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Bagatti Valsecchi 2.0

2013-06-10 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 4s
Two Landlords and two Ladies, plus a magnificent Mansion have created an Exhibition that opens up a dialogue between past and present trends. Like one would do with a flower composition, 16 artists display their pieces in an untouched environment of blissful past beauty developed over the centuries by a generous family who later wished to share their home with everyone.…

Dirk van der Kooij and A. Raymond (confrontations series)

2012-07-24 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 5s
Dirk van der Kooij collaborated with A. Raymond to create a new modular system with which you can create objects from a chair to a lighting system.…

Confrontations with Wieki Somers and chocolatier Rafael Mutter

2012-07-20 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 6s
Wieki Somers and Rafael Mutter created this chocolate slicer, inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s chocolate grinder. Each block of chocolate weighs over 100 kg, and when thinly sliced they reveal patterns in the form of African bobo (cocoa pickers believe they have special powers for a good harvest) masks…

Confrontations with Formafantasma and Doris Wicki

2012-07-17 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 6s
Formfantasma takes a closer look at charcoal, it's ancient uses, the good and bad properties of the material. For this they created a number of experiments in the confrontations series together with charcoal burner Doris Wicki, one of the last artisans who still produce vegetable charcoal through slow combustion of wood. This project is part of the confrontations series held in the Vitra Design museum.…

Confrontating 2012 architecten and Vitra

2012-07-13 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 7s
2012Architecten were invited to design and build with the almost perfect production waste from Vitra Factory.…

Confrontations with Lucas Maassen and Roche

2012-06-24 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 6s

For this project Lucas used a synthesized version of his parents' DNA to visualize a crystal, in a way creating a new piece with his origins. Lobmeyer then produced 1100 handmade reproductions of this crystal and Lucas' had his parents construct a chandelier out of them during a live performance at the Vitra design museum at art Basel 2012.

more info on the exhibition on and for the project


2012-05-28 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 3s
One of the many brands launched this year in Milan is New Duivendrecht. Founded by Frederik Roijé and Victor le Noble, the brand is a manufacturer of contemporary furniture by Dutch designers. The main goal being to make high quality products which are both sustainable as well as innovative. All of the pieces are produced locally in the Netherlands.…


2012-05-22 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 2s
Presented during the Milan design week 2012, ‘Contemporary perspectives in Middle Eastern Crafts’ explores a new realm in design. Expanding on traditional crafts with the input of a new generation of contemporary designers. Specialized techniques by artisans from the Middle East were re-imagined to create new works for the exhibition.…

La Chance presents Jeckyll & Hyde

2012-05-15 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 2s
Louise and Jean-Baptiste started this new furniture and lighting company. It produces all products in Europe in human-sized factories. These design enthusiasts aim to show what their vision is of French design while keeping the products more warm and towards uninhibited luxury instead of cold and conceptual. Not all designs are made by the French as they have sought out great talented designers throughout the world to develop products for them, ranging from Italy, the Netherlands to Israel and the US.…

Dutch invertuals in Milan 2012

2012-05-09 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 3s
By conducting research and experiments the Invertuals have transposed the theme of vulnerability onto contemporary designs. Balance, delicacy, curiosity and transience were sources of inspiration. “Almost unnoticed we have shaped a society without danger. Nevertheless things happen to us we can’t control. ‘Untouchables Retouched’ is a visual dialogue about re-balancing and re-valuating the beauty of vulnerability.” Dutch Invertuals is a collective of individual designers who are always in search of the limits of their profession. They present pieces that reflect their contemporary viewpoints in images, objects, materials, insights and stories. Participants: Daphna Laurens, Edhv, Mieke Meijer, Raw Color, Jetske Visser, Jeroen Wand, Maurizio Montalti, Kirstie van Noort, Susana Camara & Mike Thompson, Adrien Petrucci, Paul Heijnen.…

Inflatable lightbulbs by Nacho Carbonell

2012-05-06 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 3s

Inspired by the four classical elements, earth, air, fire and water, Nacho Carbonell has incorporated subtle references to these through the design of his hand made lightbulb. In an ingenious way, water in the bulb creates a sea-like light reflection from the light source, (the representation of fire) into the environment where the bulb is placed. Additionally, the user can interact with the lightbulbs size by pumping air into the lightbulb, another reference to an element.
This in turn changes the reflection of the water in the bulb. Be it by inflating or by pouring, hanging or floating, this lightbulb demands from us that we play with it and define how we would like to use it, and always with subtle references to the earth, air, fire and water.

Karimoku's New Standard

2012-05-01 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 1s

Karimoku new standard collaborates with emerging international designers focussing on high quality craftsmenship combined with contempory design. The products are predominantly made of solid Japanese hardwoods such as maple, chestnut and oak. The collection was presented in a 100 year old aparatment in Milan during the salone di mobile 2012. In addition to existing products, 9 prototypes were also exhibited. Designers like Scholten & Baijings, Big game, Sylvain willenz, Lucien Gumy and the Karimoku design team were shown in the 4 rooms of this apartment.
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Booo lightbulb designed by FormafantasmaBooo lightbulb designed by FormafantasmaBooo lightbulb designed by FormafantasmaBooo lightbulb designed by Formafantasma

2012-04-28 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 3s

The organic reference is explicit on the light designed by Studio Formafantasma which looks as if a traditional bulb has been stopped in the process of transforming into a leaf. Unusually asymmetrical the light is meant to be use as a single piece or as a flock of glowing leafs.
With the limited edition the organic world is not anymore only a formal reference. As a continuation of the previous work of the studio ‘Botanica’, the vessel of the bulb is produced with a 19th century material re-developed by Formafantasma composed by a polymer extracted from insect excrement that colonize trees mixed with wood powder.
more info on
video by
music: "Night Owl" by Broke For Free (

Pieke Bergmans light blubs

2011-12-17 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 2s
Blub – the name is as distinctive as Pieke Bergmans’s lighting objects themselves. A new population of rudimentary creatures with their own distinctive character seems suddenly – blub! – to take over the room. Bergmans’s clever work seems to have been created in passing, by intuition and on impulse, while in reality it is the result of keen observation and structured experimentation.…

Rogier van der Heide, design with light

2011-12-16 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 2s
Rogier van der Heide is a lighting designer whose creativity knows no bounds. Working in partnership with others, he achieves breathtaking results. His luminous costumes stole the show at the Black Eyed Peas’ Paris concert, and his lighting added an extra dimension to Zaha Hadid’s Sheikh Zayed Bridge in Abu Dhabi. Van der Heide makes use of the latest techniques, but always in a subtle manner and in combination with craftsmanship and a fine sense of design.…

Piet Hein Eek and the Factory

2011-12-13 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 2s
Piet Hein Eek’s new production location, which he calls “the factory”, manifests his intention not only to design and produce objects but to give the whole trajectory a characteristic public dimension. With his ability to direct the design process all the way from the germ of an idea through the encounter between product and user while providing it with a context, Eek occupies a unique position in the Netherlands. The factory is Eek’s ultimate design to date.…

Monique van Heist, Hello Fashion

2011-12-11 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 2s
The atelier, the shop and the closet: within this magic triangle, Van Heist seeks and finds fashion’s nuances. Hellofashion is an ongoing investigation into the ideal wardrobe, which Van Heist conducts in her own eccentric yet well-founded way. Introspection, playfulness and evolution combine to result in a highly successful total design from the heart. This fashion collection for all seasons radiates fun and virtuosity.…

Matthijs Munnink, Microscopic opera

2011-12-09 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 2s
The Microscopic Opera installation makes minuscule organisms visible and gives each one its own sound. It's a marvelous example of an exciting collaboration between science, design and art. The work allows the viewer/listener to enter the living environment of microscopic worms. Munnik renders the invisible visible and poses questions about how we engage with the natural world and about our position as human beings.…

Hans Gremmen, A new representation of photography

2011-12-08 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 2s
Hans Gremmen’s books and projects are compelling because of their keen sense of contemporary developments in photography. For instance, he made The Mother Road, a film about Route 66, out of a sequence of Google Street View images. Gremmen’s designs are of a high quality, clear and effective. He is continuing the Dutch tradition of the photo book but taking it a step further.…

Ester van de Wiel, edible landscapes

2011-12-07 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 2s
Ester van de Wiel has expanded the notion of the designer’s role by setting herself up as a project initiator and curator. On the basis of extensive preliminary studies, she designs frameworks for interventions in public space and invites designers and artists to respond within their parameters. Through this method of working, she inhabits an in-between position as a designer and creates space for an essential deepening of the design profession.…

