Last update: 2013-04-21

Anime Detour 2013 Panel Archive!

2013-04-21 :: fightbait
Here are downloadable versions of most of the panels we did at Anime Detour 2013. Yes, many of them had visual aids. Yes, without the visual aids the panels aren’t always as enjoyable. But it’s [...]…

Flashback: Mazinkaiser vs. Great General of Darkness

2013-04-02 :: Length: 10s
Mazinkaiser is pretty awesome, but you should already know that. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this OVA. If I remember correctly it’s not as good as the other Mazinkaiser OVA.…

Newsroom: 03.30.13 Edition!

2013-03-30 :: Length: 2s
It’s been a month since we’ve recorded an episode, but we’re back. Ryan is back,too. And this episode is almost three hours long. Sorry about that.…

Anime Detour 2013 Panel Schedule!

2013-03-16 :: fightbait
Here’s a list of all the panels I will be participating it at Anime Detour 2013. The con is still a month away, so times are subject to change. Be sure to check the you [...]…

Bonus Round: Kokoro Connect!

2013-03-13 :: Length: 32s
This was originally posted on This episode of the Bonus Round is brought to you by John-Paul screaming for 30 minutes about Kokoro Connect. Introduction/Summary/Characters | 00:27 – 09:09 Before we get into the [...]…

Flashback: Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust

2013-03-12 :: Length: 27s
Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust is a great movie. Some would even say that it’s better than Vampire Hunter D. I am one of those people.…

Newsroom: 03.01.13 Edition!

2013-03-01 :: Length: 2s
Holy crap. It’s a new episode of the Newsbroom! And it’s on time. Early, even. We also talked about Neon Alley, Humanity Has Declined, and Dragon Quest VI.…

Newsroom: The Lost Episode!

2013-02-22 :: Length: 3s
Even though we haven’t released an episode in nearly a month, we kept recording them. Here are the two we recorded combined into one super podcast.…

Newsroom: 01.27.13 Edition!

2013-01-27 :: Length: 1s
Don’t you think you’ve already broomed enough news this week? Here’s that picture I was talking about:…

Flashback: Wicked City!

2013-01-25 :: Length: 27s
It’s hard to say how I feel about Wicked City. I remember being bored when I watched it the first time, but I’ve always loved talking about it. It may not be Kawajiri’s best film, [...]…

Bonus Round: Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

2013-01-25 :: Length: 26s
This was originally posted on In this episode of the Bonus Round, John-Paul reviews the 12-episode Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Hope you like the new format! Introduction/Summary/Characters | 00:40 – 08:13 Before we [...]…

Newsroom: 01.23.13 Edition!

2013-01-23 :: Length: 1s
It took me so long to post this that I forgot what we talked about. However, I can assure that the news was broomed.…

Flashback: Ninja Scroll!

2013-01-14 :: Length: 24s
As a general rule, I think anime fans should at least be familiar with Ninja Scroll. They don’t have to like it. They don’t even have to watch it. They should just know what it [...]…

Newsroom: 01.13.13 Edition!

2013-01-13 :: Length: 1s
There’s a special treat at the end of this episode! Also Large Bears is back! Also, my Chuunibyou review is up on A3K!…

Newsroom: 01.06.13 Edition!

2013-01-06 :: Length: 1s
I know you’ve been dying to broom this news, but you should listen to the interview I did with Frenchy Lunning first!…

Newsroom: 12.28.12 Edition!

2012-12-28 :: Length: 1s
I’m not convinced this is safe for human ears, but at this point I don’t care anymore.…

Interview: Frenchy Lunning!

2012-12-28 :: Length: 58s
This is an interview I recorded with Frenchy Lunning back in October. Frenchy Lunning is the director of Schoolgirls and Mobilesuits, the editor-in-chief of Mechademia, and a co-founder of Anime Detour. She’s also a professor [...]…

Best Christmas Ever!

This morning I received a package from my listeners Dan and Melissa. Dan told me a while ago that he got me something for Christmas, but I never thought it would be this awesome. So [...]…

Newsroom: 12.10.12 Edition!

2012-12-10 :: Length: 1s

Newsroom: 11.30.12 Edition!

2012-11-30 :: Length: 1s
IT’S THE NEWSBROOM! Even though this podcast is only two hours long, I forgot I was podcasting by the end of it.…

Bonus Round: Peacemaker Kurogane!

2012-11-26 :: Length: 12s
This was originally posted on Anime3000! John-Paul has been meaning to finish watching Peacemaker since before Anime 3000 was a website. Thanks to FUNimation, he was finally able to do that. So what did he [...]…

Newsroom: 11.23.12 Edition!

2012-11-23 :: Length: 2s
I’m not sure if we talked about Inuyasha in this episode, but I’d like to think that Inuyasha is relevant to all topics. Click here if you would like to help send my friend to Anime [...]…

Newsroom: 11.09.12 Edition!

2012-11-09 :: Length: 1s
The real reason Mitt Romney lost is because he prefers Kuroneko over Kirino. If you’re here for the moe, it’s 1:02:53.…

Newsroom: 11.02.12 Edition!

2012-11-02 :: Length: 1s
Until I can figure out how to properly convey that I’m singing this blog post in the style of R Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet” I’m going on strike.…

Newsroom: 10.19.12 Edition!

2012-10-19 :: Length: 1s
BREAKING NEWS: A mediocre maid cafe in Detroit shut down in less than six months! No one is surprised.…

Preview: Girls und Panzer!

2012-10-12 :: Length: 5s
Ever wanted to hear me shout about Girls Underpants? Here you go!…

Newsroom: 10.12.12 Edition!

2012-10-12 :: Length: 1s
What the heck am I doing posting today’s Newsroom? I still haven’t posted last weeks episode! Follow along here!…

Preview: BTOOM New World Blaster!

2012-10-11 :: Length: 7s
This time I take a quick look at three shows airing this season, BTOOM, From the New World, and Blast of Tempest.…

Preview: K!

2012-10-08 :: Length: 5s
SPOILERS: I hated almost everything about this show!…

Newsroom: 10.05.12 Edition!

2012-10-05 :: Length: 1s
Let’s complain about Neon Alley, shall we?…

Preview: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun!

2012-10-01 :: Length: 6s
This show is called My Little Monster on Crunchyroll. That’s a stupid name, so I’m using the Japanese one instead.…

Manga Monday: Barrage!

2012-10-01 :: Length: 5s
This week I give my final thoughts on the recently cancelled shonen fighting manga, Barrage.…

Newsroom: 09.28.12 Edition!

2012-09-28 :: Length: 52s
“Mitt Romeny knows as much about anime as he does about airplanes”…

Manga Monday: Kodomo no Jikan!

2012-09-24 :: Length: 5s
You damn right I read Kodomo no Jikan! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. But it wasn’t as good as I’ve heard it was either.…

Newsroom: 09.21.12 Edition!

2012-09-21 :: Length: 1s
My favorite story this week was the Borderlands 2 review from Wall Street Journal. Follow along on the Newsfeed!…

The Anime Show: Shin Megami Tensei!

2012-09-18 :: Length: 43s
This episode is also known as Shin Megami Tensei vs. Neo Megami Tensei. This OVA is ridiculous.…

Manga Monday: Kodomo no Kodomo!

2012-09-17 :: Length: 3s
I found this while looking for Kodomo no Jikan (I’m going to look at that next week. I promise. It’s already recorded). I had heard of this manga a few years ago when they announced [...]…

Newsroom: 09.14.12 Edition!

2012-09-14 :: Length: 1s
The most talked about thing this week was probably how much Bakemonogatari is going to cost. Did we care? Not really. Follow along over here!…

Bonus: MyTalk 107.1 Talks About Anna Ameniya!

2012-09-13 :: Length: 5s
This is a clip from a local radio show in Minnesota. I tuned in on September 1, 2012, and to my surprise they were talking about this bizarre model from Japan. The name of the [...]…

The Anime Show: Ninja Resurrection!

2012-09-12 :: Length: 1s
Intro | 0:00-0:42 Our voicemail is broken! Newsroom | 0:43-1:09:45 Follow along by going here! Release Dates | 1:09:46:02-1:10:21 Did you buy anything this week? Ninja Resurrection | 1:10:22-1:30:26 This is probably the craziest thing ever made! Outro | 1:30:27-1:32:06 [...]…

The Anime Show: What Are We Watching?

