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We have moved!

2013-06-26 :: Chris Niles
Our show has moved to a new place with a new LIVE format! We can now take live calls and conduct live interviews! We will also have secondary Podcasts as well! Look for us as Legacy Comics Live on Stitcher Radio, iTunes and of course the best place…! Make the move with us! [...]…

Episode 92 - Happy Man of Steel Day

2013-06-12 :: Chris Niles
This week we talk about our excitement for The Man of Steel. Oscar talks about old comics and hyper violence. He also talks about HeroesCon. We discuss DC holding on to higher prices for digital comics for a 2 months. Peter and Cesar talk about the upcoming Texas ComiCon. And we talk about preparing yourself for getting sketches and art. [...]…

Episode 91 - And Then There Was Cesar

2013-06-05 :: Chris Niles Length: 1s
It started with 3… And Then There Was Cesar! We talk about a lot of topics: Marvel’s MMO Marvel Heroes; Heroclix; Heroclix No Man’s Land; Oscar’s newest purchases; movies; Doctor Who; Comic Death. [...]…

Episode 90 - Rick’s Back

2013-05-29 :: Chris Niles
Rick’s back! Hide your Cesars. Rick riles up the pod team with tales from a grand land called Comicpalooza. He enthralls us with stories of sketches from yon artisans. Cesar talks about Scott Synder’s Wake. Oscar tells us his comic art buying woes and his new discovery, CGC graded Comics. We discuss children and their imaginations. We talk about our sketch books. All this and Omar eats candy! CANDY!!!! [...]…

Episode 89 - The Check Plus Team

2013-05-22 :: Chris Niles
Yeah… B-Team was out. The Check Plus Team took over. We got the task done. Tonight we discuss breaking into the comic industry. Sony possibly selling back the Spider-Man rights to Marvel. What someone found in their wall. Books for the aspiring artists. All this and Omar tickles a bunny. [...]…

Episode 88 - A Team Assemble!

2013-05-16 :: Chris Niles Length: 1s
This week, the A-Team assembles. Rick, Oscar, and Chris join Peter and a fashionably late Cesar for a fun podcast. We talk about cancellations from DC, Marvel, and NBC. We talk about our hope for ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Oscar tells us his favorite comics from Free Comic Book Day. We talk about the new Teen Titan Heroclix set. We discuss Marvel’s Fear Itself Heroclix scenario set. We ask Cesar why he’s so sharply dressed. Chris talks about Thanos Rising. All this and Peter finds out what is in the back room… [...]…

Episode 87 - Hooray B-Team!

2013-05-08 :: Chris Niles
The B Team takes over for a night. Cesar, George, Peter, Omar, and Oliver take over for a night as the Super Friends enjoy a day at the spa. We talk about the incredible turnout for Free Comic Book Day. We discuss Kickstarter, the pros, the cons, the questions. We talk about gaming from indies, new games and Heroclix. We talk about Game of Thrones much to the disapproval of Cesar. All this and Ollie finds himself in a Turkish bathhouse. [...]…

Episode 86 - FCBD 2013

2013-05-02 :: Chris Niles
This week the panel continues the discussion we ended on last week. We talk about Free Comic Book Day at Legacy Comics. We discuss news for the week. We all wish Trin a speedy recovery.  All this and Cesar shares his recipe for Tabasco infused Gingerbread Men. [...]…

Episode 85 - What gets your beat going or Trin wins

2013-04-24 :: Chris Niles
Episode 85 – What gets your beat going or Trin wins!!!   Today’s episode we cover F.C.B.D., kickstarter, possible new Robin coming aboard, the Walmart / Man of Steel team up and Heroclix in Laredo.  Peter covers movie and tv news (sorry Cleveland Show).  Rick’s topic is on music and your earliest memory with it.  Also, how technology is changing our habits with music and tv.  All that, plus Trin finally wins his bet with Rick…    today’s panel is Rick, Peter, Chris, Jorge and Trin… [...]…

Episode 84.2 another test of the mic

2013-04-23 :: Chris Niles
testing out the mic again before wednesday’s podcast.  i go on a little rant again… [...]…

Episoade 84.1 this is a test

2013-04-22 :: Chris Niles
just testing out a new mic.  this only last a few minutes… [...]…

Episode 84 - Podcast Unchained

2013-04-17 :: Chris Niles
Episode – 84 – On this episode we cover Rick’s rant, heroclix, what are you passionate about, issue of FCBD’s Infinite being leaked online.   Cesar goes over the Punk Rock Jesus trade, Trin talks about Breaking Bad being pushed till August, Legacy Comics collecting comics with the Webb County 4-H to send overseas, GI Joe and new trailer news.   This week we have no bonus material after the ending song, sorry guys.  All that and Cesar admits he’s a robot here at the Legacy Comics Podcast. [...]…

Episode 83 - The Sexy Saga Podcast

2013-04-11 :: Chris Niles
On this episode, the panel covers Rick’s thought on the season finale of the Walking Dead, Dc animated movies, Saga issue 12 getting blocked from Comixology, CW drops the axe, someone bought the Star Wars variant.  Oscar’s topic is where do you read your comics and how long do you take in one week.  A quick trip down last weeks title’s with Trin and his top five picks.  All that, Chris comes back, Peter and Cesar are AWOL, Free Comic Book Day is around the corner.  Please gives us a review on Itunes… [...]…