Waag society on open design

2011-12-06 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 2s
For years, Waag Society has been the chief proponent of open design in the Netherlands. The organisation plays a pioneering role, identifying, studying and fostering possibilities by initiating projects such as the Open Design Lab and making possible places like Fablab Amsterdam and the Dialogue Café. Waag Society helps people to imagine new possibilities in design, manufacturing and the use of objects. Sharing information and data means sharing culture. Open design is the future!…

Catalog Tree, money and speed touch docu

2011-12-05 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 2s
The TouchDoc Money & Speed is the first iPad documentary to make complex processes and data understandable in a cogent way. Its interface design is effective and gives users a new way of exploring information. Catalogtree has not only done pioneering work but has set a high bar for future TouchDocs with this design.…

Bart Hess

2011-12-02 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 2s
Bart Hess is a designer for tomorrow. He combines fashion, textiles, video art and photography in a surrealist manner. A bit of plastic begins to move, and watery slime becomes the fabric of a dress for Lady Gaga. With his fascination for the human body and the manipulation thereof, Hess influences other designers and pushes the boundaries of the textile design profession.…

Mine sweeper

2011-08-10 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 2s
During his childhood in Afghanistan, Massoud Hassani would make toys to be blown by the wind. Sometimes they would end up in a minefield, where he could not retrieve them. Now Massoud’s wind-powered creations are re-designed specifically for clearing minefields.…

DMY Exhibition overview 2011

2011-08-07 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 4s
Overview video of the main exhibition hall at the DMY Festival 2011 held earlier this year. Includes works by ESAD de Strasbourg, Lund university, Manufactory, Platform 10 of the RCA, Yiannis Ghikas, Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau, DMY Makerlab, Fabien Dumas, Ett la Benn, E27.…

Nanna van Blaaderen: Species

2011-08-02 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 4s
In her ‘Species’ knitted collection, Nanna van Blaaderen allowed herself to be guided by the idea of offering an alternative for animal skins as a fashion and interior product. Fascinated by the beauty and diversity of the animal kingdom, she designed a series of knitted fabrics that represent the coats and markings of various animal species in their three-dimensional tactility and textures. She drew inspiration from images of animals and animal skins. She elaborated her ideas for the ‘Jaguar’, ‘Zebra’, ‘Cat’, ‘Zebra back’, Giraffe’ and ‘Scale’ knits at the machine.…

Knitting 3d patterns by Borre Akkersdijk

2011-07-13 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 4s

Borre Akkersdijk, who graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven last year, worked in the TextielLab to produce knitted textiles that are padded with a filler thread. The result is a range of ‘stuffed’ garments, including trousers, a parka, a cape and a jacket. When the pattern components emerge from the machine they are ready-made.
The fabric’s patterns are derived from an old kilim, which had belonged to a favourite aunt who recently died. This rug was woven by hand, so it exhibits crooked lines, irregularities and the marks of age, features that Borre imitated in the digital conversion. It is like his personal signature in an otherwise industrial product.
Borre Akkersdijk experimented with the production of thickly padded knits on the large circular knitting machine in the TextielLab. The machine was specially fitted with so-called padding mangle for this project, making it possible to produce knits that are padded out with filler threads. The investigation focused on the knitting of lengths of cloth in which the pattern components are filled out. The edges of each section remain attached, so the padding remains inside when the pattern components are cut from the base. Finishing is no longer necessary.
The first test, with just a sleeve, pointed in the right direction immediately. He then carried out colour tests on the actual pattern, a hand-drawn kilim motif. How do the colours mix together and to what extent must they vary and follow the pattern? He eventually decided to knit the garments in colour mixes, because this renders the fabric more lively and exciting.
More info on the artist:
The exhibition can be seen until September

Font of the loom

2011-06-10 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 4s

Bertjan Pot presents his new tablecloths today for the textile museum in Tilburg. was commissioned to make this ‘making of’ movie of his project ‘Font of the loom’ which takes us through his process of designing a typeface that could be weaved with pixel precise fabric bonds.

Bertjan chose to use a series of texts downloaded from wikipedia and used those to weave the tablecloths with. At first view the tablecloths look a little mundane but when you look closer you’ll see biographies of Michael Jackson or a detailed description of what a Haiku is. The most important thing is, according to Bertjan, not the content of the texts but the actual letter and with this project he tries to bring across the beauty of typography with technical precision.

behind the scenes at atelierdorp

2011-05-11 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 2s

A rare look into the process of setting up an exhibition, something thats usually not done until a few hours before opening up to the public.

Atelierdorp is an unconventional and almost incidental collective of designers who feel united by design. For the second year in a row, the young designers present a group exhibition of their personal work. As they have moved their studios to a new location in the centre of Eindhoven, they invite you to have a closer look at their work and the place where it has been created. Atelierdorp opens its doors.

In their new headquarters, Atelierdorp shows how different styles can co-exist without conflict, how multiple identities grow and how a community proves its importance in a world ruled by the individual.

Botanica by Formafantasma

2011-04-25 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 2s

Formafantasma was recently commissioned by Plart, to create their own interpretation of the polymeric materials. As many of our daily objects come from oil/plastic they will remain relevant as we move forward to alternatives. Andrea and Simone take a closer look into the history of polymers which goes back centuries in the forms of resins and other methods of preserving.

Botanica is the resulting project, the objects displayed in the collection are designed as if the oil- based era, in which we are living, never took place. The designers researched and hunted for information, digging into the 18th and 19th centuries, when scientists began experimenting draining plants and animals in search for plasticity.

With botanica, studio formafantasma offers a new perspective on plasticity, reinterpreting centuries old technology lost in mass production of oil derivatives.

more information on

Achille is watching us

2011-04-20 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 4s
Achille is watching us is a self-initiated project brought to you by Matylda Krzykowski from the personal design blog Mat&Me and Marco Gabriele Lorusso from creative collective Made in Design Studio. The Achille is watching us exhibition, a presentation of personal objects from various international designers.…

Drawing Machine by Eske Rex

2011-04-18 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 1s

This renaissance inspired, pendulum drawing machine was on display at Mindcraft 11, the Danish crafts exhibit at ventura lambrate. The machine has a installation type appeal that will draw (in the right artistic hands) the most amazing rhythmic pen drawings.
The machine starts off by manually setting the distance of one of the pendulums and then starting the second one. This technique of using weights and pendulums was invented in the renaissance and was applied in the so-called Harmonograph.

More information on the artist can be found on:

VT Prototype 2 "Polar Bear"

2011-04-10 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 1s

Named 'Polar Bear' after it's muscular forms and metallic white shine, this table by Arias van Oordt is the second prototype that uses his innovative forming techniques. Sheets of metal have been pressed and pulled apart to reveal bends and volume that provide strength and form. This innovative forming process results in a form and volume rarely seen before, and though unconventional, it gives fully useable results.

"My priority is to use materials in their full potential", said Arias van Oordt. "In this case I recognized the possibilities of pulling and pressing metal, which then had to be controlled or "tamed" in order to create forms at will. By creating a structure that could pull with several tons of pressure, and after 12 prototype tests, this final working table named 'Polar Bear' came to be."

The "VT PR2 Polar Bear" in its full name, is a prototype and no more like it will be produced by the designer. Instead, Arias van Oordt prefers to continue experimenting with new designs and is now looking for a company interested in producing a version of it.

Text by MH

Creative workplaces of Eindhoven

2011-02-25 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 6s
A quick tour of some of the large workspaces of creatives in Eindhoven…

Tokyo LLove hotel

2011-02-04 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 2s

We recently visited the LLove hotel in tokyo, a project created by Suzanne Oxenaar, artistic director of the Dutch hotel LLoyd in Amsterdam. The exhibition consisted of several guest rooms created by both Dutch and Japanese designers to celebrate the 400 years of trade and cultural relations Netherlands and Japan have.
The hotel featured rooms designed by Jo Nagasaka, Richard Hutten and Pieke Bergmans amongst others, with each room having the designers signature feel added to it from the furniture to the walls. And the nice part that if you really love the room you could even book a night for it while there.
for more information take a look on​en

A talk with Polka

2010-12-05 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 4s

YDN designguide talks to Polka, a Viennese design label started in 2004 by Monica Singer and Marie Rahm. Matylda Kryzkowski travels with us to the studio for an interview and talks about their latest projects and products.

more info on the duo at:

interview by

Yuri Suzuki interview

2010-11-23 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 3s

A quick chat with Yuri Suzuki, maker of visual sound devices. He recently exhibited several pieces together with UK designer Oscar Diaz at the Designtide exhibition in Tokyo. Yuri talks us through some of his recent projects as well as a brief history of his work process.

please take a look on his website, for an extensive overview of his sound devices designs and projects. One of which is the Barcode book which can be seen here on

video by ydn

Tokyo Designers Week, Designtide

2010-11-17 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 6s makes its way down to Tokyo for the design week, on our first stop we check out the Designtide exhibition hosted at the Tokyo Midtown building. As always the quality of the works of the domestic and international designers here is outstanding, showing both prototypes as well as products open to new distribution channels. We talk with Maarten Baptist of Joine about his lucky love chair and Nosigners new material, the magnetic pearl.

