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EPISODE 48 - Bob Mills (Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts)

2013-03-06 :: Length: 44s
Join us as we go back to the 1970s and hear the backstage tales of the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts straight from a writer who lived it! Bob Mills is our guest.…

EPISODE 47 - Larry Wilcox (Sgt John Baker/"CHiPs")

2013-01-31 :: Length: 30s
Go back to the days of Ponch and John from "CHiPs" with Eric Chilton and his special guest Larry Wilcox.…

EPISODE 46 - Tony Dow (Wally Cleaver/Leave It To Beaver)

2013-01-22 :: Length: 20s
Join Eric as he visits with america's favorite big brother, Wally. Its all things Leave It To Beaver! Come listen!…

EPISODE 45 - Stanley Livingston (Chip Douglas/My Three Sons)

2013-01-10 :: Length: 46s
Venture back to the Douglas hosehold to hear the stories of what REALLY happened behind the scenes of america's favorite testosterone ridden household!…

EPISODE 44 - Lauren Chapin(Kitten from Father Knows Best)

2013-01-04 :: Length: 35s
Her story will shock and inspire you. What that little girl was going through when the cameras were off is hard to believe. Join Eric and his candid chat with Lauren Chapin…

EPISODE 43 Henry Winkler (Happy Days/The Fonz)

2011-09-14 :: Length: 28s
The Fonz unplugged. Is there really anything else to say. LOL…

EPISODE 42 - Mary McDonough (Erin Walton on The Waltons)

2011-08-02 :: Length: 32s
Lets go back to Walton Mountain and re-live the behind-the-scenes story of "America's Family". Mary gives us a sneak peek into the backstage stories plus the troubles of growing up on television and how she overcame the issues that plague child stars. Take a listen! Goodnight John boy!…

EPISODE 41 - Greg Bell Host of Radio Classics on Sirius/XM

2011-07-06 :: Length: 49s
Greg Bell Host of Radio Classics on Sirius/XM Channel 82 joins us to talk about the transition from radio to TV and the stars that made the jump. And those that did not Its all about the golden age of TV and radio in this episode.…

EPISODE 40: Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady)

2010-12-21 :: Length: 35s
We are talking all things Brady on our next show! Be sure to tune in and ask your questions about Greg's beads in his cool upstairs room or how hot was Eve Plumb in real life! LOL. We have Cindy Olsen a.k.a. Thindy Brady!! :)…

EPISODE 39: Jon Provost (Timmy from "Lassie")

2010-12-02 :: Length: 51s
From the age of three Jon Provost has been entertaining audiences. He has worked with everyone from Jack Benny to Bing Crosby but we remember him as Timmy from Lassie. He's out of the well and ready for our interview. Join us Thursday Dec 2nd at 7:30 east coast time for a trip down the canine memory lane of "Lassie"…

EPISODE 38: Charles Fox (TV Theme Composer)

2010-11-23 :: Length: 40s
For us classic TV buffs....have you ever wondered who came up with those great themes to our favorite TV shows? Well, this guy gave us Happy Days, Laverne And Shirley and many more. Spend time with me and Mr. Charles Fox! And get your questions ready...we're taking calls! Tue Nov 23rd2010 at 7:30pm Eastern time.…

EPISODE 37 Jill Schulz; Daughter of Peanuts creator Charles Schulz

2010-09-28 :: Length: 19s
Charlie Brown is ready for AARP!!!! Yes Peanuts turn 60 this year and who better to discuss that than the daughter of the creator himself. Jill Schulz is with us...oh, and by the way she has actually ACTED with Snoopy's relative Spike. We will explain. See ya then!…


2010-08-19 :: Length: 29s
No interviews this time just your memories and mine of the shows that made television great. Join us for a "free for all" of TV trivia!…

Episode 35 Beverly Washburn

2010-01-25 :: Length: 36s
Beverly Washburn has been in everything from Leave It To Beaver to Superman and The Mole Men. Come along as we go back to the golden age of TV and find out how actors made a career at a host of smaller roles.…

EPISODE 34 Martin Tahse (Producer/Kukla, Fran and Ollie)

2009-08-13 :: Length: 23s
Jim Henson once said the Muppets may have never happened if it hadn't been for kukla, Fran and Ollie. They were a hit with kids all over the country and set the tone for future kids shows. Join us as we relive the memories with Martin Tahse!!…

EPISODE 33 - John Amos (James Evans/Good Times)

2009-08-06 :: Length: 19s
John is an amazing man. Listen to his stories of a sitcom that went through MANY changes before it was cancelled including John's issues with the writers of the show that lead to his departure. Good stuff.…

EPISODE 32 Rose Marie (The Dick Van Dyke Show)

2009-07-22 :: Length: 33s
Of course we remember her as Sally Rodgers from The Dick Van Dyke Show but who knew that a few of her earliest supporters were Bugsy Segal and Al Capone!!! See...that's what we do here....find the facts that knock ya over. Join our frank discussion at 7:30pm EST July 22nd with the fabulous Rose Marie!!!…

EPISODE 31 Bob Mills (Writer for Bob Hope)

