Last update: 2013-06-27

Level 3.98 The yellow jersey

2013-06-27 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Pelotons, polka-dots and Paris - it's the Tour de France. Allons-y! …

Level B.30 The G8

2013-06-20 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
What's the point of some powerful world leaders getting together for a few days? …

Level 1.97 The tipping point

2013-06-13 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Unfortunately, it's not just snow and ice on the slopes of Mount Everest …

Level 2.97 On top of the world

2013-05-30 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
60 years ago this week 2 men stood on Mount Everest for the very first time …

Level 3.97 Boy George

2013-05-22 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Rob talks about the challanges of being a father with a young son …

Level B.29 Designing a website

2013-05-09 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
The pie team give 5 top tips for designing a successful website …

Level 1.96 British icons: the cuppa

2013-05-02 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Sit down, put your feet up and have a nice cup of tea! …

Level 2.96 Say 'cheese'! (video)

2013-04-25 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Jackie discovers that making cheese from scratch comes with some surprises …

Level 3.96 Yummy umami

2013-04-18 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Helen and Jackie get their tongues around a new taste sensation …

Level B.28 The perfect office part 2

2013-04-11 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Drawing on her experience, Jo tells us what works best for her …

Level 1.95 A room with a difference

2013-04-04 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Now Richard finds three more unusual places to stay the night …

Level 2.95 The people's pope?

2013-03-21 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
The Catholic church says goodbye Benedict, hello Francis …

Level 3.95 Trial by jury

2013-03-14 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Is having 12 strangers decide if someone is innocent or guilty the best way to resolve a criminal case? …

Level B.27 The perfect office part 1

2013-03-07 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Your working space affects your work, so what makes a good office? …

Level 1.94 What a place to stay!

2013-02-28 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Jackie has found some very unusual places to stay the night …

Level 2.94 Under the weather

2013-02-21 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
Richard's not feeling very well. Oh dear, what's the matter? …

Level 3.94 Samba sensation

2013-02-14 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Put your dancing shoes on and join us at the world's biggest carnival! …

Level B.26 Horsemeat, anyone?

2013-02-07 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
There's a nasty surprise for some as they tuck into their beef burgers... …

Level 1.93 Animal odd couples

2013-01-31 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Some animals simply don't understand that they are not meant to be friends! …

Level 2.93 Lucky 2013

2013-01-24 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
or not? A podcast about 'magic dates' and why they're disappearing …

Level 3.93 The tube (video)

2013-01-10 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Happy anniversary: The London Underground is 150 years old this week …

Level B.25 The disappearing high street

2013-01-03 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
The way we shop now could see the face of our town centres changing forever …

Level 1.92 Winter blues

2012-12-13 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
Neither Jackie nor Richard are looking forward to the long winter season ahead …

Level 2.92 O Christmas tree!

2012-12-06 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Why is the 'queen of the forest' part of the Christmas decorations? …

Level 3.92 Coffee break

2012-11-22 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Richard has several ways of getting his caffeine fix in the morning... …

Level B.24 Profits? What profits?

2012-11-15 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Starbucks' coffee is leaving a bitter taste but it's got nothing to do with the drink …

Level 1.91 What a wonderful world (video)

2012-11-08 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
David Attenborough sees amazing things on planet Earth …

Level 2.91 Good boy!

2012-11-01 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Guide dogs help blind people to enjoy the same freedom of movement as everyone else …

Level 3.91 On yer bike!

2012-10-25 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Helen and Jackie share past and present memories of getting on their bikes …

Level B.23 The cycling commuter (video)

2012-10-18 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
People should drive or take public transport to work rather than cycle, shouldn't they? …

Level 1.90 Fearless Felix

2012-10-11 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
The amazing story of the man who fell to Earth …

Level 2.90 The octogenerian

2012-10-04 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
How does Robert feel about being 80 years old? …

Level 3.90 Harvest moon

2012-09-27 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Autumn's full moons are cause for celebration in both the East and West …

Level B.22 Buyer beware

2012-09-20 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
How can Poundland increase its profits by 50% when everything it sells costs £1? …

Level 1.89 Let's go to Rio!