This episode of features the works of:
Daisuke Motogi, Generate design, Yota Katuda, Maarten Baptist, Naoki KawaMoto, Kwangho Lee, Emmanuelle Moureaux, Nosigner, Live for sweets, Oscar Diaz, I2A3, Jaime Hayon, Tani Matsumura, Kamide Choemon-Gama

more info on"

Lucas Verweij DMY Maker Lab walkthrough

2010-10-18 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 7s
we take a tour of the Maker Lab and other DIY projects at DMY Berlin with design critic Lucas Verweij…

Vienna Design Week 1

2010-10-13 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 3s visits the Vienna Design Week 2010. In this first episode we take an overview tour of some of our favorite exhibits of the festival. A large collection of italian master designers' light designs was shown at the Bulb Fiction exhibition at Klaus Engelhorn's Depot. The work of young studios such as Polka, Driftdesign and Mischer'Traxler was mixed in forming an interesting view on classic and new lighting design.

The Lichtingstein Museum invited three international design teams to create an exhibition under the motto of table culture. Claesson Koivisto Rune worked with manufacturer Lobmeyer and Wiener Silber to create a simple modern product in an opulant staging. Rianne Makkink and Jurgen Bey looked into the history of sugar. And architects/designers Olgoj Chorchoj offered a flashback into one's childhood.

The Freiraum at the Museumsquartier asked well known artists to produce design pieces under the label AK7. The label seeks to be active at the interface between art and design and was produced by Tyrolean craft enterprises according to classical craftsmanship techniques, to be sold at 7 pieces each.

more info on

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Inga Sempé interview

2010-10-10 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 3m 50s
on our first day at the vienna design week we visited a 'Why Design' talk with Inga Sempé.…

Inga Sempé interview

2010-10-10 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 3s

on our first day at the vienna design week we visited a 'Why Design' talk with Inga Sempé. In 2000 she opened her own design studio in Paris, where she worked with Italian firms like Cappellini and Edra. 
After seeing almost all the projects we were interested in the person behind the designs. Matylda Krzykowski did a quick talk with her after the lecture.


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Objects with a void

2010-10-03 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 3s

Designguide visited objects with a void and a quick talk with Tetsuo of Study O Portable about the exhibit. ;Void is a term commonly considered useless, but in design, this often overlooked aspect plays a vital role.

Intentional or coincidental, voids in objects have the power to define the function and aesthetics of the objects. It's a dismissed yet integral part of design that captivates our imagination.
more info on
music by brokenkites under a CC license:

Lichting 2010 fashionshow

2010-10-03 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 5s

The concept of ‘Lichting’ is simple: the best academy graduates of one year in 1 central catwalk show. In the audience are the 700 most important people for the next step in their careers: fashion journalists and influential stylists, ready to spot the next big thing; CEO’s and design managers on the look-out for talent; and the all-important players-behind-the-scenes, all eager to see what the nation’s academies have brought forth this year.
more info on
this show is sponsored by Godaddy
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Jerszy Seymour Design workshop

2010-09-16 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 7s

A while ago we had the chance to meet up with Jerszy in central Berlin and take a tour through his design office. Matylda Krzykowski interviews Jerszy Seymour for this latest episode of This conversation digs deeper into his working methods and origins as well his very riverlike future plans. 
more info on the projects at 
Music courtesy of Brokenkites

Extended gallery tour DMY Berlin

2010-07-13 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 4s

Open studios and satellite exhibitions in galleries open their door to the DMY public all over Berlin. YDN designguide takes a look at a small selection with work ranging from the ECAL to Materials Utopia which invited visitors to create their own piece with some chewing gum and colorings.

more on

Max Lamb's Shelter installation

2010-07-05 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 3s

YDN takes a look at Max Lamb's installation, Shelter, produced for Johnson Trading Gallery. It was created by hand in Miami a few weeks ahead of the exhibition, using rudimentary tools as a way to carve out the shape. The shelter is meant to visitors a structure to hide and feel safe in as well as an insight into Max's youth.

DMY Youngsters

2010-06-27 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 4s

Young talented designers and students were the focus of this years DMY Youngsters exhibition. Many of the works were quite experimental or research driven resulting in interesting ideas and shapes for these new makers.

Featuring the works of:
Polceramix, Daniel Schulze, De Intuitiefabriek, My bauhaus is better than yours, Ecole des arts Strasbourg, Labelobjet, About studio, Temporary collective Arnhem, Bas van Raay, Le Lab, Rui Alves, Pepe Heykoop and Joon & Jung

more info on

Rumkugelbahn by Mischer'traxler

2010-06-22 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 1s

This interesting title loosely translates to Rum ball course, which refers to the chocolate rum ball which travels down a route taking you for a preview of the Vienna Design week taking place this October.

The Vienna Design Week Embassy (fancy title!) presents this work of Vienna design couple Mischer'Traxler during the DMY festival in Berlin.
text from the dmy:
"The ball path is a reminisence of Vienna's Prater and its typical sweet and candies. Feel invited to join this years 's festival October 1- 10th. On display are products by Breaded Escalope, Casali, Marco Dessi, Dottings, Max Lamb, J.&L. Lobmeyr, Mühlbauer, Augarten, POLKA, Posenanski, RiessKELOMAT, Adrien Rovero, Robert Rüf, soda designers, Vösslauer, Wittmann"

DMY Awards 2010

2010-06-16 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 5s

And the winners are…

Three out of ten – On Friday, June 11 the DMY Award winners were announced at the evening Award Ceremony. The winners are For use/numen: Tape Installation, Daphna Isaacs & Laurens Manders: Tafelstukken and EPFL+ECAL Lab: Give me more.

The jury members Jerszy Seymour, Hella Jongerius, Jurgen Bey, Werner Aisslinger and Patrick Reymond were impressed by the experimental approach of the Austro-Croatian designers For use / numen who created an architectural socializing place with a very simple material: tape. They acknowledged the close collaboration between designers and engineers within the Swiss research institute EPFL + ECAL Lab who showed augmented reality scenarios combining analogue materials and digital applications pointing to charming ways of designing and living in the near future.

Awarding Daphna Isaacs & Laurens Manders, Hella Jongerius as a representative of the jury, pointed out that Berlin stands out in terms of research, experimenting and prototyping but it is also important to acknowledge the finishing of products and that is why the jury chose this accomplishment of a very tactile and nicely functioning product. Congratulations!

DMY All stars overview

2010-06-13 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 3s

The All stars exhibition, located at the central exhibition space of DMY at Tempelhof airport is the professional side of the festival. It shows work by established companies and organisations that have items ranging from furniture to accesories and even architectural work.

Featuring the works of:
Freedom of creation, Taiwan arts council, Post fossil, Fidu (Oscar Zieta), Florian Krautli, Adrien Rovero, Pour les alpes, Centro metropolitano de diseno, Ulli Budde

more info on

DMY Opening 2010 Berlin

2010-06-11 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 2s

YDN presents DMY Festival 2010, as the first video in this DMY series we give a short impression of the events that took place on the opening night.

Yii Design

2010-05-29 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 2s

Yii, started by the Taiwan Craft Research Institute to stimulate a more creative conversation between Taiwanese designers and traditional craftsmen.

It's quite interesting to see Asia is picking up on conceptual design and generating their own designers and it will be a good place to keep an eye out for the future design stars.

Through the magic of skype, Gijs Bakker was able to closely involved in the process with his role as creative director. They chose to stick to Taiwanese designers instead of bringing in Westerners.

The collection revolves around 3 main themes, Inspired by Nature, Cultivation and Sustainability. It's the result of 15 designers working together with 20 master craftsmen and went on show at the salone di mobile at the Triennale of Milan.

Swarovski Crystal Palace 2010

2010-05-25 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 2s

The Crystal Palace was a favorite amongst the Salone's visitors this year.
It was a place to get inspired in the theatrics of light and crystal with the help of the designers who each created their own world inside a room.

