 :: (Travel Advice Show)
The exotic and seldom visited Cook Islands, Samoa and Tonga are explored by Rodney Smith, Vice President of Sunspots International, Chris and Jerry. Descriptions, ways to travel, history, culture, sites, prices and many other topics are discussed to make these dots in the South Pacific a must for any romantic's travel list.…

Alaska Cruises Travel Advice

2008-03-02 :: (Travel Advice Show)
The numerous available options of cruising Alaska are discussed by Bill Pedlar, President of Knightly Tours, Chris and Jerry. 7, 10, and 14-day cruise itineraries are explained and which type of traveler might enjoy each. Definition of Inside Passage, best times to cruise, large and small ship definition and activities, traveling with children, suggested first and second time visitor cruis Heavily forees, and numerous other topics are explored to make your Alaska vacation even more complete.…

Greenland Travel Advice

2008-02-24 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Holly Nelson, Sales Director for Iceland Adventure, joins Chris and Jerry as they discuss the exciting, seldom visited Greenland. Ways to travel, best times to visit, suggested itineraries, accommodations, sightseeing activities including icebergs and whales, Inuit culture and numerous other topics are explored to help make your Greenland adventure truly fantastic.…

Consolidated Air Travel Advice

2008-02-17 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Great travel options to customize your travel plans are presented by Frank Moulton, Sales Director for Auto Europe, Chris and Jerry. The advantages of consolidated air fares, chauffer-driven cars and lodging, primarily in Europe, are discussed as viable options to design your vacation the way you would like at great savings. Listen to this program prior to culminating your European and world travel plans.…

Cultural Tours Travel Advice

2008-02-10 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Distant Horizons, a fascinating, educational company specializing in cultural tours to Asia and the Middle East is the topic of today's program. Janet Moore, owner of Distant Horizons, joins Chris and Jerry as they explore the company's origin, concept and destinations. This inovative travel company which combines culture, guest scholar leaders, seldom visited countries, original itineraries and a chance to breathe the destination's traditions is an exciting way to broaden your travel experiences.…

Canadian Rockies Travel Advice

2008-02-03 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Return guest Bill Pedlar, Vice President of Knightly Tours, explores the exciting Canadian Rockies with Chris and Jerry. Definition, how to travel, when to go, itineraries, wildlife and many other topics are discussed. Listen for the numerous exciting ideas and options to make your Canadian Rockies' vacation truly spectacular.…

Travel Blanket Travel Advice

2008-01-27 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Airline passengers have struggled forever with seldom-provided, microsocpic blankets and freezing to death while flying. Jim Levings, co-founder of Cabin Cuddler travel blanket, joins Chris and Jerry to explain his unique invention to solve these problems. It's size, numerous uses, colors and other topics are also discussed.…

Iceland Travel Advice

2008-01-20 :: (Travel Advice Show)
The exciting, adventurous and unique destination of Iceland is explored by Holly Nelson, Sales Director of Iceland Adventure, Chris and Jerry. Icelandic horses, geysers, hiking, accommodations, times of year to travel, culture, history, transportation options, length of stay and many other topics are discussed to make your Icelandic visit phenomenal.…

Tahiti/French Polynesia Travel Advice

2008-01-13 :: (Travel Advice Show)
As Rodney Smith, Vice President of Sunspots International, Chris and Jerry discuss the exotic and romantic South Pacific destination of Tahiti/French Polynesia, you'll see why these islands have inspired exciting dance, literature, art, music and life-changing experiences for centuries. Location, definition, water and air travel between the islands, food, accommodations, costs, siteseeing and the people are just some of the topics explored.…

Alaska Travel Advice

2008-01-06 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Bill Pedlar, president of Knightly Tours, joins Chris and Jerry to explore the tremendous array of opportunities to tour exciting Alaska. Lodges, fishing, bear viewing, Denali National Park, glaciers, whales, ways to travel including Alaska Marine Highway System, various cruises, Alaska Railroad and car rental and many other subjects are discussed. Listen to this show to make your Alaska vacation truly memorable!…

Gay/Lesbian Travel Advice

2007-12-30 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Chris, Jerry and Jim Smith, founder of Coda International Tours, discuss gay/lesbian travel. This upscale specialty travel company offers culturally and intellectually curious travelers exciting ways to see the world. Safety, group size, travel interests, destinations and numerous other topics are discussed with emphasis on the gay/lesbian travel market.…