2012-09-05 :: Length: 55s
Intro | 0:00-0:33 Yes, this podcast was delayed because I didn’t have enough of a voice to record a 30-second intro. Sue me. Newsroom | 0:34-39:01 Turns out the countdown Square Enix was doing was for an [...]…

Manga Monday: Disappearance Diary!

2012-08-27 :: Length: 5s
This week I take a look at Hideo Azuma’s Disappearance Diary.…

The Anime Show: Madox-01

2012-08-25 :: Length: 1s
Intro | 0:00-0:51 I took forever to put this together because my job hates me and decided that I should work 50 hours a week. Voicemail/What Are You Watching? | 1:05-6:26 PoopyBarfy asked us a question about [...]…

Manga Monday: Grappler Baki!

2012-08-20 :: Length: 12s
This time on Manga Monday I look at the five few volumes of Grappler Baki. I’ve never read the very beginning of this franchise, so it was cool seeing where everything started.…

Manga Monday: Drafting a Water Godess

2012-08-13 :: Length: 10s
This is the first time I’ve talked about guro in a long time. I review Drafting a Water Godess by Shintaro Kago. I also talk briefly about Supergirl Begins.…

The Anime Show: Newsroom II!

2012-08-08 :: Length: 1s
It’s another all news episode of The Anime Show. Since I was on “vacation” I didn’t have anytime to watch anything. That’s probably for the best, however. Even without any of the other segments this [...]…

Manga Monday: Damned & Dokuro!

2012-08-06 :: Length: 6s
It’s a Double Dose of Tetsuya Saruwatari as I review Damned and Dokuro!…

Bonus Round: House of Five Leaves

2012-08-01 :: Length: 10s
This was originally posted on Anime3000! House of Five Leaves is a twelve episode series produced by Manglobe and released in the States by NIS America. It was directed by Tomomi Mochizuki (Kimagure Orange Road, Dirty [...]…

Manga Monday: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure!

2012-07-30 :: Length: 14s
I’ve put it off long enough. It’s time to talk about the first two parts of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. This is the first time I’ve read JoJo’s. So far I like it, but it’s definitely not for [...]…

CONvergence 2012: Con Report!

2012-07-27 :: Length: 39s
We had a blast at CONvergence 2012! If you live in Minnesota and haven’t been to this con, you’re missing out. Here are the pictures I was talking about on the show:…

The Anime Show: Newroom!

2012-07-25 :: Length: 1s
This is a Newsroom only episode. I had a lot of show I wanted to talk about, but I didn’t have enough time to put together a full episode. Considering this is a 90 minute [...]…

Manga Monday: Inuyasha!

2012-07-23 :: Length: 32s
Have you ever wanted to hear me rant about Inuyasha for a half hour? Your wish has finally come true. Even though I enjoy the series, I can’t in good conscience recommend it to people. I know [...]…

AniMinneapolis 2012: Con Report!

2012-07-20 :: Length: 33s
Despite it’s flaws, we had a lot of fun at AniMinneapolis 2012. We even signed a few autographs. Since a lot of the problems we had with the convention were location based, we have high [...]…

The Anime Show: Diebuster!

2012-07-18 :: Length: 1s
Intro | 0:00-1:04 It’s the return of Ryan! It’s not like I fired him or anything. Our schedules just clashed for a while. Although I was kind of grumpy after the fight we had. What Are [...]…

Preview: Chitose Get Eco Smile!

2012-07-15 :: Length: 4s
This time I preview two of the online shorts from this season–Chitose Get You and Peace Eco Smile. I watch at least three episodes of both, and didn’t really care for either of them. PES [...]…

STARcast ep013: Ghost Mom is the Best!

2012-03-15 :: Length: 1s
It’s the return of the Stop Thinking About Robots Podcast! What Did We Talk About? Whatever happened to that girl Kirran liked? What about the girl I liked? Having sex with ghosts How ratings in radio work The Human Centipede loves football I used to be a creepy janitor School is lame, so I droppe [...]…

Februmarchuary 2012 ep014: SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY!

2012-03-12 :: Length: 39s
What are you going to listen to now that Februmarchuary is over? What Did I Talk About? Voicemail from PoopyBarfy Two voicemails from Tyler Durden Podcast that jerk each other off is cool Don't smoke used cigarette butts I got high a lot in high school Making real friends Baki the Grappler…

Februmarchuary 2012 ep013: Naked in the Snow!

2012-03-11 :: Length: 32s
Fucking Daylights Saving Time! Even if I go to be early, I stayed up and extra hour. What Did I Talk About? Voicemail from The Doctor Chinese kid snow training Gas prices make people crazy Drink and drive Tony Bennet thinks drugs should be legal because Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston died Breast implants exploding [...]…

Februmarchuary 2012 ep012: Nice Blowjob, But Use Less Teeth Next Time!

2012-03-10 :: Length: 43s
By comparison, this episode is early. What Did I Talk About? Creepy My Little Pony Voicemail What kind of hentai do I like...none What kind of visual novels do I play...none How to turn a bad blowjob into a learning experience fightbait sex club AstereiskCGY wanted me to do karaoke Baki the Grappler is almost [...]…

Februmarchuary 2012 ep010: Death is the Ultimate Defense!

2012-03-08 :: Length: 44s
What the fuck is my problem? I stayed up even later than I did yesterday! What Did I Talk About? More site design crap Getting credit cards is crazy ass easy Roller coasters are scary Kicking ass in the arcade Why I didn't really like Giant Robo Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall Battle Royale Baki the Grappler…

fightbait anime podcast 2.0 ep012: Spelunker is a Teacher & Persona 4 Update!

2012-03-08 :: Length: 1s
If you were listening live, I'm pretty sure I accidentally turned off the UStream during the show. My bad. What Did We Talk About? PS Vita Master Keaton is the business K-ON! fans are crazy Ryan loves Rumiko Takahashi Danny Choo loves orange Benu is NOT a podcaster AMVs are alright, I guess I've played [...]…

Whiskey Thursday ep144: The Adventures of Tub-Tony!

2012-03-08 :: Length: 8s
We almost didn't do the show live because my internet sucked; however, I reset the router and it fixed itself. I'm stupid for not thinking to do this on my own. What Did We Talk About? Credit reports My uncanny podcast memory Do we talk about dicks too much? Ass play Rush Limbaugh iPad Beer [...]…

Februmarchuary 2012 ep011: The Ex-Girlfriend Episode!

2012-03-08 :: Length: 1s
This is the first of three shows that I'm doing today. Will I make it? Probably not. What Did I Talk About? New Mixlr HEY INTERNET: DON'T FUCK WITH ME! Two voicemails Apparently, I have bandwidth issues Every ex-girlfriend I could remember Baki the Grappler…

Februmarchuary 2012 ep009: No Homo…Maybe a Little Bit of Homo…Maybe A Lot of Homo!

2012-03-07 :: Length: 31s
I need to stop doing this podcast when I'm half-asleep! What Did I Talk About? Voicemail from Poopy Barfy Work was boring Site redesign Mixlr No luck on oDesk Baki the Grappler…

Februmarchuary 2012 ep008: God Must Hate Retarded People!

2012-03-06 :: Length: 58s
I know I said I almost lost my voice in another episode of Februmarchuary, but I almost lost my voice in this episode. What Did I Talk About? Adoption Retarded people Pros and cons of USB mics oDesk Gmail Baki the Grappler…

Februmarchuary 2012 ep007: I Almost Forgot to Name This Episode!

2012-03-04 :: Length: 47s
This is a little chilled out compared to the previous episodes, but that doesn't make it any less jam packed with awesome! What Did I Talk About? How to emotionally torture a cat My favorite robots Ice cream Bobbies World Baki the Grappler!…

Februmarchuary 2012 ep006:J-J-J-JWOW!

2012-03-03 :: Length: 32s
Holy boobs, it's Februmarchuary! In this episode I talk about Nickelodeon shows from the 90's, starting a podcast studio, Saturday morning cartoons, and Baki the Grappler!…

Februmarchuary 2012 ep005: I Lost My Voice While Recording This Show!