2012-09-13 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Jackie and Richard are already looking forward to future sporting events in Brazil …

Level 2.89 Students abroad

2012-09-06 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Scott offers advice to ESL/EFL students at UK universities …

Level 3.89 The Eagle has landed

2012-08-30 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
We recall the amazing Apollo 11 mission to commemorate the death of Neil Armstrong …

Level B.21 Sunday trading

2012-08-23 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
The UK doesn't have a 24/7 shopping culture... yet …

Level 1.88 Beside the seaside

2012-08-02 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
There are some big changes to the traditional British summer holiday beside the sea …

Level 2.88 The Paralympics

2012-07-26 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Some interesting facts about the other half of London 2012 …

Level 3.88 London Olympics

2012-07-19 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 5s
It's here at last, but not everyone's greeting the Games with flag-flying enthusiasm …

Level B.20 The Shard

2012-07-12 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Will Europe's tallest building be a financial failure or an investment success? …

Level 1.87 Fingers and thumbs

2012-07-05 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Helen has a problem when she tries to make things... …

Level 2.87 The Fab Four

2012-06-28 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Fifty years later you can still hear The Beatles' songs being played on the radio - why is that? …

Level 3.87 20/20 vision

2012-06-20 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Jemma can see clearly now - but that hasn't always been the case …

Level B.19 What money can't buy

2012-06-14 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Is it acceptable that there's a market for almost anything, or should some things not be for sale? …

Level 1.86 Ice cream mmm (video)

2012-06-07 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
Jackie makes some ice cream, the taste of summer …

Level 2.86 Mad or what?

2012-05-30 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
A British skydiver has jumped from a helicopter without a parachute - and survived! …

Level 3.86 Douze points

2012-05-18 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
The UK wants Baku to vote for 'The Hump' at the Eurovision Song Contest …

Level B.18 The accountant

2012-05-10 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Vaughan talks about being a fund accountant for BNP Paribas …

Level 1.85 Follow the flame

2012-05-03 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
The Olympic torch relay starts its long journey this month …

Level 2.85 The winner takes it all

2012-04-26 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
The lottery part 2: is life always better after winning a lot of money? …

Level 3.85 The long-distance runner

2012-04-19 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Jemma talks about how wonderful it feels running a marathon …

Level B.17 Nike station

2012-04-12 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Big company sponsorship deals are usually welcomed, but not always... …

Level 1.84 Please, sir

2012-04-04 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
A day in the life of a schoolteacher …

Level 2.84 Money money money

2012-03-15 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
The lottery part 1: it seems everyone's dreaming of winning the jackpot …

Level 3.84 Sisters are doin' it for themselves

2012-03-08 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Or are they? We talk about International Women's Day …

Level B.16 Starting a business 2

2012-03-01 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Why is starting a new business easier in the US? …

Level 1.83 Lost and found

2012-02-23 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
The amazing underground world of London's Lost Property Office …

Level 2.83 Creature comforts

2012-02-16 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Which comforts from home is Helen missing while she's living abroad? …

Level 3.83 A garden bench

2012-02-09 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Richard needs his saw, drill and lots of patience for this woodworking project …

Level B.15 Starting a business 1

2012-02-02 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Why not start your own business, even if there is a recession... …

Level 1.82 I am sailing

2012-01-26 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Is Laura's round-the-world solo trip at 16 fantastic, or not? …

Level 2.82 2011 The headlines

2012-01-19 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Natural disasters, revolutions and a new country: 2011 had it all! …

Level 3.82 British icons: the panto

2012-01-11 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Actor David talks about one of Britain's winter highlights …

Level 1.81 In a lather (video)

2011-12-15 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
The pie team have found themselves a new hobby - soap making …

Level 1.81 In a lather (video)

2011-12-15 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
The pie team have found themselves a new hobby - soap making …

Level 2.81 Scott of the Antarctic

2011-12-08 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
100 years ago the race to the South Pole was won, but not by Captain Robert Scott …

Level 3.81 Lord of the lip (video)

2011-12-01 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
How has Adam been fundraising for the Movember campaign? …

Level 3.81 Lord of the lip (video)

2011-12-01 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
How has Adam been fundraising for the Movember campaign? …

Level B.14 Ms marketing

2011-11-24 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Helen from Jersey Heritage talks about the importance of target audience …

Level 1.80 Why Occupy? (video)

2011-11-17 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 1s
Amanda from Occupy Wall Street gives her reasons for being part of the protest …

Level 2.80 Poppy Day

2011-11-10 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
How a simple red wildflower can have so much meaning …

Level 3.80 Fire! Fire! (video)

2011-11-03 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Peter describes his narrow escape from a forest fire …

Level B.13 False claims

2011-10-27 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Not all companies get away with exaggerating what their products can do …

Level 1.79 Mine's a Mars bar

2011-10-20 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
The pie team look back on their favourite chocolate bars …

Level 2.79 Let's bake!

2011-10-13 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Bread, pies and tarts; there's more to baking than making a cake! …

Level 3.79 The big mac

2011-10-06 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Are Apple computers the best designed in the world? …

Level B.12 Customer service

2011-09-22 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
What has a smiling dinosaur got to do with providing good service? …

Level 1.78 Double act

2011-09-15 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Meet Ana-Louisa, a language teacher with two hats! …

Level 2.78 Come camping! (video)

2011-08-25 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Join the pie team in their tent, and never mind the rain! …

Level 3.78 Going Dutch!

