Last update: 2013-05-21

Episode 47-Van Goes to the Mayor

2013-05-21 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Aaron, Van, and Josh gather once more to bring you more great geek news! Join them as they discuss new Animal Crossing: New Leaf info, Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure, the Batman: Arkham Origins trailor, the new Namco, Bandai, Capcom, and Sega collaboration Project X Zone, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. series on ABC, the Arrow season finale, the Doctor Who Season finale, a new animated Star Wars series called Star Wars Rebels, the new Batman Incorporated #11 comic which features the Batman of Japan, a revealing Dan Akroyd interview with Larry King involving Ghostbusters 3, and Star Trek Into Darkness. Also, you'll get to hear a delightful little tale about Van and the Mayor of the great town UGN hails from. *note-a lot of audibly announced spoilers begin at about 19:05…

UGN C2E2 2013 Special

2013-04-29 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: UGN brings you a special episode all about our trip to the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. Van, Josh, Robyn, and UGN guest Laura are coming to you from the car ride home to bring you their thoughts, opinions, and experiences at C2E2. During the episode, you will get to hear clips from some of the many panels we attended including: Felicia Day, Peter Davison, Kevin Smith, and Jason David Frank!…

Episode 46-Live From…

2013-04-15 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: UGN tries something a little different. In preparation for some possible future events, we are coming to you live from a public park. Ok, so it's technically not live, but it's our first time recording in person without computers. We discuss the Injustice: Gods Among Us game release as well as the free iOS app. Aaron talks about his thoughts on the Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon trailer, his experience with the McDonald's Skylanders toys, and the new Mewtwo form. Van gives his opinion on the new Man of Steel teaser and discusses general Superman related goodies, then discusses some Iron Man 3 news. UGN has a lot coming up in the near future including 2 conventions and other various tidbits so stay tuned!…

Episode 45-Obligatory April Fools Episode

2013-04-01 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Josh cover's PS4 release date rumors, an unexpected contributor to a hike in European Wii U sales, and some Pokémon related tidbits. Then Van goes over the D.C. Comics releases, gives some info on how to get a free Iron Man 3 ticket, discusses some details about Guillermo del Toro's Justice League Dark movie, and talks about the Doctor Who premiere. (spoilers 24:20-29:18) Then Van and Josh discuss a very intriguing question about Batman.…

Episode 44-Both 4′s are Numbers

2013-03-18 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Josh opens the episode by apologizing for his failures then Aaron talks about Nintendo's recent failures, The Last of Us delay, some future releases, and his impressions of the new Tomb Raider. Van talks about the new Kick-Ass 2 trailer, season 7 of Doctor Who, a big event in the DC universe, the final episodes of both Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice on Cartoon Network, and UGN's upcoming busy schedule!…

Episode 43-Come for the News, Stay for the Trainwreck

2013-03-04 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: U.G.N. is back for a whole new season of trainwrecks...I mean great UGN episodes! Join Aaron, Van, and Josh as we kick off another great season of UGN! Aaron talks about Pokémon TCG and his good luck streak, general gaming news, Skylanders news, the new Assassin's Creed DLC and game, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Ravensword: Shadowlands for IOS, and the PS4 reveal. Van discusses the many birthdays happening this year as the Doctor turns 50, Power Rangers turn 20, and Superman turns 75. Van also gives you the Super Hero movie run down, Arrow info, Supernatural future plans, and info on the Star Wars stand alone movie idea from Disney. Josh just sort of hangs out...What did he say about his left arm? Show Notes: Here is a link to the picture that led to this season's first derailment…

Episode 42-U.G.N. Saves Christmas 2

2012-12-18 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Aaron, Van, and Josh are joined by the long lost Zam as UGN finds the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and what you should get that special geek in your life for Christmas! The gift ideas run the gamut from gaming accessories to a Darth Vader what?! Tune in to find out. Show Notes: -You may notice that our intro was a bit awkward. For a frame of reference, check out Episode 25-U.G.N. Saves Christmas. There are also more great gift ideas on that episode. -Here are links to the gift ideas we referred to. -Here is the link to the new Dr. Who Christmas prequel. -Contrary to how it may seem, we have not partnered with Think Geek.…

