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Great Yiddish Word

I’m sitting at my computer. I just ate a candy bar that is parading as a granola bar.  (It’s covered with chocolate and has peanuts . . . not much different that a Snickers.) It’s just a little nosh to quell my grumbling stomach until lunch time. Nosh. What a great Yiddish word.  As a [...]…

You Little Crapehanger, You

A new word recently crossed my path.  I love it when that happens.  It’s a good word.  Useful, too. It’s crapehanger. At first, the word made me think of someone who hangs crepe paper streamers around the room.  Maybe to celebrate a birthday.  Maybe for a Halloween party.  Or even for a New Year’s Eve [...]…

Wild Driver

Jehu.  I so wish that I had known this word when we went to Mexico in March! Jehu [jee- hoo] is a noun that means fast driver.  It also refers to someone who drives a cab.  (Isn’t a fast driver synonymous with cab driver??) This word comes to us from the Old Testament.  King Jehu [...]…

A New Word From My Sister

The other day, my sister e-mailed me about a word that she had come across that she thought she would share with me since she knows I like words.  The word was semiotics. Semiotics [see-mee-ot-iks] is a noun that means the analysis of systems of communication, as language, gestures, or clothing.  She had a link [...]…


When I was in school and had to write papers, I dreaded getting them back.  More red dripped from them than from a vampire’s teeth.  It seemed that my teachers were so captuous. (Had I known that word back then, I might have said something to my teachers like, “Stop being so captuous, you ninny.” [...]…

New and COMPLETE! You Never Miss the Dopamine (until the brain runs dry) by Bill Schmalfeldt

More funny stuff that probably shouldn't be funny from Bill Schmalfeldt. His latest short piece is You Never Miss the Dopamine (until the brain runs dry): - He's quickly becoming the Lewis Black of Parkinson's Disease.…

Podioracket-Ep 37 Marian L. Thomas and Essie Collins

2010-11-10 Length: 18m 21s's Episode 37 brings you an intense episode with interviews from Essie Collins and Marian L. Thomas. - You can also sign up for's RSS feed. INTERVIEWS Marian L. Thomas…

The Confederacy of Heaven is COMPLETE!

The final episodes of The Confederacy of Heaven by Margaret R. Taylor have been posted. The free serialized audiobook version of her book is now complete!… Hughes and P.C. Harring

2010-10-28 Length: 22m 41s brings you Episode 36. Some truly great interviews with Keith Hughes and P.C. Harring from Heather Roulo, and Brian Rathbone. Rhonda R Carpenter brings you news, and contests! INTERVIEWS - Keith Hughes…

Prophecy Blossoms is COMPLETE!

2010-10-26 Length: 1m 7s
Brenda Wamsley has posted the final two episodes of her second free serialized audiobook, Prophecy Blossoms. That marks it complete at 22 episodes!…

New and complete! Gibbous Moon by Michael Bannister

2010-10-22 Length: 3m 54s
Michael Bannister brings teh funny in with this seriaized audiobook presentation of Gibbous Moon: - Michael is a teenager with a thirst for life, dying to learn as his grandfather is learning to die. Grandfather is dying a slow, painful death…

New and complete! All That Can Be Shaken by Essie Collins

2010-10-20 Length: 1m 14s
I think I'll let the description speak for itself: - All That Can Be Shaken by Essie Collins (a pseudonym) is a moving true story of a family's struggle with a tragedy that shakes their lives and their faith…

Young Junius free ebook!

Maybe you already found out about this like I did: a few copies of the free PDF in your reader. Then I got a note today from Seth Harwood asking if we'd care to help distribute free copies of his book, Young Junius…

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WordSmithie: Increasing Your Vocabulary

Increasing Your Vocabulary

WordSmithie: Increasing Your Vocabulary