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player2cast plays… Dungeonquest

2015-03-28 :: Ian Loxam & Nikki Watts

In a special episode we play 3 games of Dungeonquest by This is a quick dungeon crawler that is exceptionally random and death can occur at any moment. It is however amazing fun. 

It starts with some collected parts of a previous game where Ian won. This session was meant to be Nikki’s come back…. …

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Snotty Mice- Episode 3

2015-03-24 :: Ian Loxam & Nikki Watts

Episode 3 of player2cast looks at Mice & Mystics as its main topic. What do we think and how does it play?

We also look at Wasteman on Kickstarter and the upcoming Creature College by

We hope you enjoy our adverts… all acted by ourselves (like it’s not obvious) and we also have a chat about the past few weeks.

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Zombie Love - Episode 2

2015-03-08 :: Ian Loxam & Nikki Watts

Welcome to episode 2 of player2cast. This episode we take a look at 2 games, Zombie Dice & Love letter, both small quick but fun games that anyone can pick up. 

Start- Welcome & a look at our past few weeks  14 min- Kickstarter preview of Thunderbirds and Open Combat 23 min- A look at Zombie Dice and Love Letter 39 min - Close down Follow us on twitter @player2cast Find us at Contact us at Your hosts were Ian Loxam & Nicole Watts Music thanks to …

Welcome to the players- Episode 1

2015-03-01 :: Ian Loxam & Nikki Watts

Welcome to the players…

Our 1st episode is a quick introduction to us, your ever wonderful hosts. We discuss our history in video & tabletop games. Enjoy Music thanks to …

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