2011-08-18 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Meet Hendrik, who doesn't come from Holland! …

Level B.11 Welcome to Wales (video)

2011-08-11 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
where the business world meets …

Level 1.77 Return to the blue house (video)

2011-07-28 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
What a lot of changes since the pie team bought their house! …

Level 2.77 How to serve (video)

2011-07-21 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Top tennis tips for the summer months ahead …

Level 3.77 Ironman!

2011-07-14 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
He's fit and he's tough; James tells us what he does to become an Ironman! …

Level B.10 The Greek crisis

2011-07-07 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
How are the beautiful Greek islands coping with the economic crisis? …

Level 1.76 Penela: our local town

2011-06-30 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
The pie team talk about what to see in their town up the road …

Level 2.76 Let's twist again!

2011-06-23 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
like we did 50 years ago! The pie team celebrate the ever popular dance …

Level 3.76 Festival fun

2011-06-16 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Are the pie team going to be joining the festival crowds this summer? …

Level B.9 Running a small business

2011-06-02 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Simon talks about some of the challenges he faces …

Level 1.75 My ideal study place

2011-05-26 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
How do like to study? In a library, at a desk, at home with friends? …

Level 2.75 Planking

2011-05-19 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Jackie is completely confused by the latest Internet craze …

Level 3.75 India, incredible India

2011-05-12 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Rosie talks about living and working in one of the world's most exciting countries …

Level B.8 What next?

2011-05-05 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
What lies ahead now that Osama bin Laden is dead? …

Level 1.74 Spring is in the air

2011-04-28 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
The pie team talk about the prettiest season of the year …

Level 2.74 Wedding bells

2011-04-21 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Debbie describes her slightly unusual wedding day …

Level 3.74 Vanishing bees

2011-04-14 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Does it matter that bees around the world are buzzing off? …

Level B.7 Negotiating skills

2011-04-07 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
What's the best way to get what you want from management? …

Level 1.73 The royal family

2011-03-24 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Surely one of the most popular British icons?! …

Level 2.73 Buzz buzz!! (video)

2011-03-17 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
The pie team have a new, and perhaps dangerous, hobby! …

Level 3.73 Red Nose Day

2011-03-10 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Why is Richard's sister wearing pyjamas to work for Red Nose Day? …

Level B.6 The Cornish pasty

2011-02-24 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
EU regulations gone mad, or sensible protection? …

Level 1.72 Amazing Amazon

2011-02-17 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
Some incredible facts from the world's biggest rainforest …

Level 2.72 A tale of 2 islands (video)

2011-02-10 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
The pie team talk about their island homes …

Level 3.72 The name game 2

2011-02-03 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Forget John and Mary, here's Brooklyn and Peaches! …

Level B.5 To google or not...

2011-01-27 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
What's the problem with a brand becoming a verb? …

Level 1.71 Household chores (video)

2011-01-20 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
What a bore! But some are more fun than others... …

Level 2.71 Ten to eleven

2011-01-12 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
3 friends look back on 2010 and look forward to what's coming …

Level 3.71 The name game

2010-12-16 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Why are so many Brits changing their names? …

Level B.4 Corporate responsibility

2010-12-09 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
A political adviser for BP gives his view …

Level 1.70 On the first day of Christmas

2010-12-02 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
What presents did Richard buy for his family this year? …

Level 2.70 Raindrops keep falling

2010-11-25 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
The pie team talk about getting wet, wet, wet! …

Level 3.70 Happiness

2010-11-18 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Feeling happy? Enjoying life? How do you know?! …

Level B.3 Dress code

2010-11-11 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
It's not just what you do, it's what you wear …

Level 1.69 The 5 senses

2010-11-04 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
You taste with your tongue? You hear with your ears? Think again! …

Level 2.69 And the kids came too

2010-10-21 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Sue talks about family holidays with her not so little children …

Level 3.69 Los 33

2010-10-14 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
What happens now to the San José miners? …

Level B.2 News bulletin 1

2010-10-07 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 1s
Business people should be aware of global events making the headlines …

Level 1.68 Chicken run (video)

2010-09-30 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
The pie team have bought some chickens! …

Level 2.68 In focus

2010-09-23 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Cameras have come a long way since Robert started his hobby …

Level 3.68 Is that a Mango t-shirt?

2010-09-16 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Jo talks about her love of high-street brands …

Level B.1 What makes a good boss?

2010-09-09 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
A senior manager for an international company gives his view …

Level 1.67 Quiz show!!

2010-09-02 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Want to win loads of money and become famous? Love competitions? Go on a TV show! …

Level 2.67 University - full!