2012-03-02 :: Length: 38s
What the heck? I'm posting this show late again! Whatever! This time I talk about Family Guy porn, celebrities starting podcasts, remodeling the office at work, the dangers of not testing your gear before a podcast, and Baki the Grappler!…

Whiskey Thursday ep143: RETURN OF NIGHTMARE BOAT!

2012-03-01 :: Length: 2s
Free Baby With Your Gold Membership!…

Februmarchuary 2012 ep004: Spit or Swallow?

2012-03-01 :: Length: 42s
Hey Internet, it's another one of those pod-things. This time I talk about how to sex your woman, paying for podcast, KnO Radio problems, "Bob", Baki the Grapple, and whether you should spit or swallow. I also watch some videos as per the listeners request.…

Februmarchuary 2012 ep003: Mood Nipples!

2012-02-29 :: Length: 34s
Here I go again posting the show on the wrong day. Oh well, I doubt anyone actually cares. In this episode I talk about KnO Radio, nipple color, "Bob", car problems, and Baki the Grappler. Two of these topics were submitted by listeners. If you have an idea too, let me know!…

Februmarchuary 2012 ep002: Best Show Ever?

2012-02-28 :: Length: 36s
Holy shit I was in the zone during this episode! For most of the podcast I talk about hating a coworker of mine. Then I briefly go over what I hate about shaving, and wrap it up with the Daily Baki Fix!…

Februmarchuary 2012 ep001: Better Late Than Never!

2012-02-27 :: Length: 41s
We're off to a rocky start. According to my clock, it's already the second day of Februmarchuary. Whatever. In this episode I talk about Intro to Radio, Dark Souls, 3.3.7 Byooshi, and New Grappler Baki.…

Whiskey Thursday ep142: Asian Disposable Vagina!

2012-02-23 :: Length: 2s
Is Neil Patrick Harris a top or a bottom?…

fightbait anime podcast 2.0 ep011: Milky Holmes 2 & Mai Mai Miracle!

2012-02-23 :: Length: 1s
This week Bradley Meek from Them Anime joins us (much to the dismay of Ryan) as we spend twice as long on news as we do our reviews. Brad tries to convince us that Milky Holmes 2 is the business, but we don't buy it. After that, Ryan and I talk about the wonderfully imaginative [...]…


2012-02-09 :: Length: 2s

fightbait anime podcast 2.0 ep010: Shigofumi & Dragon Knight!

2012-02-09 :: Length: 2s
The man will not keep us down! We're back with another episode full of outdated news. We also talk about anime that everyone loves, but we hate. Then we touch on the rising problem of space piracy. Is there a bonus content after the closing song? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z…


2012-02-08 :: fightbait
I made two new promos for the show. Choose your poison wisely. Listen...or Die Promo Extremely Hard Wood Promo…

Whiskey Thursday ep140: Cum is Everywhere!

2012-02-02 :: Length: 2s
Do you feel homosexual after playing Skyrim--YES!…

fightbait anime podcast 2.0 ep009: Animation Runner Kuromi and Redline!

2012-01-25 :: Length: 59s
We're back again. This time with a slew of technical difficulties. I started playing with my gear last night, and as a result I made everything too loud. I fixed what I could in post, but there's only so much I could do. I believe, however, that the distorted audio was unavoidable. I can't imagine [...]…

Whiskey Thursday ep139: Mark Wahlberg vs. The World!

2012-01-19 :: Length: 2s

Whiskey Thursday ep138: Lady Chinky Eyes and The Inside-Out Baby!

2012-01-13 :: Length: 2s

fightbait anime podcast 2.0 ep008: Infinite Stratos, Working, & Winter 2012 Preview!

2012-01-12 :: Length: 1s
We're with another episode of your mom's favorite anime podcast. This time we talk shit about Anime Your Way, and then discuss some of our favorite OVAs. I hope Media Blasters doesn't shut down before release their Fushigi Yuugi box! Do girls making the first move turn men gay? Find out the answers to this [...]…

Whiskey Thursday ep137: Jake Gyllenhaal Get Eaten By Bats on the Nightmare Boat!

2012-01-05 :: Length: 2s
Santorum 1. The frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex. 2. Senator Rick Santorum.…

fightbait anime podcast 2.0 ep007: Best/Worst of 2011; Itsudatte My Santa; and Now and Then, Here and There!

2012-01-02 :: Length: 1s
This should have come out on New Years Eve, but I was too lazy to finish editing it. Normally, I don't like to edit our podcasts, but I was drunk and screwed up. This episode contains my review for the Reverse Thieves Anime Secret Santa Project. Technically that was supposed to be released on Christmas, but I [...]…

Whiskey Thursday ep136: My Mom Put a Rubber Vagina in my Stocking This Christmas!

2011-12-30 :: Length: 2s
Top Ten Dead Babies of 2011!…

Whiskey Thursday ep135: Christmas Shoes Gave the Baby AIDS!

2011-12-24 :: Length: 2s
When your wife says the baby is wet that doesn't mean you're supposed to have sex with it.…

fightbait anime podcast 2.0 ep006: Your Mom’s Favorite Anime Podcast!

2011-12-19 :: Length: 4s
This episode is mostly news. Don't let that scare you though, because that just because there was a lot to cover. There's a lot of discussion about the prices of anime and what people are willing to pay, as well as our favorite anime soundtracks. I prove that I'm a jerk because I would pay [...]…

Whiskey Thursday ep134: The Second Cumming of Christ!

2011-12-17 :: Length: 2s
This podcast is about Turkey Quakes, Meat Spin, and Your Mom!…

Whiskey Thursday ep133: Fat Kid Eating a Pizza!

2011-12-12 :: Length: 2s
This episode is brought to you by Candy Cane Soda!…

fightbait manga podcast ep006: Ibitsu, Toradora, Biomeat: Nectar, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, and Shigurui!

2011-12-08 ::
Holy manga! This time I read a bunch of really violent manga. Ryan was made uncomfortable by this fact.…

fightbait anime podcast 2.0 ep005: G Gundam, Samurai Champloo, Gundam Trilogy, and Colorful (2011)!

2011-12-07 :: Length: 1s
Do you care what OtakuAnthony bought this week? Neither do we! Here's my Pure Rave profile; however, you need an account to actually look at the pictures. Are there any shows that you would spend $300 on? This is a really long podcast and we talk about lots of things.…

Whiskey Thursday ep132: Black Man on a Trail!

2011-12-02 :: Length: 1s
I also wanted to call this episode "MmmCock, Because That's What They Like." Getter Sandusky, would have been acceptable as well.…

Whiskey Thursday ep131: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dick!

2011-11-24 :: Length: 1s
This podcast is about cum-flavored jelly beans.…

fightbait manga podcast ep005: Gas Mask Girl, Alive, and Deep Sex!

2011-11-22 ::
RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE! It's another episode of fightbait manga podcast. This podcast is barely 20 minutes long because manga is hard to talk about. It's even harder to talk about when everything you read sucks. I'm going to talk about something good next time, I promise!…

Whiskey Thursday ep130: Extra Pulpy Orange Juice!

2011-11-17 :: Length: 2s
I sort of forgot that today was Thursday so I don't have time to write anything at the moment. This podcast is mostly a two hour cum joke!…

fightbait manga podcast ep004: Blood Alone, Baron Gong Battle, Apocalypse Zero, and 20th Century Boys!

2011-11-16 ::
It's been over a year since the last manga podcast. I can't promise that I'll do these on a weekly schedule, but I would like to do them more often now that I'm reading more manga.…

fightbait anime podcast 2.0 ep004: Coicent, Five Numbers, Loups=Garous, and Summer Wars!

2011-11-14 :: Length: 51s
This is What We Talked About! The title says it all this time! Beside some quick news items, this podcast is just a couple anime reviews and a debate about Summer Wars. This is Who We Are!…

fightbait anime podcast 2.0 ep003: Fall Anime Season 2011!

2011-11-07 :: Length: 1s
This is What We Talked About! Hey Internet! Akira Live Action Is Moe Worst Than Lolicon? Yu Yu Hakusho Blu-Ray Top Five Blu-Raycom Wishlist Persona 4 (Again) C3 Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam Maken Ki Chihayafuru Ben-To This is Who We Are!…

Kryptonite Candy 2.0 ep009: Emerald Tolstoy!