2009-07-13 :: Length: 57s
He has all the stories one could ever drum up about one of the biggest entertainers of the past century. Bob Hope. Join us as we visit with the man who lets us in on the legend. Bob Mills is our guest.…

EPISODE 30 Tippi Hedren

2009-07-02 :: Length: 44s
Join us for an up close look at one of Hitchcock's most famous blondes. She's phenomenal!! It's Tippi Hedren from "The Birds"…

EPISODE 29 Alison Arngrim

2009-06-22 :: Length: 37s
Hop on the wagon we're going back to the pioneer days with the sneakiest prairie gal we've ever known. Nellie Oleson is our guest this week. Wait until u hear THESE backstage stories.…

EPISODE 28 Julie Newmar: Catwoman

2009-06-05 :: Length: 33s
Ahhh I can still hear her sexy puuuurrrrrr. Julie Newmar is here to talk about all things Catwoman. She is a sweetheart who has done it all in showbusiness!…

EPISODE 27 Rip Taylor (Comedian)

2009-05-24 :: Length: 24s
The wacky toupee', the handlebar moustache, the bag of confetti...of course it's none other than Rip Taylor. He's back and we got em!!!…

EPISODE 26: Willie Aames (Eight Is Enough)

2009-05-11 :: Length: 58s
This is by far the best interview I have ever done and its not because of anything I have done. Willie was as honest a celebrity as you could ever ask for. Listen as he takes us back to his beginnings through a drug habit and to his current position. This is one you won't often hear. Join us with Willie Aames.…

EPISODE 25 - Al Jarreau (Jazz great)

2009-05-07 :: Length: 46s
He's incredible! One of only a small group of performers to win a Grammy in Jazz, Pop and R&B. From the theme to Moonlighting to the love ballad "After All" Al Jarreau is one-of-a-kind. Join Eric as he takes us on a field trip to Al's beginnings! It promises to be a classic...just like Al.…

EPISODE 24 Bill Kirchenbauer (Just the ten of us, Clueless)

2009-05-04 :: Length: 38s
Join Eric and Bill as they walk down memory lane and discuss Bill's run as a sucessfull comedian and sitcom actor. Bill has been on the Tonight Show, starred in a hit TV show and even co starred in Alicia Silverstone's hit "Clueless".…

EPISODE 22 Jeff Cook ("Alabama" guitarist)

2009-04-20 :: Length: 29s
Eric goes back to the 80's to one of the most accomplished country music bands of all time...Alabama. Join him as he interviews guitarist and singer Jeff Cook who was with the band from the start.…

EPISODE 23 June Foray (The cartoon voice queen)

2009-04-20 :: Length: 30s
From Rocky the Flying Squirrell to Granny on Sylvester and Tweety, June Foray has done it all. Her voice is infamous in the animation industry and still to this day she gets fan mail for the hundreds of roles she has voiced over the years. Join Eric as he interviews an animation legend...June Foray.…

EPISODE 21 - Ben Hur

2009-04-14 :: Length: 24s
Time for another trip to the historic Carolina Theatre for their Classic Film Series and this time its the epic film Ben Hur. Join Eric ans he and film critic Mark Burger disect one of the greatest movies of all time.…

EPISODE 20 George Lowe (Voice of Space Ghost)

2009-04-05 :: Length: 34s
Join us for a chat with George "Space Ghost" Lowe. He was also the voice of "Dad" on The Brak Show, a part of Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network.…


2009-03-29 :: Length: 34s
Come chat with us about the glory days of television known as the 70's. From Archie Bunker to Mork we will relive the memories that takes us back to the days of Disco. That's Sunday March 29th at 7pm. Be there. Aloha.…

EPISODE18 All Things Quantum Leap

2009-03-22 :: Length: 37s
Can you believe it is the 20th anniversary of Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell's sci fi ratings winner Quantum Leap! We have a writer from the show AND a special secret guest. Join us as we LEAP BACK on March 22nd at 7pm EST.…

EPISODE 17 Geri Jewell (Facts of Life)

2009-03-15 :: Length: 36s
Geri Jewell was most remembered for her portrayal of Cousin Geri, Blair's cousin on Facts Of Life. She was the first actor with disabilities (cerebral palsy) to star on a prime time series. Join us Sunday march 15th at 7pm EST!!…

EPISODE 16 Yvonne Craig (Batgirl/"Batman")

2009-03-08 :: Length: 42s
This is going to be a GREAT one folks! The completely beautiful Yvonne "Batgirl" Craig will be chatting with us about the backstage fun with Adam West and the whole Batman cast. Throw in Batman expert Joel Eisner and we have ourselves a show. See you Sunday March 8th at 7pm EST.…

EPISODE 15 Maria Lauren (Golddigger/The Dean Martin Show)

2009-03-01 :: Length: 53s
Maria Lauren spent some time in the early 70's as an original member of the Golddiggers on The Dean Martin Show. She has GREAT stories/trivia about the backstage antics of those days. So Join Eric and Maila as they get a peak into the REAL life of Dean Martin. Its dinner, drink and Dino. Sunday March 1st at 7pm EST.…


