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GamesAreFun Podcast Episode 17

2008-08-26 Length: 46s
Thanks for listening to the GamesAreFun Podcast! This week on Episode 17, we coin the term "Born Again Gamer" as we talk with GAF staffer Andrew Thornton about why more and more gamers are losing their passion for games.

Also on this week's episode: Shovelware, The Video Game Crash of 1983, video game structure, Retro gaming, Bionic Commando ReArmed, Braid, Xbox Live Arcade Pricing, and frugal gaming. Also, we take a look into the GAF Mailbag (we were sorely dissapointed :(  Send us some mail to!)

Music Credits: "Granite" by Pendulum - Intro

GamesAreFun Podcast Episode 16

2008-08-04 Length: 44s
Week 2 of the new GAF Podcast is LIVE! This week on the Podcast, we discuss the mainstream media's grudge against video games, San Diego Comic Con, the revival of old school gaming, and Soul Calibur IV. Sorry, no dyslexic Hawaiians this week :(

Want to ask us a question? Send us an E-mail! You can contact us at! Maybe your question will make it to next week's brand new mailbag feature on the all new GamesAreFun podcast!

Music Credits: BT - Movement in Still Life (opening) & Machinae Supremacy - The Great Gianna Sisters (closing)

GamesAreFun Podcast #15

2008-07-21 Length: 41s
So, GamesAreFun's last podcast was May 28th, 2007. That's almost 15 months! Well, fret no more, loyal GAF readers, for the call of the podcast has been answered!

This week's show is a little of E3 2008, and a lot of randomness. We switch topics fairly often, jumping from Final Fantasy XIII to Mega Man 9 to professional gaming, not to mention dyslexic Hawaiians!

We're all mainly just getting our feet wet for the full return of regular episodes. GAF community member Jake Ahola (AKA Jekku) joins us this week to shoot the breeze and discuss whatever we decide to move on to.

Special thanks to Alex Esquivel from OverClocked Remix for the title music! (Mega Man 2 'FlashFire' OC Remix)…

GamesAreFun Podcast #14

2007-05-27 Length: 55s
We discuss the Nintendo Media Summit this past week and the number of casual titles headed to the company's system. Guitar Hero III makes the news with the release of its tracklist, and the praises of Odin Sphere must be sung throughout the land, far and wide by all, be they atop the highest mountain peak or the lowest valley.

Our user guest this week is a designer from Powerhead Games, Cronotriggers913.

GamesAreFun Podcast #13

2007-05-20 Length: 1s

Blizzard announces the game you've all been waiting for: Starcraft 2. We recount the Sony Gamers' Day festivities and look ahead to the future of the PS3, and now that the Halo 3 multiplayer beta is open, we have an idea what to expect with weapons and game mechanics. Sam gives his hands-on impressions.

Finally, and perhaps most shockingly, GAF user nekofrog joins us on the program to tell us what it's like to be him. Don't miss this episode.

GamesAreFun Podcast #12

2007-05-13 Length: 1s
After a hectic week of corporate announcements, Rich, Sam and Justin discuss what to look forward to regarding Square Enix, Sega, and Tecmo. Plus our first community member spotlight with GAF user terpfen. There's a lot to digest this week, so happy listening.

GamesAreFun Podcast #11

2007-05-06 Length: 1s
We set a GAF podcast record this week with the longest recording the site has ever done. Join Sam, Rich, Justin, and Burk as they discuss:

-Blizzard announcing a new game in Korea on May 19, possibly a Starcraft MMO

-The latest from the PlayStation Network store

-The Nintendo Wii in 2007

-What to look for at the Square Enix party May 12 and 13

-The role that guns and video games played in the Virginia Tech tragedy

and a much more. Your comments are always welcome at…

GamesAreFun Podcast #10

2007-04-22 Length: 1s
The show notes will give you a handy snapshot of the show, so you can skip around if you don't want to listen to the whole thing.

01:13- A female World of Warcraft player offers her real self up for sex in exchange for gold. No joke.

