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Time With Josephine Baker

2015-04-12 :: Karla Patin

Today is all about relaxing, taking a little time for yourself. What would be better then Josephine baker’s music to start your relaxation off right, ENJOY!

The Power Of Words

2015-04-11 :: Karla Patin

Today’s show Stoplights Cab Calloway and the power of our words. Stop by for more music, contest and giveaways.

The Color of Joy

2015-04-10 :: Karla Patin

Today Karla looks at joy and the colors associated with it. In The Spotlight we take a look at “Billie Holiday” Her rich soulful voice and the music she left behind. Sponsored by Kid Craft.

Growing In Widsdom

2015-04-09 :: Karla Patin

Today’s show is on Wisdom and the role it plays in our relationships.Karla also takes a look at Jazz great “Ethel Waters”. Who’z Talking is a KAP House Production, brought to you by Petplans.

Taking It Easy

2015-04-06 :: Karla Patin

Today Karla looks at Taking the easier path in life. Spotlights Louis Armstrong and revamps the podcast

The Resurrection

2015-04-01 :: Karla Patin Length: 1s

Today is April 1st, and I am taking a look at Easter and the blossoming of spring. Our “ In The Spotlight” segment comes from Easter is all about Resurrection, new beginnings, so Mahler’s symphony #2 in C minor seemed to be a fitting performance.  Barbara Schubert and the Dupage Orchestra give a beautiful presentation.

Is Reality Tv Good For Us?

2015-03-29 :: Karla Patin

Today’s episode of Who’z Talking focuses on Reality Tv. Bessie Smith is the featured artist in our Spotlight segment. Visit our website for information on today show, gifts and much more. We are currently looking for bloggers to bring in stories for around the world. If you are interest contact us for more information.

Thanks to Ryan of custom drum loops for our new song. …

Tonight We Turn The Page

2015-01-20 :: Karla Patin Length: 1s

“Tonight We Turn The Page”, as the President stood strong before a joint session of the House and Senate to confirm, ‘The state of the union is strong’.

Happy New Years

2015-01-01 :: Karla Patin

Happy New Years to all.  Thank you for your support in 2014 and I hope to hear from you in 2015. Here’s to a great years for us all.

Residential Home Care and You

2014-12-20 :: Karla Patin

Karla talks with Betsy Ford, owner of Personal Touch residential care in Houston, Tx. Cost, regulations and the love need to care for the elderly are just apart of the conversation. For more information on Personal Touch and the services Betsy can offer your family, email her at

Today’s program is brought to you by Petplans insurance for all your pet needs. …

President Obama “Sony Should Not Have Pull Movie Do To Threats”

2014-12-19 :: Karla Patin

The President covers US-Cuba relations, The Keystone Pipline, Cyber Terrorism and Race relations in america. Along with other topics in his last press conference of 2014.

Who are we really?

2014-12-03 :: Karla Patin

Today I’m joined by Cheryl and we’re taking a look a Immigration Reform and Bill Cosby.


2014-11-26 :: Karla Patin

Karla is join in the studio by Cheryl to discuss all things Thanksgiving. Recipes, parades, family and food.

How To Build A Brand

2014-10-06 :: Karla Patin

Linda Tait speaks on marketing and the importance of building a brand. Brought to you by Weebly.

House Bill 5 (Part 3)

2014-09-29 :: Karla Patin

We are joined by Carolyn J. Brown (English Language Arts Supervisor) for a 3rd and final conversation on House Bill 5. Brought to you by Green Kid Crafts.

House Bill 5 (Part 2)

2014-09-26 :: Karla Patin

Today we sit with Catie Whitehead (math supervisor) to discuss House Bill 5 Green Kid Crafts

House Bill 5 (Part 1)

2014-09-25 :: Karla Patin

Today we discuss “House Bill 5″ with Mrs. Larneka Lavalais. Straightforward and crisp, the <a href=””>Bloggishness theme</a> is a great choice for any Weebly blog.

Episode #20: Dr. Mark Porterie

2014-09-24 :: Karla Patin

Today’s guest is Dr. Mark Porterie the superintendent of the Port Arthur, school district. 

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Episode #12: Steven Williams

2014-09-12 :: Karla Patin

Assistant director, community teacher and friend. Steven is a add asset to our library system. He finds passion and joy in helping the people of the Golden Triangle. Listen as he tells us about the many programs available.

Episode #09: Local Artist Shirley Peel

2014-09-12 :: Karla Patin

Shirley Peel, is a local painter and friend of the Golden Triangle. It was my great pleasure to meet her and have her share a little about her art and life.

Episode #10: Glenda Trainer

2014-09-12 :: Karla Patin

As the Sports Director and the local YMCA, Glenda is a very busy lady. Listen as she give us a tour of the “Y” and all the programs available to the community.

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