Episode 82 - What a Rickless Podcast

2013-04-03 :: Chris Niles Length: 2s
On this episode we see Peter, Oscar, Jorge and Trin talk about Carlo Barberi making his return to the South Texas Collectors Expo, New superhero based card game, Del Torros’s “Dark Universe” project, Extreme Kidnapping service, Guardians of the Galaxy cast, Disney shutting down LucasArts, and the Darkness coming to an end at Top Cow. We discuss the season finale of the Walking Dead (we do talk about the episode for over 20 min, but do let you know when we start discussing it), and season premieres of Doctor Who and A Game of Thrones. [...]…

Episode 81 - STCE Hansel and GI Joe

2013-03-28 :: Chris Niles
On this episode the panel talks about the S.T.C.E., Dc writers, Neil Gaimen, a character appearance in Age of Ultron.  Hansel pops up to talk about his Fables Con adventure in Minnesota, a round discussion of the latest news,  Dc digital comic producing the 1966 Batman tv show and the GI Joe movie review.   All that and we find out Peter’s love of the Rock… [...]…

Episode 80 - the South Texas Collectors Expo Spring 2013

2013-03-20 :: Chris Niles
DC writer change ups and shake ups. Writers are coming and going on DC titles. How will this affect your favorite comics? The death of the big 2? Cause of the change ups and creator frustrations, could this herald a downfall for Marvel and DC? Could there be another exodus like Image Comics? The South Texas Collectors’ Expo We talk with co-founder Marco Jalomo about all the events and celebrities this weekend. He tells us more about the future of the expo and gives us some tidbits about this fall’s show. Webcomics and Comic Strips Is the internet keeping comic strips alive? We discuss this and tell you some great ones you can read. J Manga closing and the future of sites like Comixology. With a large closure and the loss taken by customers, Which would be best for people: Monthly Subscription vs. Purchasing PDFs vs. an iTunes like DMR? [...]…

Episode 79 - A Good Drunken Podcast

2013-03-13 :: Chris Niles Length: 2s

Episode 78 Short but Sweet

2013-03-06 :: Chris Niles
On today’s episode, Legacy Podcast panel talks about Marvel at SXSW, Free Comic Book Day ( special guest David Marquez), Adventure Time comics, IDW Transformers, no more “Adventures of Superman” , Iron Man 3 trailer, no Planet Hulk movie and a quick info on the Superior Comic book.  As topic of the night, we cover Batman Incorporated #8 and our reactions.  Plus, Rick gets mad at Cesar, Peter finds a new restaurant,no Trin’s corner,  laughs, laughs and more laughs. [...]…

Episode 77 - Cesar Doesnt Make the Grade

2013-02-27 :: Chris Niles
Episode 77, the Legacy Podcast talks a little about Robin in Batman Incorporated, new Cartoon Network Comic books, movie/tv news and Troops of Doom.  Rick’s talks about  Gender Through Comic Books, taught by Ball State University’s Christina Blanch and gives the panel his discussion question of the week.  We fight over Marvel’s own Trinity, Cesar talks about when to get trades and Trin’s corner. [...]…

Episode 76 - The Digital Revolution

2013-02-21 :: Chris Niles Length: 2s
On this episode we find the panel talking about the Digital Age of comics and how it’s changed the way we read and collect comics.  The panel covers weekly news, Oscars vs Walking dead this Sunday, new comics joining D.C’s New 52 grouping, 5 Ghost.  Oscar covers God Hates Astronauts kick starter followed by a nice update on the New Avengers story line by Rick.  Trin’s top 3-ish titles for last week. [...]…

Episode 75 - Diamond Anniversary Episode

2013-02-13 :: Chris Niles Length: 1s
Episode 75, we get to talk about the signing this past weekend with Fabian and Cody, Uncanny Skull Kickers promo material, Dia De Los Muertos, and Free Comic Day.  Discussion topic covers the news with Orson Scott Card backlash on his Adventures of Superman anthology. Sadness with Rick and Trin over the cancellation of a [...]…

Episode 74 - the Reviews are in part 2

2013-02-07 :: Chris Niles Length: 1s
Episode 74 the reviews are in part 2, we continue with our reviews.  We cover digital comics vs floppies, Annuals, the Lone Ranger, Jorge’s love of Wild Wild West, and Green Lantern Corp.  Jorge brings wings from the Laredo Pizza Factory after the come from behind win from the Legacy Comics at the Border Beer Fest [...]…

Episode 73 - The reviews are in part 1

2013-01-30 :: Chris Niles
We see the gang (Rick, Oscar, Peter, Cesar, and Trin) talk about the cancellation of Green Lantern the Animated Series and Young Justice.  Also, the top ten animated series based on comic books, how cool the Marvel AR app is and which comics are on the must read and share list.  Trin is still sick, [...]…