2010-08-26 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Here's one solution for the many students who can't get into university this year …

Level 3.67 Big boys don't cry

2010-08-19 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
But why not? Surely men should be able to snivel too? …

Level 1.66 Country life

2010-08-12 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
The pie team compare living in the country to the city …

Level 2.66 Paris in summer

2010-07-29 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Sarah thinks the French capital is the most romantic place to be in the sun …

Level 3.66 DIY

2010-07-22 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
The pie team are are hammering away in their new home! …

Level 1.65 Summertime...

2010-07-15 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
and the livin' is easy. The pie team talk about their favourite season …

Level 2.65 Blue for boys...

2010-07-08 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
and pink for girls. Why aren't brothers and sisters treated the same? …

Level 3.65 Forty - love

2010-06-30 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Forget the football - let's see if we can do any better at Wimbledon! …

Level 1.64 Viva the vuvuzela!

2010-06-17 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Is the vuvuzela the worst thing about the World Cup? Or lots of fun? …

Level 2.64 Kick-off!

2010-06-10 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
The World Cup has come a long way since 1930 as the pie team are keen to tell …

Level 3.64 The moneyless man

2010-06-03 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Mark Boyle decided last year he wouldn't spend any more money - how does he do that? …

Level 1.63 Four little birds (video)

2010-05-27 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
The builders are not the only ones making a home …

Level 2.63 The volcano

2010-05-20 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Living with an active volcano is tough for the Icelandic people …

Level 3.63 Troubled waters (video)

2010-05-12 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
The BP oil spill is a disaster for the seafood industry, as this video explains …

Level 1.62 Survival

2010-05-06 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Join Jon in the countryside where he can live outdoors …

Level 2.62 The battle for number 10

2010-04-29 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Who will be the next British prime minister? …

Level 3.62 An American in Spain

2010-04-22 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Scott talks about the highs and lows of Spanish living …

Level 1.61 Turn the page

2010-04-15 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
The pie team think graded readers are great! …

Level 2.61 British icons: fish n chips

2010-03-25 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Find Richard in the chippy for his favourite fast food …

Level 3.61 Spring forward, fall back

2010-03-18 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
The pie team look forward to longer summer evenings …

Level 1.60 The veg patch

2010-03-11 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
Peas, beans and toms - Jackie talks about growing things …

Level 2.60 Scary sports

2010-03-04 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Ski jumping, skeleton and slalom - does the winter Olympics have the most dangerous sports? …

Level 3.60 Relationships

2010-02-18 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Why does Sandra think romance is such a tricky affair? …

Level 2.59 The 6 nations

2010-02-11 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 5s
Tries, conversions and oval balls - Richard talks about rugby! …

Level 1.59 Let it snow! (video)

2010-02-04 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
Join Londoners enjoying the unusually snowy weather …

Level 3.59 A history of the world

2010-01-28 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 5s
in 100 objects. The pie team talk about a great British Museum project …

Level 2.58 Is Fairtrade fair trade? (video)

2010-01-21 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Are the people who make our daily cuppa getting a good deal? …

Level 1.58 Lisbon is yellow (video)

2010-01-14 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
Why is yellow such a popular colour in the Portuguese capital? …

Level 3.58 Yes, you can!

2010-01-06 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Phillipa believes everyone can learn English - and has some great advice …

Level 1.57 Month by month

2009-12-17 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
The pie team talk about their favourite months and seasons …

Level 2.57 The PC

2009-12-10 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Where would we all be without our personal computers?! …

Level 3.57 A click away

2009-12-03 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
The pie team talk about how the Internet has changed their lives …

Level 1.56 8 days a week

2009-11-19 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Which days are special for the pie team? …

Level 2.56 Stressed out?

2009-11-12 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Scott reveals his special way of dealing with stress …

Level 3.56 Liquid gold (video)

2009-11-05 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Witness the pie team's first olive harvest …

Level 1.55 The blue house (video)

2009-10-22 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Join Richard as he walks around 'casa azul' …

Level 2.55 Beauty or the beast?

2009-10-15 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Opposing views on the use of wind turbines …

Level 3.55 The colour purple

2009-10-08 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Jackie has a rant about the fashion trade …

Level 1.54 The perfect day

2009-09-24 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
What would Jackie and Richard do on their perfect days? …

Level 2.54 La isla bonita

2009-09-17 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Delia lives in Mallorca - how lucky is that?! …

Level 3.54 Open wide!

2009-09-10 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Richard visits the dentist - the man that everyone dreads! …

Level 1.53 Happy birthday!

