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ex-designer, young urbanist and architist philosophising about lies

2011-01-17 Length: 18m 20s
Marti Guixé, who calls himself an ex-designer, and Leonie Plänkers, graduand at the TU Darmstadt in urban design, and me are philosophising on lies, marketing ...…

How the Council Destroyed Oor Hoosis: a tale of our times (2010)

2010-11-01 Length: 1m 1s
An illustrated booklet written by Sarah Glynn for the Derby Street Multis Residents’ Association, so that people can learn what has happened to ‘oor hoosis’ ...…

psychoanalytic space and heterotopias

2010-10-18 Length: 24m 25s
Lorens Holm is originally from New York and is an architect who likes to explore space. Join our conversation we had in Amman. It is ...…

UNESCO = Walt Disney ?

2010-10-04 Length: 1m 1s
How can ancient cities benefit from the UNESCO world heritage badge and simultaneously avoid becoming a 'Walt Disney' for tourists? There are fears that the UNESCO ...…

the hatched house

2010-09-13 Length: 25m 52s
Joan Backes is an American artist who participated at the Waldkunst in Darmstadt 2010. Her Work is called 'Forest House' which connects architecture, nature and ...…

Sustainable Architecture and Urban Development

2010-07-12 Length: 1m 1s
That is what the SAUD 2010 conference in Amman, Jordan, is about. The closing ceremonies will be on Wednesday 14th of July. The topics for ...…

light is the third dimension

2010-07-05 Length: 17m 25s
Eloi Maduell is an IT-artist from Spain. His telenoika project is a brilliant tool to interpret fassade and play with them. You can listen to our ...…

Mobile Device for the Desert

2010-06-21 Length: 4m 19s
a small board (45 x 35 cm) becomes seat, table and school bag in one = passport for education. All nomad pupils need is a ...…

Scarab School in the Desert

2010-06-07 Length: 8m 43s
No School for Tuareg-Kids without Global Communication Direct communication between human beings beyond cultures and nations is an important task in building a social environment. The ...…

ar2com – the ARCHITECTURE firm

2010-05-24 Length: 2m 26s
ar2com - kommunikative architektur aus darmstadt is an architecture firm based on the ar2com's philosophies you have been listening to since more than 3 years ...…

depression on participation

2010-05-10 Length: 10m 51s
Ermínia Maricato is a professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Design in (Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo da Universidade de) São Paulo and ...…

SpaceMag is calling out for #3 copy&paste

2010-05-03 Length: 15m 11s
The SpaceDepartment is a think tank with 8 urban planners based in Hamburg. They have already published two SpaceMags: 01 rhythm of consumism and 02 ...…

Unfassbares wird hörbar … wird fassbar

2010-04-05 Length: 1m 1s
Finally there is an eBook published with all the information in detail about the 'RadioFavela - The Sound of Rio' in German. But there are ...…

an anarchitect and an archetist have a talk

2010-03-01 Length: 28m 16s
Marco Casagrande is an architect from Finland. I called him a an anarchitect mixing anarchy and architecture, since I feel his work REAL. Including ideas ...…

what is architecture for you?

2010-02-01 Length: 8m 9s
The results of the on-line poll can be read here following the system: your occupation living in country of residence "what is architecture for you?„. But ...…

what is communication for you?

2009-12-07 Length: 9m 3s
The results of the on-line poll can be read here following the system: your occupation living in country of residence "what is communication for you?„. But ...…

spazio moschea – the mosque’s space

2009-11-15 Length: 8m 1s
potete ascoltare il testo in italiano english transcript "For the first time in my life last summer I approached an Islamic country, Turkey and, for the ...…

Border – Heterotopias

2009-11-09 Length: 1m 1s
We are two students (Mexican and French) who studied last year in Darmstadt, Germany. Supervised by Jula-Kim in the TU Darmstadt, we worked on fusion ...…

Mexico in Los Angeles

2009-11-02 Length: 10m 31s
Clara Irazábal Zurita is an assistant professor at the Columbia Univeristy in New York. She has been researching on migration. Today we talk about the ...…

Symphonie Diagonale – 1924

2009-10-26 Length: 3m 10s
Last week's film 'Des Fonds' reminded me the 'Symphonie Diagonale' by Viking Eggeling (1880-1925). The short film is his last oeuvre - a conclusion of ...…

object : location . action

2009-10-05 Length: 22m 53s
Gabi Schillig started exploring open systems inspired by Brazilian artist Lygia Clark. Her architecture for the (human) body is taking shapes with the material ...…

Jazz as a Reputation for a City

2009-09-21 Length: 19m 5s
Dr. Wolfram Knauer, musicologist and director of the Jazz-Institut Darmstadt, talks about the Jazz as an instrument to create a city's reputation calling creative people ...…

bonding spaces

2009-08-03 Length: 16m 14s
Peter Anderson, a multi-artist now living in Iceland, talks with me about the bonds between spaces and the harsh contrast between summer and winter life ...…

Where have all the Flowers gone?

