Last update: 2010-09-10

Episode 30 - Final Cut Maintenance

2010-09-10 :: Dan Green Length: 19s
“Final Cut Maintenance” with editor/software dude Jon Chappell. Simple software toolset for maintaining clean, smooth workflows in Final Cut Studio using Digital Rebellionʼs FCS Maintenance Pack. Utilities that can save you hours and big money. Host: Dan Green Final Cut Studio is a great editing suite. But when things go wrong, they can go very, very [...]…

Episode 28 - Magic Bullet Grinder

2010-08-25 :: Dan Green Length: 21s
The DSLR movement is sweeping the industry and we are all looking for ways to bring ease to our workflow. Welcome in Magic Bullet Grinder the must have software for your DSLR workflow that brings faster format conversion, the ability to add time code and generate proxies in a two step process. Dan welcome [...]…

Episode 29 - Broadcast Facility on a Mac - Tools on Air

2010-08-25 :: Dan Green Length: 36s
“Tools on Air” with product guru/evangelist Alister Robbie. Profile of digital broadcast software suite “Tools on Air,” that streamlines workflows for ingest, playout, editing and archive for terrestrial or web broadcast. Host: Dan Green Finally, something that truly levels the playing field between mainstream broadcasting and upstarts. The “Tools on Air” suite is a powerful combo [...]…

Episode 27 - The Cat DV World

2010-08-11 :: Dan Green Length: 28s
“The CAT DV World” with Cat DV product dev guy Kevin Duggan. Affordable asset management solutions for your workflow. This time we move away from Final Cut Server to check out UK company Squareboxʼs Cat DV. Itʼs a sharp metadata-driven asset management system that scales depending on your workload and workflow. Plus, why Danʼs excited [...]…

Episode 26 - Fast After Effects Workflow

2010-08-03 :: Dan Green Length: 28s
Need quick animation for your project? This time we look at the functionality of After Effects Project templates. Jeff Collins and Simon Reeve are After Effects artists and experienced editors from the UK that show us workflows for incorporating template solutions into your workflow for quick and slick productions. Also, weʼve got a discount code [...]…

Episode 25 - Render Rocket

2010-07-26 :: Dan Green Length: 12s
“Render Rocket” with honcho Ruben Perez integrates the processing power of the cloud into modern digital workflow. How companies are turning projects more quickly for less by offloading their renders for processing online. Also, the new cool tool from Philip and Greg at Assisted Editing. Host: Dan Green The processing power of the cloud is being [...]…

Episode 24 - Intro to DSLR Workflow

2010-07-19 :: Dan Green Length: 29s
“Intro to DSLR” with photographer/director David Flores looks at camera options, optics, storage, software and rigs for integrating high quality DSLR content into your workflows. Host: Dan Green Thereʼs a revolution underway in production thanks to low-cost, high-quality DSLR tools now invading the industry. New York photographer/director David Flores shares his insights and experience in integrating DSLR, [...]…

Episode 23 - Boris FX and the Future

2010-07-09 :: Dan Green Length: 24s
“Boris FX and the Future” with Boris Yamnitsky, the man behind the plug-ins youʼve been using for years talks about workflow, integrating into different NLEʼs, XML, metadata integration and file portability.    Host: Dan Green If youʼve spent much time in the business, youʼve worked with effects or plug-ins from Boris FX.    In this podcast, we talk [...]…

Episode 22 - Celtx Online Media Pre-Production

2010-07-06 :: Dan Green Length: 38s
“Celtx Online Media Pre-Production” with Mark Kennedy, CEO of Celtx. How free or low cost screenwriting and pre-production software can streamline your workflow. From dialog to shot mapping and associating media with scenes and shots, Celtx has become a powerful tool for production companies and filmakers. Host: Dan Green Built on an open source platform, Celtx [...]…

Episode 21 - Media 100 WorkFloh

2010-02-01 :: Dan Green Length: 25s
Media 100 WorkFloh with Floh Peters of German production group Magic Eye, integrating common sense solutions into your workflow with Media 100, and why Apple loves consumers more than pro apps. In many cases video pros look for workflow solutions within the worlds they’re exposed to and are hesitant to go outside the comfort zone. Creative Cow moderator and production genius Floh Peters of Germany’s Magic Eye shows us simple solutions may be as close as Media 100. A common sense editing platform you many not of even heard of. The platform boasts a familiar, easy to use UI, but has some remarkably simple workflow solutions like realtime stereo multi-take voice over and advanced audio mixing for multichannel output. Duh. Why didn’t someone give us that before? Turns out Media 100 did, and there’s more. Check out some cool workflows we call “workflohs” with Floh Peters on Media 100. If you are interested in Media 100, you can participate in a webinar on Febraury 4th, featuring a preview of the next software version with workflow-related enhancements. You can register for the webinar and download a free trial version at Apple iPad Floh Peters, Magic Eye…