2009-08-26 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
The pie team talk about birthdays to celebrate three years of podcasting …

Level 2.53 One-to-one

2009-08-20 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Idioms... one. A Voice of America recording with a story about 'number one' …

Level 3.53 The music biz 2

2009-08-13 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
The second part of Nigel's life with the rock stars …

Level 1.52 On the beat

2009-07-29 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
A day in the life of a police officer …

Level 2.52 The Kyoto Box (video)

2009-07-22 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 5s
Jackie makes a cup of tea the hard way - watch the video and find out! …

Level 3.52 The music biz

2009-07-16 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Nigel talks about his rock star days …

Level 1.51 Canada Day (video)

2009-07-02 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
Christine surprises us with her Canadian inventions …

Level 2.51 Geocaching

2009-06-25 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
The pie team have become fans of the world's latest high-tech hobby …

Level 3.51 Banksy: artist or vandal?

2009-06-18 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
The pie team talk about Britain's spray can maestro …

Level 1.50 British icons: Big Ben

2009-06-04 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
The pie team celebrate 150 years of Big Ben for their 150th podcast! …

Level 2.50 Paper frog (video)

2009-05-28 :: (Richard Cain)
Watch Lindsey show us how to make an origami frog …

Level 3.50 An artist in Italy (video)

2009-05-20 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Join Julian as he paints the Tuscan countryside …

Level 1.49 Walkntalk

2009-05-14 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
The pie team talk about the things we do in our sleep …

Level 2.49 Poor Pluto

2009-05-07 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
The pie team get starry-eyed and talk about the planets for the Year of Astronomy …

Level 3.49 The tipping point

2009-04-29 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Sarah confirms Americans are great tippers …

Level 1.48 Plastic money

2009-04-22 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Emily thinks there's good and bad things about using plastic money …

Level 2.48 A good read

2009-04-15 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Richard reveals he's a Raymond Chandler fan …

Level 3.48 The Emerald Isle (part 2)

2009-04-01 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Michael returns to talk about the differences between the North and the South of Ireland …

Level 1.47 What on earth is Earth Hour?

2009-03-25 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
Jackie says 'switch off' and save the world! …

Level 2.47 Carob cottage

2009-03-19 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Maureen talks to Richard about her holiday home …

Level 3.47 The Emerald Isle (part 1)

2009-03-11 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Michael talks about Ireland - and St Patrick's day of course …

Level 1.46 Streets ahead (video)

2009-03-04 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Join the pie team as they stroll down Mango Street …

Level 2.46 Through the ages

2009-02-25 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
How do you feel about your age? Do you mind growing older? …

Level 3.46 Highlights of Cyprus (video)

2009-02-18 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
The pie team talk about what they liked most about the island …

Level 1.45 The best job in the world

2009-02-11 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Jackie wants Richard to get the perfect job …

Level 2.45 Highlights of 2008 (video)

2009-02-04 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
What were the best bits of last year for Richard? …

Level 3.45 An Englishman in Cyprus

2009-01-28 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Why a Brit left Blighty and settled down in Cyprus …

Level 1.44 Joe the Blogger

2009-01-21 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
The pie team talk about the popularity of online diaries …

Level 2.44 A video not a podcast!

2009-01-14 :: (Richard Cain)
Watch and listen to the video the pie team made about Aphrodite's island …

Calling all teachers!

2009-01-14 :: (Richard Cain)
Please do the survey on the pie teachers' page …

Level 3.44 The year ahead

2009-01-06 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
How do Richard's mates feel about the next twelve months? …

Level 1.43 Dashing through the snow

2008-12-17 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Something for our younger listeners - an interview with the man of the month! …

Level 2.43 Head over heels

2008-12-10 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
The pie team talk about idioms to do with lurve... …

Level 3.43 Happily ever after

2008-12-03 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Love is in the air as we talk about romanctic fiction …

Level 1.42 Friends indeed

2008-11-26 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Who are more important to Belinda - her friends or her family? …

Level 2.42 Watching the box

2008-11-19 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
The UN says that 21 November is World TV Day - but everyday is TV day, isn't it? …

Level 3.42 A video not a podcast

2008-11-12 :: (Richard Cain)
Watch and listen to the video of children's letters to Obama about their hopes for the future …

Level 1.41 Making history

2008-11-05 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
The pie team talk about Obama's victory and other historical moments …

Level 2.41 Are you ready to order?

2008-10-29 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
There's more to eating out than just the food... …

Level 3.41 Up, up and away

2008-10-22 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Audrey takes to the air during her holiday in Turkey …

Level 1.40 Over the rainbow

2008-10-15 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
What are Emily and Richard's favourite colours? …

Level 2.40 In the land of Nod

2008-10-08 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Idioms: sleep. The pie team hope nobody dozes off during the podcast! …

Level 3.40 Operation catsnip

2008-10-02 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Richard finds himself unexpectedly taking part in an operation. …

Level 1.39 Get well soon

2008-09-25 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
A day in the life of a doctor, Diane describes a typical busy day at the surgery. …

Level 2.39 The eye of the storm

2008-09-18 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Gustav, Hanna, Ike and Josephine - it's the height of the hurricane season. …

Level 3.39 Bad hair day

2008-09-10 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Wash, cut and blow-dry - Jackie and Becky have been to the hairdresser's. …

Level 1.38 A day in Dana

2008-09-03 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Jackie and Richard walk through Wadi Dana, an amazing gorge in Jordan. …

Level 2.38 In the doghouse

2008-08-28 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Tricia explains why she's not so keen on man's best friend. …

Level 3.38 Diplomatic pass

2008-08-20 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Stefano assures us it's not all cocktails parties at the Italian Embassy. …

Level 1.37 Pest or pet?