Featuring works of Tokujin Yoshioka, Yves Behar, Gwenael Nicolas, Rogier van der Heide, Vincent van Duysen and some works from previous years.

video by

Design to save the world

2010-05-23 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 3s

During the salone del mobile in Milan, Droog presented their Saved by Droog collection which was based on 5135 items bought at liquidation sales. They asked 14 designers to reinterpretate the objects and turn these discarded products into newly wanted products.

more info on

Ventura Lambrate in Milano 2010

2010-04-25 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 3s

YDN Designguide takes you on a tour through a selection of Ventura Lambrate. The new exciting area of the Salone in Milan thats taken 2 years to mature to what it is today. As a reaction to the never ending cocktail openings and masses of drunk italians in Zona tortona, Organisation in Design decided to gather some of the best designers and collectives in a new area of Milan.
text from the organisation:
"The goal with Ventura Lambrate is to offer the international design world a new area in Milan, where the focus will once again be on the quality of the presentations, the substance of the exhibitors and the content of the works. With space for renowned established designers, emerging young designers, creative labels, interesting initiatives, small surprises and exciting presentations. The aim is to make Ventura Lambrate an area where both the press and the public are positively challenged by qualitative presentations, interesting exhibitions and new designs."
for more info you can take a look at some of the participants websites on:

Milan 2010: Spazio Rossana Orlandi

2010-04-20 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 4s
YDN Designguide takes a look at the new projects exhibited at the Spazio Rossana Orlandi gallery, always a favorite amongst the Milan Design week visitors. Some of the projects like the animals by Frederique Morrel really caught our attention. There's always a high number of projects from the Design academy Eindhoven but more often these days we see projects from other schools such as the Konstfack from Sweden as well. BCXSY took their inspiration to Japan and worked together with craftsman on their new "origins" project. And Formafantasma showed their new adventure in the Autarky exhibition found in the basement of the gallery. video by…

Established and Sons 2010 Milan overview

2010-04-16 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 5s

YDN Designguide presents the 2010 collection of Established & Sons, first shown in Milan. We speak to Martino Gamper and Scholten en Baijings about their new work.

text from Established & Sons:
"In Milan 2009 Established & Sons created an enclosed
and concealed environment to display the collections,
visitors were forced to enter into a ‘shanty’ or ‘township’
installation to discover the products. In 2010, Established
& Sons’s latest and highly impactful concept will be quite
the opposite."

2010 also marks the year that Established & Sons launches Estd, a new collection of exceptional objects with practical use. This is an own-label collection by Established & Sons.

more info on

Nacho Carbonell Diversity, opening of the exhibition

2010-04-14 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 2s
In the new “Diversity” series, Carbonell takes twenty iterations of the same form – a slender-legged chair attached to a narrow, covered desk – and creates distinct finishes for each with the result suggesting a demographically diverse neighborhood. One is coated in “hair filaments” that can be combed and groomed; another in shards of broken glass from used wine bottles; and, yet another in a granular concrete coating. Arrayed in the vast and opulent 625 square meter exhibition space at the Palazzo Ferre, the works seem almost processional.…

Nacho Carbonell, Diversity (preview)

2010-04-13 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 6s was invited to follow the process of Nacho Carbonell's new work: Diversity at his studio in Eindhoven.

This is the single largest body of new work ever shown by Carbonell and will debut a broad array of recently created finishes made from gravel, thorns, resins, broken glass, monofilaments, and others. The Diversity” series is being shown at the Palazzo Ferre, a space otherwise used exclusively for Gianfranco Ferre’s fashion shows, in conjunction with the Salone di Mobile, and will be on view from April 14 , 2010 throughout the month.

Continue Time - Kinetic artwork clock

2010-04-10 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 2s

YDN was recently commissioned to produce this video of Sander Mulders' Continue Time clock. We show to process of building the clock to the final product.

Here's a text about the history of the clock from the designer:
"Our office clock fell, causing the minutes- and second pointer to come off and they were just laying in the transparent cover. Witnessing the random patterns that occurred while the hour pointer still rotated, the concept for the Continue Time was born.
On this Continue Time clock, two out of the three pointers rotate around another pointer, instead of the central point on the clock face, as with traditional clocks. The resulting kinetic artwork, and fully functional clock, is continuously changing its shape during a full rotation of twelve hours."
for more information please go to
music by Mr. Projectile
video by

Tidal Ossuary

2010-03-20 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 3s

YDN design guide recently visited the Tidal Ossuary exhibition commissioned by Gallery Libby Sellers at Design Miami.

explanation courtesy Gallery Libby Sellers :
Tidal Ossuary continues Lohmann and Grundmanns investigations into the contradictions inherent in our relationship to animals as sources of food and materials. The series of small, covetable vessels have been made from found animal bones, collected on the banks of the River Thames. Lohmann and Grundmanns sensitive handling of the materials and exquisite attention to detail have restored the discarded bones into beautiful objects of use and worth.

video by

Copenhagen Showhow, positive sustainability

2010-03-17 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 5s

YDN Design talks to Frederikke Aagaard, curator of the Copenhagen Showhow. Exploring how environmental and social design and innovation are realized in concrete projects. from the micro to the mega. It will demonstrate that it is possible to produce design solutions that create positive social, environmental and economic change while continuing to delight the senses.
SHOWHOW will present a positive message and demonstrate that engaging with social and environmental issues is a creative and life-changing experience for us all.

Featuring the works of:
WEM3, Noir, Thomas Traxler, Munio, Sort of coal, We:Do:wood, Biomega, Triobike, Aarhus School of Architecture, Danish Design School, Kolding Design School, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture

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Formafantasma: Moulding Traditions

2010-03-10 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 5s

Simone & Andrea took inspiration in the history of a small city in Sicily, Caltagirone. The little town, famous for its ceramics and local tradition, has over 300 craftsmen working in the city. As an iconic base and as inspiration they used one of the most famous traditional Sicilian artworks "Teste id moro" referring to the vases which show the face of a native African. The once conquering Moors returned several centuries later as immigrants, leaving behind an ever changing mix of traditions and materials to be absorbed as culture. The duo rethought the iconic vase and added their own design touch during their Masters at the Design Academy Eindhoven. The distant worlds of artifacts and illegal immigration began to blur together revealing unusual correlations. This resulted in several objects in the "Moulding Tradition" collection.

video by
interview by Matylda Krzykowski (
more information can be found on

Maarten Baas, designer of the year 2009

2010-02-19 :: ydn design guide Length: 4s

YDN designguide visits Maarten Baas at his retrospective exhibition in Miami. At just 31 years old, he managed to change the general view on design by constantly rethinking the design process and introducing new disciplines to his work. The organization of design/miami recognized this and awarded him the prestigious Designer of the year award. The exhibition had an overview of his work as well as several live performances of his Real-time project. Maarten also took this moment to create one of his most difficult pieces to date, the Shell cabinet.

For great domainname deals go take a look on:

Creating the afterlife

2009-10-13 :: (Robert Andriessen)

Afterlife explores the possibility of transforming the body of a deceased person into a battery to be used by loved ones. The project shows several uses of this battery in a the lapse of time exhibition which launched in September 2009. YDN talks to James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau, the the two instigators of this concept named Afterlife.

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A talk with Arik Levy in Berlin

2009-10-03 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 6s presents an interview with Arik Levy
Matylda Krzykowski talks with Arik Levy about the future of design, uncomfortable chairs and love.

Experimenta Design 09: Lapse in Time

2009-09-29 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 4s

YDN Design Guide travels to Lisbon, Portugal for the Experimenta Design Festival 2009. Our first visit there is the Lapse in Time Show curated by Hans Maier-Aichen. Lapse in time highlights several young designers who have chosen to explore something new, on the crossroads of design, thought, science, environmental concerns and cultural exchange.

Short quote from the show "In an increasingly global production scenario, speed and acceleration are synonymous with “added value”. Eager to maximize cost-effectiveness, mainstream production is reduced to churning out irrelevant variations on existing models, old ideas with a revamped look."

Featuring works of: Constantin & Laurene Boym (us), Eric Klarenbeek (nl), Jason Miller (us), Jerszy Seymour (de), Julien Carretero (fr), Katherina Wahl (de), Katrin Sonnleitner (de), Nacho Carbonell (es), Pieke Bergmans (nl), Studio Glithero (uk,nl), Susana Soares (pt).
More info on &

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Master of the rituals

2009-09-07 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 4s

We take a closer look at 3 projects of Master of design graduates from the Design Academy Eindhoven. Their projects seem to be focussed on life's rituals and typical behaviours. Ryou Jihyun's project shows us techniques used in the past for storing food without the use of a fridge. In a society where energy consumption becomes an entire nation's problem, these age-old methods get new life when applied to a modern day design and thought process.