2011-11-06 :: Length: 1s
This is What We Talked About! HDTV Turns 75 People Love Explosions Teen Zombie Movie--Warm Bodies Psychologist Fake Studies Sometimes Warehouse 13 Zelda Rap Song Paranorman Google Be Indexing Your Shit Animal Man Swamp Thing Stormwatch Action Comics Justic League International Static Shock Bevis & Butthead Walking Dead Halloween Hallowwn II (Rob Zombie) Dexter American [...]…

Whiskey Thursday ep129: Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush!

2011-11-05 :: Length: 2s
This is What We Talked About! A Classic Moment of Hypocrisy! Can Kids Get Arrested For Downloading Child Porn? Ghosts Having Sex Naked Woman Wrapped in a Dead Horse Man Caught Having Sex With Donkey Guy Jerks Off Into Yogurt Hungry Mom Can't Buy Food With Quarters Toddlers in Tiaras Drama Man Caught Soliciting Sex [...]…

Method to Madness ep097a: Dragon*Con 2011 Part One!

2011-11-01 :: Length: 41s
Episode 97a: “I Publish Cute Girls’ FanFic” Dragon*Con 2011 got a touch of The Business this year. Kevin joined a few of our friends to the World’s Largest nerd herd. This is Part 1 of his report, in which he recounts his maiden voyage into the great geek gathering. I, unfortunately, could not join my friends this [...]…

Whiskey Thursday ep128: Your Nuts Won’t Help You Win Bike Races!

2011-10-27 :: Length: 2s
This is What We Talked About! Phone "Hacking" Where Do Animals Go During the WInter? Prostrate Cancer is Serious Business! Woman Breaks Hip in Hospital and Told to Call Ambulance Ice Cream Sandwich and Why HTC is Dumb Man Busted For Licking Strangers Scraped Knee Wife Cuts Off Husbands Penis and Throws in River 9-Year [...]…

Kryptonite Candy 2.0 ep008: David Lynch Directed The Social Network, Right?

2011-10-26 :: Length: 1s
This is What We Talked About! Spielberg talking shit about George Lucas Super Red State Attack of the Block Best Horror Movies All-Star Western Justice League Dark Aquaman The Flash Green Lantern New Guardians Walking Dead Doctor Who Dexter American Horror Story This is Who We Are! These are Things You Should Buy! [amazon_enhanced asin="B005IZLPME" [...]…

Method to Madness ep096: Tenchi Muyo!

2011-10-25 :: Length: 51s
Episode 96: “NOBODY HAS TO DIE. I ONLY WANT THE STAR CRUISER.” Tenchi Muyo!: Ryo-Ohki is an OVA buried deep in the ancient catacombs of my anime past. As such, I retrieved another relic from that era: Matt “@PhantomFHarlock” Kraft. It’s been a while since Matt’s been in Neverland; a metaverse innocent to concepts like career, parenting, [...]…

fightbait anime podcast 2.0 ep002: Trigun Badlands Rumble!

2011-10-25 :: Length: 1s
These are Sexy Anime Girls! What Did We Talk About? Manga Creator Kei Aoyama Passes Away at 32 Writer: AnoHana Originally Had Slapstick Erotic Elements Viz's Shonen Jump Print Magazine to End Next March Funimation, Niconico to Jointly License Anime Shonen Jump Alpha to be Available in U.S., Canada Only JManga Site Offers 2 New [...]…

Whiskey Thursday ep127: BYOB, Bring Your Own Boner!

2011-10-20 :: Length: 2s
This is a Strap-On! This is What We Talked About! Listen to Anthony Askew's podcast! Weird anti-British porn Nancy Grace and Fart Porn Sword Weilding Spiderman 100lbs Balls-Man Nic Cage is a God Why lolicon anime isn't 100% evil Otaku2012 and the "Reddit Jailbait Scandal" Is Siri the new hotness? The World's Fastest Omelet Maker! [...]…

Kryptonite Candy 2.0 ep007: SPOILERS!

2011-10-19 :: Length: 1s
This is What We Talked About! Do spoilers ruin the experience? The Unix guy is dead Dark Knight Rises teaser The death of film Green Lantern Blu-Ray Justice League #2 Green Lantern Corps #2 Wonder Woman #2 Arkham City Ending...sort of, but not really Demon Knights Fear Itself #7 Six mind-blowing things in space Jason [...]…

fightbait anime podcast 2.0 ep001: Puella Magi Madoka Magica!

2011-10-19 :: Length: 2s
This is a Sexy Anime Girl! This is What We Talked About! Are we getting too old for this shit? Anime was a lot cooler in high school...or was it? Buying things used to be expensive! My name is Purple Mingren, I want to be a Naruto There are creepy people at cons that torture [...]…

Kryptonite Candy 2.0 ep006: If You Love Dragons, You'll Love This!

2011-10-12 :: Length: 2s
This is What We Talked About! Netflix is still fucking things up Barnes and Noble is making stupid decisions too Smashmouth finally ate the eggs Sony is in trouble...again Die Hard is the best movie ever made George Lucas is doing more things with Star Wars Google Dart wants to eat JavaScript Phoenix Jones is Batman Mark read [...]…

Whiskey Thursday ep126: Sex Orgy With the Holy Trinity!

2011-10-06 :: Length: 2s
This is a Bear! This What We Talked About! Alternate NetBook Operating Systems Mom sells baby for trip to Disney World  MMA fighter stopped with shotgun by online hooker's husband  6 Statements to Get Her in the Mood Funimation Delays Yu Yu Hakusho Movie/Eizou Hakusho 2 Weeks Apocalypse Zero/Kakugo no Susume Manga Gets Spinoff Guy chokes kid [...]…

Kryptonite Candy 2.0 ep005: Steve Jobs Was Uploaded to the Cloud!

2011-10-05 :: Length: 2s
What happened to the fourth episode? Your mom happened! Main Topics Steve Jobs iPhone 4s Windows 7 Phone Final Cut Harry Potter Animal Man Swamp Thing Suicide Club Doctor Who Finale Dexter Season Six The Playboy Club Netflix HOSTS BUY SOME SHIT AND WE GET MONEY! [amazon_enhanced asin="B005FUTBV4" /] [amazon_enhanced asin="B002N5N5M0" /] [amazon_enhanced asin="B0051VVOB2" /] [amazon_enhanced asin="B004VLLWB0" /] [...]…

Method to Madness ep094: Ghost (John Ringo)!

2011-10-04 :: Length: 45s
Episode 94: “McDDLT” Ghost is for counter-terrorism what Meg is for sharks. John Ringo needs to write for H-games, since our eponymous hero takes direction from the same moral compass. Need further convincing? Ghost has a harem and bangs underage rape victims. Ringo’s storytelling stylings may share a common cousin with eroge, named Mary Sue. Ghostcould also be taken as a dark [...]…

Whiskey Thursday ep125: Wal-Mart Greeter Serial Killers and the Retarded iPod Mules Who Love Them!

2011-10-02 :: Length: 3s
This podcast is a few days late because I'm lazy. Just another reason why you should join us for the live show. I don't really remember everything that we talked about anymore. I'm sure it was the usual stuff. Ryan didn't say much. Tony was annoying. Sean was neutral. I was insensitive about everything. If you [...]…

Method to Madness ep093.5: Omake 16!

2011-09-27 :: Length: 45s
Omake 16: “Mute = Cholesterol?” Our outtake podcasts are often complimented as our best work, which sounds counter-intuitive. Why would we (or, more accurately, I) edit out our “best” material from each episode? I begin to question my own judgement–of topical relevance, comedy, and my place in the universe–but within a picosecond my ego reminds me that I’m never [...]…

★STARcast★ ep012: Eating Healthy Food is Hard!

2011-09-23 :: Length: 33s
Straight off the dome it’s another episode of the Stop Thinking About Robots Podcast! This is mostly about my theory that if I eat better food my motivation to try harder will increase. Of course, I need to try to try, but it's a good start. The following is thirty minutes of me telling it [...]…

Whiskey Thursday ep124: I Hate Beer Hands Because They Are Dubstep!

2011-09-22 :: Length: 2s
Have you ever peed in your girlfriends mouth? Velociraptor's mom is hot, potentially. Would you pee on her? Some people kill their children for wooden iPads at McDonald's. Greg Aryes had a tooth problem and people were emo about it. You should try out Costco's amazing insurance plan and buy a tie from Asia! Ryan's Time! [...]…

Kryptonite Candy 2.0 ep003: Keep on Rocking That Dragon!