2009-07-27 Length: 12m 6s
Here I made an interview with Johanna Emge and Florian Siebeck, two students participating at 'nachts in Darmstadt' about guerilla gardening. It is part of ...…

take it or leave it

2009-07-13 Length: 6m 16s
Nedko Solakov, a Bulgarian artist, now touring with his exhibition 'Emotions' stopped by in Darmstadt at the Mathildenhöhe. Here his exhibition is called 'Emotions (without ...…

vogelfrei – free as a bird

2009-06-15 Length: 12m 30s
Ute Ritschel organised the exposition 'vogelfrei' on rooftop of darmstadtium, a new conference centre in Darmstadt. Throughout her work as a curator she has been ...…

“The Architecture in my Dance is Quite Subversive”

2009-05-18 Length: 11m 29s
Trajal Harrell was one of the dance web coaches from the imPULStanz 2008. He is explaining to me his way to use architecture in his ...…

Let’s talk about the World-Wide Crisis!

2009-05-04 Length: 18m 40s
If my bank fails, will I still have access to my money? - Should I bail out of the stock market? - Are money market ...…

Extreme Space

2009-04-20 Length: 11m 40s
Bruno Caverna is a dancer and choreographer originally from Brazil now living in Norway. He has some interesting attitudes towards dance and life in general ...…

Improvisation in Space – non-intellectualized

2009-04-06 Length: 23m 18s
Katy Harris McLeod is a dancer and choreographer from Vancouver. I had met her during the imPULStanz in Vienna last year. We have a chat ...…

Antony Rizzi on Space, Materials and Audiences

2009-02-16 Length: 13m 48s
Antony Rizzi, a teacher at the imPULStanz, a dancer at the Forsythe Company, and a choreographer, had the time to chat with me. He will perfom ...…

on my way

2009-01-19 Length: 1m 1s
Here comes another video from our trip with the Transsiberian Railway from Dresden via Berlin and Moscow to Vladivostok and Harbin in China.…

Limón Movement Philosophy for a City

2008-12-15 Length: 22m 46s
I am talking of Vienna and the impact of the imPULStanz, Vienna's dance festival/workshop celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2008. Joe Alegado, a dancer and ...…

singing dancing defining space

2008-11-17 Length: 12m 53s
With this podcast I am starting a series of interviews and impressions from the Impulstanz, a dance festival and workshop in Vienna, Austria. The first ...…

A Designer, an Artist and an Architect have a Talk

2008-10-27 Length: 44m 13s
Here comes the promised discussion about urbanism with Allard van Hoorn (artist) and Daan Noppen (designer) and me (architect). Enjoy the long journey! On Daan's homepage you ...…

Urbanism seen by Allard van Hoorn

2008-10-06 Length: 8m 58s
Allard van Hoorn, a Dutch artist, has founded two platforms for urban investigation: one in Mexico City, the other one in Shanghai. The platform is ...…

An Urban Communication

2008-09-15 Length: 3m 47s
Two girls have a talk in the metro.…

Davey Dance Blog

2008-09-01 Length: 15m 57s
David Fishel is a video producer from the States. Since quite a while he is dancing in urban spaces with his iPod on, publishing it ...…

Mutation from Depot to RPC

2008-08-18 Length: 4m 4s
the beat the rhythm the melody and the harmony To see the plans and sections you can visit the RadioFavelaSite. There you will find as well ...…

A Real Site for the RPC in Rio

2008-08-04 Length: 6m 35s
Finally we are coming to the end of RadioFavela - The Sound of Rio which is my subsumable architecture. Architecture needs a real site, so ...…

Satellites for the RPC

2008-06-16 Length: 4m 11s
If you continued from two weeks ago My Proposition: A RadioProductionCentre, you do fine. If you dropped by, please regard that this sequence started with ...…

My Proposition: A RadioProductionCentre

2008-06-02 Length: 4m 30s
If you continued from last week Urban Landscape 'Megalopolis', you can continue. If you dropped by, please regard that this sequence started with favela. If ...…

Urban Landscape ‘Megalopolis’

2008-05-26 Length: 4m 38s
Last week I had my view on favela. If you dropped by, please regard that this sequence started with favela. If you are lost, start ...…


2008-05-19 Length: 9m 22s
If you still remember the story of RadioFavela is subtitled 'Not assumable becomes consumable ... becomes subsumable'. The links here refer to RadioFavela's website, where ...…