People increasingly suffer from depression, anxiety and tension because of their inability to deal with death of their loved ones. Wing Lam Kwok takes a closer look at bereavement and the process that surrounds it. By designing a new ritual she hopes to address grief not only in terms of psychology but also as a new task in the humanitarian design field.

And lastly we take a look at a custom most of us have become used to in the morning, that first cup of coffee. Jo Nakamura took an extensive look at the many existing coffee makers in the world, and took the most inspirational ones to further develop them into a brand new ritual of making coffee. Resulting in a unique appliance giving ode to the extraction process which has been around for over 300 years. It's not just about functionality.

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Wireless phone charging tables & Deadgood from the uk

2009-08-26 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 5s
In this NYC episode we talk to award winning designer Terhi Tuominen about her chair/table which can wirelessly charge your phone. And the entrepreneurs from Deadgood uk present their work for the first time at this fair.…

From Berlin with design, DMY 09 overview

2009-08-02 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 3s

A brief look at this years' DMY Berlin event. We show several works shown at the DMY Youngsters, including the alternative cheap wind turbine system by Oskar Zieta (and students of the ETH Zurich) and the homeless folding bed by Hwang Kim. More conceptual based designs were shown at the Appel design gallery with works of people all living in Berlin. Features works by: Academy of Decorative arts of Strasbourg, A4 Academy of Arts, Architecture and design Prague, Yeayea, Hwang Kim, Supershape, Epoqualo, Oskar Zieta, Tina Roeder, Jerszy Seymour, Bless, El Ultimo Grito, Jörg Hundertpfund, Ronen Kadushin, Osko Deichmann, Judith Seng, David Krings

produced by
music courtesy of

Amsterdam Fashion Week 2009, MLY Getting Lost

2009-07-26 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 4s

With her new SS2010 collection, Emily Hermans suggests that getting lost is not necessarily something bad or negative. She got her inspiration from Africa, Egypt especially. Two elements are particularly present in both the collection and the styling; the nomadic and the royal.

The nomadic aspect was beautifully visualized at her Amsterdam Fashion Week catwalk show. Not only in the traditional sense, by women carrying al sorts of things on their head. But also by modern nomads with Mad Max-like ratbikes, who have all their posessions hanging from their vehicles.

The royal aspect is expressed in the collection’s pronounced colour composition, which includes coral red, cobalt blue and olive green, as well as different shades of gold. Also, jewelry is used as a motive in a number of collection items, by means of colour, design, neck shape and the combination of matte and shiny yarns.

S/S 2010 Collection by Emily Hermans:

Video by Robert Andriessen

Sander Mulder's Archetype designs

2009-07-22 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 2s
We take a look at Sander Mulders work. His latest projects were influenced by archetypes. Featuring the new continue-time clock, voronoi, pandora cabinets, crow table and carat lamp. more info on music courtesy of video by…

Here & there

2009-07-07 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 4s

Here & There is a collaboration between MU and KOP. They invited 20 promising artists and designers from Breda and Eindhoven to present themselves in 2 groups, one at Mu and the other at Kop. Between both organizations there's a kinship that expresses itself in the way of which they perceive the art world.

Music courtesy of NVIN:

Bouroullec's quilt couch

2009-06-29 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 5s
We had the chance to speak with Erwan Bouroullec about their new project for established & sons. Here's a 5 minute talk with one of the creators and our correspondent Jeanne Tan. music courtesy of NVIN:…

123 exhibition, Moss Gallery, New York123 exhibition, Moss Gallery, New York123 exhibition, Moss Gallery, New York123 exhibition, Moss Gallery, New York123 exhibition, Moss Gallery, New York

2009-06-23 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 1s
Moss presents installations of 3 different studios, offering a look into the current state of design and the processes involved. We take a look at the works of Materialise and Julien Carretero. Music courtesy of NVIN: More design videos on:…

400 years later - Cite goes Dutch

2009-06-09 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 3s

The exhibit presents everything from furniture and tabletop objects to jewelry by 23 emerging Dutch designers and manufacturers and 1 photographer. Curated by Studio Jan Habraken and Alissia Melka-Teichroew in collaboration with Wabnitz Editions Ltd and Josée Lepage, the work draws an outline of contemporary design coming out of, and shaped by, the unique climate of the densely populated Netherlands, whose designers grow up below sea level and under heavy gray skies.

This video features talks with Alissia, Greetje van Helmond, Rob van Gijzel and Lucas Maassen. With works of Miriam van der Lubbe, Ilona Huvenaars, Willem derks, Frederik Roije, Anouk Omlo, Alexander Pelikan, Lara de Greef, Maarten Baptist, Dave Keune, Lotte van Laatum, Laurens van Wieringen and Jan Habraken.

produced by (c) 2009
music courtesy of NVIN,

Curating design Talent for Designhuis by Li Edelkoort

2009-05-07 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 4s

For Spazio Rossana Orlandi, Li Edelkoort brought over a part of the Designhuis' Talent show from Eindhoven. Matylda Krzkowski speaks with Li about the exhibition which shows 21 selected designers from 11 different countries, presenting an archaic view of design with an interest in radical primitive materials as earth, cow-dung, wood, cardboard, textiles, bone and hide. They try to escape from a world of over-consumption with unplugged proposals taken from the roots of humanity with humble yet forceful form.
music courtesy by

Christien Meindertsma, Makers & Spectators

2009-05-04 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 4s
Makers & Spectators is an experimental exhibit exploring the concept of seeing the same thing differently. By using eyetrackers, Christien Meindertsma researches how people view objects. The data is visualized in various forms, including the help of Nils Völkers' robots (built with of the shelf parts). Makers & Spectators is on view at Mu gallery in Eindhoven till the 14th of June. music courtesy of…

Real Time with Maarten Baas

2009-04-30 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 3s
Instead of having the usual new furniture line-up, Maarten Baas chose to explore the concept of time with his exhibition Real Time. The movies Maarten made for this project are as varied as having floor sweepers move the clock hands with their brooms to having a poor worker sit in an tiny office moving a pair of pencils to the exact minute. The end result is a 12 hour movie which is also a clock. Matylda interviews Maarten Baas for us and gives us his explanation on his current project. artist: video: interview: music:…

Atelierdorp, a design family

2009-04-09 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 10s

Atelierdorp is located in an abandoned church in the city of Eindhoven. Founded 3 years ago by Otje Bastiaanse, Hilbert Tjalkens, Djim Berger, Rocco Verdult and Vera Teunen with the aim to offer space for designers to grow. Over the years the church has developed into more then just simply a space for designers, it has evolved into a design family where people get a chance to explore their true creative potential.

Currently designers in the church are working new works for Droog Design, Rossana Orlandi, Art Basel, ICFF and the Salone di Mobile in Milan amongst others. People like Bas van Raay, Nacho Carbonell, Julien Carretero, Ontwerpduo, Djim Berger, Joni Neelen, Veronique Lorne, Vera Teunen, Hilbert Tjalkens are proud to call it their working home.

Music courtesy of NVIN:

More info on Atelierdorp at

Asif Khan talk

2009-02-04 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 2s talks to Asif Khan during the Tokyo Design Week about his first collaboration project with Peter Liversidge called Tetra Light. For more information please see…

AIFW 2009, MLY My Shadow's Shadow fashionshow

2009-02-02 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 4s
On January 29, during the Amsterdam International Fashion Week, MLY presented her new winter collection “My Shadow’s Shadow”. She did this in the exclusive setting of Studio 13 in Amsterdam. The two shows were characterized by a very personal presentation, an intimate atmosphere, a lot of interaction between the models, singer Nina June and the audience, and great cocktails. Collection: Emily Hermans video: Robert Andriessen…

Interview Terence Woodgate at Magazin, Cologne, Germany

2009-01-25 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 8s

Established & Sons presented the Surface Table by Terence Woodgate and John Barnard at Magazin at the Cologne 2009 Furniture Fair. presents in collaboration with Matylda from an extensive interview with Terence Woodgate about his role as a designer the process of designing the table.

mly photoshoot ijmuiden

2009-01-02 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 2s produced this video for Emily Hermans, a Dutch fashion designer on the rise with her label "MLY". Shot over a weekend in the beach town of Ijmuiden in the Netherland…

