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SE: Historic Hoaxes

2015-04-02 :: Yesteryear's News Today Length: 1s
April Fools Day 2015 has passed, and we've survived it without falling for any outlandish claims. But in the spirit of that ridiculous day, we take a look at some bogus news stories that made the papers in the 19th and early 20th century, including Poes' Balloon hoax, The Great Moons hoax (not to be confused with the conspiracy theory surround the 1st moon landing), The Daredevil that wasn't, and many more. …

#10 This Week in 1910, March 27th

2015-03-26 :: Yesteryear's News Today Length: 1s
In which we discuss the bizarre crimes of the week; the first motion picture adaption of Mary Shelly's iconic novel, Frankenstein. How people held long distant arguments before the age of the internet, and more. …

#9 This Week in 1909, March 6th

2015-03-05 :: Yesteryear's News Today Length: 1s
President Lincoln travels 100 years into the future and conquers Mars, Roosevelt exits and Taft steps in, the race for the poles heats up, and somewhere a family is mourning the death of George Millet; who died trying to escape his colleagues kisses.…

#8 This Week in 1908, Feb 27th

2015-02-26 :: Yesteryear's News Today Length: 1s
A man finds a displaced arm in a wood pile, another man starts his very own flea circus, rebellion is stirring once again in Russia, and many Italian-American Citizens are living in fear after receiving threats from the dreaded Black Black Hand Society. Just some of the News as it was, this week in 1908. For show-notes see:…

#7 This Week in 1907, Feb 20th

2015-02-19 :: Yesteryear's News Today Length: 1s
We cast Shia Labeouf in the action packed adaption of the true 1907 man hunt for four California bank robbers, tell the bizarre (and mostly just sad) story of Evelyn Nesbit & the murder of her former lover, and share our views on Victorian dog breeding. For more info on Evelyn Nesbit and the Trial of the Century, check out the book American Eve, and The Movie The Red Velvet Swing. And to view the work's of Shia Labeouf, Check out these films…

SE: The Donner Party

2015-02-12 :: Yesteryear's News Today
It's Friday the 13th, and we take a look at one of the harshest incidences of bad luck in the old west, The Tragic Expedition of The Donner Party. If you want to know more about their story, read the books Desperate Passage, by Ethan Rarick, As either an audio book: Or in text form: And Eliza Donner's memoir (as mentioned in this episode) found here…

#6 This Week in 1906, Feb 6th

2015-02-05 :: Yesteryear's News Today Length: 1s
This week we have the Idaho coal miners strike, the Dynamite Express, and the events that led to the murder of senator Steunenberg as a result. Then, Shane recounts the story of the (phony)Lord Barrington, and we discuss the introduction of the Federal Prison System in America. And born this week, Clyde Tombaugh, the man who discovered Pluto and called for a serious scientific investigation into U.F.Os. We also catch up with Albert Hunter and take a look at some odd stories that made the papers this week. Show notes can be found here:…

#5 This Week in 1905, Jan 30th

2015-01-29 :: Yesteryear's News Today Length: 1s
In our fifth episode, we talk about how a peaceful protest quickly turned into a horrific massacre in Russia, the surprisingly interesting history of the Cullinan diamond, the quest to break the land speed record; and the mysterious lights that hovered over the towns of Egryn and Harlech in Wales, for several months in 1905. Show notes can be found here: …

#4 This Week in 1904, Jan 23rd

2015-01-22 :: Yesteryear's News Today Length: 1s
In which we discuss the tragic Harwick mine disaster and a great fire in Norway. The birth of wrestling, the 'one time' national sport of America, and it's decline after the battle between George Hackenschmidt and Frank Gotch, and how it evolved into the rasslin we know today. We also discuss one of the Hollywood greats born this week.…

#3 This Week in 1903, Jan 16th

2015-01-15 :: Yesteryear's News Today Length: 1s
It's January 16th, 1903, and racial tensions are high in Mississippi after the unfair firing of Minnie M. Cox, Thomas A. Edison's film "Electrocuting an Elephant was released on the 12th, and Houdini has been demonstrating his prison escapes in Amsterdam. We also discuss some more cannibalism, a brief history of the Cony Island amusement parks and Senator Tillman shooting his political rival Narcisco Gener Gonzales …

#2 This Week in 1902, Jan 9th

2015-01-08 :: Yesteryear's News Today Length: 1s
In the second episode of Yesteryear's News Today, We're covering the tragic train crash at Park Avenue, the first international hostage crisis for America, a grizzly murder in Australia, and a horrifying case of premature burial in Paris. Just some of the news as it was this week, in 1902.…

#1 This Week in 1901, Jan 1st

2014-12-31 :: Yesteryear's News Today Length: 1s
Right in time for the New Year, here is the first episode of "Yesteryear's News Today", In which our hosts recount what might have been making the headlines this week in January, 1901.…

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