2008-08-14 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Rachel thinks a rat makes the perfect companion. …

Level 2.37 Faster, higher, stronger

2008-08-06 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
It's here at last - the 2008 Beijing Olympics! …

Level 3.37 Edinburgh Festival

2008-07-30 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Graham talks about the biggest arts festival in the world. …

Level 1.36 Nancy and her neighbours

2008-07-23 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
Nancy talks about the people who live next door to her. …

Level 2.36 You say to-may-to

2008-07-17 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
and I say to-mah-to: some differences between US and UK English. …

Level 3.36 A fruity red or crisp white?

2008-07-10 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Jackie tries her hand at wine tasting. …

Level 1.35 Maltese days and knights

2008-07-03 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
A day in the life of a travel rep. …

Level 2.35 Viva España

2008-06-26 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Boquerones, bulls and beautiful buildings - the pie team went to Spain. …

Level 3.35 Desert drive

2008-06-19 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Join the pie team at the Baghdad Cafe in the middle of the Syrian desert. …

Level 1.34 Hotel Alicante

2008-06-12 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Living it up at the Hotel Alicante. …

Level 2.34 Podcast 101

2008-06-05 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Dogs, George Orwell, Taipei and the police - what's their connection with the number 101? …

Level 3.34 Going green continued

2008-05-29 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
In the second part of this environmental podcast Sonia offers some solutions. …

Level 1.33 Feathered friends

2008-05-22 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Richard talks to Malek in a wildlife nature reserve. …

Level 2.33 A family tree

2008-05-15 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 5s
For International Family Day Natasha tells Richard about her multicultural family. …

Level 3.33 Going green

2008-05-08 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
In the first of a two-part podcast about the environment Sonia believes Jordanians should be more aware of the problems. …

Level 1.32 Sitting in the living room

2008-05-01 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
Three people describe their living rooms. …

Level 2.32 Ethical travel

2008-04-23 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Philip has some radical ideas on how to save the planet. …

Level 3.32 To be or not to be

2008-04-17 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
How come Shakespeare's still so popular and relevant today - even in the Middle East? …

Level 1.31 You've got mail

2008-04-10 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
The day in the life of a postman: Jim says there's good and bad things about his job. …

Level 2.31 British icons: the postbox

2008-04-03 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
The third podcast in our series of popular symbols of Britain. …

Level 3.31 University life (part 2)

2008-03-27 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
In the second part of this podcast we hear advice on how students can make the most of their university experience. …

Level 1.30 Street markets

2008-03-20 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Join the pie team as they stroll through the markets in Cairo. …

Level 2.30 Lights, camera, action!

2008-03-13 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Richard chats to his mates about their favourite movies. …

Level 3.30 University life (part 1)

2008-03-06 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
In the first of a two-part podcast a university lecturer outlines the problems foreign students have when studying abroad. …

Level 1.29 Miaow!

2008-02-28 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 1s
The pie team talk about their cat Gerrard and the strange places he likes to be. …

Level 2.29 Ooh la la!

2008-02-21 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
The French president is in the news but it's not because of his policies. …

Level 3.29 Radio ham

2008-02-14 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Frank talks about his love of amateur radio. …

Level 1.28 Pancake day

2008-02-07 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Jackie shows Richard how to make pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. …

Level 2.28 A vodcast not a podcast!

2008-01-31 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 1s
Watch and listen to the video of our drive to the Syrian capital over Christmas. …

Level 3.28 Two wheels good

2008-01-24 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 5s
Zoom into 2008 with a crash course on motorbiking. …

Level 1.27 Moving home

2008-01-17 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
So why did Emily pack her bags and head off to a different part of town? …

Level 2.27 Face to facebook

2008-01-10 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 5s
Lina tells us why she's a fan of Britain's most popular social networking site. …

Level 3.27 Resolutions

2008-01-02 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
We start 2008 with different people talking about the resolutions they have or haven't made for the year ahead. …

Level 1.26 Come fly with me

2007-12-20 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
A day in the life of a flight attendant, Chris talks about working for British Airways. …

Level 2.26 Arghhhh!!