100% DESIGN TOKYO, Daniel Rohr at Blickfang

2008-12-26 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 2s
Blickfang was a fair within a fair here at 100% design Tokyo. Showcasing only European designers you could feel a bit of Bavaria in the air. We had the chance to talk with Daniel Rohr (who was also at the pecha kucha night at Superdeluxe a few days earlier). Daniel walked us through his graduation project (drinking glasses) as well as his screw table furniture, both projects playful and calm at the same time. Music: Minotaur @ Designer:…

100% DESIGN TOKYO: created in holland 08

2008-12-23 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 3s
'Created in Holland' presented Dutch designers at the 100% Design Tokyo Fair recently, among them is Alexander Pelikan with his Clic Furniture in Bamboo and Trespa (also available at the Strijp-x store/gallery). We have a talk with him about the challenges in producing it and how he will continue this line of furniture. This video also features work by Sens Umbrella's, WeMade Lidewij Spitshuis, Atti and Sander Luske's porcelain. The 'Created in Holland' group exhibition also won the prize for best stand at the fair. Music by Minotaur @…

Okay Studio, "Under the same roof" at Aram store, london

2008-12-10 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 7s
OKAY Studio is a collective of individual designers sharing a bit more then a workspace. This will be the first curated exhibition (presented at the London Design Festival 2008) of the group. The exhibition will transform the Aram Gallery into a series of ‘rooms’ that will represent the working spaces of each of the members of the studio, reflecting on how they operate successfully as colleagues rather than as a branded consultancy. Under The Same Roof will show the work of: Shay Alkalay, Tomas Alonso, Jordi Canudas, Mathias Hahn, Peter Marigold, Yael Mer, Oscar Narud, Hiroko Shiratori and Jorre van Ast.…

Second Nature directed by Tokujin Yoshioka

2008-11-27 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 2s

"Second Nature" is in short thinking about the future of design. In the past Tokujin has incorporated many laws that exist in nature, while attempting to explore the possibilities of technology. "Second Nature" combines both to create new forms of nature. This exhibition presents the works of 8 groups of creators, including Tokujin Yoshioka himself. His' Crystal chair start with a substrate made of polyester elastomer which forms the skeleton. This is submerged into a tank and here the crystals grow onto the substrate.
This video features the works of Makoto Azuma, Ross Lovegrove, Tokujin Yoshioka. We recommend visiting the exhibit if you can, more information can be found on
Music courtesy of ISAN:

5.5 designers cloning

2008-11-23 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 1s
Inspired from the medical technics of cloning, “Cloning” is an authentic service of creating objects at your own image. The aesthetic of this collection is defined by the physical data taken on your body. To sum-up, instead of participating to the definition of a consensual aesthetic (which is the norm in the industry), this project tends to give back a central position to human nature.…


2008-11-21 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 3s
Nosigner is somebody who designs invisible thing without explicit a signature. We met up with him at the London Design festival, and again at the Tokyo Design week for a quick talk about his work and the ideas behind it.…

Strijp-x, Groener gras event

2008-11-21 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 1s
groener gras celebrated their 5th anniversary at our gallery/design store during the Dutch Design week 2008.…

Strijp-X store/gallery

2008-11-14 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 3s
We're proud to present our gallery/design store called Strijp-X in Eindhoven. Throughout the year you'll be able to find designs from a selection of designers in our store and we'll host exhibitions in our space as well. This video shows our first exhibit curated by Piet Bergman. It opened during the Dutch Design Week 2008, and served as the kickstart of our new venture. more info soon on…

London Design Week: From now to eternity

2008-10-10 :: (Robert Andriessen)
One hundred years ago, when it was first invented, no one anticipated that plastic would present one of our biggest recycling challenges. Arts & co has commissioned 8 contemporary designers to think about recycling and using plastic in their creations.…

The guys behindthedesigns dot comThe guys behindthedesigns dot com

2008-10-09 :: robert andriessen Length: 1s
we ran into the 2 guys who do the interviews for at the london design week and had a little chat about what it is.…

Kithkin: Some rights reserved

2008-10-05 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 2s
Kithkin is a group of creative friends who form a platform to show and promote their work. Recently we caught up with them to talk about their new store, which gives away (and also sells) digital blueprints to a wide range of products. Some Rights Reserved lets designers get ideas out directly to the public, on their terms. Designers have greater creative freedom, flexibility, spontaneity, and control over licensing. Consumers are given the chance to purchase design instantly, either printing it out on their own printer or taking the file to a listed supplier for production.…


2008-09-16 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 4s
After taking the world by storm with their books NeuBauWelt and NeubauModul, graphic design agency NeuBau Berlin presents their first ever exhibition at the Mu gallery in Eindhoven. Go ahead, find the opening speech by Wim Crouwel on…

ReCollections of Kiki and Joost

2008-08-12 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 4s
Kiki van Eijk and Joost van Bleiswijk take us on a tour through their latest collection. The designer couple usually has the same starting point but their different working methods bring a unique approach to each of their works. For this collection they took their inspiration of the past and the idea of making a collection of works. It’s about memories about forgotten objects, values or techniques.…

Fundamentals, Mu galleryFundamentals, Mu galleryFundamentals, Mu gallery

2008-07-31 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 4s
Fundamentals - legal and less legal ways of using our playgrounds. Twelve artists, with origins in the graffiti scene, show public space work created for this exhibition. With works by Matthias Wermke/ Mischa Leinkauf, Erosie, Boris Tellegen, Olivier Kosta-Théfaine, Influenza, François Morel, Honet, Navid Nuur, BLU, Jeroen Jongeleen.…

AIFW Lichting 08 fashion show

2008-07-27 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 2s
Lichting 08 is the official graduation show for the most promising fashion designers graduating from the seven Dutch fashion academies. made a best of selection of this years' lichting.…

Fashion: MLY, made in Someland

2008-07-26 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 3s

Made in China, made in Holland, made in Italy…What does it really tell us about a product’s origin? Is a car or a toy or a shirt ‘made in China’, just because that’s the country where it left the factory?
For Made in Someland, MLY used modern, ecologically friendly textiles, such as bamboo yarns, while avant-gardistic silhouettes reflect the 19th century travel component which inspired the collection. Far Eastern influences are clearly visible in the ethnic, Asian designs and patterns, while the presentation of the collection has a typical Dutch setting, with Eindhoven skylines, Dutch heath lands and industrial landscapes.

Lotte van Laatum

2008-07-19 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 3s
Lotte's work focusses on the social-cultural and ecologic aspects of design. Something that is often the starting point of a project. Jeanne talks to Lotte about her work and how the Dutch relate to this world-wide eco trend. For example, "Watt's new?" lamp: Many people already apply energy saving lamps in their homes. Often the shape of the lamp and the lampshade do not match. This new energy saving lamp is developed using the advantages and design freedom of the technique.…

P2P Radio

2008-07-13 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 1s
Remember those little pirate radio stations in the 80's? Enter the p2p radio broadcaster by Juan Esteban Rios, this little device provides a means to transmit audio content to local radio receivers, and by having the listeners act as peers, the network can be expanded as much as it needs to. Overlooked communities in remote areas or poor urban environments can now take back the radio airwaves. The device is also powered by handcranking it, 1 minute for every 40 minutes of airtime.…

The little wild garden of loveThe little wild garden of loveThe little wild garden of love

2008-07-10 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 1s
Tord Boontje explains: "Rainwater is the lifeblood of our garden, you then catch a glimpse of a wild and lush vegetation and enter a landscape which is larger, more airy, throbbing and bright. Along the way you can experience different emotions by choosing different directions and visions: the peace and calmness of the serene and romantic white garden, the powerful stimuli of the psychedelic and symmetrical garden or the vibrant energy of the colourful and revitalising garden.”,…

Thomas Traxler, Autonomous spinning wheel

2008-07-03 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 1s
Powered by nothing but sunlight and some threads, Thomas Traxlers' "The idea of a tree project" shows us how objects can grow during the course of a day. The installation is powered by a couple of solar cells which power the entire device, causing the process to move faster or slower depending on the amount of available light. The speed of the process determines the amount of saturation of the thread, giving a visual recording in the resulting object. Thomas Traxler just graduated from the IM Masters department of the Design Academy Eindhoven, 2008.…

Evolution: Nacho Carbonell at spazio Rossana Orlandi

2008-06-23 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 2s talks to Nacho Carbonell about his new project, 'Evolution'. As a reaction to the current information overload, Nacho created a refuge where you can escape to. The recycled paper originates from recent newspapers. Evolution explores different ways of communication, the private and the public form. see more on…

Curiosity Cabinet (connecting real objects and RFID)

