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33. Nerdlicious~ Where are All the White Knights?

Lei talks about heroes- not just our beloved super heroes, but hero worship of people who aren’t actually heroes at all.  By the end of this podcast, a very tired Lei is practically mumbling in her sleep.  We’re not sure you want to listen to this episode at all! Junk Food Podcast Network Reach us at 607-744-NERD (6373) Background Music: freestockmusic [...]…

32. Nerdlicious~ Holy or Holey?

Oh, no.  Lei’s at it again.  She keeps talking about religion this year… but at least it isn’t the stuff people usually hear- and get sick of hearing- from Christians.  Lei talks about sex, marriage vs weddings, homosexuality, false Christians, and stigmata. Junk Food Podcast Network Reach us at 607-744-NERD (6373) [...]…

Just Another Mic Check

Lei finally has a real actual microphone, instead of a headset.  So here’s a quick catch up and then she tests the mic. Hear Lei rant at Francis and the rest of the world on A Critical Moment of Awesome [...]…

31. Nerdlicious~ After the Silence

… annnd we’re back!  Kind of.  Lei explains what happened, what’s happening, and what may be coming.  This episode is about communication, friends, and family. Junk Food Podcast Network Geek Love Radio Critical Moment of Awesome Reach us at 607-744-NERD (6373) [...]…

30. Nerdlicious~ Vacuum of Love?

Who’s ready to learn a little physics?  In honor of Create a Vacuum Day, Lei talks about vacuums and kissing. Next Element Podcast Junk Food Podcast Network Reach us at 607-744-NERD (6373) [...]…

29. Nerdlicious~ Valentine Spice

The countdown is on!  Lei talks about the history of Valentine’s Day and gift giving. Junk Food Podcast Network Reach us at 607-744-NERD (6373) Background Music: cdk [...]…

28. Nerdlicious~ Have a Nerdy New Year!

Happy new year, awesome people!  How do you bring in the new year?  Lei talks about one of the first things people ask as the new year approaches- resolutions!  Then, she describes a few new year traditions and finishes off talking about how she hopes to make this year a little different from her previous one. Junk Food Podcast Network Reach us at 607-744-NERD (6373) Background Music: Incompetech [...]…

27. Nerdlicious~ An Atheist Saved Christmas.

(Peculiar name?  Well, if it wasn’t for Will, this wouldn’t have been uploaded at all!  We’ve been having a lot of issues regarding Podbean’s recent server change.  Hopefully, that will be fixed soon!) Meanwhile, this is the Nerdlicious Winter Holiday Episode.  We asked you to participate, and some of you did!  Sweet!  We also have other hosts from the Junk Food Podcast Network on, and it’s a nice way to get to know them, if you haven’t checked them out yet.  We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed creating it! By the way, this episode should be 53 minutes.  If you hear less, please let us know. Junk Food Podcast Network Critical Moment of Awesome and Geek Love Radio Next Element Podcast An Elegant Weapon Reach us at 607-744-NERD (6373) Background Music: Incompetech [...]…

26. Nerdlicious~ A Critical Moment of Geek Love

To any of you who have been trying to listen to this episode, we apologize.  Podbean recently made some updates and as with most changes, there are bugs to work out.  We’ll get this uploaded ASAP.  Thanks for your patience. Between Lei and Francis of Geek Love Radio and A Critical Moment of Awesome, this episode is chock-full of nerdy/ geeky Asian awesome.  They talk about being on the other side of pod casting and dealing with feedback (or lack of it).  Francis makes Lei suddenly aware of the fact that- why yes, she is Asian and they talk about being Asian in a not-so-Asian society.  There’s food talk, Francis gives a ton of free advertising to companies, and talks a little bit about Bell’s Palsy. Listen to Francis in a more natural setting at   Geek Love Radio  and    A Critical Moment of Awesome We are part of the Junk Food Podcast Network Reach us at 607-744-NERD (6373) Background music: Play on Loop Check out Jedi Ras and Potatowast3 at An Elegant Wea [...]…

25. Nerdlicious ~ Take it in the Ear

We did not come up with the name of this weird holiday, m’kay?  Will, apparently, is not Lei.  He talks about Manhunt, explains that he’s not Lei, discusses social phobia, crazy people in cars, and reassures us that he is not Lei… and exaggerates how nice she is.  (”I’m not nice, I’m not!  Rawr!” says Lei.) Check out All Things Good and Nerdy We are part of the Junk Food Podcast Network Reach us at 607-744-NERD (6373) [...]…

I Want YOU for Nerdlicious!