Episode 72 - the Passionate Passionate Podcast

2013-01-23 :: Chris Niles Length: 1s
Episode 72 sees the rebel podcast panel talk about Marvel Now and the All New Xmen and what direction its going.  The Cease talks about Uncanny Xforce #1 and his amazement of the Fantomex and Cluster making out session.  We are asked by Rick, which are our top three best looking females and males.  And [...]…

Episode 71 - Ricky’s drunken podcast

2013-01-16 :: Chris Niles
On this episode of the Legacy Comic podcast, we talk about our final thoughts on the Super Event with Ryan Stegman of Superior Spiderman and I Draw Comics fame, on our love for sketches, quick comic news, new starting comics and the cancellation of I Vampire  .    We also get Trin’s picks [...]…

Episode 70 - Ryan Stegman at Legacy Comics

2013-01-10 :: Chris Niles
Tonight, we get a special guest at the store.   Legacy Comics brought in Ryan Stegman we talk Superior Spiderman, how he got into drawing and about his kick starter project (I Draw Comics). …

Episode 69 - nuff said or my fav

2013-01-03 :: Chris Niles
In this week’s episode (which is oddly number 69 and no one made any jokes about it) we talk with Chris on how things got started bring Ryan Stegman down to Laredo, how Hansel worked his “magic finger’s”. We shared our thoughts on why we love our superheroes,  how the battle between Marvel Now and DC’s [...]…

68 end of the year podcast

2012-12-28 :: Chris Niles
In this episode we cover the now famous issue #700 of Amazing Spider-Man (spoiler filled) and how this issue will go down in comic book history.  Also a year in review on our favorite comic, tv show, movie, comic book writer, penciller, games, and flop of the year. Also Trin was sick, so don’t freak out [...]…

Episode 67 - The All Indie Show

2012-12-18 :: Chris Niles
This week we just explore the awesome world of the indie comics industry. …

Episode 66 - Bonus Episode

2012-12-08 :: Chris Niles Length: 1s
Tonight we record a special bonus episode. We discuss movies, food and good ol’ Charlie Brown. Enjoy this short little beauty. …

Episode 65 - Comics, Music, and Ricky… Oh My!

2012-12-05 :: Chris Niles Length: 2s
This week the panel talks about their comic budgets. We debate a new Top 10, The Vertigo Comics That Changed the Market. We talk about albums that we enjoyed when we were younger. Trin reviews some of great comics. …

Episode 64 - Are You A Collector or Reader

2012-11-28 :: Chris Niles Length: 1s
This week we talk with Omar! We discuss our favorite and least favorite writers. We talk about what motivates our reading and buying. We all answer the question, “Are you a reader or collector?” And Ricky let’s us really know how he feels about Stan Lee. Don’t worry, we have your back in a street [...]…

Episode 63 Jake’s in the house…

2012-11-21 :: Chris Niles Length: 1s
The Legacy gang (Trin, Chris, JJ, Rick, Oscar, Ricky and the famous Jake) talks about Marvel Now, DC 52’s Batman issue 14, and Black Friday at Legacy Comics. …

Episode 62 - No Man’s Land

2012-11-15 :: Chris Niles Length: 1s
This week we talk the Walking Dead’s awesomeness. The panel discusses Harris’ cosplayer comments. Oscar and Ricky debate Deadpool #1. We share our reaction to the new Batman Heroclix set and the upcoming No Man’s Land event. We talk about Cartoon Network’s DC animation blocks status. …

Episode 61 - Arrowed

2012-11-07 :: Chris Niles Length: 1s
This week the panel talks about the Arrow TV series. We discuss the possibility of Guillermo Del Toro creating the Heaven Sent movie. We debate about what age do certain stories become understandable for readers. Our Moby Dick of comics. Ricky and Trin give us their top picks for the week. …

Episode 60 - Post Wizard World Austin

2012-11-01 :: Chris Niles Length: 1s
This week the panel relives their experience at Wizard World Austin 2012. We talk about sketches, artwork, action figures, statues. We also briefly discuss the Disney purchase of Lucas Films. …

Episode 59 - Pre-Wizard World Austin

2012-10-24 :: Chris Niles Length: 1s
Hansel joins us for a special, fun filled podcast. This week the panel discusses plans for Wizard World Austin. We get in some talk about upcoming movies. We compare Dredd 3D to the comic and first movie. Everyone shares their hopes and expectations for this weekend’s Con. And Peter sits alone… (Sad Panda Face) …

Episode 58 - Rick’s Love For Marvel Now

2012-10-17 :: Chris Niles Length: 1s
This week Rick and Chris return. We have an in studio guest, Miguel. We discuss Marvel Now, the Walking Dead, movie news, and Wizard World Austin. All this and Oscar learns the true meaning of Hump Day. Enjoy folks! …

Episode 57 - Oops, Damn Wires

2012-10-10 :: Chris Niles Length: 2s
FIRSTLY: Would like to apologize for tonight. We did have a technical issue with one of the wires. It kept loosing connection towards the end of the podcast. Should have that issue fixed next week. So when we lost recording, we edited out the feedback and replaced it with an “Uh Oh” sound. In total [...]…

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