Episode 20 - Jeff Malkin,

2009-12-18 :: Dan Green Length: 19s
Dan goes into “the cloud,” with COO Jeff Malkin in this episode. The online company specializes in simple upload, processing and download of multiple file types you choose for any source file. Itʼs a new age in media, and helps you fit square pegs into round holes easily. Jeff Malkin is a serial entrepreneur with a background in launching tech startups. Heʼs worked on, and puts his music degree from Michigan to work in his spare time in San Francisco. Sonyʼs NXCAM Guest Jeff Malkin, COO,…

Episode 19 - Final Cut Fiesta; Server and Seven

2009-10-27 :: Dan Green Length: 26s
Jason Perr from MacHarmony talks upgrades to Final Cut Server and Final Cut Pro in the episode dedicated to Apple upgrades and archives. Dan taps Jasonʼs vast knowledge on new features and workflows for Final Cut. Host: Dan Green Jason Perr is a partner and Sr. systems engineer with Manhattan Beach, CA based MacHarmony. An Apple Certified Instructor for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Server, he also holds AVID and Xsan certifications. Jason has a strong background in feature film business and television broadcast studio engineering. News & Views Snow Leopard Guest Jason Perr, MacHarmony …

Episode 18 - Red Rules with Noah Kadner

2009-09-24 :: Dan Green Length: 26s
Noah Kadner helps us unravel the mysteries of the Red camera. What is Red? What makes it so great? And will it work in your workflow? Find out with Noah Kadner. Dan talks about Noah's book “RED: The Ultimate Guide to Using the Revolutionary Camera” written for Peachpit Press. A little background on Noah. He has directed several short films, commercials and music videos. He also works as a DVD authoring specialist. Clients he has worked with include the U.S. Army, United Nations, NBC, Sony, and FOX. Kadner also administers several online film making forums including Withoutabox, 2-pop, Creative Cow and Along with the forums he also writes for movie industry magazines like Videography and American Cinematographer. Noah wrote the cover stories for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull for American Cinematographer. Call Box, Noah's training video site: Homepage for RED: The Ultimate Guide to Using the Revolutionary Camera: Noah on twitter: Junk of the Week: Io Express, please visit…

Episode 17 - Avid Workflow

2009-08-28 :: Dan Green Length: 33s
Our host Dan Green talks with Grinner Hester, a moderator for Creative Cow's Avid Video Workflow, entrepreneur and thrill junkie; they chat all about his upcoming work with the Discovery Channel on board the Time Bandit; His experience with Avid and other NLE's; Plus the time he "FILMED HIMSELF" crashing his car into the wall. Grinner Hester is a Creative Cow Moderator of the “Avid” Video Workflow, #2 show on TV Deadliest Catch; On the Boat “Time Bandits” Crab Fishing filming of the worlds deadliest job. GUEST: Grinner Hester of Creative Cow 314-265-7293 LINKS: CoreMelt Releases "Lock & Load" The Worlds Fastest Stabilizer for FCP …

Episode 16 - iPhone for Video Workflow

2009-08-18 :: Dan Green Length: 24s
Kenny Mosher with Showdown Productions,LLC. Based out of Ohio, makes a music video with the iPhone 3g S video production workflow. We sit down with Kenny and talk shop on his process with shooting, editing and using custom made harnesses. Junk of the Week: JVC MediaKit Panasonic Trade In Harmonic Transcoder Kenny Mosher, Showdown Productions The music video "Play"! …

Episode 15 - Philip Hodgetts, Metadata & First Cuts

2009-06-04 :: Dan Green Length: 43s
Metadata and First Cuts with Philip Hodgetts.  Dan calls him “the one-man metadata think-tank,” and in this episode Philip shares his thoughts on his five categories of metadata and walks us through the remarkable First Cuts software for FCP. Philip Hodgetts is one of the best known figures in the video production industry.  His insight into [...]…

Episode 14 - Final Cut Server On a Budget

2009-05-20 :: Dan Green Length: 34s
Final Cut Server On a Budget with Digital Media Factoryʼs Brian Critchlow, Kaiʼs new AVCHD/Turbo.264 baby video workflow and metadata workflow for starters. In a growingly hostile economic client, Santa Cruz, California-based Digital Media Factory is growing, thanks to a creative approach to the business and a dedication to streamlining workflow.  These people stay ahead of [...]…