Episode 41- “Who” for the Holidays

2012-11-26 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Aaron talks about some minor details on Microsoft’s new console; then the UGN crew discusses the Wii U, the Vita, Playstation All-Stars, Skylanders, and Dr. Who…lots of Who. Also, Van reveals a special trailer slated to be shown before The Hobbit that he is super excited for. He also covers some of the Marvel variant covers to a big upcoming comic release as well as some Phase One: Avengers Assembled box set info. Then we talk about some amazing blu-ray deals from over the black Friday weekend. Show Notes: No matter how Aaron refers to her throughout this episode, the Skylander known as Sonic Boom is a female.…

Episode 40-Lordy Lordy, Look Who’s Farty

2012-11-12 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Aaron Talks about Wreck-It Ralph, Assassin's Creed III, Assassin's Creed III: Liberation along with general Vita thoughts, Halo 4, Call of Duty Black Ops II, Forza Horizon, and info on GTA V-Five-5. Then; Van discusses the new Dragonball Z movie, Fox's plans for Wolverine and X-Men, Skyfall, Disney buying Lucasfilm/Lucasarts, and his experience involving a Lord of the Rings marathon at the UGN office.…

Episode 39-Joshie Van Adventures

2012-10-29 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Josh and Van run the show. Join them as Josh discusses a little info on GTA V and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Also, Van talks about the Iron Man 3 trailer and a handfull of comic releases. Then the guys cover information on the upcoming Halloween ComicFest. Visit for more details.…

Episode 38-This is (sort of) Halloween

2012-10-15 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Our old friends Dan and James from Games4allPodcast join us as we talk about our picks for good games to play for Halloween. Aaron has info on the new Borderlands 2 and Mass Effect 3 DLC, and gives his impressions on the exclusive demo of Skylanders Giants. Also, Daniel Young talks about his thoughts on Dishonored. Then, Van reveals new information on the upcoming S.H.I.E.L.D. show, expresses his disappointment in Cartoon Network for cutting some shows, and shares the animated DC / Marvel movie line ups. Note: Our apologies for the choppiness in some areas. We had some connection issues between the U.G.N. offices and the U.K. We blame the space jumper...…

Episode 37-Kinda Iffy

2012-10-04 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Josh has the tech blues as he talks about his phone. Aaron talks about the Assassin's Creed III DLC, Borderlands 2, Resident Evil 6, the release of Pokemon Black and White 2, then covers your video game releases. Van brings you his coverage of the Cincinnati Comic Expo, his thoughts on the new Dark Knight Returns movie, some new additions to the Saturday morning line-up, the Avengers Blu-ray features, Dr. Who's season finale, and wraps it up with your comic book releases!…

Episode 36-The First Rule of UGN is: You Do Not Talk About UGN

2012-09-17 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Recorded late and out of order, this is the most laid back episode of UGN yet! Aaron discusses Nintendo's Wii U shortage and Borderlands 2. Van talks about a Justice League/Aquaman crossover, Kick-Ass 2, and a new Saturday morning cartoon lineup that includes the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. Also, Josh talks about the new Robocop reboot, and Van uses the force for what?! Show Notes: Possible new Robocop costume- What van says the costume looks like-…

Episode 35-You Don’t Drink, You Have Aids, and You Like Apple.