2008-06-18 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 2s
Jon Stam, just recently graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven, shows his unique approach to a portfolio in the form of a wooden cabinet. His work is presented in two distinct ways, opening the drawers and looking at objects and pictures stored in the cabinet or by taking out a drawer and placing it on the RFID reader which shows the content on a computer. It also connects via an USB port for those of you who don't have the RFID reader (yet).…

Pieke Bergmans, Melted & Light blubs

2008-06-15 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 1s
Pieke Bergmans talks to about 2 of her projects, Melted & Light blubs, which she presented during the Salone del mobile 2008. The Light Blubs are a series of crystal lamps, designed by Pieke Bergmans, in cooperation with Royal Crystal Leerdam. The lamps are all unique handcrafted crystal pieces, equipped with leds by Solid Lighting Design. The Melted collection is a collaboration between Pieke Bergmans and Peter van der Jagt and will be further developed by Lensfeld.…

Land of water at the Zuiderzee museum

2008-06-09 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 3s
The land of water is once again being reclaimed from the sea. The sixtieth anniversary expresses itself in a living example of an accessible, approachable and open museum. takes a look at the work of studio job, scholten & baijings, joep van lieshout, anu tuominen and the pyramids of Makkum.…

MU gallery: it's always six o'clock

2008-06-08 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 4s
Born in Italy in 1976, Eva + Franco Mattes a.k.a. have been besieging the art world with their clever hacks and elusive digital role-plays for more than ten years. In 'It's always six o'clock', the avatar portraits in their series 'Annoying Japanese Child Dinosaur' are attacked by an army of toys, not the digital representations but the real McCoy this time. From Manga characters to G.I. Joe, and from medieval knights to Winnie the Pooh, they're all performing in the theatre of pop culture. Cute yet ruthlessly aggressive at times, they're taking over the exhibition space. In the process, fantasy and collective imagination are fusing into a dramatically charged form of 21st ready-made sculpture.…

Meta launch in Milan

2008-05-27 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 3s speaks with Barber & Osgerby about their pieces for Meta and the concept behind the company.
Meta is dedicated to combining exquisite materials with the world's finest artisans to create 21st century design at a quality once seen at the heights of the decorative arts. A group of leading designers, including Asymptote, Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, Tord Boontje, Matali Crasset and Wales & Wales have been commissioned in association with over 50 master ateliers and artisans to create Meta's inaugural collection of contemporary objects and furniture. Mallett is the parent company of Meta.

Swarovski 2008: Crystal Palace Milan

2008-05-05 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 1s
Swarovski Crystal Palace pushed the boundaries in Milan this year with an exhibition by leading designers during the Salone Internazionale Del Mobile. A carefully selected group of creators had been invited to design an atmosphere, which included items of lighting, furniture and interior design elements. Installations by Zaha Hadid, Paul Cocksedge, Front, Studio Job, Pierro Lissoni, Arne Quinze, Fredrikson Stallard, Marcus Tremonto, Marcel Wanders and Tokujin Yoshioka produced a spell-binding exhibition with over 18,000 visitors.…

Milan 2008: Richard Hutten, Layers

2008-05-02 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 1s
Layers is Richard Hutten's studio exhibit presented at the Milan 2008 furniture fair. Simply said, it's all about layers of meaning and what we read in it. The fun of making the objects was equally important and some of the works certainly have a rough look to them. Interestingly is the concepts behind the works and how the material & meaning shapes the furniture.…

Droog Design, a touch of green

2008-04-29 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 1s
We give an impression of the Droog Design exhibit at the Milan furniture fair 2008, this years theme was "a touch of green" which looked at the whole green movement from a different perspective. Featuring designs from Pieke Bergmans, Tobias Rockenfeld, FormaFantasma, Gaële Girault, Jens Praet, SMAQ. Of course if you get a chance, go see the exhibit in person!…

The Farm by Studio Job

2008-04-27 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 1s
Perfectly in tune with our times, the young couple has been designing an ode to their country roots in stark contrast with the opulent and monumental ‘robber baron’ series designed for the Americans. Now that the farmers of the world will clothe, feed and fuel us, a far-reaching movement will trigger designers to revisit folk and farm mentalities to blend rural and urban style. In an amazing barn-like space in the centre of milan, twenty-four bronze works and six pieces of pallissander furniture will evoke the archetypal artefacts of the low lands including germany, flandres and the netherlands. Shown in an almost calvanistic setting, this rigourous and strong collection is counterbalanced by a folding fresco screen depicting the ideal of life on the farm in bright and naive colours.…

form + volume at Designhuis

2008-04-11 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 1s
Designhuis shows an exhibit about design for the average person. Czech designer Maxim Velcovsky shows us how creative you can get with off the rack flatpack furniture with his customized pieces. Curated by Li Edelkoort…

Popshop, remixing icons of massculture

2008-04-07 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 3s
Popshop, remixing icons of mass culture is a group exhibition staged by MU, in which artists are rehauling pop stars, fans, and world hits. This time, it’s not about artists switching over to making clips, or to designing an LP sleeve, but clips being sucked back into the realm of contemporary art.…

Gimmi the loot! at Scope Art Fair

2008-03-27 :: Robert Andriessen
"gimme the loot" was a guerilla exhibition which was seen across the many different art fairs at the Miami art week, december 2007. Gerard Kilgallon tells us some of the ideas behind the guns, according to him the AK47 (of which this collective created a plastic "miami style" version of) can be considered the most used weapon of mass destruction. We also take a quick peek at the Scope Art fair with works by Seon Ghi Bahk and Yong Ho Ji.…

Pepe Heykoop, graduation design academy eindhoven 2008

2008-03-23 :: robert andriessen
"Lightness of being" shows us the beauty of growth and decline in nature, captured in an enormous flexible lamp made of steel, carbon, felt and rubber. Pepe's other project, "A restless chairacter", has the look of being overpainted again and again, taking its' inspiration of an old wobbling chair. The chair looks stiff and sturdy at first sight but once you sit on it you notice how flexible it really is. Combining metal and rubber this chair is actually built for wobbling. Pepe is currently working on a wobble bench and a wobble table.…

Alexander Pelikan, The Plastic Nature

2008-03-20 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 1s
A look back at the "Tales from Eindhoven" exhibit, milan 2007. Alexander Pelikan's work uses moulded plastics with wood to form new furniture under the name "the plastic nature".…

Maarten de Ceulaer, graduation design academy 2008

2008-03-18 :: Robert Andriessen
Design academy eindhoven graduation of Maarten de Ceulaer with his "Nomad Light Molecule" lamp.…

Anke Louwers, design academy eindhoven 2008

2008-03-16 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 1s
Anke Louwers graduation projects for the design academy eindhoven show. Both projects, "preservation" and "in your face" will be shown at design academy show in milan 2008.…

Philippe Malouin, graduation design academy eindhoven

2008-02-22 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 2s
Philippe Malouin just graduated from the "living" department of the Design academy Eindhoven with his Grace table, the ballpoint stool and the dervish lamp. All designs are inspired by simple every day objects like balloons or pens.…

Backstage at fashion institute arnhem

2008-02-13 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 2s
behind the scenes look at the FIA generation 9 fashion show at Amsterdam international fashionweek 2008.…

Fashion Institute Arnhem: Generation 9

2008-02-10 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 8s
Fashion Institute Arnhem presents Generation 9: Four new fashion designers, Lifu Hsiao, Sanne Schrijver, Julia Eichler, Claes Iversen…

Food chain exhibition, Genevieve Gauckler

2008-02-07 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 4s
'Food chain' is the title of the exhibit by French artist Genevieve Gauckler. Dutch gallery Mu has invited her to show us the many sides and stories of food. According to Genevieve, food is everybody’s concern, whether you like it or not. Food is ambiguous, it is good and bad at the same time. We have a talk with her and walk through 3 months of illustrations created especially for this space.…

DG 33 Emily Hermans 'ID' collection

2008-01-26 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 4s
presenting the new collection of emily hermans at the amsterdam fashion week januari 2008.…

Proud as a Peacock

2008-01-23 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 1s
An experiment in new materials which give mankind animalistic behaviours.…

The Farm Project, design miami 2007

2007-12-31 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 11s
We have a talk with Mike Meiré at Design Miami 2007, who tells us about his "Farm Project" was created in conjunction with the Dornbracht Edges series. With this installation he wants to bring life back into the kitchen, thereby creating an antithesis to the minimalist design that has taken over this space in recent years. “The Farm Project” is an improvised living space, filled with materials, animals, plants, and objects.…

