Last update: 2006-06-14

Unpublished Opinion: June 14

2006-06-14 Length: 14m 38s
I went running! Movie Reviews: An Inconvenient Truth A Prairie Home Companion …

Unpublished Opinion: May 22 Videocast

2006-05-22 Length: 4m 59s
Movie Review: High Tension Why Prince E and I didn't go on our bike ride on Sunday …

Unpublished Opinion: Getting Older

2006-05-19 Length: 2m 9s
Another reenactment …

Unpublished Opinion: May 15

2006-05-15 Length: 3m 56s
My new (purple!) wedding shoes Movie Review: Hostel (I re-enact the movie using stuffed animals!) …

Unpublished Opinion: May 2

2006-05-02 Length: 10m 34s
My race report for the Run for Rett 5k Movie Review of United 93 …

Unpublished Opinion: Videocast

2006-04-26 Length: 1m 59s
Video of Simba Kitty and our "new" couch! …

Unpublished Opinion: April 24

2006-04-24 Length: 7m 51s
I'm back!! Sorry for being gone so long! On today's show: Review of the musical: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Movie Review: Brick (3.5 cat paws) …

Unpublished Opinion: Shamrock

2006-04-04 Length: 38m 10s
Shamrock Shuffle 8k Race Report! Warning: I curse a lot!!! …

Unpublished Opinion: March 31

2006-03-31 Length: 22m 2s
Listen as Betty and I run. Movie review: Thank You For Smoking …

Unpublished Opinion: Runcast #2

2006-03-23 Length: 31m 58s
Runcast #2 Movie Review: Unknown White Male I ramble alot. …

Unpublished Opinion: March 20

2006-03-20 Length: 13m 26s
When fitness comes in handy in everyday life Movie review: V for Vendetta …

Unpublished Opinion: Videocast #2

2006-03-16 Length: 1m 30s
Snowing in Chicago and Kitty Talks a "Bath" …

Unpublished Opinion: Feb 20

2006-02-20 Length: 18m 54s
On today's show: My thoughts on a new exercise video. Movie review: Junebug, 3 cat paws. I answer a listener's question about starting up a podcast. …

Unpublished Opinion: Feb 14

2006-02-14 Length: 19m 16s
It's Simba's Birthday!! On today's show: Movie reviews: Cinderella Man: 2.75 cat paws Murderball: 3 cat paws Listen as Prince E and I tackle Oakbrook Terrace Tower …

Unpublished Opinion: Feb 1

2006-02-01 Length: 9m 52s
Five Healthy Snack Ideas My thoughts on the Oscar Nominations The Unpublished Opinion Oscar Contest: Starts Feb 6 …

Unpublished Opinion: Jan 24

2006-01-24 Length: 13m 22s

I chose my triathlon! More Chicago weather: listen as Prince E and I walk in the snow in the suburbs and hear me walk in the wind in Chicago Movie review: Caché …

Unpublished Opinion: Jan 18

2006-01-18 Length: 14m 34s
Podcast while folding laundry Pt2 Fitness Update My thoughts on the Golden Globe Awards Wait with me for the bus on a windy Chicago morning Walk with Prince E and I up 15 flights of stairs (wow I walk loudly) …

Unpublished Opinion: Jan 16

2006-01-16 Length: 18m 36s
On today's show: Listen as I cut Prince E's hair Movie Review: The Squid and the Whale (3.5 cat paws) Special DVD review which shows why I confess to being a movie snob …

Unpublished Opinion: Jan 11

2006-01-11 Length: 9m 50s
I recorded the podcast while folding laundry! Does the excitement ever end? On today's show: I exercised! Prince E and I have a new fitness goal. Movie Reivew: Match Point (4 cat paws) …

Unpublished Opinion: Jan 4

2006-01-04 Length: 16m 3s
How I became a couch potato. Cats in the News. My new movie rating system. Movie Review: The Producers. …

Unpublished Opinion: December 15

2005-12-15 Length: 15m 18s

Training Update Cats and Penguins in the News Perk of working in dowtown Chicago: free stuff! …

Unpublished Opinion: December 12

2005-12-12 Length: 12m 42s
My week off from training and why it made me feel like crap Movie Review: Capote Changes to the blog …

Unpublished Opinion: Dec 6

2005-12-06 Length: 6m 14s
More cats in the news: catfox and cat in fridge Triathlon training update New Simba store. …

Unpublished Opinion: Dec 1

2005-12-01 Length: 8m 34s
What does Simba think of my triathlon training? A training update: why I felt like I was in high school. Two news story updates: stowaway cat and Rosa Parks …

Unpublished Opinion: Nov 28

2005-11-28 Length: 15m 9s

Why Thanksgiving and Exercise Don't Mix My First Hockey Game! Movie Review: Walk the Line …

Unpublished Opinion: Nov 21

2005-11-21 Length: 12m 19s
The new addition to the household: Mr. T Triathlon training update Movie Review: Pride and Prejudice …

Unpublished Opinion: Nov 16

2005-11-16 Length: 8m 28s
Simba Really Speaks Triathlon Training Update Winter?? Visit my Blog …

Unpublished Opinion: Nov 14

2005-11-14 Length: 12m 28s
Simba's new toy; Day 1 of Triathlon Training; Movie Review: Must Love Dogs; Visit my Blog. …

Unpublished Opinion: November 11

2005-11-11 Length: 12m 55s
Did I make it on the TV broadcast of Oprah?? The new book I am reading about triathlon training. Movie Review: The Island (which I saw on the airplane) Visit my blog. …

Unpublished Opinion: Nov 9

2005-11-09 Length: 17m 11s
In this episode: Simba's New Friend Secrets to a successful 5k My big secret revealed visit my blog …

Unpublished Opinion: Nov 2

2005-11-02 Length: 5m 45s
Did Simba have a fun Halloween? I contemplate another kind of training plan. Big news is big secret for now! visit my blog …

Unpublished Opinion: The Podcast for October 26, 2005

2005-10-26 Length: 6m 59s
In this episode: Simba speaks! Running in the Winter Health News Home Video Review Visit my Blog …

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Fitness and movie talk from a runner in Chicago.

Unpublished Opinion: The Podcast