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Yoga Baby Episode 48 - A "Pick Me Up"


This week Jill looks at some moves to help lift the mood if you are feeling a bit stressed or down. Having a new baby, though joyous, can take its toll mentally as well as physically so we hope this weeks show will help you get back on track.If you want to contact the show don't hesitate; we'll try to answer all emails.jill@yogababy.tvOr follow us on Twitter @yogababytv …

Yogababy Episode 47 - Lower Back and Waist


A quick routine from Jill for moms to help ease lower back pain and tone the tum. For any questions about the show or for some general advice don't hesitate to contact us at Stay Flexible. …

Yogababy Episode 46 - Upper Back


In this episode Jill looks at ways to recover from the stresses and strains of carrying your child and general wear and tear of daily mom life. Don't forget to check out for lots more free video content and advice. …

Yogababy Episode 45 - Hip Flexibility


In this episode Jill brings you three positions to aid flexibility and strengthen core muscles. See for more video not found anywhere else.Jill …

Yogababy Episode 44 - Lengthening


Episode 44 gives you a few moves to help with lengthening the body. Contact for any more info and go to for lots more stuff. Jill x …

Yogababy Episode 43 - Back in HD!


We hope you think the wait was worth it as returns after a break. We now have a studio to film in which makes a big difference. Also the website has been redone and will include video (found only at and much much more. you can still contact us and also follow us on twitter @yogababytv. Hope you enjoy the new look show, Jill xx …

Yoga Baby Episode 42


Happy New Year 09.While the kids are playing with their Christmas presents downstairs (and climbing all over their daddy,) Jill takes a few moments alone to show you a standing routine for everyone over the festive period. All the best to our viewers,Jill. …

Yoga Baby Episode 41


Dark Yoga,In this episode Jill and Miller look at some positions to help you cope with back …

Yoga Baby Episode 40


Meditation.Jill gives you some meditation tips this week for those periods you are child and baby free.Baby and child yoga back next episode but this one is just for mums. …

Yoga Baby Episode 39


Playtime Yoga.Heidi and Jill have lots of fun doing yoga while making animal noises in order to show how you can encourage children to join in with your exercise routine. …

Yoga Baby Episode 38


Yoga Dolly.This week sees Jill, Heidi and dolly do a fast routine for mums and toddlers to do together all in the name of baby yoga.Jill …

Yoga Baby Episode 37


Miller in Motion.Miller returns for this weeks baby yoga session. Remember to visit for lots more stuff. Thank you too for all your kind emails. to contact us email jill@yogababy.tvJill …

Yoga Baby Episode 36


Yoga gear.This week Jill and Heidi review yoga mats and bolsters plus a couple of moves for you to do at home with your little ones.enjoy …

Yoga Baby Episode 35


Tap Dogs.Not too much baby yoga as Jill is home alone in this episode as Heidi and Miller recover from a cold. She takes the opportunity to do a routine just for moms while the two dogs in the next room decide to practice their tap routine. …

Yoga Baby Episode 34


Happy Birthday Part Two.A follow on from last weeks birthday episode where Jill and Heidi give moms some favorite moves from the past year. …

Yoga Baby Episode 33


Happy Birthday Yogababy.This is yogababy's first birthday and to celebrate Jill, Miller and Heidi go through some of the positions and movements that have helped the most over the last year. We are also having a competition for our viewers. Just send in a video or photograph to of you and your baby doing yoga to enter. Heidi and Miller will then choose their favorite and we shall send the winner a children's yoga mat signed by Miller & Heidi!The competition entry closes on 30th September 2008 and the winner will be announced a week later.Jill, Miller & Heidi. …

Yoga Baby Episode 32


Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'Miller and Jill take you through "The Rolling Plough" (Not for new moms!) in this weeks episode of Yoga Baby. Remember baby yoga followers that Yoga Baby will soon go HD and that an iphone version is now available too from itunes. Also visit for more video and information.enjoyJill & Miller. …

Yoga Baby Episode 31


Yoga Anywhere.This week on Yogababy... Miller returns after a little break to show us his bedroom. Jill utilizes the space to show you how you can do yoga all around the house when you can find the time.Jill & Miller …

Yoga Baby Episode 30


Quick Step!Heidi steps in again for a full on baby yoga routine as Miller had a small fall at play school the day before filming. As he nurses his war wounds Jill and Heidi do a quick paced set of asanas not designed for new moms under three now has even more yoga content and other videos found nowhere else. We are also due to go HD soon so visit the site to find out more news.Jill & Heidi. …

Yoga Baby Episode 29


Double Trouble.Baby yoga in a double dose when Heidi and Miller team up to show you that even with mega distractions you can still find time to do yoga.Mums tums get another work out here as the Miller and Heidi run riot!EnjoyJill, Heidi & Miller …

Yoga Baby Episode 28


Heidi Car Jigsaw.This week Miller takes a break due to a cold and Heidi steps in. Jill does some advanced standing moves, not for new moms and Heidi does a jigsaw of a car.Jill & Heidi …

Yoga Baby Episode 27


Intro to the Splits!This week Jill gives some introductory methods for doing the spilts amongst other yoga moves. All this with little Miller running riot.Jill & Miller x …

Yoga Baby Episode 26


QT.This week Jill and Miller look at ways of de-stressing and grabbing a quick few mins to yourself. Jill & Miller …

Yoga Baby Episode 25


Upper Body.Miller is back! This week Jill and Miller tackle movements to strengthen the upper body which can have its strength decreased after prolonged breastfeeding.Jill & Miller. …

