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018 – How to get the benefits of going to a conference without actually attending

2011-11-13 :: Matthew Ryan
Remember to write a review – Write a review on iTunes. Thanks. In this episode we talk about: You can get all the best tips, highlights, and cream of each conference by following its hash tag #pubcon #smx etc on Twitter.  Get all the benefit (minus the networking and energy) from attending a conference without [...]…

017 – Testing SEO Titles in PPC, Adwords Modified Broad Match, Facebook Real Estate Tip, and Selling on Amazon

2011-11-09 :: Matthew Ryan
Remember to write a review – Write a review on iTunes. Thanks. In this episode I cover Testing SEO Titles in PPC, Adwords Modified Broad Match, Facebook Real Estate Tip, and Selling on Amazon. Link to the android podcasting app…

Money Making Idea: Make a Checklist

Target super focused groups of engaged visitors online. How to make money from a checklist. Checklists are easy to research and provide a lot of great value for readers. You make money by sending targeted traffic to your affilate company. To start you will need to sign up for’s affiliate program ( and need [...]…

016 – Productivity Checklist

2008-01-29 :: Matthew Ryan
I’ve set some rigorous goals to guide my online businesses this year. In perusing these goals it became clear that my productivity needed improvement. There are three areas of improvement: Behavior, Mechanical, and Mindset. Starting work is never fun. Once work starts I actually enjoy myself. Finishing a project always feels great. The trick is [...]…

Episode 015 – Using Web 2.0 to build backlinks. Social Media Sites, Forums, and Blog Commenting

2007-12-27 :: Matthew Ryan
This is the last episode on building back links. It should be noted that these are areas where discretion is advised. Using these platforms to build links can be a highly successful but can backfire if not used correctly. Where does healthy promotion turn into SPAM. I think its fair to say that if you [...]…

Episode 014 – Paid Directories

2007-11-23 :: Matthew Ryan
Paid directories and press releases are both excellent ways to get your website more backlinks. There are some general rules to go by before you start paying your hard earned cash to paid directories. For starters, make sure you have enough content for the directories to make a fair judgment on your site. As a [...]…

Episode 013 – Building Backlinks – Article Submissions

2007-11-09 :: Matthew Ryan
Article submission is a great way to bring traffic to your site and build backlinks. There are five key advantages to using articles to build backlinks. You are allowed 2-3 backlinks for every article you submit. You have complete control over the anchor text for each link Every backlink is a oneway link, many times [...]…

Episode 012 – Building Backlinks – Free Directories

2007-10-23 :: Matthew Ryan
Since last episode talked about paid directories and this episode will talk about free directories I thought this excerpt from Matt Cutt’s blog was interesting. Even though he talks about reporting paid links most of the time he does provide this gem of knowledge regarding directories: Q: Hey, as long as we’re talking about directories, [...]…

Episode 011 – Building Backlinks Part 1 of 3

2007-10-11 :: Matthew Ryan
Building backlinks is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Who, where, and how many all are important. This six step series will guide you through popular ways to get backlinks. As we discussed before, don’t use automated, subscriber based services, or other shortcuts. There is no substitute for good old fashioned hard work! [...]…

Episode 010 – A Simple SEO Checklist

2007-07-31 :: Matthew Ryan
This list is incredible. Reading through forums is okay but this list has it all with no searching. As a summary this is these are the major factors for On-Site SEO: Good Factors- 1 – Keyword in URL – First word is best, second is second best, etc. 2 – Keyword in Domain name – [...]…

Episode 009 – Writing Optimized Content – Theory and Overview

Sorry I haven’t updated for a while but I got a little Laryngitis and I sounded like Tom Waits. At any rate, I’m here…and I’ve got a great episode for you. Here it is: Now that you have your site up it’s time to write content…

Episode 008 – Landing Page Basics and Conversion Goals

The first thing you need to do is lay out your site and think through your landing pages. Every aspect of your site should lead to your conversion goal. Some common conversion goals are: Making a sale Contextual ads being clicked Signing up for affiliate…

Episode 007 – Making your website live, using content management systems, and setting conversion goals.

Building a website can be intimidating for the first time. There are many languages and programs that are used. A short list of these languages and programs include: Flash, Dreamweaver,...…

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