Episode 13 - Redundancy in Your Workflow

2009-05-05 :: Dan Green Length: 35s
Redundancy in Your Workflow with Los Angeles editor Ron Diamond, raves for Final Cut Pro SuperMeet in Las Vegas and the odd neighbor in Las Vegas.  What happens when you combine thousands of Final Cut Pro Users, an open bar and a lingerie show in Vegas? Plus, we pay another visit to LA editor Ron [...]…

Episode 12 - Elgato Tubo.264HD Workflow

2009-04-17 :: Dan Green Length: 27s
Mike Evangelist, product guru from Elgato introduces us to Turbo.264HD, the tiny timesaver for transcoding and more. Plus, what weʼre looking for at NAB. Turbo.264HD is a big thing in a small package. For $149, this thing can change our transcoding workflow saving you CPU crunch, time and money. It promises consumers easy [...]…

Episode 11 - FCP Prefs Workflow with Usermatic

2009-04-09 :: Dan Green Length: 36s
If youʼve spent any time at all cutting with Final Cut Pro, youʼve got a workflow for “the crash.”  Its happened to all of us and we know the first thing you do is dump the preferences you worked so hard to set up.  After all, arenʼt preferences supposed to help your workflow? They do, [...]…

Episode 10 - Final Cut Server, Part 3

2009-04-01 :: Dan Green Length: 26s
We wrap our in-depth look at Final Cut Server with a look at cost, integration and workflow implementation.  Also covered:  where do we go from here?  Taking Final Cut Server workflow beyond your office and/or firewall for truly global and accessible collaboration and metadata management. Guest:  Jon Rutherford, MacProfessionals & Final Cut Server forum moderator [...]…

Episode 9 - Xsan

2009-03-26 :: Dan Green Length: 32s
Youʼve been weighing the ups and downs of Xsan for your facility and youʼve got a lot more questions than answers.  Youʼre not alone.  Xsan is not a stand-alone, but it does provide a powerful sharing environment to your workflow and is the biggest step in a potential Final Cut Server integration.  What do you [...]…

Episode 8 - Final Cut Server - Part 2, Installation

2009-02-19 :: Dan Green Length: 34s
Part 2 in our series on Final Cut Server. Weʼve spent some time studying the program, the integration and the workflow.  In this series weʼll look at FCS from several angles to help you make critical decisions in starting down this path. This time, we talk about the array of installation options.  From preparing yourself for [...]…

Episode 7 - Final Cut Server - Part 1, Metadata

2009-02-12 :: Dan Green Length: 31s
We finally start our series on Final Cut Server. Much has been written and rumored about the Apple offering, but very little is understood. Weʼve spent some time studying the program, the integration and the workflow. In the next few episodes weʼll look at FCS from several angles to help you make critical decisions in [...]…

Episode 6 - AVCHD Acquisition

2009-01-29 :: Dan Green Length: 16s
We look at the new AVCHD cameras and their unique workflows with Josh Brown, product guru for B&H Photo and Video in New York. There’s been lots of talk about P2 and Memory Stick workflows for professionals, but more and more pros are embracing the format initially marketed to the consumer and prosumer market. [...]…

Episode 5 - Water World Workflow

2009-01-23 :: Dan Green
Underwater Workflow with Chuck Saltzman, in-house filmmaker for the Monterey Bay Aquarium. From housings to the value of an old-school tape archive, Chuck talks about his move from film to video and the workflow for some of the most challenging underwater shoots around. Host: Dan Green MacWorld Guest: Chuck Saltzman, Monterey Bay Aquarium …

Episode 4 - FS-5 Metadata Acquisition Workflow

2008-12-15 :: Dan Green
If youʼve spent much time in video production youʼve worked with or heard about Focus Enhancementʼs FS-4 or the DVC-PRO FS-100.  The newest DTE offering from focus ups the workflow ante with true metadata acquisition workflow.  It may not seem like a big deal now, but soon acquisition metadata may be golden to editors and [...]…

Episode 3 - Creating Your Own Royalty-Free Music

2008-12-08 :: Dan Green
Creating Your Own Royalty Free Music with Mark Altekruse from Irish software publisher Abaltat.  Mark takes us through the ins and outs of “Muse.”  Panasonic?s new portable P2 recorder with support for AVC, new option for Final Cut RAID solutions, Focus Enhancement?s new FS-5. Panasonic P2/AVC Recorder article Final Cut RAIDS -, Focus FS-5 article Guest Mark Altekruse, Abaltat [...]…

Episode 2 - Audio for Video Workflow

2008-11-26 :: Dan Green
Video pros tend to specialize in video, sometimes leaving audio as an afterthought.  Canned royalty-free music and off-the-shelf sound packages can leave a lot to be desired when cutting for commercial or even industrial production.  Recently, some forward thinking video people have been outsourcing their audio work to the audio pros.  The workflow takes less [...]…

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