Yoga Baby Episode 24


Yoga Toddler.This week sees the return of Heidi where she shows how toddlers can take you through some of their favorite moves.Jill & Heidi. …

Yoga Baby Episode 23


Hips!This week Miller and I do some yoga positions to work the hips. These positions this week are not for brand new mothers!Jill & Miller …

Yoga Baby Episode 22


episode 22: One from the vaults.This weeks episode was originally filmed in dec 2007 but was only recently unearthed.Jill and a much younger Miller do a standing routine for you to join along with.Jill & Millerx …

Yoga Baby Episode 21


Yoga Heidi,Miller takes a break as big sister Heidi steps in to do some toddler yoga.Heidi & Jillx …

Yoga Baby Episode 20


Relocation!This is a floor position exercise that you and your baby can do in the comfort of your own home.Jill & Millerx …

Yoga Baby Episode 19


Second part of the two parter. This standing routine is to be done with caution for new moms not too sure about their balance.Remember to do episode 18 first as a warm-up.Jill & Millerx …

Yoga Baby Episode 18


First part of a two parter starts with a general warm-up for you yoga moms while baby plays safely around you.Remember to email any questions you have. Plus send us photo's of you doing yoga with your little ones!All the best,Jill & Millerx …

Yoga Baby Episode 17


Ep 17 - Nursing your Yogababy. After another short break, this time due to technical problems, we are back with a new episode.This episode looks at ways to help brestfeeding mums and mums thinking of weaning their little yogababies.ThanksJill & Millerx …

Yoga Baby Episode 16


Hormones, (or the return of the...)In this weeks episode Miller and Jill take on the return of hormones with the power of yoga. Some very simple moves that are designed to lower stress levels for mother and baby.ThanksJill & Miller …

Yoga Baby Episode 15


Improbaby! We are back up and running after a short break with a new episode that begins to show baby how to do some moves! This episode also gives you ways to adapt yoga to your busy life as a new mom.If you are using Apple TV to watch this episode contact us to let us know of any display problems. (or anything for that matter)ThanksJill and Miller. …

Yoga Baby Episode 14


Yoga Grandma pt2.This episode is the second part of the session filmed with Miller's Grandma.Some of the moves may not be suitable for new moms. These positions are inteded for you and an older freind or relative to do with your baby. Have fun and as safe.Jill & Miller …

Yoga Baby Episode 13


Yoga Baby & Grandma!Miller's grandmother steps in to show her pre yoga warm-ups. Babies get your grandmothers at the ready and join Miller and Jill. This is part one of a two part special for when you have the parents round.Enjoy.Jill & Miller …

Yoga Baby episode 12


This week looks at positions to do using a wall to aid balance and correct posture all whilst looking after and playing with your little ones!Join our Facebook group or email us at Jill & Miller.Coming soon (Yogagrandma meets yogababy!) …

Yoga Baby Episode 11


Where's Miller?In this episode Miller wanders off to use the camera whilst Jill shows you more newyoga moves to do with (or without) your baby.Subscribe via itunes to the show, visit or search groups in Facebook for our new page.have funJill & Miller …

Yoga Baby Episode 10


Hello all,Episode 10 looks at a couple of positions to do on your front whilst being with baby. This episode features a guest apperance from Miller's toy duck "Prof. Quackers!"We now have a Facebook group set up that anyone can join, just search "Yoga Baby" in groups and you will find us. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe in itunes.Jill & Miller. …

Yoga Baby Episode 9


Episode 9 looks at positions do while baby plays along (while you trim the waist!) Remember Yoga Baby is available in itunes and that you can contact us enjoy.Jill and Miller …

Yoga Baby Episode 8


Yoga Baby Episode 8 looks at tips and tricks to help you do baby yoga. Jill & Miller answer some points raised in emails as well as showing you how to do alternate nostril breathing.Thanks for watching and don't forget and to email us at …

Yoga Baby Episode 7


This week in yoga baby we look at posture for new mums. Showing methods for correcting some bad habits we may have picked up since becoming pregnant and giving birth. …

Yoga Baby Episode 6


In this weeks yoga baby we look at tightening the tum again after the birth of your baby. This episode also includes Miller's attempt to knock the camera over!Thanks for viewing and remember you can email us atjill@yogababy.tvHave fun.Jill & Miller. …

Yoga Baby Episode 5


Yoga baby episode five looks at a couple of standing positions including the Tree.Thanks for your emails and should you wish to contact Jill and Miller emailjill@yogababy.tvEnjoy …

Yoga Baby Episode 4


Yoga Baby episode 4 introduces standing positions to new moms and of course their little ones. Don't forget and that yogababy is available for iphone and ppc!Enjoy the show and remember be safe at all times with your baby while following YB. …

Yoga Baby Episode 3


This episode of Yogababy features positions to tighten the tum. All done while spending time with your new baby. Don't forget you can now get more info at …

Yoga Baby Episode 2


Yoga Baby is a weekly vlog for new mothers to show how they can do yoga with their babies. Every week there are new moves that you can do along with us or at a later date.In episode 2 we again start with breathing exercises followed by three new moves for you and your baby to enjoy. Have fun. …

Yoga Baby


Yoga Baby is a weekly vlog for new mothers to show how they can do yoga with their babies. Every week there are new moves that you can do along with us or at a later date. …

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Yoga Baby

Yoga for the new mother. Step by step routines on how to regain your shape, bond with your baby and find time for yourself within a hectic schedule! This show was made between 2007-2009. Jill is currently working on a new project at This should be up and running by Summer 2013!

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