2011-09-21 :: Length: 1s
You better be listening to these, Internet! I said that I was going to talk about Dan Fante's memoir, but I got caught up in Doctor Who talk and forgot. Main Topics The fake anime blog we started last year Netflix Quikster Final Destination 3D movies Catwoman Green Lantern Princess Peach Resident Evil 4 Gears [...]…

Method to Madness ep093: Tiger and Bunny!

2011-09-20 :: Length: 39s
Episode 93: “Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce” Tiger and Bunny is a rip-off. It’s currently available for free on Hulu and we are not paying them enough! This is the type of show that we needs encouragement to produce more. We don’t spend much time discussing Tiger and Bunny, but only because there’s so little to say. It’s a superhero buddy [...]…

Whiskey Thursday ep123: Thumbelina Blowing Stewart Little!

2011-09-15 :: Length: 1s
This is the story of a girl. Who blew Stewart Little and drowned the whole world. And though she looks sad in photographs. I absolutely want to watch the dog fuck her. The post office is stupid and so is your mom's face that you posted in the forum. She's naked in the bath tub with a [...]…

Kryptonite Candy 2.0 ep002: Jem and the Tetragrams!

2011-09-14 :: Length: 1s
We managed to do two of these in a row. I'd say that's a pretty good start, right? Right! Main Topics Jem and the Holograms High School of the Dead Amazon Book Netflix Libraries Borders People Read More Demon Knights Suicide Squad Grifter Green Lantern Resurrection Man Red Lanterns Deathstroke Pinocchio Vampire Slayer Hack/Slash Elephant Man Siege Doctor [...]…

Whiskey Thursday ep122: You Have a Vein Popping Sausage!

2011-09-08 :: Length: 1s
We took last week off, but we're back with more stupid jokes and annoying arguments about nothing. This week I talk about some apps that I've been using. TapTalk. ComiXology. Mango Manga Reader. Alarm Clock Plus. Ryan is here, and he has a vein popping sausage. The Clickocolypse is here! Guess how many clicks it took to [...]…

Kryptonite Candy 2.0 ep001: Gay Black Spider-Man, Transsexual Hindu Superman!

2011-09-07 :: Length: 1s
It's been almost a year since the last episode of Kryptonite Candy. It started out as a pretty good podcast, but lost focus by the end. Now that the DC Reboot has begun we're going to try again. We're also going to talk about the new episodes of Doctor Who and Dexter (which starts in [...]…

Method to Madness ep092: Fist of the North Star 1-5!

2011-09-06 :: Length: 52s
Episode 92: “The Gist of the North Star Part I” The Fist of the North Star is the greatest anime series of all time. OF. ALL. TIME. We discussed Fist in our podcast debut; in a time when there was Madness, but the Method was still to be sorted out. Now we return to the show to give it its [...]…

fightbait anime club: I Don't Like You at All, Big Brother ep012!

2011-09-05 :: Length: 27s
If you’ve ever wanted to watch anime with the staff of, then this is your chance. Join Ryan and I as we watch the final episode of I Don’t Like You at All, Big Brother. To get the full experience you have to watch the show as you listen to this podcast. [pro-player width='600' [...]…

★STARcast★ ep011: Coming Hard as a Modern Pimp!

2011-09-04 :: Length: 38s
Straight off the dome it’s the return of the Stop Thinking About Robots Podcast! In this episode I talk about how I recovered from the near-death of, westie breeding, netbook love, Slavery: The Game, annoying video game fans, and the speed of thunder. The following is nearly forty minutes of me telling it how [...]…

Method to Madness ep091: Plauge Dogs and Watership Down!

2011-08-30 :: Length: 55s
Episode 91: “Puppies and Bunnies (DIE.)” Watership Down has a reputation, grossly skewed by YouTube AMVs. The Plague Dogs, on the other hand, assaults your sympathy with the beat of a taiko drum. Our podcast’s familiar, M, joins me for this round while Kevin is wrestling sharks for justice and popsicles. Fans of M can read more of her [...]…

fightbait anime club: I Don't Like You at All, Big Brother ep011!

2011-08-29 :: Length: 25s
If you’ve ever wanted to watch anime with the staff of, then this is your chance. Join Ryan and I as we watch the eleventh episode of I Don’t Like You at All, Big Brother. To get the full experience you have to watch the show as you listen to this podcast. [pro-player width='600' [...]…

Whiskey Thursday ep121: Measuring Steve Jobs' iCancer With The Fat-o-Meter!

2011-08-25 :: Length: 2s
It's the return of iCancer this week as Sean Ryan joins us for another episode of Whiskey Thursday! This time we talk about amputee sex and how labeling things can effect our level of enjoyment. I read more of my journal as well as discuss the Katy Perry concert. HOSTS BUY SOME SHIT AND WE [...]…

Method to Madness ep090.5: Omake 15!

2011-08-24 :: Length: 31s
Omake 15: “On Air” This past June, close friend Phil Lee invited us onto his local radio show to discuss anime podcasting and share stories from Animazement. We thank Phil and WXDU for allowing us a brief, shining moment over the airwaves. Luckily for the Internet, the broadcast was recorded and we’re able to share the interview with [...]…

Bonus: A Cheerleaders Duties, an Erotic Tale of a Girl and a Tiger!

2011-08-23 :: Length: 15s
I was in the process of testing the capabilities of Mixlr when I decided that the best thing I could do was read a story about a girl getting fucked by a tiger. I originally found this inexplicably while searching for tiger cum on Google. I recorded a reading back then, but ended up trashing the audio because [...]…

fightbait anime club: I Don't Like You at All, Big Brother ep010!

2011-08-22 :: Length: 25s
If you’ve ever wanted to watch anime with the staff of, then this is your chance. Join Ryan and I as we watch the tenth episode of I Don’t Like You at All, Big Brother. To get the full experience you have to watch the show as you listen to this podcast. [pro-player width='600' [...]…

Whiskey Thursday ep120: Pooping in the Shower!

2011-08-18 :: Length: 1s
Stop Killing Your Children! This may actually be the longest podcast I've ever recorded. It's over three hours long! Tony and I argue about everything from groceries to dubstep. In the beginning we revisit an old Whiskey Thursday episode where I drunkenly discuss the Spectral Force anime. If you listened to this show live you may have encountered some ass audio [...]…

Method to Madness ep090: Method to Mad Libs!

2011-08-16 :: Length: 46s
Episode 90: “Adjective Noun Gerund” Mad Libs is a cheap party game that anyone can play. The real fun, of course, is how you play it. Exercising a more…unorthodox vocabulary can generate legendary scripts. We hope our technique catches on. A listener email also sparks a discussion about the Vulcan/Romulan relationship shared between the anime and furry fandoms. The [...]…

fightbait anime club: I Don't Like You at All, Big Brother ep009!

2011-08-15 :: Length: 24s
If you’ve ever wanted to watch anime with the staff of, then this is your chance. Join Ryan and I as we watch the ninth episode of I Don’t Like You at All, Big Brother. To get the full experience you have to watch the show as you listen to this podcast. [pro-player width='600' [...]…

Whiskey Thursday ep119: Hitler Was Just Obama in White-Face!

2011-08-11 :: Length: 2s
Polar Bears Hate Black People! People keep getting attacked by bears! Maybe if they stayed at home playing Crystal Monsters instead of going door-to-door killing their neighbors this wouldn't happen so often. Final Destination is the greatest movie ever, and if you don't watch it angry white kids are going to run over black Tom [...]…

Method to Madness ep089: Moetan!

2011-08-09 :: Length: 52s
Episode 89: “Whoo OOH!” Moetan slithered into our Garden and seduced poor Kevin, charming him with the promise of 13.5 episodes of concentrated depravity. He was unable to resist discussing it on this podcast. Be kind to Kevin; he’s not the villain (at least, here). He’s the victim of his own predilection for masochism and cartoon ducks. [...]…

fightbait anime club: I Don't Like You at All, Big Brother ep008!

2011-08-08 :: Length: 26s
If you’ve ever wanted to watch anime with the staff of, then this is your chance. Join Ryan and I as we watch the eigth episode of I Don’t Like You at All, Big Brother. To get the full experience you have to watch the show as you listen to this podcast. [pro-player width='600' [...]…

Whiskey Thursday ep118: That's Not Proper Laundry Etiquette!