2007-12-13 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Creepy crawlies or the dark - what are you afraid of? …

Level 3.26 Mrs President

2007-12-06 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 5s
Are the United States going to vote for their first female president in 2008? …

Level 1.25 Hoorah for Hamilton!

2007-11-29 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Move over Beckham, Hamilton is the new British sports hero …

Level 2.25 Shop less, live more

2007-11-22 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
That's the Christmas message for this year's Buy Nothing Day - can you? …

Level 3.25 Super jumbo!

2007-11-15 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 5s
A passenger on the first commercial flight of the Airbus 380 describes his experience …

Level 1.24 Sue's Monday

2007-11-08 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
A working mum describes her first day after the weekend …

Level 2.24 Past and present

2007-11-01 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
So how does Beryl feel about the changes in her village over the last 80 years? …

Level 3.24 Under the sea

2007-10-25 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 5s
Swimming with sharks and seals in the Irish Sea …

Level 1.23 British icons: the double-decker

2007-10-18 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Take a ride on one of the most popular forms of British transport …

Level 2.23 A taste of Spain

2007-10-11 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 6s
Marina returns with some mouthwatering Mediterranean meals …

Level 3.23 Ramadan

2007-10-04 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 6s
Asha talks abut the most important month in the Muslim year …

Level 1.22 Hello Jordan

2007-09-27 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Jackie and Richard give their first impressions of the country that is now their new home …

Level 2.22 London 2012

2007-09-20 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 8s
Designing and building the Olympic site is a huge project, we meet the man responsible for getting it done on time …

Level 3.22 British icons: the pub

2007-09-13 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 6s
The pie team look at one of the most enduring symbols of British life and chat to Jack the bartender …

Level 1.21 Mobile madness

2007-09-06 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Everyone's mad about mobile phones - or are they? …

Level 2.21 You are what you eat

2007-08-30 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 5s
Hamburger and chips? No thanks, says Nick. …

Level 3.21 Paint a picture

2007-08-22 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 6s
A Canadian artist is inspired by the old quarter in Hanoi. …

Level 1.20 Goodbye Thailand

2007-08-16 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 7s
Richard and Jackie describe the highs and lows of two years in Thailand. …

Level 2.20 Hola Espana

2007-08-09 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 7s
Fiestas, siestas and flamenco - Marina talks about Madrid. …

Level 3.20 Podcasting

2007-08-02 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Meet the man who inspired the pie team to start …

Level 1.19 Come rain or shine

2007-07-26 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
How did the weather affect Richard's holidays to Italy and Malaysia? …

Level 2.19 A special treat

2007-07-18 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 6s
The pie team splash out on a meal by the river. …

Level 3.19 Buddhism

2007-07-11 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 5s
Monks, merit making and the colour for Monday …

Level 1.18 The sapphire story

2007-07-04 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
How James learnt an expensive lesson on the streets of Bangkok …

Level 2.18 Giving and receiving

2007-06-27 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 5s
Holiday souvenirs, unusual gifts and presents for the teacher. …

Level 3.18 What a wonderful world

2007-06-20 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 7s
Take part in choosing the new 7 wonders of the world …

Level 1.17 Refugees

2007-06-13 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 5s
What links Angelina Jolie to World Refugee Day on 20 June? …

Level 2.17 Going for gold

2007-06-06 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 6s
The pie team dig up some interesting facts about the world's most precious metal. …

Level 3.17 Mike the musician

2007-05-30 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 6s
There's more to playing the guitar than Jackie realises. …

Level 1.16 Up in smoke

2007-05-22 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 6s
Smokers get banned from the World's public places. …

Level 2.16 What's that you're reading?

2007-05-14 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 5s
Fanny talks about what she and other Indonesians like to read. …

Level 3.16 A childhood at war

2007-05-06 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 7s
Robert tells us what it was like as a young lad during the 1940s. …

Level 1.15 Ballarat - where is that?!

2007-05-02 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Donna's turn to tell about her hometown down under. …

Level 2.15 An apple a day

2007-04-24 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
...keeps the doctor away. Or does it? Dr Adam tells all. …

Level 3.15 Living in Japan

2007-04-16 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 5s
Steve gives his impressions of the land of kimonos and hello kitty. …

Level 1.14 Ginger beer

2007-04-04 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Jackie describes how to make her delicious ginger beer. …

Level 2.14 Teachers in uniform

2007-03-28 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Discover a place where teachers wear a different coloured uniform every day. …

Level 1.13 Shopping for clothes

2007-03-21 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Esther tells us what women in the Philippines like to wear. …

Level 3.14 The learner who teaches

2007-03-14 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 7s
Lynda tells us what it's like on both sides of the teaching divide …

Level 2.13 Ideal homes

2007-03-07 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 5s
What makes a house a home? …

Level 1.12 Jobs

2007-02-28 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 6s
Play the game and guess the job …

Level 2.12 Jersey

2007-02-21 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 6s
Take a trip to a small island with lots to discover …

Level 3.13 And the winner is...