You know that old tale about Stone Soup?  It starts out with just a guy and a rock.  From there, with just the smallest contributions, it grows into something fantastic… not only food, but an increased sense of community. You are invited to join Nerdlicious for a holiday celebration.   Normally, we just ask you for feedback.  Now we’re asking for a little more.  You see, we want this to be as inclusive as possible.  There are too many people who feel lonesome on holidays, and we’re really trying to eradicate that sort of thing.  So find a little time in your day when you’re not doing anything and join in the fun! You can tell us about a holiday memory- good or bad.  Share with us about your ideal winter holiday.  What was the best gift you ever got?  Tell us a cheesy joke.  Sing a song, play an instrument, recite a poem.  If you’re feeling shy, you can even write something and we’ll read it for you.  These are just suggestions, not lim [...]…

24. Nerdlicious~ the Answer to Everything, Backwards.

This is the 24th episode of Nerdlicious, posted on the 24th of November.  Why is 24 special?  Because it’s 42… but, you know… backwards.  Lei talks about Fibonacci because the 23rd was Fibonacci Day.  There’s also a bit about Thanksgiving, Twinkies, and zombies. Don’t forget to enter to win manga from Nerdlicious and Geek Love Radio  and    A Critical Moment of Awesome If you missed it, Nerdlicious has it’s own domain name now.  Yay! Background music: Looperman [...]…

23. Nerdlicious~ Who’s Your Mommy?

Lei has had a busy week.  This episode is kind of sad at some parts as she describes a personal tragedy that happened years ago.  Actually, the whole darn episode is rather personal, as Lei wishes one person well, scolds somebody else, and then invites you to consider Nerdlicious your new home. Junk Food Podcast Network Geek Love Radio  and    A Critical Moment of Awesome Background Music: Jewelbeat [...]…

We Want to Give It to You.

Nerdlicious, Geek Love Radio, and Critical Moment of Awesome are having a contest. We have some manga to give away (and we have a few consolation prizes, too).  All you have to do to enter is listen to our podcasts and give us some feedback.  You can write us email, comment on blogs, call the voice mail.  Check the blog for rules and any other information. Nerdlicious Geek Love Radio Critical Moment of Awesome [...]…

22. Nerdlicious~ Haunted

Oh, dear… Lei is being haunted!  Are ghosts good or bad? Background music: Play on Loop [...]…

21. Nerdlicious~ Scaring the Crap Out of You

Okay, this is probably one of the grossest episodes Nerdlicious will ever have.  Lei talks about one of her biggest fears, but this isn’t your typical Halloween topic.  So get a nice cup of coffee, some swirly chocolate ice cream, or maybe just pinch a loaf… of bread.  Sit back, relax, and check out what comes out of Lei’s sphincter- the oral one. Background: White Out (Shade of the Moon mix) [...]…

20. Nerdlicious~ Bite Me!

Step outside and smell those autumn leaves! Lei is talking about the origin of Halloween and talking about witches and vampires. For anybody who is interested, here is Don Henri’s Twitter account: Background music: jewelbeat [...]…

Oh, Dear!

It has been brought to my attention that “Lyrmend” may not be the German word for “rant”.  I suppose I should have verified it myself, before using it, but let’s just pretend this is entirely Will’s fault for suggesting it, shall we?  It will be ever so much fun. Smooches! ~Lei [...]…

19. Nerdlicious~ Triumph and de Feet

Lei’s boots aren’t made for walkin’, but if you play your cards right, they might be made for doing something else with you… A whole episode about feet, with a few minutes of being side tracked.  There are a few moments in this episode that are more adult than usual. Background music: jewelbeat [...]…

18. Nerdlicious~ Shooby doo bop shoo doo bop, I Wanna Love Ya

Last week, Lei was ranting about it being okay to be single.  This week, Lei is talking about online dating.  Can’t she make up her mind? I referred to some dating profiles in the show.  Here’s the link! Background Music: jewelbeat [...]…

17. Nerdlicious~ Live, Love…Lyrmend

Lei throws a mini-tantrum and talks about why it’s OK to be single.  Really, it is!  Joined by Will and Sterling. lyrmend= German for “rant”  (Thanks, Will!) Music: Background: Play on Loop …

16. Nerdlicious~ Stuck in the Middle

After a couple of months of silence, the latest Spider-Man flick gets Lei talking about radioactivity and school bullies.  You’ll also get to hear an Oops! moment that wasn’t edited out.  There’s an actual intro and exit now, so hopefully, it won’t sound so darned awkward anymore.  It’s so hard to say good-bye. Music: Background: Play on [...]…

15. Nerdlicious~ Roy G Biv

It’s Pride Month.  This is the second of two episodes in which Lei will be talking about LGBT related stuff. Related Links: Amnesty PFLAG Music: Background: Play on Loop …

14. Nerdlicious~ Born That Way

It’s Pride Month.  This is the first of two episodes over which Lei will be talking about things somewhere over the rainbow.  This episode focuses on transgender issues.  Special guest speaker, AJ, shares thoughts and emotions. Related Links: PFLAG’s Transgender network (TNET) Transgender Forum Music: Intro/ Outro: Play on Loop Background: Lei …

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