2011-08-04 :: Length: 2s
Tony saved the day this week. It was almost a sober episode! Did you know that we're on UStream now? It's on the sidebar at the bottom. Pedophiles got arrested, and one of them got fired. Maybe. He says that it was all a joke, but it seems too good to be true. Are people [...]…

Method to Madness ep085: Koe de Oshigoto!

2011-07-05 Length: 42m 20s
Koe de Oshigoto shows you how the sausage is made in the eroge industry. That is, if sausage was made from candy and strawberry cake instead of the standard lips and buttholes. - There’s more than meets the eye in this OVA; subtext on multiple dimensi...…

Whiskey Thursday ep113: PANTS!

2011-06-30 Length: 1h 8m 39s
My internet was acting up so I wasn't able to stream the show this week, but I'm pretty sure nobody listens anyway. This podcast is kind of different, but kind of the same. It reminds me of a simpler time when podcasting was about saying something so f...…

Method to Madness ep084: Puella Magi Madoka Magica!

2011-06-28 Length: 49m 15s
Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a good show about a bad deal. As a general warning, we spoil this show all to hell. But you know what? You should go watch it anyway. It’s cool; we’ll wait. - What Kevin suggests as a catchphrase of mine is the moral from ...…

Whiskey Thursday ep112: Statutory Masturbation!

2011-06-24 Length: 2h 30m 33s
Once I again I try to express my hatred for the fast food industry to little avail. Fuck McDonalds! I've never played Chrono Trigger before, and Ryan hates Ocarina of Time. Sean Ryan joins us as I talk about squeezing my dick and eating steamed vegetab...…

Method to Madness ep083b: Animazement 2011 Part Two!

2011-06-21 Length: 44m 48s
Part 2 of our Animazement 2011 coverage kicks off with our applause for Anime Hell. Our advice for Anime Hell: If you haven’t been, go. If you have been, go again and drag in those who haven’t.…

Whiskey Thursday ep111: Suicide Poop Theory!

2011-06-17 Length: 2h 35m 40s
Breaking News: Does your laptop have pinch zoom? Sound moron that works for Apple wants to start a union cause he's grumpy about only making $14/hr. This episode has a lot of Tony and Sean agreeing with each other,…

Method to Madness ep083a: Animazement 2011 Part One!

2011-06-14 Length: 46m 17s
Animazement 2011 has come and gone in a blink of an eye. Every year, we heed the call of The Gathering to unite with our geek kinsmen in a three-and-a-half day campaign over downtown Raleigh, NC. Then, as if it were a mirage, it’s gone.…

Whiskey Thursday ep110: BLEEDING HEART LAWYERS!

2011-06-10 Length: 2h 18m 51s
If you've ever wanted to disagree then this episode is for you! We debate everything from Wii U to iCloud. Have your heard about Anthony Wiener? Probably, but we talk about that too. Twitter sure is cool. It lets' you send dic pix.…

Method to Madness ep082: Space Adventure Cobra TV!

2011-06-08 Length: 47m 17s
Space Adventure Cobra is a manly show. As such, while recording the podcast, we drank…like men! This resulting podcast should (we hope!) or should not surprise you, given our impaired judgement. - We probably haven’t been this intoxicated during a pod...…

Whiskey Thursday ep109: iCancer!

2011-06-03 Length: 2h 7m 11s
OSNAP! It's another one of them podcast things that I've been hearing so much about. In this episode we jerk each other off until we cum rainbows. After that we slide down the rainbows while riding unicorns. Do you buy too much anime? Probably.…

Method to Madness ep081: I Don’t Like You At All, Big Brother!

2011-05-31 Length: 48m 44s
I Don’t Like You At All, Big Brother! is the much less cumbersome Western title for Ochinko Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki ja Nain Dakara ne!! Honestly, the time it takes to articulate that title is near double my attention span for the show itself.…

Whiskey Thursday ep108: Cheese and Mayo Sandwich, Bean and Bacon Soup!

2011-05-27 Length: 2h 22m 58s is 100% effective in being awesome. In this episode we make fun of delusional moe otaku on Twitter and pretentious know-it-alls on the ANN forums. I recently applied as a manga reviewer on ANN,…

Method to Madness ep080: Astarotte’s Toy!

2011-05-25 Length: 47m 40s
Astarotte’s Toy, aka Lotte’s Toy, aka Lotte no Omocha!…or as I call it, Dick-Suck Disgaea…nearly cost me my soul. This is why podcasting about anime requires the buddy system, since The Business had to swoop in to save me by, well, giving me the business.… LIVE! ep013: End of the World Extravaganza!

2011-05-22 Length: 1h 55m 36s
We tried to do this live, but I found out after we were done that the stream wasn't working. Oh well, not that anyone listens anyway. This podcast is a force to be reckoned with. We jump from topic to topic with little warning.…

Whiskey Thursday ep107: Did You Hear About Arnold Schwarzeneggar’s Illegitimate Child?

2011-05-20 Length: 2h 41m 41s
Refinance your podcast with as you listen to soft news radio. Ever looked up blowhole porn on Google? Don't! The world is going to end on Saturday, so you better bang your girlfriend now. Chump Change is a great book about an alcoholic an...…

Method to Madness ep079: Portal 2 & PSN Problems!

2011-05-17 Length: 37m 43s
Portal 2 and the PSN outage dominated the news in the past month; the ramifications of the latter still yet understood. Previous rants on our website about EULAs and virtual property are suddenly shadowed when we fall victim to real theft.…

Whiskey Thursday ep106: GLORYPORTALS!

2011-05-13 Length: 2h 25m 38s
We're back from a short hiatus to discuss the potential of using the portal gun in the bedroom. There's also plenty of talk about why I like talk radio and how I hate Apple. In the second half we talk about anime, but only sort of.…

Method to Madness ep078: Galaxy Angel!

2011-05-11 Length: 43m 12s
Galaxy Angel is an excellent afternoon treat. At the end of the day, plotz yourself down on the couch with an instant dinner and unwind for 15 minutes.…

Method to Madness ep077: Clannad!

2011-05-06 Length: 43m 30s
Clannad is a vile anime whose sins are so detestable, we risked Heaven’s wrath to speak of it…twice. This podcast was recorded while God dragged His fingers across North Carolina just a couple weeks ago. If it was to be our swan song,…

Whiskey Thursday ep105: The Holocaust Never Happened, Duh!

2011-04-29 Length: 2h 28m 12s
So we accidentally recorded a 2.5 hour podcast. Not like you care. You'll listen to anything, you piece of shit. Did you know that the Honey Badger is fucking crazy? There's alway this really fast white rapper kid who talks so fast I poop myself.…

Method to Madness ep076.5: OMAKE 13!

2011-04-27 Length: 54m 52s
We go into overtime very often in recording this podcast… We can’t resist a good tangent. But we’ve taken those excess yarns and spun together a fine tapestry of bonus material for you!…

Whiskey Thursday ep104: CHING CHONG! LING LONG!

2011-04-22 Length: 1h 43m 33s
Gunbuster was pretty cool, right? Wanna listen to use talk about pizza and music for eight years? Of course you do! John Fante is a pretty swell writer. Read his books! Why does everyone ask me if I'll sell them weed? I don't even smoke pot!…

Method to Madness ep076: Listener Email Monogatari

2011-04-21 Length: 51m 58s
Emails have been piling up in our inbox, so we’re taking this week to play catch up. So the first half of this podcast is all about YOU, the greatest podcast audience on the internet.…

Whiskey Thursday ep103: The First Rule of fightbait is Don’t Talk About fightbait!

2011-04-15 Length: 1h 53m 2s
Anime is stupid, and a movie about boobs. Let's make text-to-speech say the n-word. Girls are stupid and so is your mom. How many men need to be involve to have a gang rape bang rape? Yoko likes to spread asshole for me while I jerk off to Fist of the ...…

Method to Madness ep075: Plastic Little!

2011-04-15 Length: 44m 52s
Plastic Little gets a pity hump from us, years after it toyed with our hearts and broke it back in high school. It’s a gorgeous OVA whose looks was really all it had going for it–not much substance and just enough fan service for you to notice how desp...…

Whiskey Thursday ep102: Anime Detour 2011!

