Last update: 2015-01-06

Episode 3: Playability

Happy New Year! Welcome back to the MOC cast! I hope your holidays were as fun and productive as mine. I had only one or two days of no LEGO building, but I definitely got my fill, along with a few new sets to stoke the creative fires. Many MOCs were considered, built, reconsidered, demolished,…Read more Episode 3: Playability

Episode 2: Stability

The next episode is up and running! In this edition we take a closer look at stability and some different methods you can use to build and test your MOC’s design. And we chat with our special guest, David Roberts! As always, I want your feedback! Comment, send me a voice message, email me your opinions!…Read more Episode 2: Stability

Episode 1: Structural Integrity

Here it is. The long awaited launch of the MOC cast ever since I announced it about a month ago. Structural integrity is about the safe design and assessment of components and structures under load, and is an important consideration in real world engineering design. In the first MOC cast, I’ll take a look at…Read more Episode 1: Structural Integrity

Episode 1: Full transcript of my interview with Jordan R Schwartz

As this month’s interview came to us via an email exchange, I thought it might be valuable to have the full transcript available here. If this turns out to be a popular feature, I’ll look into having transcripts available for subsequent podcasts. Thanks again to Jordan R Schwartz for a great first episode! Your work spans…Read more Episode 1: Full transcript of my interview with Jordan R Schwartz

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