Travel Books Travel Advice

2007-12-23 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Cameron Hewitt, Senior Editor, Researcher, and co-author of Rick Steves' guide books, joins Chris and Jerry to discuss ways to use this mandatory travel resource. How they are organized, written, researched and updated and the philosophy behind them are openly discussed to let you know how these practical and objective travel companions are written. While planning your vacation use these books to have a smoother and better trip.…

Travel Questions

2007-12-11 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Chris and Jerry explain that is a multi-faceted show not only officering advice from various prominent tour and cruise operators, but also directly helping its listeners with their travel plans. They emphasize that emails and phone messages are important to ensure listeners are getting the information they need to have the best vacation possible. Let Chris and Jerry know what topics and guests you want on the program and specific questions you have about your upcoming trips.…

Morocco Travel Advice

2007-12-09 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Chris and Jerry are joined with guest, Gabriel Beyda of Tours Specialists, to explore diverse and exciting Morocco. Best times to go, suggested itineraries, length of stays, safety, culture, type of clients and the diverse experiences are just some of the interesting topics they discuss. Some of the unique sites and locations are explored also to make your visit to Morocco truly individualized. Listen to this program before planning your next trip to Morocco.…

Grand Travel Advice

2007-12-02 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Helena Koenig, founder of Grand Travel, joints Chris and Jerry to discuss the fast-growing and family-uniting grandparent/grandchild travel concept. She shares her 22-year experience with this exciting travel opportunity with ideas on safety, itinerary planning and pacing, modes of travel, unique travel experiences, transmitting cultural inheritances and many other ideas to help grandparents and grandchildren bond together while traveling worldwide.…

Australia Adventure Travel Advice

2007-11-18 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Return guest, Lynette Wilson of Destination World, joins Chris and Jerry to discuss fabulous options for your Australian vacation. Speeding along at 60 miles per hour in Sydney Harbour, backstage tours of Sydney Opera House, shark feed dives, riding the world's steepest railway, night tours of the Cairns Zoo, tandem sky diving and many other exciting opportunities are explored. After listening to this program, you'll have an Aussie experience unlike any of your friends.…

Auto Europe Travel Advice

2007-11-11 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Chris and Jerry explore renting and leasing cars in Europe with Frank Moulton, Sales Manager of Auto Europe, the world's largest car rental brokerage. When and when not to rent or lease a car, types of insurances, driving in Eastern Europe, minimum and maximum age restrictions, driving styles, International Driver's License, drop charges and many other important facets of European car rental were discussed. While making European travel plans, listen to this program for a better and more exciting trip.…

Jordan Travel Advice

2007-11-04 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Return guest, Hugh Fraser, Director of Sales and Product Development for Cox and Kings, the Americas, joins Chris and Jerry as they discuss in depth Jordan and its diverse tourism treasures. Everyone interested in archeology, history, deserts and culture will enjoy this in-depth discussion. Hugh discusses how Jordan is a safe destination in the Middle East.…

Nepal and Bhutan Travel Advice

2007-10-28 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Chris, Jerry and guest Steve Conlon of Above the Clouds discuss the fascinating, historical, cultural and beautiful countries of Nepal and Bhutan. Best time of year to visit, country differences, trekking areas, means of transportation, length of stay and many other important topics needed for a visitor to this area. Be sure to listen to this program and gain valuable information from the many years that Steve has spent in Nepal and Bhutan.…

TurtleWill Travel Advice

2007-10-21 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Irma Turtle, founder of TurtleWill, Chris and Jerry discuss an ever-increasing popular and important travel trend. This humanitarian non-profit organization takes volunteers and medical and construction staff to Ethiopia, Mali and Niger to make a difference in the lives of the nomadic tribes. Their motto: Making the world a better place where people can preserve their traditions and retain their dignity says it all.…

Libya Travel Advice

2007-10-14 :: (Travel Advice Show)
Return guest, Hugh Fraser, Director of Sales and Product Development for Cox and Kings, the Americas, joins Chris and Jerry as they discuss in depth Libya and its entry into the world of tourism. Everyone interested in archeology, history, deserts and culture will enjoy this in-depth discussion.…

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