04:25- Justin talks about Boom Boom Rocket, the latest from EA on the Xbox Live Arcade

05:06- Sam praises the features of the XBLA

07:52- We discuss the role of bribery and its relation to game review scores (thanks to GAF user morzas for linking us to the original article)

10:34- Sam hates Fable

12:16- Molyneux vs. Wright. Fight!

12:38- We recap the biggest announcements out of Capcom Gamer's Day

16:43- Sam and Justin get heated about Geometry Wars

20:20- We talk about the Xbox 360's most recent backwards compatibility update

27:37- Sam hates Oddworld

29:39- We talk about the latest Famitsu scores, the Xbox 360, and the Rainbow Six franchise

37:13- Justin speaks with David Cochran, the GamesAreFun Japanese correspondent, about the status of the Big Three in Japan

48:22- We talk about SNK's decision to release NeoGeo games on the Wii Virtual Console

49:49- Sam discusses whether or not games are worth $60

51:08- Chrono Trigger is pronounced "kraw-no trigger"

51:58- We talk about the price of downloadable content

54:00- We discuss the new Gears of War content and the conflict between Epic Games and Microsoft over how much it should cost (if at all)

60:52- We debate the success or failure awaiting the Xbox 360 Elite

GamesAreFun Podcast #9 - Relaunched!

2007-04-08 Length: 38s
Believe it, folks. The official podcast is back in town. The show notes will give you a handy snapshot of the show, so you can skip around if you don't want to listen to the whole thing.

01:35 - NiGHTS coming to Wii

05:53 - We discuss the role of the Wii forecast channel in games

10:43 - Rich gives some insight into Kororinpa (Wii)

13:16 - We talk about the Resident Evil titles announced for Wii as well as the April 12 Capcom press event

18:02 - Justin mentions Alone in the Dark (360) and its inventory system

20:23 - We discuss the PSP price drop

22:58 - We speculate on the awesomeness of Rock Band (PS3/360)

26:50 - Justin and Mikey go psychadelic with Guitar Hero 2 (they may need a professional evaluation)

29:10 - The eBay/Harmonix Guitar Hero 2 controller auction

31:05 - We speculate on why Nintendo would release the Mother 3 OST on iTunes

32:20 - Rich gives a preview of the upcoming additions to GAF this month in honor of the 5-year anniversary

35:40 - Rich talks about ban policy (or lack thereof) on the site

GAF Podcast #8 - E3 Wrapup

2006-05-14 Length: 32s
GAF editors Sam, Ian, and Ash talk about E3 2006 and their favorite games of the show.

GAF Podcast #7 - Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft

2006-05-09 Length: 12s
GAF staff talks the Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft E3 press conferences. What was good? What was horrible? Which company wins this year?

GAF Podcast #6 - Pre-E3 Special

2006-05-07 Length: 6s
Rich goes over's E3 coverage plans. Live blogs, podcasts, daily coverage of Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, and much more.

GAF Podcast #5

2006-04-23 Length: 12s
News bonanza! E3 is coming, Revolution games, new DDR, new SOCOM, God of War 2, PS2 price drop, Guitar Hero 2, and much more!

GAF Podcast #4

2006-04-13 Length: 34s
FFVII for PS3, first Revolution game, 20 Revolution games at launch, Culdcept Saga and more on Xbox 360, UMD movies going bye bye, Halo MMO, GTA on Xbox 360

GAF Podcast #3

2006-04-04 Length: 32s
GAF turns 4, Leaked Revolution specs, Sony ceases PlayStation production, PS3 region free for games, GTA: Vice City Stories, Oblivion, and more on this week's episode. Now with higher quality audio!

GAF Podcast #2 - The Flucast

2006-03-29 Length: 37s
Rich was sick with the flu and a fever of over 102. Mikey and Ash couldn't make it. And Sam...well, he's just Sam. But we still banged out a good 30 minutes of solid podcast goodness. And another 7-8 minutes of filler. Sony and Nintendo at the Game Developer's Conference, Bye Bye Katamari, and Halo graphic novels, all in GAF Podcast #2…

GAF Podcast #1

2006-03-20 Length: 31s
First show, PlayStation Conference, Miyamoto Interview, Revolution, Mega Man games for PSP, Syphon Filter, Tetris DS, Mother 3…

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