2007-02-14 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 6s
Jackie and Richard predict the winners of this year's Oscars …

Level 1.11 Oink oink

2007-02-07 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 5s
Jackie tells us why she is happy to be a pig …

Level 2.11 Love songs

2007-01-31 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
The pie team compare two of the biggest selling love songs from British singers Elton John and James Blunt …

Level 3.12 A lucky dog and a plucky duck

2007-01-25 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
How two of our animal friends escaped certain death and why dog owners lead a healthy life …

Level 1.10 Facts and figures

2007-01-18 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
A VOA special English education report on the numbers of foreign students in the US …

Level 2.10 Making sense of Sudoku

2007-01-11 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 8s
Jackie reveals the secrets of the addictive number puzzle. …

Level 1.9 Top holiday spots

2007-01-04 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Simon compares his two favourite holiday places, Paimpol in Northern France and the island of Madeira. New for 2007! We are introducing webquests for extra interactive practice, so check out the first with this podcast on the level 1 page of the website. …

Level 3.11 The level 3 quiz

2006-12-21 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 5s
Ten questions to test your knowledge of the pie level 3 podcasts. All the answers are given at the end in mixed up order, so it can be good note-taking practice for you as well. …

Level 2.9 The level 2 quiz

2006-12-21 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Eight questions to test your knowledge of the pie level 2 podcasts. All the answers are given at the end in mixed up order, so it can be good note-taking practice for you as well. …

Level 1.8 The pie quiz

2006-12-19 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
All the answers are in our level 1 podcasts. E-mail them to us and you could win a free pie membership! …

Level 3.10 Casino Royale

2006-12-11 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 5s
The new beefier, blonde, Bond comes up trumps in the new movie …

Level 3.9 Jingle bells

2006-12-05 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2m 30s
Peter compares his family Christmases in the past to the present…

Level 3.9 Jingle bells

2006-12-05 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
Peter compares his family Christmases in the past to the present …

Level 1.7 Banoffee pie

2006-11-28 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 1s
Richard makes his favourite dessert …

Level 2.8 The adventures of Grammarman

2006-11-21 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 6s
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's the world's first grammar superhero! …

Level 1.6 Sunny spells

2006-11-13 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Richard and Jackie talk about Britain's favourite topic of conversation - the weather …

Level 1.5 What! No meat?

2006-11-06 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Veggie Mark tells all …

Level 3.8 Hallowe'en

2006-10-27 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 5s
The night of witches and ghosts has an interesting history. …

Level 2.7 Pirates!

2006-10-22 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 17s
A Voice of America broadcast on pirates past and present. …

Level 1.4 A Town Called Hamilton

2006-10-15 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
Leigh tells us about his hometown in Oz. …

Level 3.7 The Thunderbolt Kid

2006-10-07 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Author Bill Bryson reads an excerpt from his new book about growing up in America in the 1950's …

Level 2.6 The Cat Story

2006-09-27 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Donna tells us about a catnapping …

Level 3.6 Down the Pub

2006-09-20 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 5s
Join the team for some traditional pub grub …

Level 1.3 The Beautiful Game

2006-09-12 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Richard is questioned on his love of football. Which do you think is his favourite team? …

Level 3.5 Pottery Village

2006-09-07 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
An ancient art is uncovered in a quiet corner of Bangkok. Also - watch the video! …

Level 1.2 The Isle of Man

2006-09-01 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
What's so special about the Isle of Man? …

Level 3.4 Chatuchak Market

2006-08-29 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 4s
Join the team as they stroll through one of Asia's biggest markets …

Level 1.1 Richard's Family

2006-08-29 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Richard describes some family photos …

Level 3.3 Joe's tattoos

2006-08-26 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 3s
Joe tells us all about his tattoos …

Level 2.5 Geography Quiz

2006-08-21 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 6s
Can you beat Richard in the Geography quiz? …

Level 3.2 Working and Living Abroad

2006-08-16 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
Christine describes her new business venture …

Level 3.1 Working and Living Abroad

2006-08-16 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
Christine tells us how a holiday destination turned into a new life abroad …

Level 2.4 Beckham steps down

2006-08-09 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 2s
A tearful David Beckham addresses the press …

Level 2.3 The night train

2006-08-08 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 1s
Jackie and Richard travel through the night in Thailand …

Level 2.2 Travelling by Train

2006-08-07 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 1s
The team talk about travelling to Ko Samui …

Level 2.1 Travelling by Train

2006-08-07 :: (Richard Cain) Length: 1s
Richard tells a funny story about train travel in Vietnam …

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