Last update: 2012-09-19

Vita Geeks 15: Back

2012-09-19 Length: 28s

Sean and Brad are back

Vita Geeks 14: E3 2012

2012-06-24 Length: 35s

Sean and Brad talk about E3 2012 and the upcoming games for the Playstation Vita.

Vita Geek 13: The Unlucky One

2012-06-06 Length: 33s

Brad and Sean are back after a three week hiatus with more Playstation Vita news, game demo reviews, and more!

Vita Geeks 12: Skype

2012-05-01 Length: 22s

Sean and Brad talk about Skype and Gravity Rush. Playstation Vita.

Vita Geeks 11: Apps

2012-04-23 Length: 38s

Sean and Brad talk about the vita os and the apps. Also about upcoming games for the system

Vita Geeks 10: Mmmmmmhmmmmmm

2012-04-16 Length: 54s

Sean, Brad and Chris answer some questions and talk about the Playstation Vita.

Vita Geeks U1: A Short Update

2012-04-11 Length: 6s

Sean Cox gives a quick bit of news while Brad and Chris are out.

Vita Geeks 9: Chris Wants Home On The Vita

2012-04-02 Length: 28s

Sean, Brad and chris talk about zipper closing its doors. We also answer some fan mail.

Vita Geeks 8: Inceptulation

2012-03-27 Length: 39s

Sean Cox, Brad Kolar and Christopher Nobleza Talk about how the vita game sales are doing as well as review about a blob. But mostly the go on Tangents. 

Vita Geeks 7: Send Us Hate Mail?

2012-03-20 Length: 34s

Sean and Brad review Motor Storm R/C and Unit 13. They also answer some mail and talk about sumioni coming out this week.

Vita Geeks 6: Free Games Already!

2012-03-12 Length: 24s

Sean and Brad talk about the upcoming games ridge racer and Reality Figthers. Motor Storm R/C came out and is free for the Vita. Also They go on a tangent with Armored core. Find out more at

Vita Geeks 5: First Email

2012-03-05 Length: 45s

Sean and Brad talk about the upcoming sony event, new releases and delayed Gravity Rush. Sean Reviews Uncharted Golden Abyss and Mod Nation: Road Trip. They also respond to thier first email! Stay tuned for more Playstation Vita News.

Vita Geeks 4: Features and First Review

2012-02-27 Length: 39s

Sean and Brad go over some of the new features for the Playstation Vita and how to use them. They also talk about the PSV headphones and dock and give their first reviews of Lumines and Super Stardust Delta. Please email us and visit our site

Vita Geeks 3: Sounding Better

2012-02-13 Length: 22s

Sean and Brad talk about the 1.6 Patch for the Playstation Vita OS, their second trip to Vita Hill Social Club where they played Hot Shots Golf and Reality Fighters, also they talk about how you can get games now off of PSN right now. New Microphones, discounts on PSN and 3g Data in the US and the UK.

Vita Geeks 2: A Week Before

2012-02-07 Length: 26s

Sean and Brad talk about the Playstation Vita and its upcoming games.

Vita Geeks 1: Pilot

2012-02-01 Length: 24s

Sean and Brad Talk about the upcoming Playstation Vita and their excitement for it. They also talk about up coming games and their trip to the Vita Hill Social Club. For more info on the show please visit

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