2012-09-06 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: UGN makes a few fun announcements. After that, Aaron covers some PAX 2012 news, some gaming news, and your video game releases. Then Van talks about Zero Month, The Avengers box set fiasco, Ninja Turtles Collection, and your comic book releases. Also, Zam goes through your anime schedule. Show Notes: Intro/Outro theme: Anamanaguchi - Helix Nebula Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes news/trailer:…

UGN Gen Con 2012 Special

2012-08-24 :: U.G.N.
In this UGN special: Aaron talks about his experiences at the Indianapolis Gen Con event, and the booths he visited. You'll also hear about HeroClix, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D, MechWarrior Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online expansions, a new Fluxx card game, Kingdom Hearts TCG, and much more! Show Notes: Intro shout out: Ashens ( 35:40 "Illegal" Link:…

2012 Comic Book Movie Spec…I’m Ready For Bed

2012-08-16 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: UGN makes their triumphant return as Van and Josh sound off on the comic book movies of 2012 and comic book movies in general. Also, tune in for a special announcement! *Slight spoilers at approx 20:21-22:49.…

UGN Comic-Con 2012 Special

2012-07-17 :: U.G.N.
In this UGN Special: It's all Comic-Con as Aaron, Van, Zam, and Josh cover the stories and events that stuck out to them the most. Show notes: Marvel Babies Picture- Disney/Marvel Crossover- What grabbed Van by the balls-…

Episode 34-Another Stolen Idea!

2012-07-03 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Aaron talks about GOOD Sony news and covers your video game releases. Van expresses his excitement for the release of the new Spiderman movie, shares his thoughts on the big new DC announcement, and also covers your comic book releases. Zam discusses all of the upcoming anime, then we make a special announcement about a future UGN event.…

UGN Post E3 2012 Special

2012-06-15 :: U.G.N.
UGN Post E3 2012 Special In this very special episode of UGN, it’s all about E3 Aftermath! Aaron is joined by Daniel Young and James Craigie from Games4allpodcast to discuss the Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Ubisoft, and EA conferences (in that ……

Episode 33-Pre-E3, Black Men, and the Gay Lantern!

2012-06-04 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Josh takes hosting duties while Aaron covers some Pre-E3 news and announcements pertaining to hints and reveals of new game titles. Van shares his thoughts on Men in Black III, discuses the "controversial" upcoming Green Lantern comic, talks about the Iron Patriot, and covers your comic book releases. *Apologies for the spots of shotty audio quality in parts of this episode, Skype was working against us but we cleaned it up as much as possible. notes and links: C3P0 and R2D2 Commercial: IGN E3 Schedule on right side of page:…

Episode 32-Avenged Dat Ass!

2012-05-21 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: We finally discuss the Avengers! Full *spoiler warning* from 27:30-1:00:00. Aaron talks about Kid Icarus: Uprising, Skylanders, Diablo III, Max Payne 3, Battleship, and also covers your video game releases. We discuss our thoughts on the Avengers movie in Vans segment, where he also talks about the Young Justice League and covers your comic book releases. notes and links: 59:00min-Thor and Loki check out Black Widows butt. 1:01:00min-Hawkeye checks out Black Widows Boobs 1:07:16min-Loki takes a ride in a car.…

Episode 31-Avengers Disassembled

2012-05-09 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Aaron and Zam run the show. Aaron talks about the Call of Duty: Black Ops II Trailer, Elder Scrolls MMORPG, and your video game releases. Zam covers anime and manga releases as well as what she has been watching lately. Also, We interview a very special guest! Matt Ray, producer on the Static Shock: Redemption project. More info for Static Shock: Redemption found here:…

Episode 30-BAM!, Avengers Countdown, and the Green Glass Door

2012-04-23 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Aaron talks about his non-geeky trip that still lead to some great geeky finds. He also covers some of the newest Kinect developments. Van weighs in on the new Ultimate Spiderman series and talks about how excited he is for The Avengers as well as its spinoff ;-); and Zam is back this week where she discusses the Origin: Spirits of the Past anime. Also the U.G.N. crew play's another fun game together. notes and links: discussed around 8:47 Zombie Flux-Game that Aaron discussed around 15:18 discussed around 53:46…

Episode 29-Akinator Spoilers and Bats Versus Owls!