2011-04-08 Length: 2h 10m 13s
Yay! Another two hour podcast. The reason we weren't here last week is because of the convention. You should have already known that though. The first half of this is mostly about that convention. The second half about about books, music, and girls.…

Method to Madness ep074: Iron Man!

2011-04-05 Length: 52m 6s
Iron Man‘s adaptation into anime form could have been (should have been?) a fantastic sentaiaction series. This doesn’t belong on the G4 Network…its rightful home is on 4Kids.…

Method to Madness ep073.5: K-ON!

2011-04-01 Length: 32m 22s
K-On! is a show most requested for us to review here on Method to Madness. We were overwhelmed by the powerful fan following of this anime and caved in to its demands. This is a special episode of the podcast especially dedicated to you.…

Method to Madness ep:073: Villgust!

2011-03-30 Length: 46m 15s
Villgust highlights all the wonderful elements that made 16-bit-era JRPGs so great. The Super Famicom game of this show’s origin was never released stateside, yet it feels like an old familiar friend. Acquire and view this OVA by any means possible. -…

Whiskey Thursday ep101: BUY A KINDLE!

2011-03-25 Length: 2h 7m 3s
This week I jerk off to the Kindle with Tony while talking shit about Apple. After the break I discuss my date with "Cindy" and how everyone should check out Limitless and The Fighter. In the upcoming weeks you should start seeing something Anime Detou...…

Method to Madness ep072: Emails & Video Games!

2011-03-25 Length: 51m 27s
We don’t own any of the video games that we discuss in this podcasts. We possess them, sure. Even purchased most of them…through legit channels, for that matter! But by golly, we’re going to play the shit out of them while we have them. - At least,…

Whiskey Thursday ep100: Every Little Valley, Every Little Mountain!

2011-03-18 Length: 53m 12s
This isn't the real 100th episode. The real one was kind of boring so I didn't feel like releasing it yet. Instead you get what we recorded today, which is much funnier. FLAC is stupid and so is your face! What would it be like to be gay for a day?…

Method to Madness ep071: Angel Beats!!

2011-03-16 Length: 42m 9s
Angel Beats! gets the bajeezus spoiled out of it in this week’s podcast. At least, we only spoil half of the show, as it appears you’re watching two separate series in tandem. One of episodic, cartoony antics; the other of dark, soul-scarring horrors.…

Whiskey Thursday ep099: Hai Means Yes in Japanese!

2011-03-10 Length: 1h 10m 12s
It's the first Whiskey Thursday since Februmarchuary! We actually recorded this right after the last episode we released so it's kind of like a 15th episode of Februmarchuary. We talked anime a lot this time. Whether any of it was good is debatable. Ugh,…

Method to Madness ep070: Bomber Bikers of Shonan!

2011-03-09 Length: 48m 52s
Bomber Bikers of Shonan isn’t worth talking about. In fact, this sentence is the extent of which I’m willing to waste keystrokes on this OVA. - Instead, we devote our energy to a more worthy cause: You, our listeners.…

Whiskey Thursday ep098: Is Anybody Still Listening to These?

2011-03-06 Length: 56m 57s
Februmarchuary is over. That was easier than I thought it would be. Seriously, it would be so easy to be a daily podcast, but I think people would get bored of in one more week. At the very least I'm thinking of releasing a few shows a week.…

Whiskey Thursday ep097: Pee in My Mouth!

2011-03-04 Length: 40m 42s
We're nearing the end of Februmarchuary. Time sure goes by quickly when you're updating your site everyday. Did you know that I turned down a booty call? What the heck? Would you bang a girl or play a video game? Choose wisely or you'll get AIDS.…

Whiskey Thursday ep096: Interrogate Her With Your Wang!

2011-03-04 Length: 39m 18s
OSNAP! We're right under the ball tonite. I almost forgot to release this episode. I don't really remember what we talked about, so I'm just typing so the show notes aren't blank. I'm kinda super buzzed off beer I only sort of like.…

Whiskey Thursday ep095: Wanna Pee on Each Other?

2011-03-03 Length: 53m 47s
In this episode we talk about girls we liked when we were kids and the stupid things we did about it. Did you know that Kirran let a girl pee on him when he was a kid? True story. I also talk about the Tales of Tales game series despite having never pl...…

Method to Madness ep069: Venus Versus Virus!

2011-03-01 Length: 53m 25s
Venus Versus Virus is an anime about individuals whose special sight is beyond the normal spectrum, yet most of it falls apart unless the viewer observes the events through a narrow, myopic lens. The moment you begin taking in the show at more than fac...…

Whiskey Thursday ep094: Cryogenic Baby Daving!

2011-03-01 Length: 1h 8m 31s
In this episode we learn about the wonders of Daving. It's a new thing Anthony came up with. There's many different forms, so be sure to pay attention so you can learn all of them. I'm pretty sure I talk about joining Plenty of Fish in this episode as ...…

Whiskey Thursday ep092: Another Music Episode!

2011-02-28 Length: 51m 59s
If you hated the last music episode, then you might as well skip this one. We do pretty much the same thing. Anthony talks about the "death of the album" and I review the new Bright Eyes album, The People's Key.…

Whiskey Thursday ep093: The Last Music Episode…For Now!

2011-02-28 Length: 58m 6s
Join us as we wrap up our music discussion by playing random songs and making fun of them. From bad vocal choices, to bad ideas in general, nothing is too nuance to slip past our radar. We talk about Senses Fail, Outrun the Gun, Attack Attack!, Attack!…

Whiskey Thursday ep091: The Forgotten Episode!

2011-02-26 Length: 54m 37s
This is an episode that I assumed was lost forever. Nearly two years ago, Chris and I finished recording a podcast at 4am when my laptop restarted before I could save. Last night when I was looking through old files I found a back-up of the audio.…

Whiskey Thursday ep090: LET’S GO TO THE BEACH II!

2011-02-25 Length: 44m 33s
In this episode Whiskey Thursday goes to the beach and talks about the iPod Touch 4g. Anthony tries to convince me that I wasted my money, while I try to convince him that he is a moron. We also talk about how I'm a slut as well as all the anime that g...…

Whiskey Thursday ep089: The Butterfly Effect RULZ!

2011-02-24 Length: 52m 45s
Despite having never seen the movie entirely, I've decided that The Butterfly Effect, starring Ashton Kutcher, is the greatest movie ever made. It's also worth noting that spell check flagged Kutcher as misspelled, but not Ashton.…

Method to Madness ep068.75: Omake 11!

2011-02-23 Length: 1h 36m 2s
What’s Alpha Counter, you ask? - In 2006, The Grey Ghost co-hosted a live video game talk show called Alpha Counter along side Matt “Harlock” Kraft. The show (like its parent network) was short-lived… But this week we exhume a “Best Of” collection of ...…

Whiskey Thursday ep087: It’s Like Bad Chobits!

2011-02-22 Length: 33m 16s
We talk about anime in this podcast. Isn't that weird? We don't really do that anymore. Help Ryan buy 49 DVDs. Or email him and tell him to get a job. Did anyone else go to The Temple of the Screaming Electrons? I once smoked banana peels.…

Whiskey Thursday ep086: Happy Late Valentine’s Day!

2011-02-21 Length: 31m 42s
In this episode we teach Ryan the tricks of getting chicks. It's debatable whether they're good tips though. Should I start a wingman service? Probably. I also talk about Metro 2033 on PC.…

Whiskey Thursday ep085: The Return of Februmarchuary!

2011-02-20 Length: 37m 2s
It's been a while since the last Whiskey Thursday podcast. It's been even longer since the last time we did Februmarchuary. Fear not, young child, because both things have returned to your life...for now. I wanted to talk about the first season of Baki...…

Method to Madness ep068.5: OMAKE 10!

2011-02-16 Length: 52m 4s
Here we go, running at the mouth again. Every podcast recording is bound to sprout basal shoots of tangential discussion. Or sometimes–in the case of our Take the X Train podcast–we just can’t keep our shit straight.…

fightbait anime club: I Don’t Like You at All, Big Brother ep004!

2011-02-14 Length: 37m 44s
If you've ever wanted to watch anime with the staff of, then this is your chance. Join Ryan and I as we watch the fourth episode of I Don't Like You at All, Big Brother. To get the full experience you have to watch the show as you listen ...…

Method to Madness ep068: Superbook!