Dry tech

2007-11-09 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 2s
Droog Design presented its third installment of the Dry Tech exhibition. A partnership between Droog Design, the Delft university of technology and some of the brightest minds in design. The aim is to bring high-tech materials and creativity to a higher level.…

DG29: NAT, designing nature

2007-11-01 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 5s
A project that is a cross between an exotic Garden of Eden and an illegal growshop, a home hothouse, and a biotech laboratory. NAT, designing nature is about the interface where nature and culture, biology and design intertwine. Some call it biomimicry, others next nature or simply ecodesign, but no matter what you call it, it is a fact that for some time now designers from a wide range of disciplines have expressed a keen interest in this specific interface. MU has challenged ten of these designers, all of them with a proven track record in successfully integrating living nature into their work, to develop a new work for NAT.…

Miami Starbucks dancer

2007-10-05 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 2s
crazy street performer dressed in pink does dance in front of starbucks in Miami, Florida…

DG 28 - Learning to love you more

2007-09-16 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 5s
LTLYM is best described as a website and an art project, a series of exhibitions and do-it-yourself assignments. It is image, text, and sound; it is film, photography, and performance. And most important of all, it is accessible to anyone who wants to contribute to it.,…

Antwerp Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2008

2007-09-09 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 5s
We show the S/S 2008 collections of Emily Hermans, L&A Mathger, Ilja Visser and Cathy Pill. Interviews with Emily & Ilja.…

fashion show - emily hermans aw 2007

2007-08-29 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 8s
the authumn/winter collection of emily hermans presented at the amsterdam international fashion week. More shows coming up!…

Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine arts 2007

2007-07-19 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 6s
the schools' show of 2007 features work from students across all 4 years, we show some work of GUNHYO KIM, HUNG LA, YUIMA NAKAZATO, ANDREA CAMMAROSANO, MARC-PHILIPPE COUDEYRE, ANDREA AYALA CLOSA, LIUIS CORUJA BESGA, FILOMENA SALTARELLI, HEAVEN TANUDIREDJA. Watch the designers as they try to explain some of their reasoning behind the collections.…

Geoff Mcfetridge: Bend the void

2007-07-06 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 4s

Using mundane icons such as pencils and bears, Geoff Mcfetridge gives a twist to these well known icons. A mixture of humor and irony give his simple looking 2d drawings depth. He made clips for Plaid, Simian, and recently also for The Whitest Boy Alive, and he created film title sequences for The Virgin Suicides and Adaptation.

His work can be seen at his solo exhibition at the Mu Gallery in the Netherlands until August 5th 2007. Geoffs site can be found on

Molo Design

2007-07-06 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 2s
Stephanie Forsythe tells us about molo design, a company based in Canada. With their architectural background they invented a expandable honeycomb paper wall as well as other paper material expandables like the soft seating. more info on Music by e*vax available on…

Kiki van Eijk & joost van Bleiswijk: Quality time

2007-06-05 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 2s
Quality time theme: "Our personal goal in design is to make products that are extremely special which withstand time because of their autonomous, personal and exclusive qualities."…

Established & Sons

2007-05-27 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 1s
Established & Sons presents their 2007 collection. New work by Sebastian Wrong (iconic clock), Amanda Levete and Zaha Hadid (nekton stools).…

Designguide 20: Maarten Baas

2007-05-21 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 3s

Maarten Baas presents his "Sculpt" furniture, Rough scale models of different kinds of products are transformed into 1:1 pieces of furniture, executed in various materials. His "Clay" furniture gets an update with a new table and extra large ventilator. Some of his other works include, "Hey Chair" and the burnt version of Rietveld's Zig Zag chair.
Features Music from the podsafe music network:

Piet Hein Eek and Front Design at Spazio Rosanna Orlandi

2007-05-20 :: Robert Andriessen

For Spazio Rosanna Orlandi (an intuitive talent scout of design attracting some of the best talents to her Spazio) Piet Hein Eek designed a series of wood one offs using reclaimed wood. Giving the courtyard a really homely feel. Front Design showed some new work, including the Changing cupboard, that changes colors each time you open it.

traviganti milan design week

2007-05-13 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 1s
Local artisan workshop Lavorazione Artistica Metallo opened up during the Milan design week, and proved to be a very refreshing visit after seeing hundreds of chairs and tables. Their influences range from 1960's robots and fantasy like coffee pots. The horse seems to be everyone's favorite so far.…

Inflatable birds by Chico MacMurtrie

2007-05-12 :: robert andriessen Length: 3s
Amorphic Robot Works directed by the American artist Chico MacMurtie has built more than two-hundred of them in the past fifteen years. MacMurtrie discovered and is actually currently exploring the possibilities of lightweight synthetics, plastics, and injection moulded joints. The result is a series of extremely lightweight robots: Inflatable Bodies. They do not only refer to human and animal bones, but to muscles as well. MacMurtrie’s first series of sixteen robots bears the name Inflatable Birds.…


2007-05-06 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 1s
Tokujin built an exhibit for Moroso out of 3 million straws. Taking a simple household item and turning it into art.My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-7c0d7f0573b97c64d587222560f94930}…


2007-05-04 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 4s
We take a look at the second batch of designers graduating this year from the Design Academy Eindhoven. Featuring works of Anna Ter Haar, Georg Bohle, Jacqueline Couwenberg, Dajo Bodisco, Sjoerd Fedde Visser, Saline Toonen and others.…

Pieke Bergmans in Zona Tortona

2007-04-30 :: Robert Andriessen Length: 2s
YDN caught up with Pieke Bergmans in Milan during the salone, and had a talk about her new vases and Vitra virus.…

A trip to Luxemburg

2007-04-09 :: R. Andriessen Length: 2s
enjoy the landscape while i travel to luxemburg for a conference to be shown in a future show. Music by Chris Resu - Electronic Candy more on…

Designguide14: Swoon and Poncho Street art exhibition

2007-04-04 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 3s
We take a look at street art presented at a gallery by artists Swoon and Poncho. Canciones del mundo al revés is their first collaborative exhibiton. music by The Tape Vs. RQM with "Public Transport" out April 6th 2007.…

Design Academy Eindhoven

2007-03-23 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 4s
We visit the Design academy Eindhoven to see some of the new graduates of 2007. Featuring projects of Bart Hess, Steven Kessels, Patricia Weusten, Reinier Bosch, Moniek Driesse, Nacho Carbonell Ivars, Solvi Sigurdsson and Vivian Wierts. More info on This episode features music from the podshow music network. Track used in this video is by Dean with "time". More on…

Fashion Show, Jan Taminiau

2007-02-27 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 4s
fashion show by Jan Taminiau with his s/s collection 2007. featuring music from 37Hz - Moonscape, The Frail - count on this. You can find their music on as well as many other great artists.…


2007-02-13 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 4s
2nfro's first music video. 2NFRO's sound is moving from and jumping to a whole lot of different directions: reggae and hiphop, but also funk, soul, jazz, latin and dance. “Funked up Urban Reggae Vibes”, the band itself calls it.…

AIFW - Dutch Fashion Foundation show: Generation 8

2007-02-02 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 11s
The graduation collection of the Dutch fashion institute generation 8. Works of Lars Willhausen, Maikel Bongaerts, Margarethe Przywara, Pierre Millasson and Iniy Sanchez van Oort. The show was held at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week in Januari 2007. Music from, Inner Flux - Highway of dissolution Ogun Ferraille - My jeep here Lato - London girl The Buzzini - Alice Opera Nvin - MCMLXXVI…


2007-01-31 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 4s
we took a little video during the photoshoot of emily hermans. It took place near a forest during one of the colder days of december 2006.…


2006-12-04 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 2s


2006-11-29 :: (Robert Andriessen)


2006-11-21 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 6s

brightlive 2007

2006-08-30 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 5s
brightlive, hotelroom, panaramic viewing, realtime sampling mixtable…


2006-08-28 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 4s
We take a look at the work of watdesign, who will also be present at the YDN Showroom event on october 21st-29th 2006, dutch design week. Also a track from the podsafe music network by mr tunes - princess unforgiving…


2006-08-17 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 1s
introductions, white labels by: deep dish - stay gold, cazdooz, Fricknology - Groove, Gilley - girls & boys, Arrogance - Deep, Gilley - pull the trigger, Stanton warriors - Feel good, Rrragga, Insomniac - no sleep, Yag wah - underground pressure, Love Breakz - android rebooth…

fashionshow emily hermans summer 2007

2006-08-15 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 2s


2006-08-15 :: (Robert Andriessen) Length: 15s
This week we'll be introducing the new show, play some tunes from the catskills label and some design related news.…

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