2012-03-26 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Aaron talks about Childs Play's Mass Effect cause and introduces Van and Josh to a little game of 20 questions via Click the link to try and stump akinator yourself! Van talks mostly crossovers with Avengers VS X-Men and Night of the Owls. The comic discussion of course leads us to the whole Michael Bay Ninja Turtle controversy. …

Episode 28-The Mass Effect Cast

2012-03-12 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: U.G.N. is rather Mass Effect 3 heavy this week. Aaron still manages to get in a few news stories about Pokemon and Assassin's Creed III. Van talks about DC Nation, Young Justice, and comic book releases; and Zam practices her Geth, covers anime releases, and talks about Perfect Blue all while doing her Math homework.…

Episode 27-Episode XXVII

2012-02-27 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Josh talks about the PS Vita's sales, Van discusses the new Super Sentai Series: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters as well as the High School of the Dead Anime. Also, we find out what "Pod Juice" does to Josh's ability to read Roman numerals.…

Episode 26-Love Is In the Air

2012-02-13 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Aaron, Van, Zam, and Josh are back with season two of the Underground Geek Network! We are also celebrating our one year anniversary. Dan and James from the Games4all Podcast join us to help celebrate and kick off season two right. Aaron discusses Final Fantasy XIII-2's interesting choices for DLC, James and Van share a true love connection over comic books, and Zam talks about Studio Ghibli's The Secret World of Arrietty. Also, things get a little steamy as we discuss last minute Valentines Day gift ideas for geeks. Here's to another year of U.G.N.!…

Episode 25-U.G.N. Saves Christmas

2011-12-13 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: The U.G.N. crew comes to you semi-live and semi-uncut for our 2011 season finale! Having been recorded, edited, and posted the very same night; this about as raw as it gets. We discuss SPIKE TV's Video Game Awards, geeky holiday gift ideas, Pokémon the Movie: Black—Victini and Reshiram, and special guest Robin talks about her experiences playing the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta. Also, if anyone wants to see what Aaron linked to that derailed zams segment randomly:…

Episode 24-Trainwrecks and the People Who Die in Them

2011-11-28 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Aaron talks about Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi, Van discusses Batman: Arkham City as well as the new Men in Black movie, and Zam cusses at her homework.…

Episode 23-Adventures In Dog Killing

2011-11-14 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: The UGN crew talks Skyrim, Skyrim, and more Skyrim. We did manage to discuss a few other things...I couldn't tell what they were, however. I was thinking about Skyrim the whole time.…

Episode 22-The Sober Adventures of Van and Josh

2011-10-17 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Van and Josh are fully sober and ready to deliver geek news! They discuss Batman Arkham City, Ghostbusters issue 2, The Avengers trailer, and Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL. …

Episode 21-The Flood Gates are Open*explicit content*

2011-10-03 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: We celebrate being 21 episodes in! We are joined by our good friends Daniel Young and James Craigie from Games4allpodcast. We discuss X-men Destiny, Dead Island, Gears of war 3, our thoughts on passes to play online in games, and some of our guilty pleasures in the gaming world. Special guest Zeek gets a segment where we discuss the new Star Wars collection on Bluray. Van goes over comic book releases with some Ghostbusters and Power Ranger announcements, and Zam covers anime and manga! Also, find out who can't hold their liquor and tons more all in this very special UGN episode. …

UGN Comic Book Special

2011-09-13 :: U.G.N.
In this bonus episode: Van, Josh, and special guest Devan fill a full hour with comic book goodness. We cover some of the latest DC and Marvel news and somehow end up discussing the Star Wars Blu-ray controversy. Also, stay tuned for the official episode 21 of the Underground Geek Network podcast coming soon. We have some special things in store for you!…

Episode 20-We are Building a Giant Mech!

2011-08-23 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Zam talks about Beyblade and giant mechs. Aaron picks on Sony a little more and talks about Microsoft's new marketing strategy in Japan; and van cries about the new Superman cape as the whole crew chimes in on the 2010 movie "Super." Also, the Asian correspondent talks about one of his adventures in the world of retail.…

Episode 19-UGN Ghostbusters Special

2011-08-08 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Aaron and Zam couldn't make it so Van and Josh take over and do whatever they please. That can only mean one thing...Ghostbusters! That's right, Van and Josh talk about nothing but Ghostbusters for a full hour. GB fans will find a lot to enjoy in this one. Watch out guys! This one's a big twinkie!…

Episode 18-The 4 is a Number!