Local Radio Stations

2008-05-05 Length: 5m 15s
“The intellectual, artistic, scientific freedom of opinion and press is guaranteed without censure or authorisation.” From the Brazilian constitution, Article 5 So any citizen has the ...…

(X)Changing Ideas in Rocinha

2008-04-21 Length: 6m 32s
... continued from last week. Does/Can media provoke a change in a community? Let's have a look at Rocinha. Dante Quinterno is with us again ...…

Unserious Stuff for a Serious Change

2008-04-14 Length: 14m 21s
Might be a strange heading, but there is something very true about it. Because it is neither money, nor the best research programs who have ...…

From the ’Famine Aesthetic’ to the ‘Favela-Pop’

2008-04-07 Length: 8m 31s
A short and superficial overview on the HISTORY OF FILM in Brazil. As you know I made a critical remark to the Golden Bear for ...…

The Practical Urbanity in Rocinha

2008-03-03 Length: 15m 58s
In the second part of the Interview with the carioca architect Carlos Luis Toledo, who has his side office in the biggest favela called Rocinha, ...…

Merry Christmas

2007-12-24 Length: 2m 59s
I had that idea to make a movie for christmas using 'I'm dreaming of a white christmas'. I found it an original contrast. But going ...…

German Language Course for Czechs

2007-12-10 Length: 1m 1s
a furniture truly handmade by ar2com - kommunikative architektur aus darmstadt it is made for people on the move: all pieces just inserted into each other, easy ...…

The Biggest Street Art Event in the World

2007-12-03 Length: 3m 59s
"A Cowparade #233; o maior evento de arte de rua no mundo" Another view of the public space in Rio de Janeiro. with participation of Ophélie Dorgans Christian Tölle Marcella ...…

Wanna see Reality? – Go to Public Spaces!

2007-11-26 Length: 11m 54s
Cecilia Benites, an Argentinian architect and urban designer who has lived in the US and is now working in Rio de Janeiro, is my guest ...…

Rio de Janeiro – why it thrives

2007-11-19 Length: 1m 1s
Part three of the trilogy 'Rio de Janeiro - now I know you'. sketches and fotos by dd.r the rest by julakim…

Rio de Janeiro – how it lives

2007-11-12 Length: 46s
Part two of the trilogy 'Rio de Janeiro - now I know you'. sketches and fotos by dd.r the rest by julakim…

Rio de Janeiro – how it all started

2007-11-05 Length: 1m 2s
Part one of the trilogy 'Rio de Janeiro - now I know you'. 31 weeks ago I was asking *Rio! Who are you Rio?*, struggling to ...…

Green Space

2007-10-22 Length: 2m 46s
The Parque Lage is a small park subapical the Corcovado hill. Once a private mansion you will find there now a school of fine arts ...…

The Power of Music and the Power in Favelas

2007-10-15 Length: 12m 2s
Here it goes. The second part with the interview with Damian Platt. The first one was last week called 'AfroReggae and Urban Connections'. More interested in ...…

AfroReggae and Urban Connections

2007-10-08 Length: 11m 31s
Damian Platt used to be Brazil campaigner at Amnesty International and is now the coordinator for international partnerships at the cultural group AfroReggae. This episode ...…

kush it

2007-10-01 Length: 3m 0s
Salt'n'Pepa to 'kush it' nice. A shortfilm from Vladivostok. 'kushit' is Russian and is used to call someone (foreigners like us who speak little Russian) to come ...…

HipHop in Rio

2007-09-24 Length: 10m 48s
The second music (after samba) style which is featured on - RadioFavela - The Sound of Rio. Thanks to youtube you can view the two videos ...…

Arquitetura do Movimento – part 3 of 3

2007-09-17 Length: 8m 52s
The last part of the "movement's architecture" in an urban scale now. How would you feel or even react confronted with dancers in the metro in ...…


2007-09-10 Length: 2m 52s
XII Internationale Tanzwerkstatt in Dresden mit Lilo Stahl, 2006 (XII. international dance factory)…

Arquitetura do Movimento – part 2 of 3

2007-09-03 Length: 17m 49s
Andrea Jabor talks about her way of creating the space for the dance theatre 'Sala de estar - As cinco peles do samba' (Living Room ...…

Arquitetura do Movimento – part 1 of 3

2007-08-27 Length: 16m 36s
Andrea Jabor founded 'Arquitetura do Movimento' (movement's architecture) about 10 years ago. As a dancer, choreographer and a woman who likes to invite people to ...…

It’s time to celebrate!