2011-02-08 Length: 54m 54s
Superbook (and it’s successor, The Flying House) is an anime about the Bible. I don’t know what else I can contribute to that description, since those few words perfectly encapsulate the show and all they imply. It’s an anime. About the Bible. - Yes,…

fightbait anime club: I Don’t Like You at All, Big Brother ep003!

2011-02-07 Length: 27m 37s
If you've ever wanted to watch anime with the staff of, then this is your chance. Join Ryan and I as we watch the third episode of I Don't Like You at All, Big Brother. To get the full experience you have to watch the show as you listen t...…

Method to Madness ep067: Highlander: The Search for Vengeance!

2011-02-01 Length: 50m 4s
Highlander: The Search for Vengeance is like a good pizza. It has the meat of Fist of the North Star, the sauce of Ninja Scroll, held together with the cheese of Tatsuya Kawajiri, and rest upon the firm crust of Highlander. Sure,…

fightbait anime club: I Don’t Like You at All, Big Brother ep002!

2011-01-31 Length: 24m 34s
If you've ever wanted to watch anime with the staff of, then this is your chance. Join Ryan and I as we watch the second episode of I Don't Like You at All, Big Brother. To get the full experience you have to watch the show as you listen ...… podcast ep014: Halo Reach, The Green Hornet, The Dilemna, and The Kings Speech!

2011-01-29 Length: 53m 10s
OSNAP! It's been over a year since I've done a show alone. It turned out better than I thought it would. - Topics: Seesmic Desktop 2, Halo Reach, Bulletstorm, Green Hornet, The Dillema, The King's Speech -…

Method to Madness ep066: Garzey’s Wing!

2011-01-25 Length: 57m 25s
Garzey’s Wing paradoxically tells you everything that’s going on, yet not once tells you justwhat the fuck is going on?!? - This is the OVA that you show someone you detest that’s grown curious about anime.…

fightbait anime club: I Don’t Like You at All, Big Brother ep001!

2011-01-24 Length: 24m 32s
If you've ever wanted to watch anime with the staff of, then this is your chance. Join Ryan and I as we watch the first episode of I Don't Like You at All, Big Brother. To get the full experience you have to watch the show as you listen t...…

Method to Madness ep065: Holiday Video Games!

Video games are a holiday staple. They’re our cellmate in the snow-tombed brig of winter. - This season, we rumbled with the undead in titles like Splatterhouse, Ghostbusters, and to some extent, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.… LIVE! ep012: Cutting Your Pubes for Your Sister!

2011-01-15 Length: 2h 36m 46s LIVE! is the greatest podcast on the entire internet. Don't believe me? Go fuck yourself! - Drew: +3 for Jason Pitchfork bit. John-Paul: +2 for making Ryan angry. Kirran: -1 for ditching the show. Mark: +4 for joining us after break.…

Whiskey Thursday ep084: Confirmation Confession!

2011-01-13 Length: 52m 15s
Chris is back for another crappy episode of Whiskey Thursday. In this podcast I try really hard to talk about my experience in confirmation, but it's debatable whether I did a good job. We also talk about some of the crazy shit we did in high school,…

Method to Madness ep064: Best of 2010!

2011-01-11 Length: 51m 26s
2010 has come to pass; another chapter closed. The subjects of this podcast aside, we never quite see the full scope of anime volume we’d consumed until we look behind ourselves. There’s a sense of accomplishment in realize that in such a short stretch...…

AniMinneapolis 2011: Horrors of Dubbing Panel!

0000-00-00 :: Length: 1s
This is the audio from my panel at AniMinneapolis. I'm gonna be real with you--this is only for die-hard fans. The panel was a disaster. I'm only releasing this because I went through the trouble of recording it. However, it also could work …

Whiskey Thursday ep114: She Wasn't Even Cute!

0000-00-00 :: Length: 1s
Does diet soda make you fat? Probably. Anime Expo was lame, but CONvergence 2011 kicked a lot of ass. I followed a man with no legs into the rave hoping he would dance. He didn't, so I stepped on him. Girl don't know how to use microphones. I'm the Battle…

Whiskey Thursday ep115: Mom Approved!

0000-00-00 :: Length: 2s
I found out that my mom listens to this crap. Tony has been gone for a few weeks. We talk about why in this episode. After that Mark and I talk about our experience at AniMinneapolis. After that we rant about Netflix and why people are being dumb about bo…

Spiraken Manga Review ep130: Toxic!

0000-00-00 :: Length: 29s
In this episode of the Spiraken Manga Review, Xan talks about his plans for Animenext 2011, goes over some news and reviews the poorly done manga "Toxic" by Takahashi Ryo. Note that the views express in the manga reviewed are not the views of The Spiraken…

Method to Madness ep086: Video Games & Emails!

0000-00-00 :: Length: 48s
Episode 86: “Inspired By Olsen Wells” Back to the Future and Demon Souls satisfies Sean and Kevin’s lusts for time travel and fantasy adventure, respectively. We also discuss punching babies in Yakuza 2 and Kevin shares his recent rediscovery …

Method to Madness ep088: The Sacred Blacksmith!

0000-00-00 :: Length: 44s
Episode 88: “And THIS…is NOT the katana…” The Sacred Blacksmith has forged a wedge that’s split Method to Madness in twain! It has my blessing as a worthwhile show, though there is no budging The Business. Fan service is the salt of storytelli…

fightbait anime club: I Don't Like You at All, Big Brother ep007!

0000-00-00 :: Length: 25s
If you’ve ever wanted to watch anime with the staff of, then this is your chance. Join Ryan and I as we watch the seventh episode of I Don’t Like You at All, Big Brother. To get the full experience you have to watch the show as you liste…

Whiskey Thursday ep117: Maybe It's Genetic!

0000-00-00 :: Length: 2s
Tony and I can't seem to agree on anything this week. It gets to the point where I'm not even sure what we're talking about at times. He talked about Supernatural for too long so I began reading gay fanfic as my response. Amy Winehouse is still dead and …

Method to Madness ep087: DD Hokuto no Ken!

0000-00-00 :: Length: 41s
Episode 87: “Hustle That Muscle!” DD Hokuto no Ken either opens the Fist of the North Star doors to a new audience or completely alienate veteran fanboys. We can’t seem to agree on which. One thing we can agree on: Super-Deformed Fist of the Nor…

fightbait anime club: I Don't Like You at All, Big Brother ep006!

0000-00-00 :: Length: 29s
If you’ve ever wanted to watch anime with the staff of, then this is your chance. Join Ryan and I as we watch the sixth episode of I Don’t Like You at All, Big Brother. To get the full experience you have to watch the show as you listen …

Whiskey Thursday ep116: This is Payback For Pearl Harbor!

0000-00-00 :: Length: 2s
Ryan joins us as he calls me a moron for not jerking off to Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer. Do you think the troop need anime? I don't! Talking about a comedy is hard without just ruining the jokes. Go watch Bad Teacher and Horrible Bosses or Phillip G…

Method to Madness ep086.5: Omake 14!

0000-00-00 :: Length: 36s
Omake 14: “That’s Not Romantic” Remember our Clannad podcast? No, no… The original recording that didn’t make it. Weren’t you curious how that first round went despite technical interference? Just in case, we’ve included portions of that …

fightbait anime club: I Don't Like You at All, Big Brother ep005!

0000-00-00 :: Length: 39s
If you’ve ever wanted to watch anime with the staff of, then this is your chance. Join Ryan and I as we watch the fifth episode of I Don’t Like You at All, Big Brother. To get the full experience you have to watch the show as you listen …

Spiraken Manga Review ep132: Hayate the Combat Butler!

0000-00-00 :: Length: 27s
In this episode of the Spiraken Manga Review, Xan takes it slow as he reviews the romantic comedy parody manga "Hayate no Gotoku/Hayate The Combat Butler" by Kenjiro Hata Despite the absence of his opinion on the manga's artstyle, Xan goes in depth on his…

fightbait anime podcast 2.0 ep007.5: Our 2012 Wishlist!

0000-00-00 :: Length: 46s
We forgot to do this during the last episode. However, it ended up taking almost an hour, so maybe that's a good thing. The first half is about titles we want to come out this year, and the second half has more to do with the industry in general. Here are…

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