2011-07-25 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: The full UGN crew is back! Aaron talks about the Freddy Krueger download for Mortal Kombat, Van talks about Comic-Con and how he DIDN'T see Captain America, Zam talks about the Black Jack manga and how she DID see Captain America, and Josh is just hanging out...again.…

Episode 17-All Aaron, All the Time

2011-07-11 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Aaron's flying solo this week! Join him where he talks about what he's been playing during his break, future game releases, "Games for Windows" merging with, Gears of War 3 being leaked, Sony stepping up production on their next gen system, comic book releases, his favorite boss battles from video games, and the Dragonball Kai series. …

Episode 16-Oops!

2011-06-28 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Josh talks about more Sony messes, Van talks about some of the new Flashpoint issues, and Zam talks about the Durarara!! Anime. Also: Josh, Van and Zam all weigh in on their top 5 comic book movies of all time.…

Episode 15-Wii Digress

2011-06-13 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Josh fills in for Aaron and discusses the Nintendo Wii U, Playstation Vita, and the death of the cable company. Van talks about his immense excitement for the Green Lantern movie as well as DC's new reboot of 53 of their titles. And Zam talks about the Now and Then, Here and There, Desert Punk, and Black Butller series'.…

Episode 14-E3 News From a Car?

2011-06-06 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Aaron talks about his thoughts on Duke Nukem Forever as well as some E3 news, Josh discusses EA's new Origin gaming service and Xbox Live's streaming tv service, and Zam talks about the new Trigun movie.…

Episode 13-We Can Make It If We Try

2011-05-30 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Aaron talks about E3 rumors, a PSN giveaway contest, and Duke Nukem Forever, wait what!? Van discusses the Superman Motion Picture Anthology, X-Men First Class, and Flashpoint issue 1. Also, Zam joins in then we hear a little from UGN's guest spot on the Games4all Podcast. You can catch all of it on our good friends' website on Friday, June 3rd. We also talk to a special guest from The Metapodcast, a great podcast for Pokemon fans. If you like Pokemon, you should definitely check out their show at…

The Rapture Took Our Internet!

2011-05-23 :: U.G.N.
Due to internet and power issues, UGN will not be doing an episode this week. We know how bummed this must make you, but our friends at the Games4all Podcast should have plenty of gaming news to hold you over for the time being. Click above for the promo of their 51st episode. Check them out at Speaking of the Games4all Podcast, the UGN crew are going to be guests on their show the week of the 29th! Tune in to hear how epic (or disastrous?) the Underground Geek Network and Games4all Podcast are with their powers combined!…

Episode 12-Van Down

2011-05-16 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Aaron covers PSN's return and the 3DS's eShop delay, Van talks about the end of the Smallville era of his life before exiting to hack up a lung, and Zam discusses the Saturn Apartments manga.…

Episode 11-PSN is up!…for disappointing people

2011-05-09 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Aaron discusses Sony's new security measures, Robin returns for a Portal 2 review, Van and Josh give their thoughts on the Thor movie, Van cries about Smallville ending, Zam talks about the Vampire Hunter D manga, and Zeek the Geek returns for another fun fact of the week. Ending song credits: vocals: Devon D. Decker lyrics: Marc Daniels Parody of 'faithfully' originally by journey…

Episode 10-WTF?

2011-05-02 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Our "special" 10th episode starts out of order with anime and manga first. Van drops out, a new guest drops in, and then Osama dies. Special? maybe not. Strange? yes indeed.…

Episode 9-Wii Love Frank West

2011-04-17 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Aaron challenges Van to a gaming challenge, talks about how much the USA loves Frank West, and discusses the rumors about the Wii 2. Van discusses the new Flashpoint, Superman: The Black Ring, and Reign of Doomsday storylines; and Zam talks about the House of Five Leaves manga. Also, Batman: the musical?…

Episode 8-Dude Where’s the Van?