2007-08-19 Length: 1m 51s
6 months now that ar2com has survived cyberspace! So to comemorate the first little anniversary let us sing the Brazilian version of "Happy Birthday"!…

Samba 02

2007-08-06 Length: 12m 52s
The second part of the genre samba (continued from samba 01). This time with the following songs 'A Favela vai abaixo' J.B. Da Silva (1928), 'Exaltaçao ...…


2007-07-16 Length: 1m 17s
Have a break, have a redact. dance dance ... dance redactresses impress!…

Samba 01

2007-07-09 Length: 8m 6s
The first part of the genre SAMBA. Songs featured this time are 'A Voz do Morro' from Zé Renato, 1955, 'Vida no Morro' from Anibal ...…

The Videoscape from Semana Santa

2007-07-02 Length: 3m 42s
A short film from the 'Semana Cultural em Santa Teresa', a Bohemian district in Rio de Janeiro.…

Where are we heading to?

2007-06-25 Length: 6m 17s
My feedback to the 'personal message' (May 21st, 2007). Follow the link to listen to it personal message…


2007-06-18 Length: 3m 23s
Okay, this time I need a break. So another video which I made during the XII. INTERNATIONALE TANZWERKSTATT in DRESDEN mit LILO STAHL 2006 (XII ...…

The artist José Tannuri

2007-06-11 Length: 10m 31s
José Tannuri organized the artistic part of the Semana Cultural em Santa Teresa, 2007. Translating the interview I noticed how difficult it is to ...…

IV. Semana Cultural em Santa Teresa, 2007

2007-06-04 Length: 10m 12s
It's never too late! So here I go with my soundscapes of the HOLY WEEK in Santa Teresa in 2007. I didn't want to spoil my ...…

Dance | Architecture | Translations to be made

2007-05-28 Length: 9m 27s
Barbara Lubich is a sociologist with Italian background - now working on her PhD thesis in history on political communication and so living in Dresden, ...…

personal message

2007-05-21 Length: 11m 11s
It's time for the next step, the next category *ar2com*. Santa Teresa and Lapa are two districts in Rio de Janeiro where the community spirit has ...…


2007-05-14 Length: 53s
Have a break, have a redact.…

Dreams & Results

2007-05-07 Length: 14m 55s
Here it goes: The second part of the interview with Rubem César Fernandes, executive director of Viva Rio, this time about the organisation itself. Violence is ...…

Favelados and Police are partying together

2007-04-30 Length: 16m 25s
'Cavalao com Arte' (= 'Cavalao with Art') is a product of Viva Rio and the Police Command for Special Areas (CPAE), a unit adapted from ...…

06 Music

2007-04-23 Length: 6m 46s
"The medium is the message" - Marshall McLuhan The effects of music on our society are immense. Here in Rio everyone is singing. They ...…

05 Ways of Communication

2007-04-16 Length: 4m 56s
This is the first 'real' episode of the chapter 'consumable'. I added some more visual urban expressions as covers, which you can view with iTunes (at ...…

Semana Santa – holy week

2007-04-09 Length: 4m 54s
The clip 'Musik unerhört' in English 'music unheard-of' gives you an overview of Brazilian music. I've chosen these songs to prove the Brazilian understanding of network ...…

04a So that you don’t tell me that I have not talked about the flowers

2007-04-02 Length: 25m 52s
Lucia Mazzillo is a carioca woman with all her heart. She is an architect and was once a professor at the PUC-RIO, Pontifícia Universidade Católica ...…

04 A spark over Rio de Janeiro

2007-03-26 Length: 8m 11s
To see the growth of the favelas and Rio, go this site. Move your mouse over 'favelas' and 'Rio de Janeiro' to see the plans. ...…

03 The Brazilian Society

2007-03-19 Length: 5m 20s
Soccer, samba, social communication? The Brazilian culture is a mixture. The mixture is the Brazilian culture. Each race is taking care of its roots so it ...…


2007-03-12 Length: 57s
Have a break, have a redact. redactresses slide on. You can view it right here on the site by clicking on play now above.…

02 Migration Caused by Rural Exodus

2007-03-05 Length: 7m 44s
The consequences of migration for the city of Rio de Janeiro. To view the plans click here. Migration durch Landflucht und mit Grafiken hier auf zum ...…

It’s time to say good-bye

2007-03-05 Length: 3m 4s
to Germany and Hello to Brazil! This is not a break. Just a song to say good-bye to my friends, because I am leaving Darmstadt and ...…

01 Megalopolis, my Arcadia

2007-02-26 Length: 8m 36s
This is the first episode of the chapter not assumable introducing the problem of megacities in the world and Latin America. To get an idea of ...…

00 Welcome to RadioFavela

2007-02-19 Length: 8m 23s
79 years ago now the first bloco de samba, called 'deixe falar' made his tour through Rio. So to commemorate and celebrate this act of ...…

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