Last update: 2008-12-13

Christmas,, the economy and everything in between!

2008-12-13 Length: 20m 26s

Hi there! Finally, me and my girlfriend have been able to find time for our small, yet dedicated fanbase and make another podcast! Basically we discuss things such as the economy, Christmas, and a few other little random pieces of information. If any of it offends you we apologize, but we are a very...'liberal' couple you could say and we're open to a lot of things! Please, send us your questions or comments to and ask us, or tell us absolutely anything you like! It's great having feedback :) …

Geocaching, Anita Blake and Anal Sex, OH MY!

2008-08-01 Length: 23m 6s

Well.. I must forewarn people before downloading this podcast, it is EXTREMELY explicit and most certainly an adults only download, please only download this if you're 18 years or older. :) I had my girlfriend on Skype and we decided to do the podcast together, we discussed geocaching a little bit, a book series my girlfriend likes and thinks you all should check out, and then things...well...really got out of hand, you'll see what I mean! OH! we also BRIEFLY discussed the brand spankin' new Apple iPhone 3g, but again...only briefly so don't stress too much. :D Anyhow, on with the download and enjoy it! …

iPod Blabber.

2008-07-30 Length: 10m 3s

Second episode...only a few days later! A couple of things in this podcast to mention, new intro music...and it's more an update on the features I've found with my iPod, hopefully it'll be interesting enough for you to keep listening! ALSO! this Saturday (or Friday) I'm hoping to have a guest on my podcast, my wonderful girlfriend. :) we're still compiling a list of topics to discuss but no doubt it'll be a good discussion/debate! Think...Married with Children meets Crankygeeks :P Anyhow, enjoy the podcast and send me some feedback! …

Hooray! First podcast, woohoo. :)

2008-07-29 Length: 15m 54s

Well hello there folks! I used to have my own podcast hosted here a very, very long time ago and have finally had the time to get back into it and start making some more podcasts! So, what's there to know about me? Well, I'm a 23 year old male from New Zealand, living in a small community in the South Island (an hour or so North of Christchurch), I work on a pigfarm as a general stockhand and have had almost 2 years experience dealing with pigs (Lucky me, right?) Also, I sideline as a major computer geek, I have a Certificate in Computer Systems Engineering and hope to gain my A+, Network+ and MSCE at some point in the not so distant future, I have a wonderful girlfriend named Jessica who lives in the U.S (we have an online relationship at present, however I plan to move there early next year, we met this year in January. She's also going to feature in a podcast coming soon so tune in! The details of this podcast are simple, I'm mainly explaining who I am and my brand spankin' new toy, the Apple iPod Classic 80gb, I think I rambled a fair amount in it but it's my first podcast in a while, perhaps a more structured episode next time. Till then, enjoy! and comment! :) …

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