2011-04-11 :: U.G.N.
In this Episode: We talk about Bioware's announcement that Mass Effect is making its way to the anime realm, PS3 modding lawsuit update, more Kinect hacking, Kick-Ass's Hit-Girl spin-off, Android's going to school, and cats with ramen shops!…

Episode 7-Outsourcing

2011-04-03 :: U.G.N.
We join Aaron mid conversation where he does a little outsourcing and tells about a neat 3ds project at Van talks about his impressions of the new Green Lantern trailer, the Wonder Woman costume update, and awesome Batman: The Brave and the Bold cameos. Zam covers the Antique Bakery dvd release, Gundam Unicorn vol. 3, and Natsume's Book of Friends volume 6. UGN also proposes a friendly challenge to our friends at the Games4all Podcast:-)…

Episode 6-I Play Games all of the Time

2011-04-01 :: U.G.N.
*April Fools Episode* In this episode, Van covers his top five video games of all time, Zam covers her top five animes of all time, and Aaron plays a lot of video games. Zeek the Geek also returns for a fun fact of the week...Is Naruto any good? music featured in this episode: "Alex Kid in Miracle World - Sugar High Remix" by Joe Redifer…

Episode 5-Partnership Announcement and 3DS

2011-03-28 :: U.G.N.
In this episode, we proudly announce our partnership with the Games4all Podcast. Check them out at They have been great to us and their show is awesome. Also, first impressions of the 3DS, guest Robin reviews Dragon Age 2, new Static Shock info, and Evengelion on blu-ray! Also, Zeek returns with a fun fact of the week. You'll also hear plenty from Van's computer fan and Zam's audio gremlins. (We do apologize for the sound. We are working on the issues and should have them ironed out next week!) …

Episode Delay/Games4all Podcast Promo

2011-03-20 :: U.G.N.
This weeks podcast episode will have to be postponed. Aaron had to go to the hospital. Everything is o.k. but he will be bed ridden for a few days. We are sorry for the delay. While you are waiting for our next episode, check out this promo for our friends at the Games4all Podcast. Games4all is a weekly podcast hosted by Dan & James where they discuss the latest news and reviews from the world of casual and hardcore gaming. Their podcast is really great and we are proud to be friends/partners with them. If you like our podcast, you'll surely like theirs. Check them out at…

Bonus Episode-Pokemon Black and White Special

2011-03-16 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Aaron and van devote a whole episode to the new Pokemon Black and White game. You’ll hear about Van’s quest to get the game as well as the guys’ thoughts and opinions on the game.…

Episode 4-Put Three in the Cart

2011-03-14 :: U.G.N.
In this episode: Torchlight, Microsoft avatar pimpage, new Ninja Turles cartoon announced, new Power Rangers show, Naruto's 5th movie...does anyone care?; and special guest Zeek the geek returns with the fun fact of the week! Stay tuned for an all Pokemon Black and White bonus episode later this week!…

Episode 3-When the Walls Fell

2011-03-05 :: U.G.N.
In this episode, Aaron weighs in on Marvel VS Capcom 3 and the UGN team discuss their favorite Marvel and Capcom characters. Zam covers more info on the Supernatural anime as well as the upcoming Thundercats remake on Cartoon Network. Van gives his opinion on the Darkwing Duck comic and makes it very clear how much he loves female comic book characters. Also...PBJ and wine? Special thanks go to the Glowing Stars for letting us include them in this episode. They are an awesome band. Check them out at…

Episode 2-Pokemon Mall Tour

2011-02-23 :: U.G.N.
Well, we made it to episode 2! In this episode, more of the usual "geekness" and coverage of the Pokemon Mall Tour.…

Episode 1-UGN Pilot

2011-02-12 :: U.G.N.
We are proud to announce that episode 1 of The Underground Geek Network is now available. A podcast about all things geek. Feel free to contact us with questions, comments, or suggestions!…

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