Last update: 2006-04-13


2006-04-13 Length: 20m 50s

The second episode of GM is about Hekate (Hecate, Hekatee... ). Music: Morgana - Kelliana -, Circe - Wendy Rule - email: BB! )O( …

Coventina - Celtic Goddess

2006-02-06 Length: 21m 4s

This episode is about Coventina. You will listen to Jan Duarte - Todos nós viemos da Deusa ( and Kellianna - Warrior Queen ( Suggestions and comments are welcome! BB! )O( …

About this podcast:

One episode per month now. This is a pagan podcast, where I'll talk about a different god every episode. You'll also listen to great pagan music and informations about pagan meetings and events. The episodes takes from 20 to 30 minutes .