2009-02-22 :: Length: 40s
This is our 2nd go 'round on the trivia game show LIVE experience. Tune in LIVE on Sunday Feb 22nd at 7pm EST and give us YOUR best trivia knowledge on classic TV/FILM and win prizes!! We hope to see the Nerd Herd in full force that night!!!…

EPISODE 13: West Side Story (Natalie Wood's sister Lana)

2009-02-18 :: Length: 28s
We are broadcasting LIVE from The Carolina Theatre (a historic landmark in North Carolina) for their classic film series. This time "West Side Story". Natalie Wood's sister Lana will be joining us for the backstage trivia stories we love. Join us!!…

EPISODE 12 Billy Ingram (TV Mysterious Hollywood deaths

2009-02-15 :: Length: 34s
Billy is the all-seeing guru when it comes to celebrity deaths from back in the day. Come with us as we ask questions and get answers about celebrity deaths that have raised eyebrows for decades. Billy, editor of TV and host of shows on VH1 and Bravo, will take us on our journey. Join us Sunday 2/15 at 7pm EST!…

EPISODE 11 Gary Peterson (The Guess Who)

2009-02-08 :: Length: 46s
Who could forget "American Woman" and "These Eyes" Yes, we are chatting about one of the best rock groups of our time. Gary Peterson, drummer for The Guess Who, is our guest this week and before the show is over you'll know what it was like to be at the top of the charts in the tumultuous music industry of the 1960's. Our country was changing and that change was reflected in our music. Join Eric and Maila as they say "swinging 60's here we come BABY, YEAH!"…

EPISODE 10 Rick Goldschmidt/Rankin Bass & Billie Richards/Rudolph

2009-01-31 :: Length: 42s
Ever wonder who voiced the characters of Rudolph or Frosty or Yukon Cornelius? Yeah, so have I. How bout the behind-the-scenes stories of how they made those specials and where are the figures now. Join Eric as he welcomes Rick Goldschmidt the official Rankin Bass historian to the show. AND Bille Mae Richards the original voice of Rudolph! Its all things Rankin Bass on Saturday Jan 31st at 7pm. (NOTE: DAY AND TIME CHANGE)…

EPISODE 9: James Best (Roscoe/Dukes of Hazzard)

2009-01-25 :: Length: 45s
Where's Flash!!! That's right, we have scored the immortal Roscoe P. Coletrain from Hazzard County. James Best portrayed the bumbling deputy we all loved growing up and we have him all to ourselves! Join us for a night of "all things Duke".…

EPISODE 8: Laurie Jacobson (Classic Hollywood Historian)

2009-01-18 :: Length: 35s
Laurie is one of the foremost authorities on classic hollywood. Author of several books on that backstage trivia we live for she is going to fill us in on the days when the studios OWNED the actors and the scandals that were kept under wraps.…

EPISODE 7: Hitchcock Chat

2009-01-09 :: Length: 30s
Join us on a SPECIAL DAY and TIME as we broadcast LIVE from The Carolina Theatre in Greensboro, NC (An historic landmark for the southeast). We will talk all things Hitchcock from the theatre's classic film series. Our Guest: Tere McConnell (Hitchcock's Grandaughter) and Hitchcock author Jeff Kraft.…

EPISODE 6: Kathy Garver (Cissy/Family Affair)

2009-01-04 :: Length: 32s
Of course you had a crush on Cissy...who didn't! kathy Garver will be our guest to chat about Family Affair and the loveable Mr. French. So get your Mrs. Beasley dolls out and join us for a night of fun.…

EPISODE 5: Trivia Quiz Show! Win prizes if you're with us live!!

2008-12-28 :: Length: 34s
Come try your hand LIVE at answering some tough trivia from TV, movies and music. We are giving away prizes for the top scores. It promises to be fun!!…

EPISODE 4: Paul Peterson (Jeff Stone/The Donna Reed Show)

2008-12-21 :: Length: 35s
Paul is an ineresting interview. Not only does he bring us the backstage trivia and stories we live for but we talk about his insight into how the child stars of the old days were treated. Good stuff.…

EPISODE 3: Betty Lynn (Thelma Lou/The Andy Griffith Show)

2008-12-14 :: Length: 43s
Betty shares behind-the-scenes stories of Don Knotts, Andy Griffith and the rest of the cast. We also delve a bit into how royalties were not handled that well in those days. She was a complete delight. We love Thelma Lou!…

EPISODE 2: Don Grady (Robbie Douglas/My Three Sons)

2008-12-07 :: Length: 36s
Join Eric once again as they delve into the world of classic TV and bring you the backstage trivia from Don Grady better known as Robbie Douglas on My Three Sons.…

EPISODE 1: Lana Wood (Peyton Place, Bond Girl)

2008-11-30 :: Length: 36s
Primetime soaps are our focus this week as we travel to the 1960's to explore Peyton Place and it's star Lana Wood. Lana is Natilie Wood's sister and is more commonly known as Plenty O'Toole the Bond girl from Diamonds Are Forever. Check out our trivia of the week and the always outgoing Lana Wood!…

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